In a Dark Mood

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  I’m not feeling writing a ton right now so just check below for details, some might be important!  Enjoy!
dark mood
Mesh Head: Genesis Lab @ We Love Roleplay, free.  Please read note about this below credits!!!!!
Bustier: Sn@tch, 7Seas fishing prize
Hair: Lamb
Wings: Neverwish @ World Goth Fair**
Accessories: Lassitude & Ennui @ The Secret Affair
Pose: Marukin
I’m not wearing any eyes in this post because I kind of liked how it looked without them lol
This head was meant for male avs, which means it comes with a … Read more at the source.

Rock Lobster?

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  I don’t know how old or new these shoes are but I found them on Marketplace and fell in love.  They are just…weird.  I love it!  They made me think “rock lobster” because gems = rocks and the plating reminds me of some sort of shelled sea creature.

  These work with SLink mid height feet only.  They cost 200L, which is pretty cheap, and are original mesh.  Nice!
Shoes: Neverwish
Nail Polish Appliers: Adore&Abhor (not currently available)
Mesh Feet: SLinkRead more at the source.

Tutorial Alert!

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  I saw one of our lovely guest bloggers Steffy Ghost do a great tutorial for Photoshop users about how to fix that lame alpha gap issue with mesh clothes so I wanted to link it here in case any of you want to see it.
  She also has a marketplace store that has low priced items that are gorgeous so I am going to link that too just because I can. :P
Find the tutorial HERE
Find Steffy’s blog HERE
Find Steffy’s Marketplace store HERERead more at the source.

‘Sup Guys

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  So my computer is working…sort of.  I discovered how to get onto SL and take a photo but the photos are sort of horrible.  So I had to fix this one up with a lot of post-process, even though it looks like it’s not really.  So just be warned that colors especially may not be what they appear inworld compared to what they look like here.  Thankfully all of this stuff is cheap so if you end up not liking it you are missing out on like ten cents. XD
blog test
  The “skin” I am wearing is actually a … Read more at the source.