Getting Ready for tomorrow…

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Hey, I never said I was the neatest person on the planet…
I just wanted to be random…
This is my SL life.
I log on, check my sponsors to see if they have anything that needs blogging,
then, I check sites like, YES, Seraphim, and blogs like, Strawberry Singh
just to see if there is anything I would like to pick up to blog…
Then, I do my hair, and drop all my packages, and go to sorting.

As see here….. lol.

Getting Ready

I was playing with my poses I got from the, Exposure gacha at the, Pose … Read more at the source.

Morgana HilraGetting Ready for tomorrow…

I met a nice lady….. and guess what she did.

Morgana Hilra Events, Fashion

She took my photo…


I met WillowAubree and her partner, Josh at the pose fair last night…
And picked them up… lol.
I loved their profile photos.. so, you know me… I may be shy but,
if I see a nice photo… or even a profile that has good attn to it…
I comment..

And, Willow was sweet enough to invite me to her house,
and take this awesome photo of me.

Me by, WillowAubree Resident

Doesn’t it look like a lil fairy tale photo?

Anyway… from what I understand.. you can actually chat with her,
and maybe hire her … Read more at the source.

Morgana HilraI met a nice lady….. and guess what she did.

TIMBER! Look of the Evening ahaha

Morgana Hilra Events, Fashion

Pitbull – Timber
ft. Ke$ha

Well, I am falling all over the place with these poses from,
Elephante Poses…
these are actually a couple from this round of,
The Pose Fair!

Honestly…. this is more like, I could not sleep..
I just got up, and thru an outfit together…
with awesome designers like… Razor, Tableau Vivant,
W&R, -Forbidden- , Glam Affair, HEBENON, [ZENTRO] and others!


There are soo many events happening all over the grid!

Some to mention here…
100 Block
Spring Fair
Pose Fair
Fantasy Collective

Check below for the urls and the “event name”.

Have … Read more at the source.

Morgana HilraTIMBER! Look of the Evening ahaha

Welcome to my MESS!

Morgana Hilra Events, Fashion

I had to choose a funny “song of the day”…


I went a little nuts with this post…
I am just sharing some random stuff.
Nothing that I HAVE to share… just, having fun..
90% of this post, are items I purchased myself.
MY style…

This is just a PART of my room…

My Messy Room and Felix

I get a tad messy when I am getting ready for a post..
Boxes everywhere… the cat even afraid to move..
well… in his case there is a “rumor” out there that I MAY…
have glue him to the … Read more at the source.

Morgana HilraWelcome to my MESS!

Erotigacha is OPEN!

Morgana Hilra Events, Fashion

Song of the Evening
INNA | Be My Lover

My first event as a designer and I had to be DIFFERENT…
See the palm trees?
Those are MINE!

Way to be Unique

I have been blogging about this event, many times over the past week.
I recommend that you have a look at this post, as it has so much info..
Including all the designers that are participating!

My shapes and poses will come in this cute little box!

Almost Time

And, to share with you what else is included at the fair!

These of course of the shapes, and the rares … Read more at the source.

Morgana HilraErotigacha is OPEN!

1000th Post!!!

Morgana Hilra Events, Fashion

Song Of the Day
Daft Punk- Around The World
R E M I X!

1000 POSTS!!!
Omg, what a trip it has been!
I have met so many people, been involved as a blogger for many events…
Been lucky enough to gain sponsors for my blog which,
I am completely and utterly grateful for!
I have met new and veteran designers and,
made some really awesome new friends!

For this post, I am sharing my Cosmetic Fair Finds!
Just a few because, I would love for you to find your own treasures there..
And believe me there are so many!… Read more at the source.

Morgana Hilra1000th Post!!!

The Seraphim Social Presents

Morgana Hilra Events, Fashion

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
By Douglas Adams


This round’s theme is centered around Douglas Adams’ New York Times Bestseller!

The Seraphim Social is a bi-monthly sales events, opening in alternating months.
Each round a different theme is selected and corresponding books or films are chosen by voters and announced,
on the blog and in the Seraphim in-world group.
The event will focuses on items inspired by the chosen book or film for the round and will last for two weeks.

The Seraphim Social

Read more at the source.

Morgana HilraThe Seraphim Social Presents

LOTD – 54

Morgana Hilra Events, Fashion

Song of the day!
Demi Lovato – Neon Lights

Jump Smokers Remix

Good afternoon everyone!
I am still working hard on all the events across the grid!

I will try to put as much info as I can…

LOTD - 54

100 Black – Depraved Nation

The Meiko Jacket from, R3volt includes a 15 color option HUD, and there are three different versions.

My skirt is a multi layered mini from, dEER.
Part of the try your luck gacha with the rare being a 25% rate!
Own a rare and exchange by 1,000 L$ deer gift card!

The Seasons Story

Truth HawksRead more at the source.

Morgana HilraLOTD – 54

Cosmetic Fair Spring Edition

Morgana Hilra Events, Fashion

Cosmetic Fair Spring Edition
April 15th / 30th

Cosmetic Fair Spring!

blackLiquid, FemmeFatale, MONS, Nox

Organized by Ekilem Melodie

Check out the list of designers involved in the tag section!!

I may not be an “official” blogger then time but,
you better believe I will be there shopping!

come on, you know you NEED cosmetics..
and so do I!

See you all there tomorrow!

Cosmetic Fair opens on, April 15th!
Here is the limo….

Only less then 24 hrs to go!
Don’t tp early, you may get booted, lol.

Read more at the source.

Morgana HilraCosmetic Fair Spring Edition