Quick and Silver

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  Still not talking a lot (for which many of you are grateful, I’m sure, lol) because of being extra busy so just check the credit below, por favor.  Have a great day!
Dress: Sugar, 10L, lots of other colors/patterns also available to check that out
Skin: Flounce, gacha item
Hair: SYS @ Hair Fair 2014
Choker: Haysuriza, free
Eyes: Umeboshi @ the Gallery Gift Shop, hunt gift
Eyebrows Tattoo Layer: Adore&Abhor (part of a set)… Read more at the source.

SilenyQuick and Silver

Couple Things

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  Just have a couple small things to show you.  I don’t have much time today to chat with ya’ll so just check the credits.  Ciao!
up close_003
Forehead Hair Braid: Catwa, subscriber gift, lots of colors included to match many hair styles and brands
Hair: Tram @ Hair Fair 2014
Skin and Appliers: Flounce, applier was for Physique but it worked for just my head :)
Mesh Head and Hands: SLink
Nail Appliers: Alaskametro, 10L, includes a ton of colors and styles
Eyes: Umeboshi @ The Gallery Gift Shophunt item… Read more at the source.

SilenyCouple Things

What Goes In There?

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  What could you put in these empty cups?  Well, they are shelves, not actual cups, so I would not suggest any sort of liquid.  Unless yo like coffee all over your floor.  Then, cool, do your thing.  But what about sane people?  What would they put on their shelves?  I know I have about ten million little gacha tinkets I bought at various events without having a place to put them.  Those would work.  Finally a place for my knick-knacks!  Yay!  Did I mention you could get this whole set of cups from Plethora at Shop Free*Style for only … Read more at the source.

SilenyWhat Goes In There?

Nerds In Color

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  I have a totally fun LOTD to share with ya’ll today.  Well, I think it’s fun at least so that’s all that matters.  If anyone else thinks it’s fun then that’s a bonus.
  I saw this shirt from Zanzibar Creations that was originally at Nerdapalooza and thought it was super cool.  I was going through some crud in RL and didn’t get to blog for a while.  By the time I back the event was over.  I was super bummed so IMed the creator and she said she was putting them out in the store.  SCORE!  So now … Read more at the source.

SilenyNerds In Color

Past and Present

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 When I saw these boots from Lassitude & Ennui  for We Love Role-Play my first thought was “These are freaking amazing.”  My second thought was “Something about these boots remind me of something else.”  Well, I figured it out.

  Back when I joined SL in 2007 I went to this shop looking for old fashioned boots to match a gown I had.  I found L&E and my jaw dropped.  This was everything I wanted!!   I bought one pair of boots at the time and more later on.  One pair of the boots I bought?  Ankle boots with a … Read more at the source.

SilenyPast and Present

20% Cooler Shoes at Shop Free*Style

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  Buttery Toast has joined the vendors at Shop Free*Style and put out a couple of new things.  They have a lovely toast bracelet for free and they have these super cool shoes for only 10L.  Love them!  My daughter says they remind her of Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and since I secretly like that show I am super ok with that.
20% Cooler Shoes at Free*Style
  These shoes are for SLink flat feet ONLY so if you don’t have the SLink Avatar Enhancement feet they won’t work.  Just an FYI!  Also, if you don’t have SLink feet you … Read more at the source.

Sileny20% Cooler Shoes at Shop Free*Style

Something Different?

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  So being at Hair Fair once it opens can be a bowl of lag soup horror, everything gray and unrezzed.  You take the time to rez the vendors, buy what you want, and move on.  Sadly this means you might miss some of the pretty booth styles.

  As I did last year, I decided to take pictures of some of my favorite booths.  I missed a bunch because SL decided crashing was the new black.  But here is what I was able to grab.  Nothing fancy, just enough to give you an idea of some of the prettiness.
Read more at the source.

SilenySomething Different?

Oranges, Lambs, and Mud

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  Hi all!  Today I have orange-lamb-mud-goodness for you.  Check out the credits below.  Woo!
free lotd_003
Shorts and Shirt: Orange Pekoe, wearable demos, 1L each HERE and HERE
Skin: Mudskin, group gift, includes a ton of other skins and appliers also, 150L join fee
Hair: Lamb @ Hair Fair, many colors in the pack, hair fair opens July 12th.
Check out the Hair Fair website HERE.  Slurl not currently available.… Read more at the source.

SilenyOranges, Lambs, and Mud

Hair Fair Demo Group

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I just wanted to post a quick reminder for those of you who haven’t been checking out blogs for a few days.

JOIN THE DEMO GROUP FOR HAIR FAIR.  JOIN IT NOW.  It was save you so much time and lag if you can try the demos at home instead of at the fair itself.  Seriously.  Do it now.  And while we’re on the topic of Hair Fair, if you want to check out their blog the link is HERE.… Read more at the source.

SilenyHair Fair Demo Group

Disco- Unedited

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  I am exhausted today.  Like, nodding off every few minutes level of tired.  I can’t sleep, however, because RL demands I keep these peepers open.  I thought of music and then I peeked around my inventory and decided to post this disco inspired look.  Then when I went to edit the photo the sleepiness hit me again.  My options were try to edit the photo, be too tired, and not actually post anything, or do an unedited photo (with some flaws…ignore them) and actually post.  So, as you can see, posting wins!  Woo!
  These items are really cool … Read more at the source.

SilenyDisco- Unedited