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03-02-16 vintage 1

I visited petite Mort to look at the new release of blouses, but I ended up buying an older line, the harem pants in lovely boho textures. It made me think vintage, so I pulled out a silk kimono from a couple of summers ago and a Nylon Outfitters top that is tintable and layers to give you the level of transparency you’re comfortable with. The Ayashi hair was in a recent gacha – since I’m only interested in blue hair, as usual I scanned the marketplace until I saw a colours pack coming up cheap (sometimes it’s good to … Read more at the source.

All fur coat

In Events, Fashion by Sheila Yoshikawa

27-01-16 all fur coat in sanarae

Fur coats in SL used to look very un-furry, but some of the more recent ones are lovely, with a fuzzy, soft feel. This one from CoCo is great – it looks very expensive and luxurious, and what’s even better you know that no pixels were harmed in the making of it.
I wanted some statement boots and looked no further than my inventory. These ones are not new, but they are very stylish, and the side panels, laces, eyelets and soles are texture change.
When I took this snap I was waiting for my letter to come up at … Read more at the source.