Mirror Mirror

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Mirrors Mirrors on the wall

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the vainest of them all? I know today it is me because I look damn fine in this dress. See totally vain. Having a wall of mirrors to take to doesn’t hurt, though if they start talking back to me I may become concerned. It would probably be over to top to wear my dress around the house to do chores in. Then again I am not above wearing a tiara while I clean the house. Then again a tiara can’t really get ruined by bleach or other cleaning supplies.
I know I am fairest of them all

I guess it’s … Read more at the source.

The Poetry Muses

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I like to thinks that there are muses for all sorts of things, like poetry. I also like to think they are specialized and need to recharge their musing powers. For today I have selected three of the poetry muses. First we will look at the one who inspires poems about the woods and tress and such.

Poesia Silvana

When this muse needs to recharge she seeks refuge in the forest surrounded but all the trees. She communes with the trees and after a while she feels rested and rejuvenated enough to go out and inspire sylvan poems.
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I Don’t Clean

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I don't clean II

As you can probably guess from the picture I don’t clean this room often. And by often I mean ever. I have better things to do than dust away cobwebs, then again I think anything is better than dusting.
This is why I

See now this is a much better use of my time. Lounging around eating pizza and playing video games. Who wants to be a responsible grown up?
This is why I

Now I am not trying to imply that I am lazy or anything but I can’t even be bothered to pull my pants up all the way. It takes too much effort and I … Read more at the source.

Flea Market Finds

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Flea Market Finds

Here is a little more useless information about my non digital self. My parents have collected and sold antiques for as long as I can remember. This means that from a young age I became very familiar with flea markets. Even when on vacation my parents would hit flea markets. How they ever planned to get anything big home is beyond me. Flea markets have such an eclectic mix of items that is was actually pretty fun as a kid, since there were toys in some stalls. Enough about all that you are here for the clothes and what nots … Read more at the source.

Forget tennis, lets get coffee

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Forget Tennis

When I saw these outfits at The Chapter Four it made me think of cute little tennis outfit…till I put on the shoes. Playing tennis in wedges is just a recipe fro disaster, especially for someone as accident prone as me. So I called up my girl and we changed plans last minute. Coffee and gossiping is way more fun than actual exercise, and flapping your jaw is a work out if you have a lot to say. It was a lovely sunny day so we enjoyed our coffees outside.

On the left
Outfit (including glasses and shoes): GizzARead more at the source.