Cleaning up the House

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After the naughtiness of yesterday, it’s time to tone it down a little… My inner bad girl has been subdued and is now back in her box, but it’s definitely given me a little more of a spring in my step today hehe. 
Now I know Spring cleaning happens in the Spring, why else would it be Spring Cleaning?! Though Autumn is also a great time for cleaning up to prepare for the long Winter months… 
Rudh has just started moving into a new house in SL too… The Hobbit house was awesome but a little too big for her Read more →

ROMP brings out the Naughties!

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Since a long time now I’ve been focusing on character looks during the Halloween month, and then lots of pretties for Autumn too, but there is a side of me that is busting to get out… Sometimes she’s allowed, others not, but I guess in light of the fact that one of SL’s naughtiest shopping events has opened it’s doors this week I might let her out to play on all her new goodies… and yes that’s ON not with! 
I’m talking about my inner naughty girl… I always dress like a bit of a… well to put it in Read more →

Titan of Greek Myth

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High in the temples of Mount Olympus, home to the Gods and Goddess of Ancient Greece, if you look really carefully you may spot one of the titans… These beings share god-like powers of the original Gods of Greek mythology but are descendants rather the the original and more well known deities themselves…
These Titans are beautiful but dangerous, ethereal and powerful but in my case – considering how my usual life as Rudh is – possibly fairly dangerous?! For now though, let’s just stick with beautiful… 

I know it’s not Halloween anymore, but one thing I still love doing Read more →

A Sad Day in November

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November 11th is a day of Remembrance in the UK, and it’s a day that has always been important to me. Ever since I was little I’ve been surrounded by stories of memory, tales of heroism and selflessness and I’ve never been able to shake these thoughts from my mind, especially on a day like today. On the Eleventh Hour, of the Eleventh Day, of the Eleventh Month each year, the UK remembers those that gave their lives fighting for the country, marked on the day that was the end of WWI, with the display of Poppies. Poppies are the Read more →

Roller Disco Baby!

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I’ve been covering the night shift at work now for some time, a couple of days a week… It’s not a lot but it’s enough to make me feel like a zombie the next day – which OK shouldn’t be any different than normal for me but it feels much much worse when it’s RL lol – although I learnt this week that it will come to an end and next week life goes back to normal. 
This means Rudh thinks that she can go out and party again… WOOT WOOT party time… Well that is until I fall asleep Read more →

Running through the Fields

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Today is one of those gorgeous Autumn days… The kind that I love more than any other type of day… A crisp and sunshiny kind of day, when the sun warms but not boils, and the air feels fresh… 
I couldn’t help myself allowing Rudh out to enjoy this feeling after I’d done the same with walking the dog in the sunshine… Rudh ran like a crazy, happy idiot though a field that was waiting to be harvested at Twerk Paradiso… 

Admittedly the outfit she was wearing was NOT totally ideal, I mean the adorable ISON Anne Sweater and Read more →

Demoness Waits and Watches…

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That’s it folks, the Gators MC Halloween Event has officially closed it’s doors for another year as of yesterday and MY GOODNESS I am so happy to finally see the doors close. Not that I didn’t enjoy it, it was as always great fun to have open and to see the people visiting us really enjoy it, but it will be nice to get back to normal – not to mention have extra prims on the sim to play with hehe… 
The little Demoness in me is sad to see it close however, she knows that now I’ve had a chance Read more →

The Dead Exorcise The Dead

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Halloween may be over, but there are two things that you should know… Every day in Rudh’s life is somewhat Halloweenish – given that she’s a living dead doll, you may have realised that by now – but also now that the Dead should be laid back to rest for another year, it’s time to start a clean up operation… There’s only so many dead things that can walk the earth before the trouble starts, and Rudh is a willing participant in that clean up if it means she’s allowed to carry on being her dark and macabre self… 
Even Read more →

All Hallow’s Eve

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HALLOWEEN IS HERE!!! The most exciting and dead day of the year has finally arrived and I am a happy girl… Let all the dark, evil and macabre things come out to play as there is dark magic in the air… 
I’ve been such a busy girl this year creating some weird and wonderful costumes for the Halloween Season and I’ve had such a good time doing so, but now that the big day is here I am calming down a little and will take a moment to rest and reflect…

Sitting alone in the dark at the gorgeous Gridrow Read more →

The Hunter killed a Deer

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Oh Deer… As it’s getting closer to Halloween the Horror Magic is getting stronger and things are going wrong… 
On a recent hunting trip some poor guy was stalking through the forest and spotted what he thought was a lonely deer… He lined up his shot and waited… 
Then as he finally squeezed the trigger and the bullet flew from his gun, the Halloween magic burst to life and a flash swept through the forest… The hunter ran towards his kill, expecting to find a deer breathing her last breath, what he saw left him shaking with fear… 
Laying in Read more →