Come Sail Away

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This is going to be my final post for my jumpsuit theme but it was fun to do.  I think I have more jumpsuits in my inventory but I’ll save those for another time.  I couldn’t resist saving this one from HH Hucci for last because I love the color and the texture.  I started out a bit more cutesy styling this with pigtails but then I went to Tres Chic and saw this Phoenix hairstyle with the hat.  Talk about coincidence right? It was a perfect match!


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Bronze Idol

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I went searching my inventory for more jumpsuits to blog about and as I was scrolling up and down I came across the name Leverocci. Oh, how I loved that store! It was definitely on my favorite list of go-to clothing and accessories stores. Unfortunately, the store is now closed but you can still purchase a lot of Jill Elfan‘s designs on SL Marketplace.


I just finished going through my Flickr groups yesterday and deleted 260 groups that are inactive and/or obsolete. I didn’t have a problem hitting the “leave group” button in Flickr so why do I … Read more →

Don’t Rain On My Safari

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Next up in my jumpsuit themed blogposts is this sexy little number from Elegance Boutique. I love the simplicity of jumpsuits as a starting point and seeing where the styling goes from there. Today, I wanted to stay on the safari trail with this awesomely creative umbrella from Ladies Who Lunch. Try and pick out some of the animals on the umbrella if you can.


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[MANDALA]SITENNOAH bracelet/watch
.Shi : Ethereal Hair
EB – Jumpsuit Gina
LaGyo_Charlotte earrings
[Gos] Karrueche Sandals
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Hello, Goodbye

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This week I’m going to focus a little bit on jumpsuits.  Why?  Well, I have a few in my inventory that I’ve wanted to blog so why not make it a theme for the week!  Sounds good to me. Besides, it’s a good exercise for any aspiring SL model to take one item and create different looks for it.  In fact, I may just use this theme as my homework for the final blogging classes that I teach at SCALA™ Academy.


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This most recent Ferosh Fashion Weekend was huge and I hope that even if you didn’t have a chance to catch any of the shows, you’ve had a chance to at least shop at the venue.  Yes, my friends, the vendor area is still up so you have no excuse not to run there and gobble up all the clothing and accessories.


I loved the new designs by Ghee and Zafair and although I’m showing only a sampling here, trust me that you’re in for a treat when you see both collections in full. I took the liberty to mix … Read more →


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I love patterns and textures. I know I say this all the time but it’s true. I guess I just like to be different – to stand out – and eye-catching patterns is a great start to achieving this. I’ve been a fan of Ocean Blackthorne’s Bakaboo designs just for this reason. What fun textures and colors these designs are! Mr. Blackthorne released more newness at the recent Ferosh Fashion Weekend S/S 2016 venue and of course, I fell in love with what I saw.


Bakaboo has wonderful dresses for women but I felt like being a bit different, and … Read more →

Ferosh Fashion Weekend – LBC

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Xi Zane is back with some great designs that were unveiled at the SS2016 Ferosh Fashion Weekend.  You still have time to visit the Vendor area and grab all the newness along with Exclusive items from various designers.



As a Second Life model, I can tell you when we’re on the runway there are guidelines we must adhere to and for good reason, of course.  One of those guidelines is to not add any accessories to our outfits or as little as possible so that the outfit can be the focus of attention.  Completely understandable!  That’s why blogging … Read more →

Listen to Your Heart

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For awhile, I’ve been contemplating some changes in my SL and I’ve finally made some decisions.  Right or wrong, good or bad, you have to listen to your heart and not just your head when you need to make decisions.


You always think about the people who’ll be affected by whatever changes you make, but remember that it’s you who ultimately has to live with any decision you make. How can your heart not get involved at times like these?


D E T A I L S:
Dress: [[ Masoom ]] Jocelyn_Dress @ Lost and Found Event (until 7/1/16Read more →

Ferosh Fashion Weekend – [Loovus]

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My first blog post to feature an item showcased at Ferosh Fashion Weekend. I hope some of you had a chance to take in at least one show over the past weekend.  Ever since Loovus came on the scene a few years ago, designer Vikeejeah Xevion‘s designs always stood out because of their colors and textures and ease in wearability. This newest dress continues with that trend.  I love it and hope you do too.


D E T A I L S:
Dress: [Loovus] Gozoa – Coffee *NEW* at FFW Retail Area
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