My New Furry Friend

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Every days it’s the same thing. He goes off to work and I am left all alone. I mean sure I get things done while he is gone, but it gets lonely, especially when he works late or goes on trips.

Leaving for work

I mean we have a cat, but she is so independent and well just downright mean that I decided we needed a new member of the family. A furry member of course, so off I went. I have to say when I saw him it was love at first sight and I knew exactly what to name him.
My new furry friend

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Phire ZuhraMy New Furry Friend


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Sometimes an Aunt and Uncle are tasked with babysitting for a weekend. This weekend was one of those weekends, and our niece Livvie was dropped off by her parents on Friday for us to watch. I had plans for a girls night out so Livvie was hanging out with my while I got ready.

Getting ready I

Getting ready II

I had to dash out the door to meet the girls for drinks right after Mikka go home from work, to say he was a little awkward and unsure of what to do with Livvie would be an understatement.
Uncle Mikka

He tried to put on her favorite … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraBabysitting

Beach Day!

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When I am excited I can act like a little kid, especially when I am looking forward to going somewhere. I am not above getting dressed and then pouncing to wake people up.

Come on get up!

What can I say it was beach day and I wanted to get going.Once I got him awake and to the beach we had a great day. We had a little picnic, splashed in the water, you know all the fun beach activities. The icing on the cake of a great day was watching the sun set together.
Beachy Sunset
A perfect ending to a perfect day.

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Phire ZuhraBeach Day!

Bunny Time

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Here comes Phire Cottontail hopping down the bunny trail blah blah blah.

Bunny me

Happy Easter if you celebrate or Happy Sunday if you don’t. I figured since it is Easter I would don these cute new ears and skip about on the beach. I mean sure bunnies live in the woods, but even they need a vacation too right?
I think I see a carrot

The poses I am using are new ones I picked up at the Pose Fair. Expect to see a lot of posts in the coming days that are all based on the poses. Oh about the ears, they come with a HUD … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraBunny Time

The Frog who was a Prince

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You would think a man would be smart enough not to cross a fairy with a wand, but sometimes even the smartest people act, well less than brilliantly. This man happens to be a prince and he happened to rub this fairy the wrong way. He also happened to do this on a day when she was already pretty edgy so she did what fairies are known for. She bibbidi bobbidi booed his ass into a frog.

She never told him what he must do to break the spell and he was quickly picked up by a traveling circus and … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraThe Frog who was a Prince

Breezy Spring Day

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Is there anything better than getting outside on a sunny spring day? Sure it may be a bit breezy outside, but the sunshine makes it all worth while.

Breezy Spring

So this may not be my exact setup, but it does come pretty close. Just change the bench for a black bistro set with red cushions and there you have it. Sadly there is no sun for me in RL today, only cold rain. Luckily it can always be sunny in SL.
Breezy Spring

Even if the wind is blowing.

Hair: Exile::Pick Up LInes
Dress:  (TokiD) April Dress (berries) (at TDR Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraBreezy Spring Day


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Sometimes a girl just needs to get away, to take a little holiday to refresh and recharge. If only it were just that easy to do. For this little trip I thought I would combine some soft blues can casual apparel with something a little harder, like spikes.

Now that I have had some time to recharge it’s time to get my arse in gear. Pose fair is coming this weekend! I know I can’t wait to see all the new poses that will be available, how about you?

Dress: [Miseria] Kiele Dress – Sky (The Seasons StoryRead more at the source.

Phire ZuhraDockside

The Green Witch

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I am not ready to give up on gowns just yet, but I didn’t want to be a princess anymore. Yes even I can get burnt out on being a princess. Instead today I am going to be a witch, but not the wicked kind, more of the forest dwelling herbal remedy making kind of witch.

Green Witch

Don’t let the horns fool you, I promise there is nothing evil in what I am doing. I am just taking care of my plants. Honestly! Here look I have proof.
Green Witch

See I told you, nothing but me, the plants and the soil. Besides … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraThe Green Witch


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After days of work the trapped princess finally was able to communicate with the birds she saw flying outside of her tower. She figured she could send a note down to the guard and beg for his help. I mean after all the guards fall for princesses in stories all the time.

Sending a birdy message

The princess waited days wondering if the guard would come to her rescue. Day after day she paced her tower room, hoping for freedom. Finally one day she heard a noise at the trap door and through it burst the guard. She was free! She ran to her … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraFreedom

Learning the ways of the princess

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While locked in her tower the princess decided to read all books on how to be a princess and what princesses do.

Fairy tale education

She read about the proper way a princess carries herself and the ruling of a kingdom. Basically she learned about all the things she would have if she had been raised in the castle with the king and queen instead of living the life of a merchants daughter. She also read stories about princes, though she really didn’t hold out any hope of meeting one while locked in the tower.
Learning all the tricks

However the best books she read were the … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraLearning the ways of the princess