Kitten bread

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20-07-16 breading and peasant perhaps better

I love all things kitty, and so I was quick to play the cute gacha from Mishmish at The Epiphany. I got the rare computer kitty, but also this “hold” kitty that seems to have nibbled his way through the white loaf.

The blouse is not new (I think it came out last year), but it is a real summer staple, available in several colours, from Mimikri

Rita skirt: !gO! (at The Chapter Four)
Sienna Blouse: Mimikri
Necklaces: Miss Havisham’s Broken Heart(Yummy) and Cora Necklace (**RE**)
53 mixblue hair: *barberyumyum*
Kitties go to market – Breading: MishMish (at The Read more →

Kimono summer

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13-07-16 kimono ichi

There are so many lovely kimono and yukata around at the moment, my inventory is getting a backlog of new ones to wear. Here I’m in the from that excellent kimono designer Silvery K , which I got at the Japonica event (which lasts til the 25th). Each kimono comes with several different patterns for the obi, and 4 colour choices for the cords. In the first picture I’m admiring displays at another event that just opened: Kimono-ichi (kimono festival) at Milky House
The Meadow hair from Magika isn’t new, but I think it goes well with kimono and … Read more →

Boho Tanabata

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05-07-16 in the woods

Midsummer has just passed and I’m wandering in the woods celebrating Tanabata. The new chapter Four has opened, and I picked up some sweet chiffon maxi skirts from !gO! which went nicely with the new halter top from petite Mort which has a very deep lace hem. I threw over an old (but still available) kimono from Tres Blah, and set out with my moon lantern over my shoulder (you can see it better in the 2nd picture, below the cut)

Rita skirt: !gO! (at The Chapter Four)
IVORY CROSS [Necklace] Rosa: *CentoPallini*
Head Accessory – Bellflower Crown [blue]: *LODE* Read more →