Serene Fairey Events, Fashion

Do you like this outfit of hunting eggs? I do. My daughter is so excited she can hardly wait another week. I already have bought a couple bags of jellybeans, chocolate eggs and a nice chocolate bunny. Next Saturday we will color eggs with Grampa. Enjoy the little things!

Dress: Violent Seduction “Heart Apron Dress” (gacha)
Headband: G Field “Flower Headband” (multicolor gift at Japan Fair)
Shoes: Violent Seduction “Heart Heel Shoes”
Egg Basket: Floorplan “Vintage Egg Basket” (texture change eggs)
Necklace: KatatOnik “Wonderland” (gacha)
Hair: Alice Project “Yuri” (gacha)
Skin: Essences “Cutie Moon” (at Cutie Moon fair, lots of … Read more at the source.

Serene FaireyEGGSES


Serene Fairey Events, Fashion

Just a quick post to show you a lovely new floral set from Finesmith. I’m in love with aqua this spring! I would love to go outside and get into the garden as soon as my health will allow. Maybe this week. :D   … I also picked up a sweet new skin out by Essences at the Cutie Moon event, what I love is it comes with a whole bunch of different colored eyebrows that I will definitely be wearing with fantasy outfits. Don’t miss Cutie Moon even if you are like me and don’t know Anime.

Jewels: Finesmith “Botanical”
Skin: … Read more at the source.

Serene FaireyBOTANICAL


Serene Fairey Events, Fashion

I hope you don’t mind my combination of Steampunk and Gothic Lolita. I’m loving the RO Necromancer crown with Una’s fantasy gacha wings and Violent Seduction’s corseted frock. In SL I claim the privilege of being as eclectic as I wanna be. (Nyah!)

Crown: Remarkable Oblivion “Necromancer Crown”
Wings: Una “SteampunkWingDown” (gacha)
Dress: Violent Seduction “Versailles” (also includes an under-bust version)
Shirt: Coco “Bow Shirt” (vintage sculpted collar)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui “Jolenta”
Hair: Curio Obscura “Long Gothic Spirals Pigtails”
Skin: Essences “Harper” (at the Dressing Room)
Eyes: Ikon “Ardent”
Hands: by SLink
Poses: by LAP (unavailable)

Serene… Read more at the source.



Serene Fairey Events, Fashion

I love gardening in Second Life. No weeds, I never destroy my fingernails …

And no mud on my shirt and shoes. In my real garden the crocuses are gone and the Hyacinths are popping. I need to get out there soon and clear away some dead debris from winter.

Pocket Doggie: Birdy “Pocket Pet (Frenchy) Black Stripe” (gacha)
Glasses: Deadwool “San Diego Glasses” (gacha)
Shirt: Spirit Store “Cona Shirt”
Shorts: Tres Blah “Denim Bermuda Shorts”
Socks: Maitreya “Dahlia Socks”
Sneakers: 2Real “E-Wings” (wings hidden)
Hair: D!va “Diva2″ (old group gift)
Skin: Essences “Paris”
Eyes: Ikon
Poses: by Juxtapose

Love,… Read more at the source.



Serene Fairey Events, Fashion

Forgive me if these lovelies aren’t the newest releases, but they are still very recent. The Gaia Necklace by Aisling is really stunning though I am hiding some of it under the cowl. There are beautiful golden leaves rising in the back, and several sections of the beads and jewels are texture change so you can make them go with different outfits. Wow. I’m also really loving the sheer over-sleeves on this dress from the Muses!!

Necklace: Aisling “Gaia Necklace Gold (RARE)” (gacha)(texture change HUD)
Cowl: Junbug “A Winter’s Night Fur Cowl in Silver” (gacha)
Gown: The Muses “Into the Woods”… Read more at the source.

Serene FaireyGAIA


Serene Fairey Events, Fashion

Just at the moment it’s quiet in the middle of the night and I am enjoying a serene moment.  Or is it the Oxycodone? I’m not sure but whatever it is, I’ll take it.

I guess it’s mostly in your outlook.

Glasses: Glow Studio “Birdy Glasses (gold2)”
Shirt: The Secret Store “Mary Pleated Shirt”
Skirt: The Secret Store “Annie Pencil Skirt”
Shoes: The Secret Store “Oxford Heels” (at Collabor88)
Purse: TuTys “Mesh Pet Carrier” (gift on SL Marketplace)
Hair: Exile “Shine” (at the Arcade Gacha)
Skin: Essences “Paris”
Eyes: Ikon “Ardent”
Lashes: LeLutka “Photoshoot II”
Hands and Feet: by SLink… Read more at the source.



Serene Fairey Events, Fashion

My head is fogged with medicine and it takes me a ridiculous amount of time to complete the simplest things. Disoriented is how I feel today. Recovering from surgery that removed my right lung, still confused about how suddenly something like that could happen. I keep drowsing over the keyboard so bear with me.

Just a simple outfit today taken for LIV-Glam’s newer “Red Label” releases. LIV-Glam is well known for its affordable “off-the-rack” style wear, but has recently released two new style lines: “Black Label” which uses exclusive mesh available only at LIV-Glam, and “Red Label” which uses limited … Read more at the source.