Spooktacular Happy Halloween 2014

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I guess you can call this costume Skull Girl. I also want to note that I am wearing tattoo layer and underwear layer on my slink physique at the same time. I hope you have a spooktacular day!

Looking for fun things to do? 
If you do one thing- do the Nightmare Walkthrough!
Kirsten’s List of Halloween Things To Do in SL

Costume Ideas:
Friendly Clara Witch
Sexy Black Latex Cat
Scary Vampire
Fantasy Spellbinder Character

Historical Kirstentacular Halloween:
My 2013 List of SL Halloween - it is kind of neat to compare it to this … Read more at the source.

Tutorial: Modern Rigged Mesh Fashionista Edit Skills

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Today I made a video tutorial of some rigged mesh editing skills the modern 2014 Second Life Fashionista needs! Because the average resident has not had to edit or re-size anything since about 2010 due to re-size scripts and rigged mesh, I think a lot of basic skills we all used to know have been lost. In this video tutorial you will learn how to apply some old and new fashion editing skills to a modern 2014 rigged mesh world. 
We will learn how to:
  • Click on/ grab/ select rigged mesh
  • Tint Rigged Mesh (even if it says no modify,
Read more at the source.

I’m So Fancy

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Liv Glam has some cute jeans outfits with shirts and jackets as specials this week. I am mixing the two. I have One Night Only HUD 1 jeans on and the top from HUD 2. HUD 1 has blue jeans and 2 has black jeans and they each come with shirts with 6 texture changes each. HUD 2 is a Tuesday special and HUD 1 is a Secret Wednesday special starting tomorrow. Usually with Liv Glam specials, they come out on a day and stay until the next week when new items will be put on special. So travel on … Read more at the source.


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I had a hard weekend in RL. So I came into SL and enjoyed my photography and art. It relaxes me. I put together a sexy outfit perfect for clubbing and made a motion picture to show dancing, fun, and movement. My top is a physique applier top from Sassy that is available at the current round of The Big Show. Not only does is come with Physique appliers it also has Tango, Mirage, Delicq, and Omega. It comes in 10 pretty colors and is only 150L. My latex leggings are new from Maai. Three opacities are included … Read more at the source.


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I am a vampire today. I love that you can be something different every day in SL. This is definitely one costume idea. Swallow has alabaster Halloween skins with Slink physique appliers at the new round of TDR Fusion for only 70L. You could use this skin for a variety of Halloween looks. I thought it had vamp potential. My dress is original mesh by Kaithleen’s. You can get it with or without blood, but I surely think the bloody version is fun for Halloween! You can find this dress at The Bloody Horror Fair

Hair: +SpellboundRead more at the source.

If the Shoe Fits

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NanTra made a pose pack especially to show off sexy shoes called “If the shoe fits,” at the current round of The Liaison Collaborative. It contains six sexy poses with mirrors. The sexy shoes I am featuring are new by L.Warwick at the new round of No21. They are a beautiful two tone bright color version of the Cordelia Platform heels. You can find them in six different two tone color options at the event. These special colors will only be available for the 21 days of this event. Grab them while you can at No21 until November … Read more at the source.


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I am a very sexy kitty cat! Putting this costume together started with this hair by lamb at collabor88. I needed this hair and then I decided the hair should be part of a whole costume. I wanted to wear my curvy shape and found this applier latex suit for my physique from Sn@tch. I paired it with some new original mesh Irena spike boots in latex. I previously blogged the leather version of these boots, here, and now the designer updated with a latex texture version. I am all ready for Halloween!
My very cat-like poses … Read more at the source.

Thank You Chadni Khondji, Hopscotch Owner

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Thank You Chadni Khondji the owner of Hopscotch. Chandi sent out slink physique updates to her Dotted stockings to everyone that had previously purchased them with slink feet appliers only. I thought this was really nice and wonderful!

I am re-buying a lot of things for my physique now because I do not take it off anymore. I have a HUGE folder of slink feet applier clothing that is pretty much useless to me now. So it was really nice and refreshing to just get an update automatically sent to me with the updated applier, for free, because I … Read more at the source.

EverGlow is Vintage and Cool

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EverGlow has 4 sets of skateboard poses at The Vintage and Cool Fair. Two of the sets are wearable poses that you just attach the skateboard. The other two sets are skateboard props you sit on and therefore have to be able to build on the land you are taking your pictures on. I am showing you one pose in set 1 and one pose in set 2 in this post. They really are some cute pose prop packs and you have until October 24th to shop the Vintage and Cool Fair. 
My cute double bun hair with bows … Read more at the source.

Mystic Fantasy Spellbinder

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The Mystic Realms Faire is currently open til the 26th and there are tons of gorgeous fantasy items. If you are looking for a costume for Halloween, this is a great place to check out. I am wearing Eudora 3D sandals, ploom hair, G*Field outfit, and using NanTra poses- all exclusive items at The Mystic Realms Faire. 
More beautiful fantasy items can be found at, Tales of Fantasy that just opened up and my tree of life jewelry set is a new release by Cae exclusive to the event. You have until November 3rd to shop Tales of Fantasy. 

*BOOMRead more at the source.