Welcome to the Rudhmellowen Freakshow!

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I LOVE the theme of a dark carnival – never been a fan of clowns – but get me talking about a freakshow and I become like a giddy school girl. Maybe it’s the living dead girl in me squealing with excitement, but I just cannot get enough of the dark canie theme when it comes to playing dress up.
In the last few days my love of playing dress up has been combined with the freakshow and thanks to the TAG! I now have an even bigger hoard and lots of fantastic things to play with…

Dollies and kittens Read more at the source.

Time for some TV… Monday’s Meme

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Berry’s Meme this week is all about TV!
I don’t watch a lot of TV now days. I used to watch a heck of a lot when I was younger, but now I seem to find myself spending more time on SL than curled up in front of the TV. I will admit that there are a few shows that I, and my hubby, are addicted to… We never miss an episode of Vikings, we love Grimm, we can be seen laughing at some of the ghost hunting shows – such as Ghost Hunters and The Haunted Collector too – Read more at the source.

I’m Bringing Sexy Blocks…

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Pose makers in SL are many in number, I know a few and have two or three that provide many of the poses I use in every day photography. It seems that many bloggers and photographers will have their favourite places to go when they need to get poses, I know that this is most certainly the case for me! I have no shame in telling you that my two favourite pose stores in SL would be Signature Pose and Image Essentials! 
In fact Image Essentials is the reason that I am here to talk about poses right now… I Read more at the source.

The Dark Fae are Coming…

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There is a whispering in the wind, a fizzing in the air, a darkness is slowly creeping over the land… You can feel your mind starting to go blank – if it wasn’t already – and that whispering becomes a giggle…
I come with a warning to you my good friends… The Dark Fae are coming!!! Horror Haute this month will be welcoming them in, allowing them to take control of our minds, and WE are powerless to resist… Remember to watch over your shoulder, during the last week of April they are here to get you!

I’m talking about Read more at the source.

Who wants to work when you can SHOP?!

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A few days ago now I was digging around in my overly large hoard wondering what the heck I was going to wear. It got me thinking back to when I was still fairly new in SL. Back then I would change an outfit EVERYDAY without fail… I would spend hours doing it and then wear it for a few hours before changing it the next day and going through the ritual over and over again… Nowdays I am a little more lazy LOL, I tend to change every few days – it still takes me a while to change Read more at the source.

In and out of the shadows…

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Time for a little bit of honesty I think… I hope no one gets offended by it or upset in any way however, and I really do not mean to sound like a snob or rude!
As a blogger, and I AM NOT COMPLAINING AT ALL by the way, you sometimes get sent things that you look at and wonder ‘what the heck am I going to do with that?’ This tends to be the case with me, especially if I do not really like something, or if I feel uninspired at the very least.
I’ve always tried to be Read more at the source.

In the Witching Hour, we make SOUP!!

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The Witching Hour is ALMOST over, today is the last day for this month’s pretties, and there are some cute things that you may be sad to miss if you haven’t seen them already…
Talking of cute though, the little witch in me was feeling a little hungry this morning, and what better way to start your day than with a balanced breakfast… SOUP for breakfast!! Not just any soup however, being this cute take’s a LOT of work, and I am not able to bathe in milk like Cleopatra did. Instead I will sometimes make a lovely soup of Read more at the source.

Let the Boat rock!

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The summer is coming, and that seems to be – in Holland at least – a good reason to get on your little boat and go, well… boating! Personally I am NOT the kind of person that finds that appealing, in either life, but there are a few times that I could possibly make an exception – such as the upcoming SAIL event when I won’t be stepping onto a boat but will enjoy watching thousands of them sail by. or when that boat has been turned into a comfy garden recliner perhaps?!

Just like this one actually!!! Funny how Read more at the source.

Decisions, Decisions…

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Sometimes I will admit that I would LOVE to have someone to help me decide on certain aspects of my outfit. I mean you find a look then try to match it with accessories, or you find a hair style and try to make it fit an outfit, but sometimes I spend such a long time looking at two completely different things and wondering which I want to wear that I end up not bothering at all… Shoes are a prime example of this… 

This month for The Witching Hour was a prime example of this… Two amazingly cute sets Read more at the source.

Bring Him Back Please

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I bought a dress a couple of weeks ago now that is SO FAR from my usual style of outfit choice that I was left wondering why I did it… I mean I LOVED the dress it was super cute but then what was I going to do with it?! It was one of those impulse buys that left me a little flummoxed! BUT don’t get me wrong I still loved it and it looked better on me than on the hanger too… Just what to do with it… 
I decided to play dress up and went for a pretty Read more at the source.