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Geekitude Medium

There are so many awesome things at the Geeks and Nerds Fair!! It started today and it’s so much fun to go to an event that puts such a big smile on my face. The build is so cute too, well worth visiting.

Geekitude Full

I am wearing some new Lassitude and Ennui boots with a roleplay outfit from Fateplay. A perfect match and all the bits are available in lots of fun color combinations. Ready for LARP!!

Geekitude Back

You just know I have some polyhedral dice in this backpack somewhere. And graph paper for mapping dungeons.

Geekitude Boots

Outfit: FATEplay “Lynne” (including hair that … Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion by Serene Fairey

Pinkitty Medium

A few Candy Coated bits and bobs from Kawaii and School-themed events to satisfy your sweet tooth. Junbug is raising funds for girls to go to school through December 1 selling this lovely frock for 250L, yes that’s ONE measly U.S. dollar.

Pinkitty Details

I wanted to get up close and show some of the details of the outfit that are missed in larger photos. It’s amazing how much sweet, sweet craftsmanship goes into the little things!

Pinkitty Full

Dress: Junbug “Vintage School Dress” (charity benefit raising funds for “Do It in a Dress”)
Purse: KatatOnik “Xiasumi Rainbow Purse” (at the Xiasumi School Festival)… Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion by Serene Fairey


Today is moving day. My husband is moving out. Not to change the subject, but I laughed a bit when I saw this armor, but then I thought, How Apropos. My next thought was to kick the armor manufacturer. How could they do this?? The rest of me was properly protected, but they forgot the most important part.

Weapons: Devious Mind “Norath” “Hammer of Doom” and “Radiant Polearm of Triumph” (Fantasy Gacha)
Armor: Turb “Havok Armor” (Fantasy Gacha)
Pants/Skirt: bits from Bare Rose’s “Lady of Lioness” Outfit

Serene… Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion by Serene Fairey

Ivy Medium

Between the Fantasy Gacha and the Secret Affair, it’s a fun month for lovers of fantasy genre. I mixed some pieces for a cute forest fae look. That’s right, I’m still evading the Winter. Somewhere there must still be a late lingering Autumn that clings to Faerie.

Ivy Closeup

Up close you can see the beautiful detail on the Raven Torc. I cranked up the light so you can see how well done the materials are on her jewels. Of course they are available in gold, silver and this blackened finish.

Ivy Full

Tunic: Lassitude and Ennui “Fomhar Dress” (at the Secret Affair)
Fur: May’s Soul “Fur Brown” … Read more at the source.


In Events, Fashion by Serene Fairey

Quackers Medium

Do you mind if I do a few more Fall outfits before I swing full-speed into Christmas and winter stuff? I’m still trying to pretend it’s not November. Life is chaos right now and I’m honestly not ready for winter.

Quackers Full

Now in the close-up photo below, I am particularly pleased with these new Aitui ears. They come with a HUD that has a generous selection of skin color presets and also a color picker for your tinting pleasure. One of the presets just happened to be a perfect match with this skin. And the shape is lovely isn’t it?

Quackers Closeup

Scarf: S&S “Soopascarf”… Read more at the source.