New @ The Deck – My Attic – NOW OPEN

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My Attic - September 2014 - Starts 21st

It is another round of My Attic, and this editions theme is ‘Between the Lines’ the Designers have come together with incredibly striking items that take you on a tour through their interpretation of this theme. For the next ten days only all items at My Attic are 95L, and then full price in their stores after the event closes.

Join our Flickr group to upload your own pictures of you in these items, and check out all the lovely pictures taken by others of this round, and past rounds of My Attic.


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Sasy ScarboroughNew @ The Deck – My Attic – NOW OPEN

Keeping Calm

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Keep Calm

I love when creators use elements of Second Life in their work, something that makes sense only in SL but can make you chuckle or empathise a lot. I remember watching the movie “The Castle” and when the lawyer was fighting with the photocopier, everyone in the cinema related to it – well those of us that have ever had to use one in a work situtation. That is what this Neon Sign by The Loft is like, ‘Keep Calm and Reset Scripts’ we can all relate to the feeling of panic when something scripted doesn’t work, and all … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughKeeping Calm


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One of the stores that I don’t blog often enough is Miseria, and that is appaling of me. I love her work, always have, but she tends to take little breaks and then I get sidetracked. Lately though she has been creating beautiful mesh items, and I fell instantly in love with the Bliss sandals by seeing a snapshot of them over someones shoulder during a plurk the other day. I ran right over to Miseria and snapped up the fatpack as they are not just a great slip on style, but it is the attention to detail in them … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughRia


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Early sneak peak at the great shoes by for this coming Collabor88, only days away, so save some of your lindens for that. The heels are for the Slink high feet, and HIGH is an understatement, the heels on these are wickedly sexy, and MUST HAVES! The theme for this round is Miami Electric, and the shoes have that in abundance.

To show them off, I knew that BOOM would not let me down. Firstly I found my own Neon based nails I did for Flair and even though usually not a fan of the purples, I loved the … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughNe-On

New @ The Deck – Somnia & Zimberlab

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._ Somnia _. Tasita Darks Ad ._ Somnia _. Tasita Lights Ad ._ Somnia _. Wild Thang Darks Ad._ Somnia _. Wild Thang Lights Ad ._ Somnia _. Wild Thang Denims Ad

Somnia has some wonderful mix and match options in their latest release at The Deck location. You will find these and a range of great assortments of clothing staples to add to your wardrobe.

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ZimberLab Barbed Wire A


Zimberlab has created this incredible barbed wire FULL PERMS kit, that can just add to the recent jail type collection previously released. Come and see all the Zimberlab full perms items at their The Deck location.

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My Attic - Coming Soon - September

Make sure and keep your eyes open for the next edition … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughNew @ The Deck – Somnia & Zimberlab


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I love old studies, those really leathery and wood filled rooms, with large leather-bound books and brandy decanters on the trolley bar in the corner. They are in all those old movies and power fueled movies…they are the epitome of success, and this framed map and stone key table from this round of C88 really give that vibe. Adding  a light feminine touch with the vase of beautiful flowers.

I am wearing the NEW Maitreya 80’s jumpsuit that was released yesterday and joy of joys, fits the Slink Physique body really well. The lemon animal print is perfect to go with … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughMapTo

Stairwell to Haven

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Stairwell 1

Stairwell 2

Whimsy and I decided to share the wonderful fluffy sweaters and divine leather leggings by Emery for this round of Uber. The clothing fits the Slink Physique body without any need for alterations, just the alpha options and I am ready for action. The Shoes I am wearing are from Essenz and are part of the Rock the Rack event. They are platform style but using the mid feet by Slink that makes them just perfect for dancing the night away, and the metal comes in gold or silver, but sold separately.

The hairstyle is by Tableau Vivant and part … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughStairwell to Haven

Dancing Diva

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Diva is the word with this lovely lacey bodysuit by Sn@tch, it comes with system layers and all the appliers this blogger needs, with them having both the underpants and the clothing layers of the Physique body covered. The highneck and long sleeves style had me straight away – but thanks to the left arm right arm toggle option on the Physique hud I was able to make it short sleeved. It was definitely the hotpants style of the lower portion made it an instant MUST HAVE item. I can see this being my new go to run around SL option … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughDancing Diva


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Bongo 1

Bongo 2

Bongo 3

It has been a few weeks since I have done a blog post, and a lot took place. The latest UPDATE to the Slink Physique Body took place, and if you do not have 1.4 you need to get over there and redeliver it so you can have all the new features. There is a full notecard of changes included, and the new hud is a really attractive looking hud, maybe more so because we all get to look at Siddean in her undies.

One of the most saught after updates is the alpha zones now turn off front and … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughBongo