Trois Petits Danseurs

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Three Little Dancers

I will apologize right now if I terribly butchered the French language with my title. You see I never learned French and so I had to rely on Google Translate for it. If you are like me an only know certain words in French and none of those are them I will translate for you. The title says ” Three Little Dancers”, mostly because there are three of me. If you couldn’t guess I did edit this picture, but I tried not to mess with the over all look of what I am wearing, I am still an super new … Read more at the source.


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Haunting her ruined home

I will admit I am a big Game of Thrones fan so when I heard about The Conquest event I got very excited. I combined a few different people in my head to create the idea for this picture. You see I was going for the spirit of a woman haunting the ruins of her ancestral home. I don’t want to say any more than that because I would hate to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read or seen the series.

Dress:  Faida & Fallen Gods Inc. – Secrets, Teal~ Dress (at The Conquest)
Hair: /Wasabi Read more at the source.

Pinky and the Brain

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Are you pondering what I am pondering? No?, well alright fine. Yes I am showing my age by referencing a cartoon from the early 90’s. If you are old enough to know the show, and The Animaniacs, where it all started then you know the awesomeness that was Pinky. I let my partner in crime wear pink today because I am just that kind of gal.

Pinky and the Brain

We hit up a dock for our photos because I figured a laboratory might be a little to on the nose. We are of course wearing matching dresses in different colors. I am mint-tastic … Read more at the source.

Summer Surf

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Summer is officially here which means it is time to hit the beach. What better way to spend a day at the beach than hitting the waves with your board?

Checking the waves

First things first and you have to make sure there are some waves to be had. It would be difficult to surf without waves. After spying a few big ones I thought is was time to hit the water.
Little surfer girl

I won’t admit to how many tries it took me to get up, or to how many times I wiped out before finally getting my feet beneath me. Those pros on … Read more at the source.

Strolling the grounds

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Walking the grounds

I have escaped, even if is is only for a short period of time. I get so tired of all these dances that my mother insists on throwing in hopes of marrying me of to some suitable man of means. I am more than just some pretty creature for some over stuffed aristocrat to have on his arm and bear his children. Don’t get my wrong I am not against marriage, but I want it to be for love, not because it will be beneficial to my family’s standing in this community.

I should probably return indoors before my father … Read more at the source.