Living the good life.

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Ispachi made this beautiful little dining set for The Garden.
The table and radio texture can be changed, and it has handcrafted textures and models.
Living The Good Life
Credits Izzie:
Hair Victoria Elikatira.
Skin & shape Nomi Izzie’s.
Over shoulder jacket Coco.
Silk flare dress Faenzo currently at Collabor.
Wedges Akhesa Eudora.
Pose Calm presence by Bauhaus movement currently at Poser Pavillion.
Credits Sam:
Hair Dura.
Skin Teghran Aeros.
Casual shirt M4 & Tie Kal Rau.
Jeans Relaxed Shai.
Credits scene and furniture:
Garden Amphore and Tuscany garden bench, 22769 currently at … Read more at the source.
Sam LaszloLiving the good life.

Suit Up.

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Hello guys,
Happy easter for everyone celebrating it.

Kauna released new suit items for the XIV suits, i am wearing the striped creme version,
with the Paisley creme accessoires, and it’s for sure one of the best, if not the best suit in SL.
The fitting is so great, and the textures and the choice of colours and patterns,
go check the demo to see it for yourself ..


Hair Dura exclusive for the Japan fair.
Suit XIVstriped creme Kauna new.
Tie & handkerchief Paisley creme Kauna new.
Pose Wall nudge Del Read more at the source.
Sam LaszloSuit Up.

Rain down on me.

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Hello guys.
Stepping out of my comfort zone today wearing long hair.
But i have to admit i rarely wear long hair in SL,
 but made an exception for the great Jared hair from Damselfly,
combined with the mesh Carter head from Labyrinth..
Rain Down On Me
Hair Jared Damselfly.
Mesh head & skin Carter Labyrinth.
Pose Sam by Rack Poses.
Location: PSY city.
Enjoy and till next time ♥… Read more at the source.
Sam LaszloRain down on me.

What are we waiting for.

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Good weekend boys and girls.
Kal Rau has a new casual shirt called M4 out, and as always it’s great fitting and textured.
Options are cuf,collar,bottom, tie all to texture.
I would like to mention the great Cortona Villa’s behind us from Trompe Loeil.
It is like a little village on it’s own super cool and to find at Collabor..
Credits: Izzie
Hair Tsubasa Argrace.
Skin & shape Nomi Izzie’s.
Pendant silver rose Yummy currently at Collabor.
Ruffle top & Pencil skirt Teefy currently at Collabor.
Heels Ella Friday currently at Collabor.
Sam LaszloWhat are we waiting for.

Just love me?

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Hello Guys,
most guys will recognize this scene, desperately trying to get the prettiest girl on the block.
And they act like you are not even there.
I guess I will have to try harder next time..
Just Love Me

Credits Miss hard to get Izzie:
Hair ‘Hang it up’ Clawtooth currently at Collabor.
Mesh head Emma Slink & Maci mesh head skin applier Izzie’s.
Skirt Amy & Halter Betsy The Secret Store currently at Collabor.
Flat shoes Lilly for slink feet Ingenue currently at Collabor.
Credits Sam:
Hair Jon Truth.
Cardigan Mr Lee Xiaj currently … Read more at the source.
Sam LaszloJust love me?

It’s Not Just A Car!

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Hello Ladies and Gents!
Today Sam let me write the story as “punishment” for smashing his new car, he said everyone should know what I did, out of my own mouth :( 
So, I was picking up my sheep from the willow and was on my way back to the farm, as I heard a loud “bah, bah” in my ear. I turned around and saw Shay, the leader sheep, fighting her way to the passenger seat. Shay got me so distracted that I missed the car driving in front of us and I hit the backside full speed. The … Read more at the source.
Sam LaszloIt’s Not Just A Car!

Jump without fear.

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Hello Guys,
Razor released this fun Dino hoodie at The Men’s Dept,
It comes with a huge hud, that gives you all kind of texture options on different parts.
The pose is from oOo Studio and is called Code, also a release for the same event.
It’s the Two years existence of The Men’s Dept, and 50 creators are present.
Great to see how this event grew so big and awesome.
So congrats to the management,

Jump without fear.
Dozer hoodie Dino Razor currently at The Men’s Dept.
Black jeans Redgrave.
Mael sneakers snow Notsobad.
Pose Code

Read more at the source.

Sam LaszloJump without fear.

True Love’s Kiss.

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Hello Boys & Girls.
We recently got the new Apartment skybox from Abiss.
And the balcony was perfect for the new True Love’s kiss pose from An Lar..
True Love's Kiss

Credits my cute Izzie:
Hair Richelle Elikatira
Mesh head Becky Slink.
Maci applier for the mesh head Izzie’s.
Necklace Arara Kunglers.
Jumpsuit Roxanne Cracked Mirror currently at Fameshed.
Credits Sam:
Hair Jon Truth.
Skin Teghran Aeros.
Waistcoat & undershirt Aphorisme currently at The Men’s Dept.
Jeans Saul Fatewear.
Pose True Love’s An Lar at Fit for a Princess
Till Next time ♥… Read more at the source.
Sam LaszloTrue Love’s Kiss.

Under the boardwalk.

Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Hello boys & girls,
What Next made beach houses, lights, a boardwalk builders set, and even a motorboat.
The ladders have one click climb up animations, the boat bench by the house.
Is a new release from The 11th hour, and has cool animations.
My torned up jeans are a new Kal Rau release, including boxers and belt.
The Chambray shirt is a new release from Shai.
Love the fitting of the shirt it’s just perfect..
All Credits:
Waterfront dock & pier set What Next currently at The Home show.
Waterfront cottage What Next currently at The Read more at the source.
Sam LaszloUnder the boardwalk.


Sam Laszlo Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

Ahoy Guys,
Gabriel released new loose shirts, that are perfect for spring and summer.
I will do another bloggie with them, to show the front better.
But Izzie looked so cute in her sailor outfit, we just had to show her upfront.
Izzie isn’t super happy when she is on a boat, but she held up like a champ.
And me being the perfect gentleman, lifts the princess back on solid ground..

Credits Izzie:
Hair Shine Magika.
Visage mesh head Slink & Izzie’s Maci applier.
Outfit Sparrow Coldlogic in navy red.
Sam LaszloDreamgirl.