Powder Pack – January 2017

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Powder Pack Unboxing

I wanted to thank, Max for this awesome XMas gift!


As you all know, I had actually been given 1500L from an anonymous gifter (Later identified as Graceland), for an unboxing of my choice, and I ended up going with Deco(c)rate, before the announcement of this box!!

Max was a doll and got this box for me as a gift, so that I would not miss out!

And I am happy for that!

I had a lot of fun with this video, and I hope that you will like it as much as the fun I had!

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Another for the men of Second Life

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Another for the men of Second Life

Hey guys! So nice to see you here.. well.. I am assuming you are here to hear some more about the new head Daniel from, Catwa Clip!

And, really.. who am I to deny you?

This is going to be a fun project for me! I can’t wait to see how many “looks” I can come up with!

Thank you to Catwa, for making it possible for my to blog with Jared (and moregie, or course!!), and be able to share my first attempt with you all!

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Whoa, (wo)man! Talk about a hairy situation! haha

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Dancing with the littlest star

Doing things a lil differently..

I finally was able to check notices, and saw that I had missed the Collabor88 release from, Tableau Vivant.. only by a few days but, I usually like to have it all posted early so you all can go fight your way into the event! lol  No worries, I am going to share both Kustom9 & Collabor88 with you today!

What a hairy situation.. lol

The two skins I am wearing are from League, and from Glam Affair…

What a hairy situation.. lol

I am in love with both.. hell, I love the Glam Affair one so much, I even donned my Lelutka Ever head.. … Read more →

The issue with having the flu, with a heart condition is….

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I lost a few pounds

You tend to lose some weight… like I have..

I mean, HELLO.. it’s so bad… even my avatar has lost weight…….

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I hope that you have enjoyed this post!

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[Draftsman] Victorian Line up

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[Draftsman] Victorian Line up

It’s almost that time again!

[Draftsman] Victorian Theme!

I don’t know about you but, I cannot wait to see what these designers are going to deliver us this round!

Stay Tuned for more information… however, if you cannot wait.. np! Check out the main website!


As you know, I will do my utter best to share with you, anything I can grab a hold of, hehe..

See you there!


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Akeruka Bento Head – Lara

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Akeruka Bento Head - Lara

Another bento head review.

Akeruka Lara 

I know I do not make everyone happy with my reviews but, in the end, I tell my honest opinions, and I do not overly sugar coat things. Hell, I barely sugar coat anything.. If I do at all it is normally because the creator, has a history of being… less than kind or appreciative of an honest opinion, or they are newer creators, and I do not want to come off as someone that hates their store.

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Had a random thought, and then I unboxed…

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Decor(c)rate Unboxing Video

Thank you to my anonymous reader for my awesome xmas gift, to put towards an unboxing of my choice!

I chose to go with, Deco(c)rate!

I wanted to try this box out since it began.. and now here is my chance.

I started out, wanting to make it short but, lol.. well you know me.. I am overly thorough, and I talk alot… plus, today you have the added experience of me being exhausted!

And here are all the designers!

> 8f8
> Cheeky Pea
> Chez Moi
> Di’Cor
> HEXtraordinary
> [keke]
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Maybe.. he’s no Romeo but.. He’s my lovin’ one-man show!

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Maybe he's no Romeo

My baby, he don’t talk sweet
He ain’t got much to say
But he loves me, loves me, loves me
I know that he loves me anyway 

~ Deniece Williams – “Let’s Hear It For The Boy” ~

Maybe he's no Romeo

Thought I would do a quick post for the men that follow my blog posts!

Everyone is so awesome, and I know I do not do many of these but, I have barely any opportunity to do so!

Trust me, I will apply more for male blogging places, and I will share the items I pick up here and there…

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2017 A Slink Review

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Such a long work out

If you are wondering.. I honestly do not know what I am smiling about, lol.. but, I am! So that must be some kind of improvement..

This is one of the ONLY posts you will ever see with me as a complete human.. *cringe*..

It’s not that I have anything against being human, it’s just that growing up, ppl use to tease me for the strangest things.. my hair – it was too short (well, that is what happens when you declare that you are now a hair dresser and know how to cut hair.. Even your own…), or my … Read more →

How to listen/watch a review…

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How to listen - Watch a review

Before anyone freaks out over the title of this post, please.. again.. listen to the video.. I did a couple full shares, and one review..

The reason I ask that you actually listen first, before you react is because, this sort of thing happens to me all the time when I do a review… I do the review, share my thoughts,  and opinions, and I try to offer suggestions to fix, or improve their items.. or stores.

Now, the thing is.. most of the time, when any blogger shares an opinion, or a thought that is not 100% “for” the … Read more →