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I was thinking while writing this Post many people think blogging is all about getting free creations.  It is that, it’s also much much more, it’s work.  Dressing up the Avatar is the easy part.  I have to remember dates of Events, keep a count of how many posts I do each Month to fulfill my agreement with either the Designer, or Event Manager.

For me, I try to never use the same Poses, or same location, except when I am blogging houses, furniture or home decor.  I am usually on my SIM for those Posts. At the end of … Read more →

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I feel like I just said this to all you, but Today is the start of a long Weekend for Me!  I have Monday off in honor of the great Martin Luther King.  You know what that means I’ll try and squeeze in an extra Blog Post!  I will try my best, I do have a busy weekend.  Hair and Nails to get done, then the dreaded laundry.  I always make time for my Second Life though.

Today’s Post is pretty colorful, at least Lilliana is wearing some bright colors.  I’ll be talking about some great Sales Events like SWANK, Read more →

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Here’s what I have for you Today Fans, peeks from Roulett3, Designer Showcase, SWANK, and The Stormwood Hills Event.  I have New Release from WoW Skins, and even a Gift!

I’m going to get right into it and talk about Lilliana’s Sexy Dress or what there is of it, because it is Barely there. ;)  Barely is a very good way to describe Bambina’s Exclusive from Roulett3 as the Dress is Called Barely. The Barely Dress comes with a HUD that has 8 Colors.  I said I had a Gift, and Lilliana’s Leg Tattoo is a Gift from Lushish CatzRead more →

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Today I have another Post with a few Freebies for you to snag up.  I also have a bit of sad news, another popular Sales Event is closing up shop after this current round.  That Event would be Premium Only.  The Current Rounds Theme was Winter and this Round was longer then the usual.  Tomorrow is the end of Premium Only’s Round and of the Event.  Lilliana is wearing a super cute pair of Ugg like Books by Le Fashion Whore.  The  Boots are called “Santa Baby Uggs” and include a 12 Color HUD. You have one more Day to … Read more →

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Happy 2017 Everyone!  I had a late night last night and a late start Today!  Here I am though, ready to start 2017 with a blogging vengeance!  My Post Today has a number of Freebies for you, so read through!

Designer Circle’s current Round, #145 is it it’s last week.  Round #145 of Designer Circle started before Christmas and because of the Holidays, this last 2016 Round of Designer Circle was extra long and it ends on January 7th.  Lilliana’s Dress and Chest Tattoo are both Exclusives from DC.  The Dress is Perch’s Cynthia Dress and it’s sold in two … Read more →

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We are at the end of December, the Day before New Year’s Eve, it’s almost time to say Good-Bye to 2016! 2016 was a  pretty good year for me personally.  I’m looking forward to 2017.  Being at the end of the Month in Second Life and with regards to my Blog Post, lots of Sales Rooms and Special Events are also coming o an end.

In Today’s Blog Post I have something from Evil Bunny Productions TWE12VE and The Naughty List, both end Tomorrow, December 31st.  I also have Winter’s Hallow, and Designer Circle, these all end the first Week … Read more →

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Hello Everyone!  Since I am off of work this week and Thanksgiving and Christmas are over, I finally have more free time and am trying to get a few more posts out.  I believe I have a great Post for you guys Today that even includes a few Freebies.

In Today’s Post, I bring you a few more Exclusives from Winters Hallow, SWANK, and Premium Only’s Winter Edition.  Winters Hallow runs until January 3rd, SWANK’s Current Round ends December 31st, and Premium Only’s Winter Edition ends December 30th.  There is still plenty of time to shop these super Events!

The … Read more →

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Today is Christmas Day!  I believe it is also the second night of Hanukkah!  So to all my Fans, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa!  If you don’t celebrate any Holiday have a lovely day!🙂

For Today’s Post, I’ll have you shopping at Designer Circle’s 145th Round, Premium Only’s New Winter Round, Evil Bunny Productions Naughty List, and SWANK’s current Round.  The Designers Lilliana is showcasing are StormCrow Designs, Slipper, IOS Poses, Truth, 7 Deadly s[K]ins, Out of Orbit, Vengeful Threads, Zuri Rayna, and AppleTini.  The Group Gift is Truth’s December Hair Fat Pack for VIP’s.

Lilliana’s Outfit is … Read more →

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Huge Post Today Fans!  I’m a little behind on the Blogging tip.  RL is just very busy.  I want to try and talk fast Today, as one of my Events has an end date of Tomorrow.  I’m showing two Designers from Roulett3, the current Round ends Tomorrow.  Be quick if you like Lilliana’s Eyes or her Hair Accessory and Piercing, they are both Exclusives for Roulett3’s current Round.

The Eyes are Insufferable Dastards Alluring Eyes.  .ID.’s Alluring Eyes are sold as a Fat Pack, which includes six Eye Colors.  You get System Layer and Mesh Eyes, plus a 20% discount … Read more →

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I have been sitting on this Post all week.  Lately I’ve been having a hard time taking photos in SL.  I used to be able to set the graphics all the way to Ultra, recently I do that, get on photo and I crash.  I do believe it’s time for a new PC.  I’m working on that, so hopefully next year.

I’ve also been behind on timelines.  Not only is SL, but in RL as well.  Christmas is a week away and I am usually way more prepared.  Time is just flying by.  The Frozen Fair literally slipped past me … Read more →