Field of Dreams

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Field of Dreams

Whimsy has been building up areas for photos for us again, which of course meant I had to check how many prims were left on the sim and then make her pick up half of the things, I do not know how she survived before mesh. I love that she made a proper fence out of the adorable poseprop that RePose did for My Attic. It is so country and has a wonderful charm to it. Perfect prop for showing off these great pieces from both My Attic (closing tonight) and Collabor88 (only one week left).

Autumn is a great … Read more at the source.


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My Attic closes at the end of today for another round. We do not have a palette with our themes for My Attic, but often is the case that our creators just get their items so in sync with eachother, it is wonderful to combine creators and make perfect looks. Such was the case today, being able to combine the four releases from Mimikri, K-Code, Luxuria and Elysium just perfectly. Then adding a bag from David Heather and I was looking sharp.

The items from Mimikri are the beautiful billowy blouse, this actually comes in a Slink version, but … Read more at the source.

New @ The Deck – My Attic last hours & Mynx

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My Attic is open until Midnight SLT time tonight, so you have 19 hours left to make the most of the incredible savings. All items in the My Attic location are 95L only, so tp over as fast as you can.

Info on My Attic september HERE

Click to TP to My Attic


Also NEW to The Deck is Mynx, the following items are in her NEW The Deck location.

{MYNX} 1 {MYNX} 2 {MYNX} 3

Demos available, and some adorable Accessories to complete every girls look.

TP to Mynx @ The Deck


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One of my favourite things about the updates to the Slink bodyparts, was actually something that happened in March. They went left and right feet, instead of an all in one set. This makes it a great option for those that roleplay as we have a lot of crazy kind of limbs missing scenarios that can occur there….my favourite reason though is more natural looking pictures. The pose included with this great daybed by Cheeky Pea is so perfect for this to be shown, my left foot is Flat, my right foot is Mid, the flat sits naturally on the … Read more at the source.

Sanura Snowpaw and Kassie friends of mine and yours!

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You are going to have to do all the reading to find out about the cards :P


We have a friend, and I mean we, not I…because even if you have never met her, she would be your friend with open arms and an open heart with no hesitation. That is the nature of Sanura Snowpaw, my history with her goes back further than meeting her. I was processing some What’s New SL applications and came to the one titled ‘What’s New SL *Dreams* – Sanura Snowpaw‘ I opened it, and expected to find the usual fill … Read more at the source.

Tea Time

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Tea Time

I took this photo days ago, it has been an overactive week. I showed my screen to Whimsy just before finally writing this up, and a resounding shreik of ‘THAT’S MY OUTFIT’ could be heard around the world. Sorry honey, took the pics days ago, you snooze you lose. She does this to me all the time, I want to blog an item, and she wears it for four days making some kind of territorial connection with it.

I can understand that though with this look, I am loving the combination of The Annex and Whippet & Buck. Both items … Read more at the source.

Town & Country – City Life

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The theme for My Attic this round is Town & Country, which for us down this end of the world, when inspired by the UK influence, meant trips to the Manor and the higher end of weekend living. City for the weekdays and weekends spent brunching and high tea’ing all over the place…then of course the long walks with the corgi’s or hounds and what not, but it is great that with such a diverse group of creators, from all over the world, how people interpret themes. That is why we always try and have themes that can be spread … Read more at the source.