Sakura Skinned!

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Today looks like it’s going to be the a gorgeous spring day, and I’m up early raring to go before I have to head out the door to my new job… I’ve gotta be good and shower first but You know me by now, I can’t resist taking a few minutes to sit back with a cup of tea and share my thoughts here… 
Spring is in the air, and I’m in a particularly good mood, so once again, at times like this I end up making Rudh look a little scarred! It’s not my fault it’s just something that Read more →

Follow the Balloon in the Book of Dreams

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I’ve always been a fan of an over-active imagination… I love to create magical stories and worlds where I can be anything and everything that I’ve ever dreamt of. Sometimes my over-active mind does get me into trouble, I always end up over thinking things and causing myself heartache, but otherwise I love being a creative mind. Sometimes these things collide perfectly in SL, when an outfit a pose and background come together in harmony… As they have for me today… 

The location is actually a backdrop from Kraftwork called “The Book of Dreams” and the magical woman was chasing Read more →

Ready to feel the BURN!

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Gym membership is expensive. I’m the kind of girl that has good intentions and wants to lose weight – I have no problem admitting that I’m a bit fluffy – but I’m also the kind of girl that HATES the gym with a passion. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I don’t like knowing there are a lot of people watching me sweat and possibly die lol… BUT I’ve found a better place for me to work out in RL, it’s the store that I have a new job in… Think about it… I’m lifting heavy cheeses, walking around Read more →

A Fox in the Forest

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Well I had my first day at work yesterday, and am tired as all heck this morning, BUT I have another day today and am actually still feeling excited about going in. I’m a happy girl right now, let’s see how long this lasts. Everything seems to be going well… The Gators are happy, I have a new job, and still have time to do me things… It’s great!!
So I’m letting my mind wander into Fairy tales… Hell and I just started watching an older but recommended TV Series called “Once Upon a Time” and its GOOD!!! So fairy Read more →

Worthy, Resilient, Courageous BUT Imperfect!

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Sometimes everyone needs a little boost to the ego, a little whisper in the ear telling them they are “Worthy, Resilient and Courageous” no matter how imperfect they are… Yet sometimes on days like today I feel that I need that kind of support more than ever… Today is a BIG Day for me, as it’s the first day of my new job, and while I’m excited, I’m also more than a little nervous and worrying that I cannot handle it! 
So today, I’m trying to give myself a little confidence boost… 

It’s times like this I always find myself thinking Read more →

Running Jump… PARKOUR!

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Guess who’s back… YES that’s right… ME!!! I’m back home again now and I’m ready to jump back into my everyday normal life. I’ve loved being at home it was awesome to have a break and take some time out to relax, but I will admit that I am excited to be back home and back with everyone in SL. It’s something that’s a little bit bad to admit that you’re addicted to SL so much that it’s one of those things that you miss most about being away… 

I’m doing a HUGE jump, Parkour style – thanks to an Read more →

Keeping Herself Amused!

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This may sound a little weird, but bear with me, I never promised logic in my madness ever lol… I’m still at home, sorry that there is so much time between posts but I am more than a little distracted with RL and I’m loving every moment of it. Yet today I was laying on my bed in my old childhood room remembering things that had taken place within those walls… One of the biggest things that sprang to mind was losing my virginity… DON’T ASK ME WHY lol… It just came to me, and got me thinking about the Read more →

Sins Unleashed… Envy is a Green Eyed Monster

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OK So I’m still at home, and my posts will be and have already been somewhat sporadic… I’m just taking time out to spend time with the family and read a few good books – by a few I’ve already read two LOL… Yet you know me and my addiction to my blog. I cannot resist taking a few minutes to sit and write something.
Today I’m back thinking about the Seven Deadly Sins… I have two more to be released since the unleashing by Image Essentials at the beginning of March. Today it’s the turn of Envy to break Read more →

The Devil is waiting for you…

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Guess what?? I am finally at home!! Not at home in my house in Holland, no this time I mean that I am finally at home with my family in the UK!!! It’s not going to be for long, but will actually be just a short break… I am incandescently happy, after waking up in my childhood room this morning, I haven’t been able to stop smiling!
So I’m going to share something today that may seem strange, but if you’ve known me for any length of time you will know that the more macabre a picture, the happier I Read more →

Walking a Lonely Road

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I’m feeling a little like I should be in that Greenday song about walking alone today… I swear to goodness that no matter how much I try to stay away from other people’s drama it will ALWAYS end up biting me on the big bum I have… I’m sick of other people’s drama, and I’m sick of people just using me to their own advantage. There’s no need to go into my reasons here, it’s lots of little things building up to be one massive need to scream. Instead of scream… Today I am going to Blow everything up… 

So Read more →

A little Cheesy about Amsterdam

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Yesterday was an EPIC day… I feel worn out and sleepy and OH MY GOD I discovered muscles that I had no idea I had, the aches and pains LOL… Yet I am elated and walking on a cloud this morning… Yesterday I had a trial day for a possible new job, and when I walked away to get the train home, I was the proud little owner of a new job!!! 
I’m going to be working right in the heart of Amsterdam, surrounded by tourists and dealing with people all over the world as a cheese girl in a Read more →

VIG Status… Very Important Groupie!

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Its fairly early… Well let’s face it, it’s VERY early for me this morning, but I’m awake after a rough night’s sleep. I was kept awake due to nerves and thought’s of what if… Today I have a trial day for a possible new job in RL, and I’m a ball of nervous excitement even though it’s not even 8AM! 
I felt I had a need, I need to channel my inner Rudh, and let her be the confidence that I feel I lack in RL. It’s so easy in SL to be a confident little brat, knowing and getting Read more →

Snack Time for the Mermaid at the Zoo

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Ever feel like you need a break, be it a change of routine, a chance to escape from the every day life or even just a different view out the window… 
It’s at times like this that I tend to slip into the world of crazy fantasy in my head, and the best characters are created… Sometimes it’s fae, others demon but in a few cases I tend to release the inner mermaid into the light… 
Today is a mermaid day! Today, the mermaid that is being held captive at the zoo is being fed her favourite delicacy of goldfish… Read more →

Roses of Peace for Angellic Demons

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Sometimes a little angel needs to fall just to find herself… I’ve had a bit of a hard day when it comes to emotions and feelings. and all that kinda stuff so as per usual my photos are reflecting those feelings… Everyone hurts sometimes… Even the fallen Angels..

This whole picture started because I’d gotten my little hands on the amazing nose bleed from Zombie Suicide at this year’s Skin Fair, but it developed and became more than that…
You may already know I’m more than a little addicted to Gacha, and so when LootBox started and ANTINATURAL Read more →

Kissing Frogs

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I’ve always loved fairy tales, and believed that true love can conquer all… That’s mostly because I was brought up on a diet of Disney Movies and later romance novels… Yet there was a pose released recently from Image Essentials that I couldn’t let slip away… I HAD to try to find out if kissing the frog would turn him into a red hot Viking prince?!

The pose prop is adorable, as I said it’s from Image Essentials, and it’s called My Prince. You can find it at this month’s round of Twe12ve, and the pose comes with Read more →