Swings on the day of a King

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It’s Koningsdag (King’s Day) here in Holland… The whole country is out celebrating… Parties, Free Markets and craziness are popping up all over the country, bringing people together even though in the past few days it’s been very cold and wet. Though the sun is shining here today – maybe the Dutch are lucky as a nation?! 
It’s given me a lovely day off… I went to a free market and bought a few little things, and now I am spending some time relaxing and working on my favourite hobby… BLOGGING!!! 

I spent a lovely few hours today sitting on Read more at the source.

The woe of a classic novel Heroine

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The last few days, on top of already working insanely hard and generally wearing myself out, haven’t been easy… When your PC has issues it’s like cutting off a lifeline, at least it is in my case, it left me feeling bereft and mopy until we were able to somehow magic it so it seemed more fixed than it had been before! Therefore I haven’t been in the best of moods for the past few days, and when you add to that extra drama… Ugh a girl is about ready to explode!! 
Luckily, Rudh had been dressed for the part Read more at the source.

A walk in a Dream

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Computer issues become nightmares in the blink of an eye for me these days… This weekend was a doozy of a nightmare too. I’d had all these well laid out plans of things I needed to do photography wise, and work wise, and all that came stumbling to a massive halt because my PC decided that it would have a “Computer Says No!” day. It went bad, then Hell made it worse, and when we thought that it was better again, it still decided that I wasn’t allowed to do what I wanted! It was so frustrating, and I warn Read more at the source.

A Bath in Beans!

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After all that stickiness yesterday, it’s time for my annual bath…
I try to spice things up a little… A bath with a difference every time… This year it’s BEANS!!! Well Bangers and Beans to be precise!
Ahhhhhh what a lovely day for a bath!!!

Of course, I had to take some safety measures into account before I slipped into a kiddy pool full of Bangers and Beans – an age old release from Concrete Flowers, which is unfortunately no longer available!
Firstly, for safety of course, I had to wear a pair of Floaties – you might know them Read more at the source.

Sticky Fingers!

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I feel like doing something a little naughty again today… Something that may be more of an Adult thing rather than cute and sweet and flowery like I have been doing… Taking pictures is such a passion and I LOVE that I can mix things up, some dark, some light, some hot and some sweet… Today is definitely of the non-PG variety… I was tired of decorating and decided to just relax on the sofa for a few minutes, and well as you may have experienced in the past, one thing lead to another… 

In my case, the decorating lead Read more at the source.


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Sunday seems like a distant memory now, lost somewhere in the back of my work hazed mind… I know that it’s not long until the next one – the days of the week going forward spell WTF at this point, which always makes me giggle – but my mind keeps drifting back to the lazy Sunday that has just passed… 

Sunday I had a lovely brunchfast with Lillian. The brunch was laid on by nefarious.inventions, and it was really a brunch for a queen… We had mini quiches and salmon crostinis, and LOTS of yummy desserts… It was like Read more at the source.

Man Candy Mongo!

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I’ve been taking lots of pretty pictures recently but I think it’s time that I shared with you a little bit of eyecandy… One of my favourite forms of Eye Candy – or should that be Man Candy?! Eye Candy that I have the pleasure – along with the other ladies in the MC I might add – of looking at on a daily basis.
Isn’t it a yummy treat for an afternoon?!

This is Mongo… I’ve shared pictures of him here before… He’s my hubby’s bestie, and the SGT for the Gators, my redneck language coach, and red hot… Read more at the source.

Learning to Fly, Catch me when I Fall?

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The sun is shining at the moment in my part of the world, but I am holding my breath because at it could change and start pouring with rain at any moment. I love sunshine, it makes me feel happy and everything seems to have a pretty sparkle… I cannot stand the heat, summer sunshine is too much for me, but this Spring – or even Autumn and Winter – sunshine feels like revitalisation!
Sometimes I’d love to be able to play above the clouds, dance in and out of them in the golden sunlight…

No that I would be Read more at the source.

Flowers for a Dead Thing

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It’s Monday Morning again… The day of the week that never seems to end, much like Tuesday, a feeling that is totally opposite to the weekends which tend to be “blink and you miss it” moments. I took a few days off one of my jobs last week because I was simply too tired to work anymore, and now I feel somewhat refreshed, and more than a little creative…
SO ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to release my inner weird girl side and see what comes out…

I love when my mind becomes creative… It creates such crazy but pretty Read more at the source.

Practising in my hoop

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SATURDAY! SATURDAY! SATURDAY!!!! Finally Saturday is here and the weekend… Now days I work on weekends too but not until later in the day so right now on Saturday morning I am going to let my hair down and relax… Shopping, photography and me time – that’s definitely something that has become a thing but hey a girl needs her own time… Sometimes… 
Today I am taking some me time to practice my acrobatics hehe… The hoop will be conqured today, perhaps… 

Though judging by this snapshot I have a lot more practice to do… Falling hurts, and maybe the Read more at the source.