I Can’t Believe I Live Here

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I can't believe

Sometimes, things in our virtual world absolutely take our breath away.  Getting to live here, in this villa, is like a dream come true.  I haven’t begun to do it justice with my photos, and it’s screaming out for taking the time to play with windlights to get the perfect afternoon light, but I had to hurry and show you because I’m just that excited.

Also exciting this morning is Alice Project’s new group gift.  This hair comes with a hud to change the colors and tons of other options.  It comes in multiple sizes, to fit everyone properly and it’s just adorable. … Read more at the source.

reneeharvyI Can’t Believe I Live Here

Japan Fair 2014

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Japan Fair1Japan Fair2

Loving this sweet doll look, mostly courtesy of the vendors at the Japan Fair.   So many lovely things for a great cause.  The hair is perfect in black, but comes with a hud to change to more than a dozen other shades if you prefer.

Also shown are my new group gift.  The sweet straw flowers make these an adorable addition to your spring/summer wardrobe, and they will work with avatar or slink feet.  I think the slink feet are brilliant and having bought them, I personally hate taking them off, but I know they are a bit … Read more at the source.

reneeharvyJapan Fair 2014

How Big is Your Hair?

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When I was a noob, Damselfly was one of the kings of the Second Life hair scene.  I owned plenty of it back in the day, but I’ll admit, when I discovered sculpted,and then mesh hair, I never looked back.  On an Easter hunt I was pleasantly surprised to see Damselfly still alive and well, and making BIG hair.  So big it takes 3 pieces to attach it all to your head!  But it moves and it’s fun, and did I mention BIG?  And there’s lots of colors… And it’s free, for the work of finding a small egg … Read more at the source.

reneeharvyHow Big is Your Hair?

When I grow up

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fri. lark. mag. yummy, -tb-



Skin – Izzie’s Lila Light – Not Free
Hair – [MAG] BLAIR (St. Patrick’s Day) – gift in store
Frames – (Yummy) Quinn Frames Ice – Collabo88 (not free)
Blazer – Tres Blah Blazer Cranberry – Collabo88 (not free)
Tank – Whippet & Buck Kipparing Coffee Liqueur – No Longer Available
Skirt – coldLogic Skirt glass – khaki (not free)
Shoes – fri. Diana.Heels (blush) – For Slink Feet Collabor88 – ONLY 88L!
Bag – Duh! Suede and Bamboo Mesh – $20L
Slink – AvEnhance Feet (not free)

Stool with Pillows – Lark today for 50LF – 50L!… Read more at the source.

reneeharvyWhen I grow up

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important hunt!

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I know the Twisted Hunt bills itself as the most difficult one on the grid (and with good cause), but the annual RMK Bunny hunt has to be a close runner up.  You go the sim, look for smallish bunnies that are hoping around, follow them for a bit, and wait for them to pop out a ticket, which they only do once every few minutes or so, and then immediately hop away (so you can’t even just follow one.. they re-rez somewhere else and you have to find them again).  There are usually multiple people watching a particular rabbit, … Read more at the source.

reneeharvyI’m late, I’m late, for a very important hunt!

In Actuality

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Thursday Blog2

Actuality is having a great birthday hunt for a few more days.  You are looking for tiny little cupcakes scattered over the skydome.  Click the hunt poster for a hud that will give you some pretty good hints. I loved doing the hunt, and the prizes are all great, but my favorite thing was wandering around the house and dome.  If you are a gatcha addict like me there are gatcha prizes everywhere used to decorate this adorable house.  There’s even a box at the bottom of the dome with some discounted gatcha prizes for sale inside (and be sure … Read more at the source.

reneeharvyIn Actuality