When Opportunity Knocks

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Photographer: Morgana Hilra


So, I’ve wanted to do blog posts with other bloggers for a while now. Earlier this month I was asked by Morgie to do a blog post with her. I’ve been reading So Hawt SL and been a fan for about 4 years now (and friends for about 3), so it was so cool when she messaged me inworld. I was at an Arcade yardsale (and you know how obsessed I get at the beginning of the Arcade month), and I dropped everything and ran home to get changed.


morgie moni
Photographer: Morgana Hilra

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Monica QuerrienWhen Opportunity Knocks

My Retreat

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Watching flurries outside the window

Hey guys! There’s been a lot going on lately, with RL (classes have started again) and SL. I was happy to have been asked to do some consulting for a new fitted mesh breasts brand (yay!). Also, after what seems like months (really weeks, but SL time moves quickly as we all know), my boyfriend has been able to come back inworld so now we are making arrangements to live together. But first, he had the idea of going to a winter retreat for a week. He’s good at finding places to visit :)

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Monica QuerrienMy Retreat

Flowery Perfume

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Hey everyone! I have lots to share with you today…where to begin?

I’ll talk about something that I don’t normally focus on in my blog posts – using windlight/environmental settings to adjust your lighting in Second Life. You can use windlight to better illuminate your photos, or if you want to create a certain mood. For instance, if you want to take photos of a haunted house, you may want to use darker lighting vs a bright cheery one. Some bloggers choose to use mainly one windlight setting for photos, which gives their photos a distinctive, recognizable look. I’m not Read more at the source.

Monica QuerrienFlowery Perfume

21 Shoe Event – August Round

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Hey everyone – welcome to the August round of the 21 Shoe event! As always, I am showing you what this event has to offer this month, because we all love shoes! This event is for 1 day only, so get to these stores as fast as you can!

For this month, there seems to be a variety of shoes – sandals, wedges, boots. The Miranda shoes from L. Warwick have been mentioned a lot as the shoe to get from this round. But you can be the judge as you check out all of the shoes in this round. Read more at the source.

Monica Querrien21 Shoe Event – August Round

Come Inside

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Yup – this is actually my room :) I tried to get a lighting that shows that it’s dreary-looking outside, and my room is warm and inviting. Did it work? :D

What inspired this look today is this chemise dress that I have on from ghee. It’s currently at the Black Fashion Fair,which ends on the 22nd. Now, I don’t know if you can see it or not, but this has a small dot pattern (hence called poppy dot). I don’t mind it not being as obvious because this is my vision for my blog post. But Read more at the source.

Monica QuerrienCome Inside

Monica presents ” MOCK Your Fase “

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A “MOCK Your Fase” makeup session with Monica Querrien

Hey guys! I am so excited – I have wanted to do this makeup “session” for a while but didn’t have the right inspiration for it. But when Mockie (M.O.C.K. Cosmetics) came out with a new lipstick line, I knew it was time :)

In Second Life, we have been blessed with 5 tattoo layers. This allows us to be able to wear a natural skin makeup, and then add makeup as we see fit. Some people have said that nowadays we need more than 5 layers, but that’s Read more at the source.

Monica QuerrienMonica presents ” MOCK Your Fase “

Who wants to be a bully?

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     Today’s blog post is a topic post – not fashion related. But it’s a good read, I promise! :)

           Last Monday, my good friend and I went out to celebrate my RL birthday. We had fun getting manis and pedis, having lunch, and going shopping at the mall. Then I went with her to a workshop hosted by a chapter of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and the topic was on anti-bullying with special focus on children. I won’t disclose what was said because people shared some very personal experiences. But the Read more at the source.

Monica QuerrienWho wants to be a bully?

We Love Ulaa!

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Today is the last day to visit the <3 Ulaa event to help raise money so that she can visit her terminally ill mom. To date, $1580 out of $2500 has been raised to help her reach her goal. Now, I know some people are highly suspicious of these fundraisers, because either 1. people lie and 2. people should do for themselves. I personally like to do for others the same as I would want for them to do for me. Also, never give or do more than what you can afford to give or do. That way, if Read more at the source.

Monica QuerrienWe Love Ulaa!

On the Road Again

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Hey guys! I have to admit that I have felt pretty burned out and uninspired this past week. Don’t get me wrong – uninspired doesn’t mean that I haven’t liked any of the wonderful things that are out on the grid. More like…too much of a good thing is not such a good thing. There are so many events, sales, and new releases lately that it’s hard to keep up. And in cases like Collabor88 this month, near impossible to get in.

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Monica QuerrienOn the Road Again

Enchantment – August Round

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***I am not a happy camper. I was 90% finished with this post (just had to finish adding credits), and I was typing “Manifeste” for the poses that I used. Somehow it overwrote everything that I had (pictures, text, etc) and then WordPress AUTOSAVES it. So instead of an awesome blog post, I had “nifeste” […]Read more at the source.

Monica QuerrienEnchantment – August Round