Dancing Diva

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Diva is the word with this lovely lacey bodysuit by Sn@tch, it comes with system layers and all the appliers this blogger needs, with them having both the underpants and the clothing layers of the Physique body covered. The highneck and long sleeves style had me straight away – but thanks to the left arm right arm toggle option on the Physique hud I was able to make it short sleeved. It was definitely the hotpants style of the lower portion made it an instant MUST HAVE item. I can see this being my new go to run around SL option … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughDancing Diva


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Bongo 1

Bongo 2

Bongo 3

It has been a few weeks since I have done a blog post, and a lot took place. The latest UPDATE to the Slink Physique Body took place, and if you do not have 1.4 you need to get over there and redeliver it so you can have all the new features. There is a full notecard of changes included, and the new hud is a really attractive looking hud, maybe more so because we all get to look at Siddean in her undies.

One of the most saught after updates is the alpha zones now turn off front and … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughBongo

Street Dancer

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The background I am using in this post is actually a smaller art print that I have resized and put on the wall. It actually sits at an angle smaller usually, but I just really liked it big and dominating the image. The monochromatic look of it helped with the overall theme of the look, from the wonderful toeless boots, to the marble like texture of my GOD cap/hair.

This is why options are wonderful, you get a lot of choices with the cap, to change the lettering, the colours and then of course those lovely waves of hair. The … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughStreet Dancer

Hair Fair 2014 – Totals & Thank You

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Hair Fair 2014 Logo 512

Hair Fair ended on the 27th of July, and the totals for the event are as follows.


Bandana Sales – L$92,850

A big thank you to all the people who help us by creating Bandanas each year, and for all of those that purchase them and send us information about friends and family, and why Bandana Day means so much to them.


Hair Sales Donations and Kiosk Donations – L$4,764,064

This is the total raised from the donations that each and every hair pack sold gave to this event, as well as all the individual donations made to the … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughHair Fair 2014 – Totals & Thank You


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There are some shirts I own, shirts that I would never give up, they are my go to shirts no matter how buried they are in subfolders of subfolders of subfolders. The funny thing about the majority of them, is that they are created by the same designer. Juliette has done it again, I am seriously thinking about just making a JuJu Shirts folder to be done with the other format.

This is her latest must have shirt, with the release of this and the delightful mesh denim skirt that fits neatly underneath. They are both items at Uber, and if … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughBolt


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Siren-ity 2

Back in the olden SL Days, we used to buy gowns every other week. Some must still do so, and I am jealous of those people, the ones that have those SL Lives that mean nights filled with dancing and social gatherings. We used to have that a lot more over my side of SL, Whimsy and I often talk about it, how it just all seemed to fade away, we all got busier I guess, SL definitely got busier.

This release by Schadenfreude for Collabor88’s Birthday is a reason to break out of your day to day wear, and just … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughSiren-ity


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SySy's Cadets

While the Cat is away, the Mice will play, and in this case the playing is being done by Whimsy and Myself, while the lovely SySy Chapman of SySy’s is on vacation.  The Odessa dress that we are wearing is her lovely release for the Birthday Celebrations of Collabor88 – Happy Birthday to one and all! The theme is Odyssey and this dress is perfect for that. I really love its kind of 60’s Mod style to it, and the design at the neckline had me feeling all Cadet like, Think of us as your stewardesses to the Godly skies.

The … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughCadets

Bubbles and Squeek

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Whimsy and I went shopping over at the event The Chapter Four, some amazing items, gatcha machines and reduced items. I like gatcha when I don’t care, it is kind of like the laziest form of shopping. I knew I liked the overall collection, so lets take a spin or two and what I get I get. One such item was this adorable dog I am calling Squeek, Whimsy is calling hers Bubbles. He is adorable and wearing him just has him follow you around and be all adorable.

The reason we ran on over was actually because of the … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughBubbles and Squeek

MSO Soup

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A new month and so many new things. Two new events happening this month, one is Uber and the other is My Slink Obsession. Uber is a new month long event, and has some amazing creations by amazing creators. The bag I am using in this post is by Emery and the colours and richness of the leather are fantastic…I really need Sunami to make more accessories, because she does fantastic items overall, but I love her bags and there are just not enough of them.

My Slink Obsession is an event that will take place on the Slink West … Read more at the source.

Sasy ScarboroughMSO Soup

My Attic – Closes at Midnight

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My Attic closes at Midnight SLT , so you only have today and tonight to get all the wonderful items for 95L only during this event.

Click to TP to My Attic

Adam n Eve

July My Attic - Adam n Eve


July My Attic - Bushu


July My Attic - EMO-tions


July My Attic - Essenz

July My Attic - Faun


July My Attic - Flair


July My Attic - Gato

Has Been

July My Attic - Has Been

July My Attic - Has Been 1

House of London

July My Attic - House of London


July My Attic - Kaithleens


July My Attic - Koy


July My Attic - L.Warwick


July My Attic - Lacuna

Le Primitif

July My Attic - Le Primitif

Leri Miles Designs

July My Attic - Leri Miles Designs


July My Attic - Luxuria


July My Attic - Miseria


July My Attic - Nantra 3

July My Attic - Nantra 2

July My Attic - Nantra 1


July My Attic - Ploom

July My Attic - Ploom (2)


July My Attic - Pretense


July My Attic - Somnia

July My Attic - Soonsiki


July My Attic - Stellar


July My Attic - SySy's

Thalia Heckroth

July My Attic - Thalia Heckroth

Tutti Frutti

July My Attic - Tutti Frutti

W.Winx & Flair

July My Attic - WWinx & Flair


Click to TP to My Attic



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Sasy ScarboroughMy Attic – Closes at Midnight