The Star Wars Saga of Father and Son

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At least two of the people that I spend large amounts of my day with are super excited and at least one of those has a count down running… Not for Christmas, but for the release of the new Star Wars movie! Unfortunately it’s my hubby and my SL son that are the excited ones, and they are worse than kids at Christmas, these two are like geek boys waiting for a visit from Vadar, and although it can be cute my eyes are getting a lot of rolling exercise LOL…
Our relationship with Athrun started because of Star Wars – Read more at the source.

A last walk in Autumn

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Sunday mornings are supposed to be lazy times, times spent curled up in a nice warm bed, drinking coffee whilst reading the news – or in my case perusing through Flickr, my personal addiction – yet yesterday morning that was not about to happen. I was woken by HellBone getting ready to go out in RL and from there I was not able to sleep… SO I a took a walk in SL and wandering around where it’s pretty… I discovered a pretty place called Aspen Fell yesterday morning…
I wanted to share it with you yesterday, whilst in the Read more at the source.

Thoughtfulness at Angel Manor Gardens

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Thanksgiving is over, the Black Friday sales too, but having had no part in the former I can honestly say that I have grossly gorged myself on the latter. I might have missed the HUGE family dinner for Thanksgiving, but wow did I shop in the Black Friday Sales… Valentina E, Dead Dollz and Spirit were raided thoroughly lol… Now I need some time for pensive reflection, I think… 

Going to do that with a look-of-the-day and a chance to breathe at the Angel Manor Gardens… Things have been so crazy in my SL and in fact in RL Read more at the source.

No Beauty Treatments Are Needed, A Lobotomy Would Suffice

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Sometimes the mind is a scary place to be, mine has always been one that has a lot of self-doubt and sensitivity… I pick up on people’s emotions and reciprocate them, I worry and then worry some more about things that aren’t even there and my mind makes up things that aren’t even true, so when reality hits me with something big it tends to pour over me like a waterfall… 
So much is happening – or not happening – that last night I snapped… I cried myself to sleep… As a result I found myself feeling empty – almost Read more at the source.

Pandora Painted Me!

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You might have heard me say this before but one of my morning rituals is to sit and look through everyone’s lovely pictures on Flickr, leaving comments and liking things here and there as I go – some people have a Facebook obsession, but for me the morning cannot start without coffee and Flickr!
Recently I was looking at the pretty pictures when I noticed an amazing offer by one of my favourite artists – Pandora Box – who was offering that if you sent a simple picture, meeting the standards that she used, she may create something gorgeous… Don’t Read more at the source.

There’s Something in the Walls…

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Yesterday I was like a photo taking demon… I took some really good ones and some really not good ones, but it felt like my blogger juices were flowing and I was able to come up with some really cool things… Only problem now is that I have to find the right way to put things into words! I guess that should be easy enough, I can just waffle on about any random rubbish – not sure that anyone reads my ramblings anymore – though this morning I know just what to say… 
I’ve been feeling a need to do Read more at the source.

On the Catwalk

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Out of the snow and into the limelight, I’m taking a stroll of a different kind today… A walk down the runway. The Catwalk was calling to me… I was once told that I was too fat to be a SL model and that I’d have to change my shape entirely, since meeting one of my MC Sisters – Solde – I can believe that this was true, her modelling shape is kinda scary! Yet it never stops a girl from fantasising about the glamorous lifestyle every now and then! 

Today’s outfit is a bit of a Look-of-the-Day kinda deal, Read more at the source.

Come Soon Winter Love

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After being out in all that snow, I needed to find somewhere quiet and cosy – with a change of clothes – to warm up… I found the adorable little cafe, and had to make a selfie just to show you where I am… Gotta love Selfies hehe…

The location is one that comes with the pose… It’s one of those super amazing pose scenes that you get whenever you buy a pose from Come Soon Poses, this time though I will say that the Winter in Love Pose – that you can grab at Cosmopolitan until December 5th Read more at the source.

Supervillain Plot Spot

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Staying where it’s snowy at the moment, though I wandered away from Lil’s and felt brave enough to go mountain climbing in the snow in heels LOL… The kind of stunt that would possibly make me famous in RL – famous for being crazy perhaps?! – but whilst I was wandering around I had a moment that made me feel like I was in another world, and I guess – though it’s probably the dress – I felt like a bit of a standed supervillain plotting revenge from a desolate location…. The mountain of Furillen!

LOL, sometime’s I have Read more at the source.

Snow at Lil’s

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Dammit it’s cold outside this morning… I’m not really complaining as I much prefer being wrapped up warm outside in the cold in the Winter than being too hot and not able to do anything about it in Summer, but dammit it got cold fast!
It’s not actually snowed where I am yet, though other parts of Holland have had some, and Lil’s is one of those places! Her SL place, but still… The snow has settled in her home space in SL, and she was kind enough to let me play in it!!!

Lil’s home space is gorgeous, but I cannot Read more at the source.