Ever lovin

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Ever Lovin

Ever Lovin 2

Ever Lovin 3

Lacuna has made this stunning Lingerie set for My Attic. It has appliers and also system layers, so you can look super fabulous. I love the colours available and the lime green really shouts out to you. As they are only 95L during the event you can get as many as you can carry out the door.

This stunning bedroom set is by Cheeky Pea, it is a stunning mix of items,and I just loved the earthy tones in this one, there was another option more colourful in the boho theme of last Uber, but this one won me over. … Read more at the source.

LeLutka Head Stretch

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LeLutka Head Stretch Collage

One of the exciting things about the LeLutka heads COMING SOON is that there is the ability to use the shape sliders for Head Stretch and Head Length. You will need to also adjust your eye sliders to get the perfect look, both eyespacing and eyedepth. The top left image in this collage is my own original shape, where my headstretch is 24, I went up by 10 for each image, so that also means there are another 60 looks if I had gone up by 1 slider number instead. So even if buying the same head as your bestie, … Read more at the source.

The Aria

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The Aria

The Aria 2

I decided that with a name like Aria, this head needed some oppulance, so I went with this lovely gown by Gizza. Mixing it with one of the COMING SOON Skin appliers for Aria by Glam Affair, this dramatic makeup is stunning. I did already give my being a redhead for a while up, because when creating this picture I did like the depth of the darker hair better. The hair which is a bun attachment will also be included with the Lelutka heads, as well as the hairbase options, so straight out of the bag, you are going to … Read more at the source.

For Ever More

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Ever More

Another sneak peek at the COMING SOON heads by LeLutka. This is Ever and she is a delightfully strong charismatic face. Using the hairbase that will come with the LeLutka Heads, I was able to wear the older LANA style by LeLutka that is combed back off the face, and the combination is perfection. I fell in love with the red brows in the skin appliers by Glam Affair, that I think I will stay red for a while, or not…I tend to flit about in that area, but today I am going to pretend I will stick with it.… Read more at the source.

The Leda

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Leda 1

Leda 2

If you are a member of the LeLutka group, you will remember that when they released their NEW textures for their hairstyles, they announced they were in the process of building a NEW Sim. There have been a few LeLutka builds over the years, and every one of them has been incredible. The last one was around the same time a few years ago, and it was the Mayfair build that many of you will be familiar with, as it is often used in photos.

This time though it is LeLutka mainstore getting the makeover, and the sneak peek teaser … Read more at the source.

Cafe Rules

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Nudie Cafe

Skin Fair is in full bloom, and I have been back and forth a few times. I am wearing Chelsea, a fantastic new skin from Adam n Eve. Not only is the skin divine, but she has been creating make ups such as these luscious lipsticks, with spec maps so that they actually look almost wet and moist to the touch, it also gives the appearance of each little ridge in the natural shape of the lips, very sexy especially in this amazing red colour. So the Skin appliers are separate and Chelsea is just lovely as a skin, then … Read more at the source.