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I’m already signed up and accepted as a blogger again and I am SO EXCITED to see what magic the Fairelands bring forth for their big tenth Anniversary.

Speaking of tenths my Tenth Rez day is next week. I wish I had been a part of Fantasy Faire my entire ten years but sadly I think it took me a few years to get around to it. But still! It’s been a huge part of my Secondlife and I am thrilled to be a part of it for its big Anniversary year.

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Disney bounding day 2

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Still playing catch up so still two a day

For March 2st it was Side kicks!

I let Adar pick the sidekick I used and he chose Mushu. I wanted to make sure I didn’t do the same thing I did years ago when I Disnybound him. So I little less fancy this time! More, fightery? I guess

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Outfit cae.b – Zeus SLURL
Hair *TKW* Elomo SLURL
Pose *~*HopScotch*~* Ethereal SLURL
Sim A neighbors plot SLURL

Now todays, March 9th was tricky. Why? It’s A Wrinkle in Time and I have not Seen the movie yet! I … Read more →

Late to the party but bounding!

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I’d like to thank Saffron Foxclaw for letting me know about how March is a Disneybound blogger month. She gave me the list to follow all month. And so I’m a bit behind so two a day till I’m caught up!

For March 1st it was Big Hero 6!

So I went with Honey Lemon! Why? Shes smart and spunky and a little nervous but then gets her feet under her and is a great character. Plus the bubble/ball thing is fun!

I discovered with her and today’s one, that its really HARD to Disneybound when they wear modern … Read more →