Her Last…

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I’m so tired at the moment that I feel I could just sleep anywhere and I’m actually in a pretty good mood at the moment LOL… Now you’re probably going to think that I’ve gone mad when you see my picture today and wonder how can she be happy when she’s dead, but you should know me if you’ve been reading my blog ever that the more dead I am the happier I am in RL… 
Today I’m sitting in my favourite new chair, locked in the Death Chamber… 

The Death Chamber is a new release from Mad’ – which Read more →

The Smell of Weed!

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One of the things that I love about living in Amsterdam is that everywhere you go, the air smells like Marijuana… You don’t even need to smoke it, you just get to breathe it in while walking around. 
Last night we went to a concert in the city and oh my goodness the moment we got out of the car, it hits you in the face… So today I’m doing something in homage to that… 

Mostly because Zombie Suicide has released this awesome Pothead Décor Set… It’s a gacha collection for the Imaginarium, that has not only the cute Read more →

My Childhood Dreams Of Being Ariel

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On Friday night, the one just gone, the Gators had one of their usual random parties… Someone will suggest a theme and BOOM that’s the party for the month! So when I suggested Disney, everyone groaned but it seemed like it was a pretty fun and popular choice! 
My biggest problem was WHO WAS I GONNA BE?!! I knew it would be a princess, but there were just so many good choices… Though for ease sake there was only one true option… 

When I was little and on family vacations with my parents, my sister and I would always Read more →

More Angel Oaks

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A few weeks ago I posted a gorgeous set from Fapple, that was released as a special for the RLD event, but now I’m excited to be able to say there is MORE that has been created in the same style for a release in this month’s Pocket Gacha event. 
 The release that I’m talking about is a set called “Angel Oak” and this gacha collection. Apparently some people had spoken with the awesome designer and requested a sofa, and since Fapple‘s designer is SO awesome… That’s exactly what we’re getting… If you’re lucky to win the rare Read more →

Vacuuming in the 60’s

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I will fully admit to you that I am NOT a fan of house hold chores… I get so bored and even music won’t help, I’d just much rather be doing something else. Don’t get me wrong my house is tidy but I hate to spend too long doing the cleaning… 
In SL it took me a long time to have things in my house like a Kitchen… I didn’t want to be reminded of dirty dishes, until I had to have a kitchen to start using all the adorable food things I’d bought. 
My least favourite chore though, has Read more →

Make-Up is a Mask

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I recently saw an advert on Flickr that I store I LOVE was looking for bloggers… I tend to find myself feeling a little shy to apply for things, since rejection is something I can’t handle but I wanted to try for this store since it’s been something I stumbled on randomly. They make some awesome make-ups that are perfect for creating some fun characters… I’m talking about a store called Mad’… 

I chose to play with these Innocent Masks from Mad´ as my first post… I know it may seem strange as my first choice. Yet make-up has Read more →

Casting a little Magic…

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I don’t normally do things involving just décor, I don’t feel like I’m very good at it… BUT I had these adorable rugs and needed to find a way to show something magical… 
So today Rudh is working on some special magic… The kind of magic that is the most dangerous and tricky magic… Love Magic… 

The magic is something that comes from true love, but you know sometimes even that needs a little help, and a girl needs to practice her magic making skills… 
She’s got a spell book, and is set up ready to go… Everything is on Read more →

What did she find in her Ex Box?

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I’ve been slowly decorating a new home for myself in SL while trying to feel better but you know when you’re busy doing that kinda stuff it can be a slow process as you’re finding things you’ve got hidden away in your inventory! 
Rudh has been cleaning out her storage and found a box of old stuff left by an ex… There was even a phone with some rather interesting stuff on it that got Rudh a little hot and bothered… 

In an old Ex Box – one of a new collection of different boxes from Violetility at the current Read more →

Let the Money Rain!

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Ever have those nightmare like dreams, when you’re half asleep and suddenly your brain seems to kick into gear and start thinking about all your problems… Money troubles, or health issues, or even stupid things like what you’re doing in a few weeks… I have dreams like this all the time, and last night was a doozey… Just dropping off to sleep and BOOM I start thinking about money… 
So today I’m channelling my inner worries about money into a blog picture, as it usually helps to clear the air!! I hope… 

Rudh in Second Life is a bit less Read more →

Lost Tiki Tiki Junction

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I’m so glad sometimes that I can hide away in a fantasy world like SL. I don’t feel like I have to handle stress, there’s no pain like the headache I’ve been suffering for the last few days, and I can just enjoy my time having some silliness… I just wish the sinus pain I have would take a long walk off a short pier!!!
Rudh on the other hand is able to enjoy the hot weather. Life for her is always an easy rest on the beach… 

Rudh is working in a job in a beach bar… It’s going Read more →

I Hate Mornings!

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I’ve been feeling crap for the past few days… My sinuses are FULL and although I no longer have a cold I feel like I’m dizzy an have a terrible headache… FML sometimes! I was so ecstatic to have lost the cold and now this feeling for over a week… To make matters worse, this morning I was awoken by my crazy dog doing what she does best! Not having the best of days… 

Not that you’d ever be able to tell from looking at me lol… I mean I just woke myself up from a nap and now I Read more →

Practice Makes Perfect

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Practice makes perfect, that’s what they always say isn’t it? So while she’s waiting for a client to come in to the viewing room later in the evening – when she becomes a little star in the peep show – she’s taking some time out to practice her dancing… 

She’s dancing in her booth, a Violetility Peepshow, she’s dressed for comfort…. 
The most amazing pair of comfy leggings from MuggleBorn called “Cassie” with a top and shoes from HYPNOSE
The throws her hair back and dances to the music, waiting until someone comes to watch her dance… 

What is Read more →

A trip to Pandora

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Yesterday I realised that I’ve become far too much of a hermit… I needed to get out and explore Second Life like I used to, so I pulled my big girl panties on and braved it, stepping out of the house and leaving the familiar places behind. 
It was something I’m glad I did, as I managed to find something really, really gorgeous… A little slice of paradise at the Pandora Resort… 

You arrive via a plane landing point, but when you walk down following the path you’re transported into a gorgeous spa-like environment, and from there on it Read more →

A day at the Farm…

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It’s a HOT time here in Holland at the moment, the temperature is UP, UP, UP and I’m melting. Apparently in parts of Holland it’s now raining… and I believe it’s even started to rain a little here, but oh my gah it’s still hot. 
I’m going to enjoy the day on the farm, collect some eggs and let the dog go for a walk… I might find a pretty shady spot to sit and keep myself cool!! 

The countryside at Netherwood is beautiful, pretty to make a girl relax in the heat… 
She looks so pretty today, but I Read more →

High as a Biker

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I’ve been a biker chick in SL now for a long time, over 5 years of my SL have been dedicated to the Gators MC and the Biker Lifestyle. It’s not something I’d ever thought I’d end up doing, I really had no interest in it but because of the hubby and the wonderful family that I have now it looks like I’m stuck here. 
Doesn’t mean I won’t be a little bit of a bad girl along the way – not one of those wannabe bad girls that try too hard… I’m gonna be the kind that does weird Read more →