I Wish … a Note to Skin Designers

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If I can have one wish — if the SL Genie drops in and says, “I will grant you one wish in SL” — I will ask to be taken back in time to the years when some really great skins were available. One of the best things about the skins listed below is that they did not have dirty nostrils — you know what I mean, when the shadows inside the nostrils are so dark that they look dirty. Regardless of how good a skin is, and some of the skins today are absolutely beautiful, I will not wear a … Read more →

It is time, again – well, almost.

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The 2017 holiday season is upon us – Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve. And right in the middle of the season is the annual Peace on Earth Hunt [POE], beginning December 1st and ending December 31st. POE is the longest running grid-wide hunt in Second Life, now in its 10th year. With 298 designers participating this year, it may also be the largest hunt.

Ample Avi is #073 in the hunt and has created a new curvy shape for POE hunters, Round Robyn.

Stop by Ample Avi and pick up a new shape for the holidays.

And for up-to-date information … Read more →