Find your inner Orient

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Some people think that Sundays are a holy day, others look on it as a day to prepare for the coming week, I personally – and I’m not ashamed to admit it – feel like Sundays are a great day to be lazy! I always have so much to do on a Saturday… Groceries, cleaning, visiting my mother-in-law, all those tediously mundane must-do things, so when Sunday comes around I love nothing more than taking the day off – going on strike if you will – and lazing around for some me time!
Me time will ALWAYS involve some time Read more at the source.

I woke up in my own Wonderland

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I fell asleep during the last post I wrote and it took me to a strange and magical land… As if SL wasn’t enough on it’s own I found myself wandering through a wonderland… I guess that’s what happens when you accidentally take too much cough medicine!

I will say that a lot of this could be the fault of the recent Kawaii Project – but that wouldn’t be entirely true, they didn’t force me to buy lots and lots of pretty things…
We’re All Mad Here… Such a truer than true phrase about SL, least in my world it Read more at the source.

Back to Bed

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It’s early-ish on a Sunday morning and I really don’t feel like I should be out of bed… BUT it’s the first Sunday of the month and that means HellBone is up early, stomping around like an elephant to get ready for his RL MC meeting… He did bring me some breakfast in bed, a redeeming factor that he’s lucky for, but I’m one of those people that once I’m awake, I cannot get back to sleep! 
So I got up, I made some more tea, and then I got back into bed in SL lol… 

It’s always peaceful here Read more at the source.

Magically late!

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Sometimes I kick myself for working on things, putting them to one side and then thinking dammit I am too late with this… I have in the past thought no, I won’t put them on the rambling space as it’s too late for the event, but I guess any promotion of things is good promotion, especially when I am promoting something so magical! 
SO many of these things were releases for The Wizarding Faire, BUT just because the event has now closed doesn’t mean that your chance to get these items is over… You never know, if you head to Read more at the source.

Time to Set Sail…

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“Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a Pirate’s life for me”… Oh wait, wrong kind of sea faring outfit, dammit… Are there any good songs for sailors?! The only one that springs to mind is something about Popeye, and that’s just not ladylike LOL… 
Let’s move on from that shall we though and I will get all excited, as per usual, about something that happened and something that I had to play with! 
OK the something that happened part goes a little like this… I was contacted by a designer I’ve worked with for Horror Haute in the past, she was like Read more at the source.

The Last Flower for the Spirit Flames

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I LOVE FLOWERS… No matter what they are, I love the colour, the scents, the varieties… In the last few days in RL, I’ve been bought a gorgeous dark purple clematis and a HUGE bunch of sunflowers just because people wanted me to feel happier whilst I’m sick with a cold. 
Then I found this photo I had taken featuring an item from The End and it made me feel a little sad… 

The item in question is this amazing wall d├ęcor from Consignment, called The Last Flower – in Jack’s Bugout Shelter. It got me thinking how would Read more at the source.

The Lady of the Lake

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Another post, another Mermaid based look, and a promise that soon I will be back to making all kinds of random things again very soon!!! This time I’m not a salt water mermaid, if that makes any bit of difference to you LOL… Right now I am a Lady of the Lake!!! 

This look came about purely and simply because I had been sent another AMAZING fantasy skin from Stargazer Creations – seriously Aggie feeds my addiction to play dress up something crazy, not that I’m complaining LOL – and it as ALL of her skins is so gorgeous… Blended Read more at the source.

Hopeful Tidings at The Lexi Project

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Today will be a day of mermaids for me… I don’t know how but I have been acting a little fishy a LOT lately… It’s nothing new, I mean throughout my SL time I’ve been either a Fae, a Vampire or a Mermaid when playing dress up – before settling on the living dead dolly I am now – but at the moment there seems to be a lot of focus on the fishy folk hehe… 
This mermaid me is not just for fun though, she’s also a charitable hero – raising money to help someone in need… There is Read more at the source.

Sweet, Sugar, Candy Dog

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One of the coolest things about summer for me when I was growing up was the Summer Fetes… Fetes tend to be like mini festivals, filled with local performers, local goods and fun and games – one year I even won a goldfish at the fete in our local village LOL… 
In SL these events seem to be more like festivals or carnivals, and that’s SO COOL!!! These places can be awesome areas to hang out with friends and family, as well as perfect shopping places and even better photographers backdrops… I know I spent a good while taking pictures Read more at the source.

The Work of a Magician

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Recently I met someone in SL that I can actually say seems like a true Magician… I’d seen his art on Flickr, and I’d even met people that had photos by him but it was my sister Solde that introduced me to his photos… More like little works of art, the man behind these beautiful creations is Skip Staheli – owner of Purple Cows Photo Studio… 
His work is amazing and has the ability to evoke emotion, but having never been one to pay for photos I thought a photo of Rudh by Skip would be out of reach… Until Read more at the source.