TAG! The board is it!

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There is a new gacha phenomenon in town that seems to be taking many SL’ers by storm… The Arcade is one of the biggest and best known shopping events that SL has to offer these days, but I think that this could be bigger, better and a little more entertaining?!
I am talking about TAG Gacha… If you love the Arcade, you will no doubt love this equally as much, and with the addition of a trail to follow, each area with a different section of a storyline and some fab prizes then I am sure you may love Read more at the source.

Will Autumn come to the Swamp?

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It’s AUTUMN!!!! I love this time of year, it’s the season that Halloween calls home, but it’s also one of the times of year when nature feels golden! I love that still slightly warm sun, the radiant glow of the light in the reddening trees and even love the rain!
Even in SL things are heading in a much more Autumnal direction – which must be weird for people in the southern hemisphere… Must ask Jimmy – well they are, everywhere except the Gators MC Sim… HellBone wants to keep it swampy, and gator infested swamps don’t have seasonal change Read more at the source.

Would it be Halloween without Black Cats?

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I know I’ve said this a fair few times already this month, and in the past few years but HALLOWEEN IS MY FAVOURITE HOLIDAY!
I’ve been playing dress up like crazy so far this month, and loving every minute of it too! There are so many fun and macabre things to buy out there that this living dead dolly simply doesn’t have enough time to get to them all!!!
One thing that always seems to remind people of Halloween is the Black Cat. Often seen as a familiar for a witch, the black cats can be regarded as bad luck… Read more at the source.

Even Pretty Fairies Get Cold Feet!

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Horror Stories are just fairy tales bottled up in a dark veneer… Many fairy tales are sparkled up anyway to make them seem prettier and more child friendly, but if you read them in their original state, it can be a blurred line to see where fairy tales and horror stories divide! This time of year the horrors seem to be taking over, but I’d been shopping – as I seem to do almost all of my free time LOL – and at a fantasy gacha event called The Gathering, I found the most amazing socks so the fairy tale in me took Read more at the source.

Testing for Evil…

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At this time of year, with the scary season upon on, you notice people seem to really get into the holiday spirit… People who normally wouldn’t dream of wearing anything but the latest fashions, are doing so in a way that now makes them look dead and evil too… AND I LOVE IT! I love seeing everyone embrace their dark side and become a little macabre, especially since in a few months time we will all be getting sparkly and Christmassified!
For me personally, the macabre and slightly dead looking is a normal way of life LOL… I tend to be more Read more at the source.

The Witching Hour is upon us…

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I have mentioned in the past about an event called The Witching Hour, but I haven’t really focused on it too much until recently. Created by the same team that run Horror Haute, this event is a monthly Gacha affair, with a number of designers setting items into the seductive gacha machines…
I am both addicted to, and perturbed by, gacha machines, especially when I want something specific from the contents…
One of the Witching Hour designers, sent a photo through group of bloggers and asked us to contact her for reviews – fair enough as it means coverage Read more at the source.

Gators Bring Death…

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The Gators MC tends to focus mainly on bikes, rides and generally being silly and laughing at each other. Yet as with a few people I know, Halloween is a favourite time of the year for many of us, and we wanted to do something special to celebrate it. Last year we had a Haunted Halloween Maze… This year we are doing it again, BUT BIGGER!!

Of course the opening, which happened yesterday, was just another HUGE excuse for a party, and boy did we fill the sim and scare the pants off people!!! The MC were all in Read more at the source.

Sweet, Sugar, Candy Rudh

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I’ve been working on some pretty macabre things lately, I guess it’s the time of year and I am really not complaining, but I needed something with a little sparkle… Random I know, but hey that’s just how I roll LOL…
Luckily as I was browsing through events, and stuff that I had been sent to blog, I stumbled upon Candy Fair 2014… Bright colours, cuteness and sparkles filled the air, and I’m sure if we had smell-o-vision style SL then you could smell something that was akin to a sweet factory!
It was just what I needed…

Luckily Read more at the source.

Death Becomes Her

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GUESS WHO IS BACK?!! I’ll give you one guess… It isn’t very hard to guess LOL… That’s right! ME!!! Didya miss me? No?
I am so glad to be back, and although I loved every second of my time away, being back here and getting to grips with my addiction again is AWESOMESAUCE!
I have so many pretty things to share with you… Some depraved and evil, some pretty and candylicious and a fair few dressed up looks this month I’m sure!

This picture for example is one of a few that may well spill out of the contents of Read more at the source.