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Forged by the belief that Second Life is encompassing and ever-changing, .PENUMBRA:ECLIPSE. continues to bring the best in quality fashion show production, marketing, brand management and print publication services with an evolved perspective offering a new level of depth in excellence and innovation. As a leader in the fashion industry with their highly acclaimed bi-annual fashion weeks, they also publish ECLIPSE, a premiere monthly magazine.

.PENUMBRA. Agency is looking to expand our team of extraordinarily talented models with a unique styling perspective and a great sense of professionalism and personality. Whether you are an experienced model or are looking to Read more →


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I spent most of the summer watching episodes of ‘The Good Wife’ on Amazon Video.  I’d never seen the show before and I happened upon one episode one day and I was hooked.   Of course, I didn’t watch the show every day but I did have a few days when I had my own personal GW marathons in my home.


I only had 2 episodes to watch so last night I made it a special night complete with a nice big bowl of light buttered popcorn. Hey, I deserved it! I crammed 7 seasons of this show in almost as … Read more →


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We’ve all been there, right?  No matter who you talk with, no matter what you say, you’re not being heard.  It happens to all of us.  You’re surrounded.




D E T A I L S:
#Foxy – Tie-up Denim Choker @The Chapter Four
(NO) Pony Tail
(Yummy) Crossed Ring
(Yummy) Oval Stone Ring
AMITOMO.Door Open jeans #2
FLite. -Aviators Pastel Barbie
Pseudo– Tied #501 Light Wash
Swallow Shiny EarS
THIS IS WRONG Killer cupcake tattoo @ Suicide Dollz
Poses from Bauhaus Movement

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Rule the Seas

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My friend, and always so creative designer, Wicca Merlin, of Wicca’s Wardrobe constantly comes up with really cool outfits so I expected no less from her for her fashion contribution in the recent SCALA™ Freakshow Event.  Here’s my take on the sea witch, Ursula on this Election Day, Tuesday.   ♥


D E T A I L S:
(Yummy) Anchor Earrings
(Yummy) Oval Stone Ring
:::LP::: Goldfish_Messenger Bag
duboo.sea wanderer w/glass (not available any longer)
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Ursula Corset & Fishnets @ SCALA Freakshow Venue
HoMAGE — Relaxed Water Wave Hairbase (Omega)
{Imeka} Closed Eyes Sweet … Read more →


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So much going on and so many things to say but I don’t know where to begin. I had written numerous words for this blog post yesterday and after I did, I removed them all because it just didn’t sound right to me when all was said and done.


There’s nothing wrong with just being a spectator once in awhile right? Just sit back and watch and let others duke it out in whatever form they choose. Heck, it’s Sunday and what better day of the week to just watch from the sidelines. Enjoy your day as a spectator too … Read more →

Catching Up

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I’m back from a short break after having spent almost the past month helping to work on the .PENUMBRA. Fashion Week.  Granted, I did not work constantly during all that time but it’s still a lot of work that all of us do from working with designers to working with the models assigned to each show.  I love it, though, and working as a stylist for the agency is probably one of my favorite things to do.


Time now to get back to blogging and a few other things I’ve let lapse in my Second Life®. Btw, I’m not sure … Read more →