the whisper of the birch leaves ( Designer Circle presents)

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Nic found a beautiful place just to listen to the wisper of the leaves. Behind her the mainstore building from Scarlet Creative. She is wearing a gift from * TentatioN *at the anniversary of the Designer Circle the shoes named Adele. Come with a color hud. The dress is also a gift at DC from anny’s fashion, the Clarita pencil skirt dress. In her ear a cute earring from !IT!, also a present for the anniversary. See for the decor items de credits.

Shoes: * TentatioN * at DC– * TentatioN * … Read more →

turn the lights on

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Is this a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare? It must have sprouted from my feverish brain. Then you get such hallucinatory fantasies. Nic is showing you a release from ::UNA:: for the Whore Couture Fair ( ends 31stMarch). You can get this set with skirt and top or a dress. See the dress below.  For the pictures you see the set without pantie, but i confess, when i go elsewhere i wear a pantie. For the boots and jacket i went to … Read more →


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Still sick in rl. Told about it in a earlier post. I could only think about warm clothes to blog about. I was wearing a warm onesie near the fireplace that day. A warm coat was also a possibility, i said. But i first made another post yesterday with tjip. Now it’s time for the coat. I think i show you a realy beautiful one with the tweed and the silk texture. Eve one of the friends in Tirol was wearing this one. Immediately i thought that’s the coat, that i want … Read more →

get it started

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Personal training for tjip with his sexy coach Nic.  They are in his man cave. She has been given access in his sanctuary. She was astonished to see sport items together with alcohol, but she wisely held her mouth. This is the first step, the rest will follow later, she promised herself. Aren’t we women like this often. Ignorant about this all he offers her a drink and after that they get it started under the inspiring leadership of Nic.
Nic is wearing her silk green shorts, a limited time group … Read more →


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Sick in rl …fever.. cold shivers, muscle pains…  I couldn’t think about something else then wearing  something in sl, that could give me a warm feeling. This rabbit costume is like a warm onesie. I added also a scarf from Mr. Poet. Sitting near the fireplace with tea and orange juice and an extra heater. No sexy dress today. On a day like this i am not in the mood for that. Only a warm coat could also be a possibility to show to you. May be tomorrow.
The rabbit costume is a group gift at [NyD]. Comes with a … Read more →

dozing off in her garden shed

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This garden shed makes me happy and dozing off in the sun there too. The opposite from how the weather is now in Holland. I am longing for warm sunny times and falling in a light sleep in the afternoon. Click the small picture for a better view. My flickr picture is here. I love faves;)

Nic uses her garding shed for her baking hobby. I love the at home baking set from Dust bunny at FaMESHed. You can see many items on the table. From the pocket gacha from Ariskea are the table, the table top … Read more →

the color of healing

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Green is the color of healing. It gives rest and gives us a save feeling. It’s a very basic nature color and the symbolic meaning stands for fertility. Today it also stands for St. Patrick’s day.
Nic’s moods are changing you can see on the pictures from a bit sad to happiness. I hope not because of the alcohol from the St. Patrick’s coctails.

This is a bit a lazy blogpost. Hair, make-up and stockings from yesterday. The blogpost from yesterday was more laborious to make. Now she is in the fields. The … Read more →

glamour boudoir

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It’s still Glam Hollywood time at Swank. You see Nic now in her Glam boudoir. The furniture is this time from [CIRCA]. You see the make-up table and chair. The chair has 36 poses. You get some make-up props. All so cute! The chair in blue and periwinkle  is a groupgift from [CIRCA] now in the main shop. You can also see the roller rack with dresses with shoes, the mirror, the curtains and several make-up items on the table and on the chair beside Nic. With a click i could open … Read more →

something to keep me warm

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Something to keep me warm.. that is ofcourse love. But here in the narrow super cute winter street at Senses it is also something else. The movements of her new animation overrider are keeping Nic warm. In the beginning of my sl period i learned from someone how to fill an empty animation overrider with animations, that i bought. Filling and changing the notecard in the animation overrider etc. And yesterday i did this again, after longtime, with bento animations from Oracul Animation. The shop is already long time in sl … Read more →

don’t blame it on me

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Don’t blame it on me. Blame it on the weather. Going outside is may be not possible with those clouds. You can expect rain.She wants to go outside and walk with the dogs at the beautiful sim Whimberly from Staubi (Engelstaub). Click small pictures to enlarge. My flickr picture is here. I love faves ;) !!

There is a photo contest going on at the Whimberly sim. Always nice to join such a challenge. I need  to decide what i will send in.
Nic is wearing a dress from Jana&Littles RLWorld. Comes with a hud for more … Read more →

the color of sorrow

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Sometimes things change in life. Pain and sorrow can overwhelm. But sometimes something beautiful will bloom unexpectedly. The missing will always guide you, but you can feel strong bonds for ever. We are part of a great mystery.
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Nic is in the color purple, the color of sorrow. She is surrounded by purple color tones from the Looking Glass Sim. It was by accident  (was it by accident?) that she was dressed like this and standing there, listening to a sad story. The blog … Read more →

bus needed

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She doesn’t trust the clouds. Bad weather will come soon. Bus needed! She is dressed for a sunny day. Click the small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. I love faves ;)

Nic is wearing a new release from I.M. Collection. The vibrant boho top and the floral jeans, new in the main shop. It says boho, but in my opinion it also could be from the 60th.  the hair is from Sintiklia (Oona) once a special at an event,as i remember well. Nic’s umbrella is a group gift at Spell. From The Designer Circle … Read more →

sunny sunday morning

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A bit sleeping and dozing and reading and then slowly starting the day. The soft silk from her lingerie feels cool and also warm on her skin. What a daybreak!
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Nic is wearing lingerie from Nerido, available at The Chapter Four. The beautiful tattoo from White~ Widow you can get in white or black at Uber. After long being in doubt i finally joined the Sintiklia hair group. There is group join fee, but worthwhile to join because you immediately can grab … Read more →

the way to the next whiskey bar

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“Well, show me the way to the next Whiskey Bar….don’t ask me why…
For if we don’t find… the next Whiskey Bar…i tell you we must die…
i tell you, i tell you , i tell you we must die.”( part of song text from the Doors)
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I hope the visit to this Irish bar, that Nic made for the upcoming St. Patricks day ( March17th) has a better reason then the need to forget all with drinking and girls in the song.… Read more →

hobby room

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Playing with her dog or preparing some garden work, a place to hang her bike, doing some painting work. It’s all possible in the hobby room. The hurling bat from him is there. The cake is ready for the tea this afternoon. A room for everything. Outside you can see the potted crocuses. Click small picture to enlarge.  My flickr is here. I love faves.

Nic is wearing a flower skirt, a gift from maci. The top is from an old Luxe Box from Stories&Co. by Flowey. Her hair is from the lucky boards at pr!tty. I … Read more →