Seven Deadly Sisters – Wrath

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Wrath I

I would not mess with this woman. To say she has a temper would be putting it mildly. Maybe she has anger issues because she is always alone, or maybe she is always alone because of her anger issues. Either way she is destructive when she is mad and I did my best not to get on her bad side. Of course I would never tell her to her face she has a bad side, I value my life too much!
Wrath II

Wrath is definitely not PETA friendly by looking at her attire. I of course would never take issue with … Read more at the source.

Seven Deadly Sisters – Lust and Greed

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Lust and Greed

Let me introduce you to Lust and Greed. These two sisters have a symbiotic relationship. You see Lust loves to well she likes to entice people with her body. Greed has decided that this is a wonderful money making venture, which makes her ecstatic. Greed is always making sure Lust is working it to bring in all the money her greedy little hands can carry.

I was lucky enough to catch Lust at least partially clothed, her hair was long enough to cover anything that delicate eyes may not want to see.

It wasn’t easy getting Greed to let go … Read more at the source.

Seven Deadly Sisters – Gluttony and Sloth

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Gluttony and Sloth

Gluttony and Sloth are the sisters of the day. They get along much better than Pride and Envy, mostly because Sloth doesn’t care what sort of mess Gluttony makes and can’t be assed to clean anyway. Gluttony likes to over indulge in all the good, and not so good things.

Gluttony is never seen without some sort of food in her mouth, in this case it is a cake pop. Though to be truthful it’s not just food you will find Gluttony with, at times she can be seen with whatever alcohol laden drink she can get her hands on.… Read more at the source.

Seven Deadly Sisters – Pride and Envy

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I would like to introduce you to two of the seven deadly sisters. Today it is all about Pride and Envy. These two sisters do not get along at all. In fact they fight a lot!

Envy and Pride

Envy always wants what Pride has and well Pride can just be so full of herself at times. These two bicker constantly in the heavenly realm they call home. Many people have tried to keep these two apart, but it never works out so well.

Pride thinks she is the best at everything she does. Don’t get my wrong there are some things Pride … Read more at the source.

The Commute

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Catching a ride

Time to grab a coffee and catch a train into the city for a little retail therapy. While it may be relaxing living in a cute rural area, the shopping is a bit limited. So it’s either catch the train into the city or not shop. Not shopping is not an option, so there you have it.

Maybe I will pick up some things for my home. I think it may need a Spring makeover.

Shirt: Cocoroni : Bonnie Sweatshirt Khaki  (at Kustom9)
Pants: coldLogic leggings – hines.cocoa
Shoes: fri. – Persephone.Pumps (Rawhide)
Bag: {Cherry} Viola Leather Shopper Read more at the source.

Spring Swing

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I can’t think of anything brilliant to write to go with my pictures today. I think I have writers block. It’s a terrible thing to have happen really. I will however say that when I took these pictures I was imagining some sort of Goddess having a little down time. I have always enjoyed stories of the Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses. I had a Moon Goddess in my mind when I was getting dressed which is why I chose the blue and white parts of this collaboration from Faida and Fallen Gods Inc. It also paired really … Read more at the source.

A little retro

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Retro Phire

This weekend I cleaned up my inventory a little. It’s wasn’t a big purge, more like putting things where they belong. I admit I may have gone on a shopping bender or two recently. And well as you do when you are sorting things I put on these jeans. They had a retro feel to them and I knew exactly what top to rock with them. Well since I had a retro chic thing going on I added the glasses and well it rolled from there.

I can’t lie, these jeans make my booty look, well bootylicious.

Shirt: !APHORISM!Read more at the source.

Hide and Seek

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I'll count you hide

One, two, three…you know how to count so I will stop. How long do you need so you can find a good hiding place? I think a good place to hide would be at Collabor88, since there you can pick up the hair, shoes and dress I am wearing. It’s would be some pretty awesome multi-tasking.
Ready or not here I come

I would look for you, but striking a pose seems like a much better way to spend my time. Or maybe tramping through the grass in heels doesn’t appeal to me so come out, come out, where ever you are.

Dress: Tee*fy Kira … Read more at the source.

Always on the go

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Hands Full

My hands always seem to be full when I am running errands. I mean I need my coffee, especially in the morning, and well my phone is a necessary evil. I always have my phone with me so that I can be reached by whoever, whenever, oh except at the dinner table. The dinner table is a no phone zone.
On the phone
At least today is a nice day to run around getting things done. Of course happy spring colors make running about much more tolerable. I hope you day is full of sunshine, even if you are going here, there and … Read more at the source.

Tea Time

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Tea time

It’s tea time! I have a confession to make. I collect teacups in SL. I know it seems a bit strange, but I do. I have a soft spot for teacups. So it’s not surprising that when The Arcade rolls around and there are teacups to be had I seek them out.
Tea for two

There are times where I attempt to get all the pieces of a tea set.

I am also a sucker for tulips. Combine some tulips with a cute bunny and I am all over that cuteness!
And what is a tea party with out dressing up all prettily? … Read more at the source.