Don’t Panic, the Paranormal Investigators are here!

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Finally my favourite day of the year is upon us, and I can run around and look crazy silly in whatever costume I want and no one can say anything – not that I’d listen to them if they did anyway – because it’s HALLOWEEN!!! Better than Christmas – although that comes a close second – and all of the other holidays, and I will include International Talk Like A Pirate Day here too, Halloween has and always will be my favourite time of the year!

Now I bet you’re expecting some weird and wonderful costume from me today… That Read more at the source.

PINK AND PURPLE?! Am I feeling OK?

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LOL, Like the title of this post suggests, THIS is a fairly rare thing for me! Pink and purple – although OK granted I do pink a little more – are two colours that rarely, if ever, become a part of my wardrobe! Somehow though, I was pulled in that direction and one are the Halloween looks, to be replaced by something that looks overly candified! Maybe this could be a Halloween costume for me though?! I mean a Zombie needs to do something different?! 

I think though, that I will blame the colour choices for this look largely on Read more at the source.

Horror Haute Fades for October…

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Horror Haute is slowly beginning to fade into the setting Autumn sun for October… Friday brings the most exciting day of the dead for the year, but it also sees the doors close on the coffins of the Horror Haute Vampires… 
I wanted to make one last salute to the blood drinkers, and another nod in the direction of the awesome and creative designers that offer up their horrific goods every month! 

As you can see, I took the sulty, and classic, route for my last trip into Vampire land… Being honest it’s not somewhere that Zombie me feels really Read more at the source.

Have I got something on my Face?

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One of my favourite things that I am finding myself using a lot more than I ever thought I would at the moment is the Gator MC Halloween Maze.
If you haven’t been to check it out, I would love to see you over there and would love even more to hear what you think, but I have a reason that is MUCH more selfish than wanting to see people enjoy the people I’m surrounded by’s efforts. Much Much more selfish!
Basically for the whole month of October, right around the exact time I am needing plenty of horrorific locations, I have Read more at the source.

Absolutely Starving

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Ever have that feeling of being absolutely starving and not being able to do anything about it?!
Today at work, sat in the office I opened this post, ready to start writing something and WOW I find myself feeling absolutely starving, which actually works very well with the photo I’ve chosen LOL…
The reason I am so starving in my office is all thanks to my wonderful colleagues, who at 10AM were eating ramen… All the doors and windows were closed, and the heating was on as they all found it cold, so I was left sitting a warm room Read more at the source.

Did you just say No?!

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I have Horror Haute on the brain at the moment, purely and simply because there is so much good stuff within the line-up it’s hard not too… That and I’ve been wracking my brain for their blogging co-ordination – but that’s a story which I will have to keep to myself lol…
The theme this month, as I have said before, is Vampires… Being a Living Dead of the Zombie variety in my day to day SL, somehow becoming a vampire was a bit like shedding a skin and slipping into another dead one LOL – which actually sounds pretty Read more at the source.

Mirror, Mirror, Take Control…

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Mirror, Mirror, Take control, Of my Living Dead Girl Soul…
Pageant winner as you see, Have your evil way with me…
Mists within you have the power, In the darkest, haunting hour…
I am yours now, Heart and soul, Mirror Mirror, Take Control.

I got randomly creative with this one… I think it was a mixture of the prop, the costume and the Halloween feeling in the air! I also got a little saucy with it… Sorry if it offends anyone, but I wanted to use that spirit in the mirror in a depraved kind of way, and make it Read more at the source.

Vampires Shouldn’t SPARKLE! A Horror Haute Investigation!

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Horror Haute is upon us once again – admittedly I am a couple of days late to start posting this, but I have been unable to think about anything recently as my mind has been so busy! Horror Haute took on a brand new meaning for me this month… I have become their brand new Blogger Manager – *squeaks in delight* – and so I am slowly working through the process to kick the blogging for this event into a new gear! If anyone fancies becoming a blogger of the Macabre every month, please let me know, but for now I Read more at the source.

Taking a Walk

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I mentioned the TAG Gacha Event before, but I had to admit that I am counting my lucky stars with at least one of the stores in the line-up!!! 
You might have realised that I am a little obsessed with a store that pumps out so much cuteness, I have to take it all in slowly or risk fear of being made to explode in an explosion of uber cuteness! 
The fact that these items are in a gacha machine may be a good thing, I mean that way you get less of an explosion… Unless you’re like me and Read more at the source.

I could be your Whore?!

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You might have noticed by now that I am a little into the macabre, gory, evil side of style in SL… In RL I a very much a jeans and t-shirts kinda girl that always wears her chunky boots and never bothers with make-up, but in SL that style is left at the log in screen and here I become a girlie, grungy living dead dolly…
Today I was feeling inspired! I was out shopping, exploring the awesome Bloody Horror Fair, and I stumbled upon a helmet that made a song pop so far into my head it’s been Read more at the source.