Bring Out Your Dead for Horror Haute

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BRING OUT YOUR DEAD… BRING OUT YOUR DEAD… The calls of the death cart mean can be heard as the rickety old wooden carts are trundled through the streets, creaking and groaning under the weight of the pile of bodies their carts now contain. The streets are infested with rats, now the cats are all dead. The stench unbearable… Yet those brave men in their Plague Masks and robes trundled through the streets collecting the diseased bodies… 
They missed one though… A crazed scientist kept a pretty – if you could call her that as she was covered in plague Read more at the source.

My last outing as a Photographer/ModeL

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For the last three months, my fab designer sister – Solde Rothmanay – has asked such an amazing favour of me I have been a little flabbergasted to be honest. She had ads within a widely read SL modelling magazine called ModeLS - check out page 65, THAT’s ME!!! LOL – and she had asked if I’d like to do the pictures for her! 
When am I ever going to have an opportunity like that again? So I said yes! The first month was a look fit for a shopping Diva, the second an anti-Valentine, and now…

This dress cried Read more at the source.

The things in my head Monday Meme…

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I feel in the mood to work on a Berry Meme this week… It’s been a while since I did one but as she always says we can pick and choose and do what we have time for… Well, I’d pulled together a pretty photo but had no idea what to write to go with it… THEN Berry put up a Meme this week that I really liked the idea of… Answering questions with the first thing that comes into our heads lol… THIS SHOULD BE ENTERTAINING lol… 

Told you the picture was pretty lol… I am liking the pictures Read more at the source.

The City of Cartius

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Gor is something that I have absolutely no interest in…I never have and never will, although I have dabbled in the BDSM lifestyle in SL, I just find that the rumours floating around about the Gorean community paint a pretty bad picture of things and I would rather steer clear. That having been said, there are rumours about every social RP style in SL I know – there are a million around the Biker Community, and I shouldn’t tarnish everything with the same brush but there are other reasons why Gor isn’t a place I’d chose to hang out too… Read more at the source.

A Consignment of Psycho Snatch!

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Once a year at the arrival of spring, an eerie silence falls over the hidden mountain swamps of Cadair Idris. From somewhere deep within the sound of carnival music rolls through the air, looping repeatedly, trying to seduce people to come and see the bright colours and funtastic rides of the fair… The birds do not sing when the carnival calls people in, and even the roar of the loudest motorbike is drowned out by the music that takes control of your mind…
The Gator Hell Carnival was once a glowing beacon in the spring sunshine… The air was filled Read more at the source.

Calling all the Monsters, the Cotton Candy Monsters…

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Calling all the Monsters, the Cotton Candy Monsters… Have you heard about a little store that is made just with you in mind?? I mean, I’ve discussed the store before… Sharing their monsterous designs with you, but it’s now time to throw them in your face once again and pull you all along with me to the cottonCANDYmonsteR store!!!
Recently there have been a fair few releases from CCM… Pretty, cute, kawaii stuff with a monstrous edge, that perfectly sums up Rudh mentality half the time!! The other half of the time I’m pretending to be a Zombie Biker Chick Read more at the source.

Arcane Foolish Royalty

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The Tarot are a historical set of playing cards, that once upon a time formed the basis of many card games which later twisted towards uses of a more interesting nature… The occultists and mystics later started using them for divination purposes. 
These cards, just like any normal playing cards can vary from plain and simple to stunning artworks, and so it excites me to talk to you about a new event that opened up called “Create Your Own Tarot”  – CYOT for short – with the first Tarot card needing a SL artistic interjection being The Fool! Read more at the source.

Spring starts with a Solar Eclipse

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The calm comes after the storm… Yesterday was a whirlwind of a day… My Birthday was filled with RL visitors, more than a little exciting trips out to Birthday Surprises and a failed attempt at a SL Birthday Party – lol the planner was stuck in RL and no one else knew what was going on hehe…
So today little old me decided it was time to take the weight off my feet, to curl up somewhere cosy, and wait for the Solar Eclipse that is supposed to be happening today at about 9.30ish – in my RL time zone. Read more at the source.

March 19th… MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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I’m getting just a year older, and no signs of being wiser yet, but I have had some HUGE surprises today… My Hubby spoilt me rotten and gave me something that I have been begging for, for a long time now and he has always said no to, and I cannot wait until I can introduce her to the world. 
In SL, I was told I had to dress like a fairytale being and get ready for a PARTY!!!

I found an amazing location to Read more at the source.

Check out Roserz Poserz…

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I’d like to take the time, just a brief pause if you can spare it, to introduce to you my friend Roserz!
Lil Miss Roserz is not so sweet as she looks… She’s the Vice President of an MC, one of two people that control the crazy goings on of the Death Dealers, and she’s also a kick butt movie maker…
But as a side project – OK so it’s a little more than a side project – she has opened a brand new pose store called Poserz

This is one of her Friends poses, but she has a Read more at the source.