The Deadly Date

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Dinner Date?

This poor man had no idea when he was in for when he agreed to be a guest at her home for dinner. Being a romantic young man he thought there would be a candle light dinner, he may have been mistaken. Since his momma taught him never to arrive empty handed he helped himself to some of the roses in his neighbors garden. She would never notice a couple missing blooms.

Boy was he wrong! Before he was even given the chance to present his date with the flowers he dropped dead right on the spot. Now anyone looking … Read more at the source.

Autumnal Respite

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Autumn Respite

I know I am going to make you sick with all my autumn themed posts for the next couple of months. I would apologize, but autumn is my favorite time of year. I have been waiting for just the right outfit to wear while sitting on this bench and I finally saw it at FaMESHed yesterday. The shirt and jeans from Rebel Hope paired so well with the cozy boots from C’est la Vie that are part of this month’s round of Mix.
Sitting Pretty

Oh yeah all this came together to go nicely with the hair from Exile the is at … Read more at the source.

Last of the tomatoes

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Picking tomatoes

With the end of the summer came the end of home grown tomatoes. I enlisted the help of Livy to pick all the bright red tomatoes from the vines. She prefers cherry tomatoes because she can pop them in her mouth and bite them, sending tomato insides flying everywhere.
Heading in

Livy of course decided that walking the short distance to the house. She was also reluctant to give up the tomato she picked. I think she wanted to keep it forever, which would have been really gross after a while. We hauled all the tomatoes into the kitchen and got to … Read more at the source.

Bathing in the moonlight

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Something naughty this way comes

Last night was an amazing night to see the moon. I know I stayed up to get a glimpse. Now I admit I had no idea about the lunar eclipse or anything when I took these pictures. I just knew that I had undies to wear. I don’t know about you but if I am standing around in my undies it’s most likely at night time.
Bathing in the moonlight

I figured since it is supposed to be night time that I could make it be a full moon. And because it’s a full moon I am just going to bask in the glow … Read more at the source.