My thoughts will echo your name until I see you again.

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cutie collageWee another blog! So I decided to do another blog this weekend. I have been mulling over some things and I think in may I am going to bring back the twisted color challenge! I haven’t figured out the specifics but probably in may keep an eye out! Also Collabor88 is almost over this month and then these shoes will be full price again! Also Nouveaux is about to end this month as well! I  really think this sales event is pretty awesome and it highlights newer stores as well as some established stores! The sweater, hand tattoos and the … Read more at the source.

sookietriellisMy thoughts will echo your name until I see you again.

Barbara Ann

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spring_001So incase you guys weren’t aware we are heading in the last few days of Collabor88! Last chance to get all the super adorable businessy things for a steal! lol Also yesterday was Truth Hair Day! There were two releases! This one which I love its a bit edgy but still super fun! and the other one is jsut a simple pigtail that comes in an unrigged version as well so anyone can wear it! Well this post is gonnab e short cause I don’t know what else to say! <3


Hair: Truth – Lagertha – Light blonde HUD… Read more at the source.

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Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

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hair_001This post has taken me all day! This post exists because well I haven’t done a hair post in ages! In the last month or so so many hairs have been released that I feel like we may not realize when a store  does release them! so I wanted to highlight some of my favorites that have been released recently and some insider tips ot how you can make some hairs just a tiny bit more unique!

Short Hair Collage I figured we could start with the short hairs! Why not right!?! So lets talk about this super adorable Tableau Vivant hair shall … Read more at the source.

sookietriellisBe Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair