Planning My Escape!

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I am ready to run away from winter. However running away takes some planning. First I need a cup of coffee, and then plenty of books for research. Hey I am going old school here!

Books Galore

Maybe I will use a globe and a dart to pick where I go, though that could land me in the middle of some ocean…or worse somewhere colder and snowier!
Time to plan my escape

Maybe I should search for something along the equator, as long as I pack plenty of sunscreen I should be safe and not sun burnt.

Top: ::C’est la vie !:: jiyun tops(black)  (at Shiny Read more at the source.

Rise and Fall

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There seems to be so much I want to blog and so little time to do it all in. Today I have some more items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Not all birds are meant to fly, and neither was I until I got some balloons to help me out.

The Rise

Of course as the saying goes “What goes up must come down”, well that applies to me as much as an apple.
The Fall

Luckily my flight took me over water so my landing was a bit wet but otherwise I was fortunatly unscathed.

Leotard: !gO! mockingjay leotard (at Fantasy Gacha Read more at the source.

What is this?

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I walked to the edge of the city and this is what I found. A strange stone something had sprouted up over night.

What is this?

I checked it out from top to bottom and in the middle too. Maybe it was a new art installation? Whatever it was it was blocking the path so I tried to move it.
It's heavy!

That sucker was going no where. So I did what any lazy loafer would do. I said forget about it and made myself comfortable. Maybe someone will come along and let me know exactly what it is, but till then I am content … Read more at the source.

Mary Poppins I am not!

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Mary Poppins was a lying little dear,or maybe it was because she the little darlings she watched were older, either way being a nanny is a thankless job.

Bottles take forever!

I mean here I am taking care of this couple’s most valuable thing and what am I doing, waiting for a bottle to warm while eyeing the pasteries. Oh but I can’t have any because those are for company, like that actually eat it. They all take a slice and push it around their plates wasting the delicate treats. But that is not the point. Mary Poppins made being a nanny seem … Read more at the source.

Firefly Ballet

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Firefly Ballet

Hi my name is Phire and I am a gacha addict. When gachas and fantasy combine my imagination gets to run wild. That can be completely awesome or terrifying depending on who you are. This go round there are these beautiful pieces from aisling, which I paired with this rare skin from Fallen Gods Inc. Why yes that is pink you see me wearing. I am working on getting over my aversion to the color. This post was also slightly inspired by a recent viewing of Fantasia. It’s just the way my brain works.
Firefly Ballet II

As you can see … Read more at the source.

Girl with the Red Rose

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I have a rose

I thought I would title it like a classic painting, or a popular novel depending on how you read it. I admit I am desperate for some warm sunny weather and have been trying to get all the virtual sunshine I can. I hit up some gardens last week and may have made off with a rose…shh don’t tell anyone. I bought this cute dress at The Chapter Four and it has that perfect spring feel to it, short enough to feel the warm air on your legs, but with long sleeves to keep a bit of the chill out. … Read more at the source.