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Miranda Medium

A quick dark look inspired by a little necklace I pulled from Nylon Outfitters’ entry in the Tag Gacha event. I had great fun doing the road-rally style gacha fest. If you miss the old Creators Stamp Rally that they used to have over at the Mont Saint Michel sim, this should be right up your alley.

Miranda Closeup

This “Miranda” cameo is from a set of stunning hand-drawn portraits that remind me of Edward Gorey and the Addams Family. Perfect for this time of year. Miranda obviously loves her kitty so I posed with another one of mine. The Sugar Garden … Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion by Serene Fairey

Fright Fest Asylum

Frightfest is open for your Halloween and Breedable pet pleasure! So switch your Windlight to midnight and go enjoy. A nice spooky Asylum, hunt, gifts, music, and of course shopping.


Just don’t tick off the locals.

Fright Fest

Serene… Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion by Serene Fairey

Eye See Medium

To get myself in an October mood, in the last couple of days I have gone trick-or-treating at Havenhollow Returns and Nuville Horrors, and stopped over at Rokumeikan’s Halloween fair too. I’ll be honest, I was really bad at the challenges over at RMK, so I gave up and shopped at their little street fair instead … but maybe you will have better luck. I pieced together my first Halloween outfit of this year from some old things and some new.

Eye See Full

Dress: Tee*fy “Blair Puffy Dress” (gift at Havenhollow Returns)
Necklace: Down Down Down “Eyeball Necklace” (at RokumeikaN Halloween fair)
Shirt: … Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion by Serene Fairey

Surie Medium

I just can’t resist showing you another one of FatePlay’s outfits from the Mystic Realms faire today! This Surie outfit includes a leather corselet with bracers, tunic, pants and boots, available in eight colors. The craftsmanship is really lovely. If you are using advanced graphics features, you can see the very subtle sheen on the leather bits: the top edge of the corselet is catching the light, just a little shiny but not too much. I also love the little wrinkles in the fabric on her arms, it looks very natural.

Surie Closeup

I promise this is not a Gratuitous Portrait close-up. Take … Read more at the source.


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My Foyer

Now that I’ve cleared out all the boxes of jumble-sale whatnot, I thought I could post a quick photo of what I’ve put in my foyer. The new bit is the sweet little rustic “Spooky Bench” by Apple Fall that I picked up at Collabor88.

Bench: Apple Fall “Spooky Bench” (Collabor88)
Hello Sign: from the Tres Blah “Workspace” gacha
Punkin: House of Curios “Pumpkin 1″
Birdies: Schadenfreude “Orange Plastic Flamingoes”
Candles: Floorplan “floating candles”
Beverage Crate: Floorplan “Crate of Pumpkin Ale”
Rug: by Nordari (vintage unavailable)
Skybox: Apple Fall Paris Skybox (altered)

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Nehtar Medium

I’m really excited for the Mystic Realms faire that is opening tomorrow! *squee* I’m bringing you a little preview of something you will see at FatePlay’s booth, this delicious elfy “Nehtar Min” armored suit. Obviously I’m a woman in real life because I want to drool all over the boots. Is anyone looking forward to the next installment of the Hobbit as much as I am? I doubt it. This will have to hold me over till then.

Nehtar Full

Of course the suit can be mixed and matched and the pieces worn separately. There are Armor, Tunic, Pants and Boots. In eight … Read more at the source.


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Peachy Medium

Catching up!! Here is a serendipitous match. GField’s blouse is genius: the accompanying HUD changes the blouse between tucked and untucked versions, and picks between five colors. There are two different color HUDs. The tucked-in version fits almost perfectly with this skirt from Sysy’s. There was a tiny gap between them that I hid by putting on a dark bodysuit underneath. The jewels are a nice little wardrobe staple too, because they change between eight colors.

Peachy Full

Blouse: GField “Sleeveless Tops (shirt out)” (at Creation.jp)
Skirt: Sysy’s “Betty” (from a pack of three)
Shoes: Ingenue “Jolie Heels Noir” (rare Gacha)
Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer “Neon … Read more at the source.


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Sweeties Medium

I ran off to the Candy Fair for a couple more bits of sugar! There are so many cute things there including many tempting Gacha machines. I got the cookie earrings and necklace came from the Sweet Thing gacha. I wasn’t lucky enough to get the mixer beaters but they look adorable.

Sweeties Shoes

Lassitude and Ennui has these pinwheel peppermint shoes in a whole smorgasbord of colors; you can have the more traditional red or pink if you like. The little button on the strap is a petite mint, see?

Sweeties Full

Necklace: Sweet Thing “Sillybaking Odd Grape Necklace Rare” (Candy Fair gacha)… Read more at the source.


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Garage Sale

I don’t know what to do with these things, so I marked everything down to 10-25 lindens! I hate to just get rid of things so please come and give them a good home. Oh yes and I’m still looking for one of the KatatOnik Wonderland Red Queen necklaces if you would like to dicker :D 

Come visit My Place Here!

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Kismet Medium

I went to the Creation.jp event and saw this sweatshirt and wham! It was kismet. I had to buy it. Why?

Kismet Closeup

Because it looks like my precious NINO!! I swear I don’t overfeed him. He must be out hunting possum when he’s outdoors.

Kismet Full

Sweatshirt: Eaters Coma “Sweatshirt / odd-eyed cat”
Pants: Maitreya “Zipper Skinny Jeans”
Shoes: Dysfunctional Designs “Kitty Wedgies”
Hair: Spellbound “Suspiria” (gacha)
Glasses: Deadwool “San Diego Glasses” (gacha)(previous Arcade)
Skin: Essences “Galadriel”
Eyes: Ikon “Horizon”
Lashes: Lelutka “Photoshoot II”
Lipgloss: Sugar Heart “Lip Shine” (unavailable?)
Rouge: the Skinnery “Blusher – In Love”
Hands and Feet: by SLink
Nail … Read more at the source.