Rainy Days

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The rain came down

Some days are just not meant for working in the garden. Today is one of those days, as the rain falls upon the parched earth. I was meant to be gathering herbs to make a special little concoction for a friend. I would call it a love potion per say, but it does reinvigorate those feelings, as long as they are already there. My little mixture doesn’t work if both parties aren’t already in love.

Gardening can wait

I have heard the rumors about town, they call me a witch. If using what is available from the earth to help improve the lives Read more →

It’s okay

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It's okay little one

“No need to be sad little one”, the kind angel said. She was speaking to one of her younger charges who was crying over her difference. You see while all the other angels had sparkling white wings, the little angels wings were purple. “You see little one yours are a different color for you have a special job”, the kind angel spoke to the little one in a soothing melodic voice. You are destined to do something special, which is why your wings are of a different color. It does not mean you are touched by evil as all those Read more →

Alice’s Fetish

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Since her adventures in Wonderland Alice has had a thing for white rabbits. So she asks her lovers to done a certain mask. The mask varies from time to time, but the rabbit is always white.

Alice's Fetish I

Alice has go so far as to setting up her own Wonderland-esque tea party play area for herself and her companions. I’m not telling how these photos got into my hands and luckily the photographer either didn’t share the more risque ones or kept them for them self.

Alice's Fetish II

This is as “naughty” as the picture I received got. I am have so many questions Read more →

Loves last dance

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Loves last dance
The past few weeks I haven’t felt like myself. It wasn’t till shortly after taking this picture that things started to change. I guess sometimes our subconscious works in ways that we don’t understand. Maybe the picture is a metaphor, maybe it is the letting go of something. Or maybe it is just a pretty picture where I pretend I can in someway be graceful. You know the complete opposite of my non-digital self.

Dress: Kaithleen’sSwan Dress – White (at Tres Chic)

Foot Wraps: fri.– Aisling.Wraps (Cloud) 
Rings: l&eBoho rings  silver (Vista Bento hands)
Necklace: Read more →