Drunk Selfies… Nothing more Irish

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Drunk Selfies - Nothing More Irish

So many of my Irish friends texted me on St Patrick’s Day, sending me a ton of really bizarre selfies, and groupies.. It was insane.. and as I was unpacking this pose set from, Fashiowl I was reminded of those photos.

Man, Irish people can drink.. but, you need to keep them away from electronic devices… and social media…
As much as I am tempted… I am not going to post their photos… and trust me when I say… it would be so worth doing.. but, I shall be good, and keep those to myself.. and the 100 other people … Read more →

Black Fair 2017 ~ WeDo SL Events

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Black Fair 2017

Quoted from, Wedo SL 
(All website, other info at the end of this post)

Many things are happening and our work does not stop!
The Black Fair 2017 is coming !!
Are you ready for this?

First, let’s talk about the changes … and changes for the better!

As many of you may have noticed …
Black Fashion Fair is NOW Black Fair!

The fair is changing, evolving and growing. Its not just fashion anymore. We want to be inclusive of all sl without limits. Second life without limits, imagine the possibilities.

Now.. let`s meet ours amazing sponsors for … Read more →

Lick and Sizzle, Baby!

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Lick and Sizzle Baby

HEY! Who says you cannot be sexy, sweet and hot, all at the same time?

Shoetopia 2017 opens tomorrow March 25th, 2017 (of course lol), and I had to share these shoes with you from, Fri.Day!
They are exclusively for Maitreya Lara (with High Feet) and are available in 8 versions. There are optional socks that include a HUD with 4 colors to choose from.
However… and I would think that you all would be use to this by now! I am wearing my Belleza – Isis body, and as you can see, they are a perfect fit! Well, with … Read more →

Even men can love, The Selfie!

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Boy Selfie

In this post, I am sharing with you, on my “m”alt, of course… a few awesome freebies, that I came across while stalking a bunch of freebie ads on sites like Telehub, Fabfree, and Second Life Freebies on Scoop.it

Foxcity has a great facial animator at, On9 for group members..
And I actually found the bento hand gesture hud while looking for bento poses the other day but, apparently it is also on telehub called, UNKO and it even comes with mesh hands… and it’s FREE! So, all you new, and vetern residents out there can have … Read more →

Treasure Chest ~ Royal Treatment ~ March Unboxing

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Treasure Chest - Unboxing

Hello lovelies…
As you can see, I tried not to give away too much with my photo but, at the same time.. I wanted you to see how pretty everything is in this video.. I want you to want to look.. so, I teased you.. Yes, I AM a tease.. haha I know a certain someone out there, that you could ask!

Here is a list of the awesome stores included in this video:

Abstract Soul by Methias Kira
Cubic Cherry
Fallen Gods Inc
The Half Moon Market

I just … Read more →

Strike a pose, there’s nothing to it

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Strike a pose, there's nothing to it

How many of you, after reading the title, started singing, VOGUE?

I know I said I was going to take breaks in between blogging.. maybe give myself a day, just to get my mojo back.. ya know, blog one day, take one day off, rinse and repeat but, when I was given this outfit from, Wicca’s Wardrobe, I just had to get it up, ASAP…  Granted, I took a nap first, hehe..

The jacket and skirt are available at, We Love Roleplay this round, and the booties are available at, Genre..

To accompany this outfit, I am wearing one of … Read more →

Cause now we got BAD love

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Cause now we got BAD love

So, in this post, I have literally changed everything about me…..

I am wearing the Maitreya body.. and although I will admit, it’s “pretty”… it just isn’t my Belleza body..
I love my Belleza because, as I have said many, many times, the Maitreya is just so thin.. and no matter what I do to my shape, unless I go to the extremes, I cannot find a happy place, that would win over my Belleza… It’s no offense to anyone, I just wish there was a curvier option…

I am also wearing the newest head from, Akeruka.. it’s name is … Read more →

Taking a walk to clear my thoughts

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Taking a walk to clear my thoughts

I played a little “mix n match” with this outfit..

I wanted to combine different designers, to make one hot look.. and I think I pulled it off..  In the real world.. you could possibly wear this in an office setting, well… if they are relaxed… and anyone could wear it in a bar setting, or just to go out shopping, or clubbing.. either way.. it’s hot.. and now, I shall share with you, all the wonderful information, so you can go and demo/buy them for yourself!

Before I forget!

I took these photos of Tiseral & I using poses … Read more →

Exploring, and Fashion.. Great Mix

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Who says I only wear black

Today was a fun filled day of, exploring Foxcity in SL, while doing my Taxes in RL and getting to know my friend, Jaicya in SL, lol.. who says I cannot multi-task?

Actually, I found the sim, Foxcity while I was looking for some poses to sorta update my collection, and since it’s bento season, I thought heyy, why not do some pose photos with bento poses.. haha derp right?

While checking out MP with my alt, Jared.. I happened across, Fussy X Foxcity.. and from the looks of it, all the poses are Bento.. don’t quote me, I … Read more →