Bathing Beauty

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Even princesses need to get clean and this princess is no exception. Now normally I would have my ladies in waiting draw my bath, but today I wanted to test out my independence.

Princess Bathing

I should be a little more demure and show some shame, but where is the fun in that? If other royals can cause a scandal so can I.
Getting Clean

I may be in the buff but it’s tasteful, I mean you can’t even see any of my fun bits. And now that I am all clean it is time to go off and meet my prince.

Clothing:Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraBathing Beauty

Celestial Princess

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Moons and stars have been one of my favorite things for ages. In fact I have two tattoos of such things on my non-pixelated person. No I will not tell you where they are! Today I have dressed in blue with the moon and stars hung upon my person.

Celestial Princess

Floating high above the Earth watching all that go on below gives a girl time to think. The brightness of the moon glowing and the twinkling of the stars can’t help but bring a smile to my face.
Moons and stars
As much of a smile as one can muster when she is ruling.… Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraCelestial Princess

Flower Picking Princess

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It’s time for my second post of the day. I am going to make it short because my cold meds will be kicking in soon.

Flower Picking

I am sure most princesses don’t go about picking flowers but this one does! Tulips and sunflowers happen to be my two favorite flowers.

Dress: -Nomi-Modern Princess sundress- (at Fit for a Princess)
Shoes: lassitude & ennui Brocade slippers for Slink feet – black (at Fit for a Princess)
Jewelry: Cae :: Duchess :: Collection
Hair: Exile::Letters and lipstick (at Collabor88)
Hands: Slink Mesh Hands (av) … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraFlower Picking Princess

Visiting the stables

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Today you are going to get two posts since I didn’t do one yesterday. I have magically managed to get sick for my birthday, go me! In my first post of the day I decided to wander down to the stables to check on the new horse I got for my birthday. Every princess wants a horse for their birthday but usually it’s when they are younger and it’s a pony. Oh well better late than never.

visiting the stables

I did however forget that stables have their own certain scent. It’s definitely not a pretty one.
It has a...smell

I think I will wait till … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraVisiting the stables

Pink Princess

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I have decided that this week I shall dress as a princess all week. See it’s my birthday this week and I figured what better way to celebrate than be a pretty princess all week. I don’t know it’s just the way my brain happens to work, go figure. I am starting off the week looking pretty in pink, it happens to be my little princess’s favorite color.

Pinky Princess

One of the things I keep telling myself I will learn one of these years is how to play the piano. I am not exactly talented when it comes to the musical … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraPink Princess


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I know I am on a green kick but that doesn’t mean I can’t still indulge in my love for yellow. Who can resist a dress like reminds them of a beautiful sunrise?


Originally I had planned on taking some cute vacation pictures to go with this summer look, but as usual I was being too darn picky. So instead I went a little more simple. Today will be a short post since I hear laundry and dishes calling to me.

Dress: Zaara : Antara Maxi dress  *sunshine* (at Uber)
Hair: Exile::Rising Tides (at Uber)
Shoes: Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraSunshine-y


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It’s hard to pass by a fountain without tossing a coin or ten in and making a wish. Sometimes they are silly and nonsensical wishes, but other times they carry their own weight.

Wishful Thinking

Watching the ripples spread from where the coin was tossed gives one time to think, either about the wish or if you are like me think up more wishes. Of course you must never reveal what you wished for or else it may never come true. However if you are wishing to rule the world it may be best to share that one. No one should have … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraWishes

An Afternoon Coffee

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So I had hoped to have the face lift done by now, but I am slow and indecisive. Oh and I also couldn’t help but to want to get back to taking pictures and all those lovely things. So here is my first post in far too long!

Coffee Break

I am of course starting with my best side or should I say backside? I have spent the start of the week hitting all the events that I hadn’t yet, well almost all. One of my first stops was Uber where I picked up this top, skirt and hair. Retail therapy never … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraAn Afternoon Coffee

Life as a song

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For my previous post I was listening to a lot of country songs to get in the mood. It was hard because I am not a huge country fan. I mean it was hard finding the right kind of country song. I came across a lot that actually made me cry, not cool. I did find a common themes among them, that being love, fights and heartbreak. Here is a little bit of love…

Country Love

Luckily I had a very handsome cowboy to volunteer to be in the pictures with me. Of course like a country song we had a little … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraLife as a song

Playing for my sheep

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Sheepy audience

I take an audience where ever I can get one. Today it just happens to be the sheep that are umm blessed with my musical talents. I don’t think they like it so much though, the seem to be heading as far away from me as they can get. It’s possible I should have taken some lessons or at least watched a YouTube video before subjecting the sheep to my less than skillful playing. It may be for the best if I just put down the guitar and enjoy the peace and quiet, minus the animal noises of course.
Country girl

This … Read more at the source.

Phire ZuhraPlaying for my sheep