So excited

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For the 5th year in a row I am an official Blogger for Fantasy Faire!

Can not WAIT to see these sims on April 19th! I need to go into my folders and fix the names for them for this year. Some sound SOOOO intriguing!

It will be a great way to fully start Relay for Life this year. And I am back with the Salmons! Back home. It will be a great year!

Little behind on the convo 5 a week thing I do, been having issues with the payment page. I’ve been told they are looking into … Read more →

Time to Hoo again! STEELHEAD IS BACK!

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Fuzzball has bought a sim. Named it Steelhead Bay and Steelhead is rising from the watery grave and is BACK!

And it really did rise from the depths…he got a water sim to start so had to bring the land up.

A light house has been placed and a town hall. Soon other Steelheaders scattered about Secondlife will be coming home. Including me and the Tea garden. Looking into a new build for it even. Had our first meeting tonight and it was great to be home again. Soon the sim will be open to more then … Read more →

Little town

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Outfit !*WS*! Belle Blue Marketplace
Hair Exile::Librarian SLURL
Pose *CC* Book poses SLURL
Sim The Shire SLURL

So…yeah..its no secret Beauty and the Beast if my favorite movie.

And I have been waiting 20 or so years for a live action version of it. Ever since the Broadway Musical came out.

And this Thursday, Adar and I will get to make that dream come true when we go see the stunning, amazing, gorgeous looking live action version!

So I decided this week to do a few tribute photos, starting with this one! Enjoy!

And I am being … Read more →

I am back..

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I hope

Last year I went through some, hard times. Lotta crap, lost my post at OKRF, lost our house, had to move, had to stya with a friend for a month and half. It was bad. I was depressed. Only thing that kept me going was Roleplay on Mischeif managed a sim I found last year after Alan Rickman died. Made my first human avatar on a new account as student, then a few months later made yet ANOTHER account to play a Teacher as well. And now I am ooc sim staff!

But that place kept me from … Read more →