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  I am supposed to be doing my homework right now, whoops.  I am better at procrastinating than anything else really.  Soooo here is my avatar with a back pack and a naughty look to make a little fun of us putting off what we should be doing right now. ;D

Backpack, Horns, Nail Appliers: The Horror (horns are color change!)
Skirt: Somnia @ The Thrift Shop, 95L for 8 colors on sale
Arrow Tattoo: Ama @ Shop Free*Style, free
Underwear Applier Set: Adore&Abhor @ My SLink Obsession, free (demo/gift)
Mesh Body/Hands: SLink
Hair: ChemistryRead more at the source.

SilenyOn My Way


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    OK so, so much to do but I was wearing this combo and it needed to be shown!  Dark red, soft black, and tan/white has been a fave color combo for a long time and here I am bringing it to you in a way I like.  More details below!
red and stuff
Skin: Genesis Creations, SL Free & Offers group gift in store
Nail Appliers: Alaska Metro, 10L for a set (already blogged a different color pack)
Mouth Alpha: Alaska Metro, free
Tooth Gap Shadow: Adore&Abhor, 10L for a set of things
Dress: Fission (love … Read more at the source.


Broken Summer

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Summer’s almost over here.  Sad face. :(  At least there is still summer in SL (and it doesn’t come with sweating.) :D
broekn summer_001
Skin: Mother Goose’s, 1L
Glasses: Roffo’s Recycling, 11L
Hair: Magika
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard
Mouth Alpha and Tooth Gap: Adore&Abhor (not available at the moment but I will put it out again…eventually.)
Blush and Scar: Adore&Abhor, part of a pack… Read more at the source.

SilenyBroken Summer

Rainbow Princess

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EDIT: I fixed the missing stuff from the credits, read on!
  Hi all!  I have been really into dark and spooky things lately so I went to do a dark and spooky post and ended up…well…a rainbow pastel princess.  LOL.  That’s the way it goes.  I feel super adorable and my av makes me super happy so that’s awesome.  And some of the look is free so even better!
  Check out the details below for links and all that good stuff.  Ciao!
rainbow princess_002
Crown: Buttery Toast, lucky board prize, color change on different parts of it
Skin: … Read more at the source.

SilenyRainbow Princess

Drippy Fingers and a Bunny Bag

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  I got this bunny bag and these drippy fingers the same day and they totally match so I think they were meant to be worn together.
  I haven’t tried to wear a ton of the tattoo layers for the SLink hands, just rarely found any I was super in love with, but then I got these super freaking cool smudgy finger paint ones from Ni.Ju and fell in love.  The color combo options are awesome and they are just unique and fun.  Everything at Ni.Ju is pretty much fun anyway, haha,

  I kind of super love bunnies … Read more at the source.

SilenyDrippy Fingers and a Bunny Bag

Lunch Date

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  OK so this post is just a bunch of random.  I was wearing this outfit and decided it needed posting even if a lot of it is older or is stuff that has been posted before.  I am in the middle of lots of things so not a lot of chatting today, just posting.  Have fun!
lunch date_003
lunch dater 2_00 lunch 1
lunch details
  OK so the food I got excited to find in my inventory and when I went to find the credits it seems the store is not anywhere.  I don’t know if I am just not finding it or what but just in … Read more at the source.

SilenyLunch Date

One of the Best Free Things This Year So Far

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  2014 has been a pretty good year for awesome gifts and sales.  This month is no exception!  One of the best gifts in SL this year so far (in my opinion) is this set of doll heads from Coco.  She is giving ALL of her older mesh heads away for free.  They are meant to be worn with the mesh doll body so if you don’t have this you might have some trouble using these.  I have the doll body so I could use it BUT I wanted to see if I could find a way to wear it … Read more at the source.

SilenyOne of the Best Free Things This Year So Far

Bandanna Day!

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  Today is the last day of Hair Fair this year so that means it’s Bandanna Day!  What does that mean?  It means we take off our hair and put on bandannas in honor of those who are fighting the struggle and losing their locks.  You can choose from a bunch of different styles of bandannas at Hair Fair 2014 for 50L each, with all the money going to Wigs For Kids.

  Have a great day and find all the info. you need on Bandanna Day and Hair Fair HERE.
“Bandanna”: LeLutka @ the Hair Fair Read more at the source.

SilenyBandanna Day!