Sia and Courtney

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Sia by Glam Affair

Hey guys! I have been busy as of late – I am fixing up my new house ^^ Behind me is part of the kitchen set that we ended up getting. I especially liked the color change option – very nice. Well anyway, I wanted to show you all the new skin that is out from Glam Affair as part of their flash sale. 2 tones (Asia and Jamaica), each with freckles for a total of 4 different skins to choose from. Each skin is 399L – 6 eyebrow options (including no eyebrows), a shape, Loud Read more at the source.

I Love Models Magazine

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Hey guys! Today I want to share with you all my venture into the world of photography.  Sure, I take photos for my blog, but snapping photos of yourself versus trying to set up the scene and take photos of someone else is something else completely. This actually is one of the reasons I have not considered becoming a photographer with my own studio. Well, I DO have a studio – I just don’t advertise my services. How much would I charge? Should I do indoor or outdoor photos? Suppose if I don’t have the right pose? etc etc.

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21 Shoe Event – September Round

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Hey everyone – welcome to the September round of the 21 Shoe event! As always, I am showing you what this event has to offer this month, because we all love shoes! This event is for 1 day only, so get to these stores as fast as you can!

For those who are in the 21 Shoe group, you may have gotten a notice that big changes are coming soon. This means a new line-up of designers making wonderful shoes for us to wear – are you excited? I know I am! This month we have shoes for those who Read more at the source.

When Opportunity Knocks

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Photographer: Morgana Hilra


So, I’ve wanted to do blog posts with other bloggers for a while now. Earlier this month I was asked by Morgie to do a blog post with her. I’ve been reading So Hawt SL and been a fan for about 4 years now (and friends for about 3), so it was so cool when she messaged me inworld. I was at an Arcade yardsale (and you know how obsessed I get at the beginning of the Arcade month), and I dropped everything and ran home to get changed.


morgie moni
Photographer: Morgana Hilra

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We Love Ulaa!

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Today is the last day to visit the <3 Ulaa event to help raise money so that she can visit her terminally ill mom. To date, $1580 out of $2500 has been raised to help her reach her goal. Now, I know some people are highly suspicious of these fundraisers, because either 1. people lie and 2. people should do for themselves. I personally like to do for others the same as I would want for them to do for me. Also, never give or do more than what you can afford to give or do. That way, if Read more at the source.