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Happy Friday Fans! I’m so glad the weekend is here.  I should be wanting to party it up, but I actually want to knockout and go to sleep, I’m so tired Today. I also heard we may get another 4 to 8 inches of snow here in New York, just what we need here. Okay enough about my real world, you didn’t stop off at my blog for that, let’s get to what you stopped off here for, the great Second Life shopping finds!

Today Lilliana’s look consists of  goodies found at Fresh Style Passion4Fashion, something New from Mute., New … Read more at the source.

D-Style, Mute., Fresh Style Passion4Fashion, The Designer Circle, UberSL, Dulce Secret & -{ZOZ}-

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I am so tired Today, you would think I would be well rested, we got a ton of snow in New York on Monday night and I was able to work from home.  All I want to do is go to bed, but I just had to get this Post out Today.  It’s another one of those Posts that I have been sitting on for a bit.  In Today’s spectacular blog post, I bring you new D-Style, new Mute., Lindy and -{ZOZ}- at Fresh Style Fashion4Passion, IOS at The Designer Circle, Truth at UberSL, and Dulce Secret at The Makeover Read more at the source.

Fresh Style Passion4Fashion, The Designer Circle, New Tameless, WoW Skins, D-Style, -{ZOZ}- @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room, and a Freebie!

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No fooling around Today, in Today’s Post, I have something found at the Rounds of Fresh Style Passion4Fashion and The Designer Circle.  News from Tameless, D-Style and -{ZOZ}- at The Cosmopolitan Sales Room.  Without further ado here is more detail about what Lilliana is wearing.

Lilli’s Outfit is Cheeky Amour’s Casual Jumper, one of many exclusives found at Fresh Style.  Next up is The Designer Circle where 3 different Designers are represented in Lilli’s Post.  The Sky Hight Heels are StormCrow Designs Las Vegas Heels for SLink High Feet, the Heels include a HUD with 8 different colors, … Read more at the source.

D-Style, Latreia, Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Dulce Secrets, Designer Circle and Group Gift!

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Wow here I go again, copping a plea. I’ve been sitting on this post for a few days, I just couldn’t seem to find the time to finish it.  I sat on it and missed the Event that one of the items was an exclusive for.   I didn’t find out till today when I was getting the links together for the locations.  The Top Lilliana is wearing is D-Style’s Turtleneck Cropped Attitude Top and was an exclusive for  Carnevil, I got to the Event to find hey we’re closed and changing for the next round.  I am so sorry … Read more at the source.

SLX, Belleza, D-Style, Hudson Clothing, -{ZOZ}- @ The Big Show, GlamRus Poses and Group Gifts!

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I don’t know about any of you that has the a Mesh Body, but I know for me, sometimes I find it hard to find outfits that work with the Alpha’s.  I decided to do  post of outfits by SLX the work pretty good with the Belleza Venus.  The really awesome thing about SLX is you get a full outfit which includes footwear and sometimes even accessories.

That’s not the only Designer you’ll find in Lilliana’s post.  You’ll also see some sweet VIP Group Gifts from D-Style, some new beautiful Jewelry Sets by HUDSON’s Clothing, another pretty Nail … Read more at the source.

The Designer Circle, Kei @ The Candy Shop, and Eclectica @ The Jewlry Fair!

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I have a splitting headache tonight in RL and am sort of late on this Post, so I really wanted to get this Post done Tonight.  What I am showing this time is The Designer Circle, Kei at The Candy Shop and Eclectica  at The Jewelry Fair 2014!

The Designer Circle’s 88th Round is at the half-time Point, that what late about my Post.  I usually try to get at least one big Post for DC out before the half-way point. Lilliana is wearing Pink Cherry’s Arianna Minidress in Black, .::WoW Skins::. beautify Rita in Dark Tan … Read more at the source.