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I swear I am still catching up on all thing RL and SL since Thanksgiving.  The minute Thanksgiving hits the rest of the Year starts running on hyper speed for me.  I wanted to get my Christmas Tree out last Weekend, yeah I do a fake tree.  When you live in an Apartment Building in New York, dragging Christmas Trees down to the basement and outside once the Holiday is over is not the easiest and you’ll have to sweep all of the dried pine needles you left on the way.  There are Tree Bags, that sort of works, but … Read more →

Advent Calendars 2016!

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Looking for Advent Calendar?  I have a nice huge list.  I am updating the list as we speak.  Please be patient with me :)  You can find my Advent Calendar List .:HERE:., or look at the Advent Calendar Link up above.  I should have the list confirmed by the end of this Weekend.  Enjoy!🙂

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This is the time of the Year where time just flies.  Both RL and SL get extremely busy with Holiday Festivities.  Thursday is December 1st which begins the actual countdown to Christmas.  Counting Down in Second Life means the Advent Calendars!  I still have my huge list from last year fans, I will be checking it twice the next two days to make sure I have the right landmarks to the best.

I haven’t been feeling very well in RL the last few days.  I don’t know if I caught some stomach virus I hear is going around, all I … Read more →

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow United State Residents.  I had the usual Turkey, Sweet Potato’s and Stuffing, plus lot of other delicous foods including Pecan Pie for Dessert.  Lots of People usually have Pumpkin Pie, but my favorite is Pecan!

After this weekend back to clean eating.  Today is Friday and the Friday after Thanksgiving is Black Friday.  Did anyone go shopping in RL Today?  I stay far away for the Malls on this day.  So not worth the aggrevation.  Shopping in SL isn’t as bad as RL, but there were some SIMs that were Full and not easy … Read more →

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It’s Thanksgiving Week for us here in the U.S.  A time for getting together with loved ones and being thankful.  I am thankful for a lot, my husband, my health, our jobs, a roof over our heads, etc.  I am also thankful to have the day off on Thursday!  I am also off on Wednesday and Friday, a 5 Day Weekend!  Now that is something to be thankful for! *Giggles*

I’ll definitely be on SL a little more this week, somewhere in the middle of trying to get those awesome Black Friday Deals, both in World and in RL!  I … Read more →

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I have a super large Post for you Today.  It’s so large that I’m going o try and be quick here and not go into everything Lilliana is wearing with precise detail.  There are lots of photos and all of the credits are listed below like usual.

In Today’s Post you get possibly a last look at the current round of Roulett3, I may be able to squeak out one more post for Roulett3 this Weekend, there is one more item I would like to Blog.  Roulett3’s current round will end next Wednesday, November 23rd.  Lilliana is wearing Lady RoiRead more →

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Today was it, the end of the long Weekend.  This is the 3rd Post I got out within 4 days, not bad.  I did what I wanted to do.  Today’s post is a long one.  I’m showing some furniture, home décor and even a home.  All things I thought were really nice and since they are all from Events, there are discounts which is always special!

I’m giving you a peek at the new event I talked about in my last post, and I forgot I was selected for a second new Event, The Pepper Expo.  I don’t have any … Read more →

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Halfway through my long weekend, I still have two more Days Whoo-Hoo.  It’s not going as wonderful as I though it was going to be :(  I still have two more days I don’t have to get up and go to work, that works for me.  Such is Life.

Some good News for me and my Blog for you the Fans as well in a way.  I was just accepted as an official Blogger of the new Fusion101.  Fusion101 is a Monthly Sales Event that begins on the 10th of the Month.  The first Round just began this past Thursday, Read more →

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I’m really excited about this Weekend.  I have a four Day Weekend starting Today. It’s Veteran’s Day.  Not all Companies give their Employees off, but mine does.  Yay me!  I also took off Monday.  Hopefully I can get at least one extra Post in this Weekend, I’ll try for two!  Here’s to all the Men and Women in the Armed Forces who keep us Citizens safe!  I appreciate each and everyone of you, God Bless!

They should have Armed Forces in SL.  I mean they should totally role play boot camp.  Maybe they do have it and I just don’t … Read more →

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At the Start of the Post it was November 5th.  I don’t think I will have this Post published until November 6th as it’s 11pm (EST) for me.  Why am I saying all this?  Well November 5th is a special day for the real me.  November 5th is my RL Birthday!  Happy Birthday to me! :)  You never know though I may get the post out within the next hour.

I had a really nice day.  I started with a day at the Hair Salon.  My Parents and Sister set me a gift via FedEx.  My Husband bought me dinner, … Read more →