I + You

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HellBone is one of the hardest people in the entirety of SL to get to sit still so that he can pose for the pictures I take. He’s also fairly picky about what he will pose in too LOL… I mean trying to get him to sit still is one thing, but trying to make him pose me with me in something that could be considered a little bit sexy and he’s running away faster than shoppaholics run at a bargain sale. 
Yet sometimes, rarely and more likely if it’s with his besties than with me, he will pose… Mainly Read more at the source.

Forget the day, Find the Festival Feeling!

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Tuesdays suck, and unlike Monday, when I can be slightly optimistic that the week will be OK – I’m still slightly glazed from the weekends usually – Tuesdays will always be the worst day of the week… Being stuck in the office doesn’t really help either – can you tell that I don’t like my job all that much LOL – but I’d rather be anywhere else… As of right now though, if I could be anywhere, it would be somewhere fun with lots of live music and crazy goings on… A festival perhaps?!

Of course in RL I would Read more at the source.

Bedtimes of Fantasy and Reality

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SecondLife is a world of fantasies… Some are admittedly more realistic than others, but even creating a 2.4 lifestyle with the partner of your dreams in the virtual world is considered as living a fantasy to many people outside of SL. Even my SL is a fantasy of being a curvacious barbie doll, that is secretary of a Biker MC.
Yet even in my SL there are fantasies and realities LOL… Seems strange to admit that but let me elaborate with the help of some new poses from Come Soon
The Fantasy looks something a little like this…

The Read more at the source.

His Blood is a Nefarious.Invention

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I am working in my SL job at the moment but it seems to be fairly quiet, so whilst I am watching the chat I thought “why not talk to you a little more?!”
What to talk about though? Perhaps I will tell you a little more about something I’ve shared with you here in the past, which is the fact that I am still trying to learn to take better pictures of furnishing and non-people filled locations. 
This time I heard a strange noise coming from Hell’s Doody Man hideout… 

Someone had broken into the Boys man cave and Read more at the source.

I was just trying it on…

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Hehe well this is embarrassing… No one was meant to see me testing out what it would feel like to wear a halo… Ooops! I had to prop it up on my little horns so that I could see it, and the thing wouldn’t stay on… It’s almost like I’m not meant to wear a halo or be angelic!!! But hey, when someone leaves a Halo laying around, you can’t help yourself but see how it would look right?! 

The halo and horns actually come as a set from ShiZZo – the super cute accessories store that is owned by Read more at the source.

Decorating While He Is Gone!

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HellBone is away today, he’s taking part in the BACA 100 Miles ride out, and so I am home alone all day… What am I going to do with myself?! 
First thing´s first… I’m going to sneak into his secret Doody Man hideout house – not so secret anymore is it Hell mwhahahahaha – and I’m going to decorate the upper part of his house. I mean I have some lovely furnishings I just need somewhere to put them LOL… 

All of my new furniture comes from nefarious.inventions – and you too can grab some for yourself at their location Read more at the source.

Branded As Yours!

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Sometimes the bad girl side of my mind takes over and I find myself having kinkier thoughts than normal hehe… I’m naturally a fairly submissive person, even though you wouldn’t necessarily believe me. Most people think that because I’m loud and crazy that I’m kidding when I say I’m submissive but that is mostly just a front, to hide the shy and insecure side of myself… I will admit that if I am wearing a collar, I can be a bit of a handful, but that has never been much of a problem for those holding the keys to my Read more at the source.

Sing the "Never Have I" Challenge!

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I kinda hit a brick wall this morning, I have posts ready to share with you but once I started to write something I felt myself stop! It was like I don’t know what to say, and that is weird because I ALWAYS have something to say LOL… BUT I was cruising through the blogs this morning, looking for what other people are up to and I realised that Strawberry Singh has restarted some of her Monday Meme posts… I LOVED doing those! I also loved the Disney Bounding Posts I used to do too, maybe I should restart doing Read more at the source.

Nothing’s Changed!

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Getting back to normality has been hard, hence why I am still talking about it I guess, but there have been a few things that have helped to make it a little easier! As soon as I logged into SL and was able to catch up on the shopping that I’d missed and the blogger boxes that I had been sent, it felt better, but it was being back around the people that I’d left behind when I went on holiday that made things feel much more like a proper home coming! Being able to chat with my bestie, and Read more at the source.

Feeling Dead Leaving Home Behind!

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I have that feeling of my first day home from England blues that I get every time I’ve been over visiting the family and I have to come back to Holland. It’s not that I don’t like Holland, I guess that even after 6 years of living there I still don’t feel very at home… Everything still feels foreign and it’s something that over long periods of time definitely wears me down.
I feel dead sometimes as I have to leave everything I grew up with behind… 

Dead but not so diseased looking as Rudh has been known to look Read more at the source.