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Alrighty, let’s give this a go, shall we?

For the past few days or so , I have been mentioning pc issues.

Between my pc running odd or, shutting it’s self off, no blue screen, just off. poof.. anyway, now it will turn on the tower but, nothing plugged into it.. such as, keyboard, monitor, modem (it will not connect to the net, if the tower will not connect to ‘it”).. so, after I had a massive break down in rl, which incidentally is still going on, Jeff is letting me use his laptop temp, til (hopefully) I can find … Read more at the source.

Gotta take it easy.

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Morgie and Tis - Special Moments Hey ladies and gents. Just a quick note to let you know, there is a massive heat advisory in my area in RL, and I can not be online as much as I would like to be. I need to be on bed rest, and take it seriously when the heat is this bad. I will do my best to get some posts up, so no worries to my obligations but, rl health comes first, and I hope that people understand this, and respect it. YOGA TIME

And here is an extra photo so you can see the face of this super … Read more at the source.

Hurry over to, The Plastik!!!!!

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The Plastik

— Message From the Lady herself!
“Big big annual Sale!
Inworld only.
Runs from the 18th to the 30th.
My birthday is on the 25th and ill be on all day giving out gifts and stuff, as well!
ALL first floor clothing items 40-50% off. All Fatpacks reduced to 999L.
ALL horns 50% off, all fatpacks reduced to 1699L.
Past event items and outfits all reduced to 99L
Past event Skins all reduced to 249-399L
All eyes reduced to 99L
Skins reduced to 399L:Arkasia, Draziira, and Aquamer
All eyeshadows reduced to 99L
Astrali SF skins reduced to 399L
Immortalia Skins

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The Lexi Project

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Quoted from, The Lexi Project


“The Lexi Project, a collaborative fund-raiser event founded by Toxxic Rhiannyr & Heather Smithson, created to bring SecondLife brands together in hopes to raise money for one of our own, Lexi Zelin / Owner of AngelRed Couture. As many have probably by now heard, Lexi has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and is in desperate need of funds to assist in paying her medical bills / expenses as she is unable to work. Lexi is only 28 years old, mother of one beautiful little girl and plays an important role within SecondLife Read more at the source.

It’s Bandana Day & The end of the Hair Fair!!!

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Happy Bandana Day 2015

Happy Bandana Day

Info taken from the official Hair Fair Blog!

Hair Fair INFO

Today is the last day of Hair Fair 2015, and as tradition dictates it is the day that we remove our hair to show we care. To support Bandana Day and Wigs for Kids, we have booths in every sim at Hair Fair selling for 50L the Bandanas created by Second Life Residents from all over SL.

Each Bandana was created to help us help Wigs for Kids,and 100% of the money raised from their sale goes to the charity. They are sold MOD/Transfer so that

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With you in spirit, and heart!

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With you in spirit Amy Sky – I Will Take Care Of You

I will take care of you
The very best that I can
With all of the love in my heart
And all of the strength in my hands
Your every joy I’ll share
For every tear I’ll be there
My whole life through
I will take care of you

To Lexi… I think it would be better to say, “we will, take care of you”… We all love you. I hope you get better soon. xo

As many may know, one of SL’s creators Lexi Zelin (AngelRED Couture) was recently … Read more at the source.

Rest & Relaxation ~ Look of the Day

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It’s Friday, and I am sure a bunch of you are giving a sigh of relief. Another week come and gone, and most of us can sit back and relax, unwind for a couple days before it all starts again..
Personally, my mind has been on hiatus all week, haha.. so, I have been just logging on to hang out with Tis, and blog alil…
What do you all have planned for the weekend? I am likely going to be resting like I always do.
Spending time with family, and my shitzu.. just chillin…

In sl atm, there are many … Read more at the source.

Hair Fair Map!! Don’t get lost!

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Morgana Hilra:

Just a reminder ladies and gents!

The Hair Fair 2015 is still going strong, and there are only 3 days left!!
Also, remember that July 26th is Bandanna day, so don’t forget to buy a bandanna to show your support. 100% proceedings go to Wigs For Kids and, at 50L each.. well… we should all be able to show support.
XoXo it has been a great round this year.. so many awesome designers, and also all the great photographs!
Here is a reminder of all the stores and their TP’s! xoxo

Originally posted on So Hawt SL

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Celebrate our, Imperfect – Perfection!

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Imperfectly Perfect

Hello SL beauties! Tonight I wanted to share something life changing. Something that I personally do not suffer from but, it affects about 0.5 to 1 percent of the world’s population.

I recently met a new neighbor in RL. She moved here from Toronto, and apparently attended my high school. Also we both share a strong heritage of, Native American.
Becks is an interesting person, and she has Vitiligo.

Vitiligo has been associated with an autoimmune disease.
These diseases happen when your immune system mistakenly attacks some part of your own body.
In vitiligo, the immune system may destroy the … Read more at the source.

In the end – it doesn’t really matter

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In the end - it doesn't really matter

Linkin Park – In The End
(DJ Yoj Remix)


All product, event and designer info in styling area.

Description follows as: Item/URL | Product Name | Designer Name | Event | Month I do my best to always credit everything in my photos. No matter the length of my posts, I always include the above explanation in my styling area. I hope that you have enjoyed this post! Have a great day, and happy shopping!!



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