A Cupcake Workout

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I’m having a lazy Sunday. It’s HOT here again today, although not as hot as it has been so I’m working a bit harder than I have to get things ready for a trip back home to visit my parents! It’s a proper work out in this heat though, I’m working up a sweat and everything!! Have to keep stopping for cold glasses of water! 
I’ve never really been keen on the gym, I know that some people love it but for me it’s not something I’m very keen on… Rudh on the other hand is OK there, she’s a Read more →

Trapped in Burning Glass

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It’s HOT today… So hot it feels sweltering and stifling and oppressive almost… Ideally, I’d like to be sitting somewhere cool, in the shade and the breeze with a cold drink in my hand but unfortunately no such luck. I have to work, and that’s all there is to it, so I’m stuck behind my PC – yes I’m working here in my underwear LOL – and I feel stuck… 
Going to share with you an image I took of Rudh, in a similar predicament. It was something that I was working on while I felt artistic one day, and Read more →

Parental Advisory Explicit Content

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That little playtime yesterday unleashed something dark… My inner demon fought her way to the surface and now things have to come with a Parental Advisory LOL… “Warning this one is a bit crazy and cannot be tamed!” I’ve only ever met a few people that had any success, and HellBone stopped trying LOL, but I can’t help but feel a little inner glee when this side of me comes to the surface because UH OH the trouble I’ll cause and the fun I’ll be having!! 

Even now, when posing she’s teasing a little, telling the photographer to “Capture This” Read more →

After a Heartfelt Spanking, Sit Still

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Yesterday was a pretty day full of magic and the opening of a box, today is a different kind of pretty day. It’s not pretty in the same way, but it’s a little bit of a darker kind of pretty… It’s a little Rompish! Kinkiness is the name of the game today, and I’m really ready to let it take over! BRING OUT THE KINK!!! I’ve been a good girl for a bit, if I keep the inner bad girl bottled up she explodes, but OK I’m not going to fully release her… She’s still going to remain tied… 

She’s Read more →

Pandora’s Box Opens

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Can you feel that magical feeling in the air… Something awesome has happened… Something dark but special has begun… PANDORA’S BOX IS OFFICIALLY OPEN!
Two days ago, the first ever Pandora’s Box – Second Life’s Loot Box that caters to the dark and alternative side of life – was released and has now opened. It’s filled with some wonderful things, from some of Second Life’s awesome gothic inspired designers and I cannot wait to share the wonderful things with you… 
Let’s start by revealing just a little of the magic within… A few of Pandora’s little May gifties… 

For some Read more →

April Showers bring May Flowers

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It’s a lovely sunny but cool Sunday here in Holland, but I’m not really finding myself able to enjoy it. Last night I did not get enough sleep, and I’m suffering with a feeling of needing to wake up today. I cannot wait until it’s bedtime. 
Still it’s time to make the most of that lovely Spring weather I guess… Spring is such a pretty season with all the plants coming into flower. There is an abundance of colour and fresh scent and it’s just lovely. So with that in mind, today’s post is a spring pretty!!! 

All kinds of Read more →

All I See Is Red Roses

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I’m one of those people that creates lots of different looks and photographs them so that I have all kinds of different things ready to ramble on about depending on my mood. Today though is one of those days when I’m looking at all the pictures, thinking to myself “what the hell do I wanna blog today?” I KNOW I wanna do something, but I have no idea what, so you’re getting a random look of the day out of me today and I hope that you like it LOL… I know I love what I’ve chosen, maybe you will Read more →

Colours get blown away…

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It’s amazing how much the weather can change at the moment. Close your eyes for a nights sleep and it can go from blisteringly hot to somewhat chilly without a moment to pause in between. Last night was so bad, that I ended up suffering with a little heatstroke and migraine by the time I went to bed, and this morning – in fact all day today – it’s been bearable and not over hot! Bit scared to go to sleep tonight, I might wake up tomorrow and see snow at this rate LOL… 
Still from yesterdays trip to the Read more →

Cooling off on the Beach

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The summer seems to have finally shown it’s pretty warm head here in Holland over the past two days and BLIMEY IT’S HOT!!! I know I shouldn’t complain after the long gray Winter that we’ve had but seriously it’s like the temperature has jumped way up and rather than being nice warm, it’s humid sticky warm!!! UGH!!! I’m so not a girl that is built for the warm summer weather! Sunshine I love, but not the heat LOL… 
I’m going to take a leaf out of Rudh’s book today and head to the beach!!! 

She looks like she’s going to Read more →

Dancer Days Flashbacks!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to get a little naughty… I know that shouldn’t come as a surprise, but I’ve been a very good girl for a while now and I want to let out some of the naughty before it explodes out of me with a bang! It’s not as naughty as I have been before, and I promise you it’s in the name of art designed to show off some of my new stuff!! 
It may look like Rudh on a pole, and well… It is Rudh on a pole, but there is more to it than just Read more →