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As much as people (myself included) poke fun of other people’s looks and styles, that individuality and someone’s personalized style is one of my favourite things about Second Life. Everyone truly is unique in some way.

When I decided that tee*fy‘s Mia Mini Halter Tank Top from Summerfest ’14 was a great summer-y roller rink top, I headed out to find a roller rink. But then I thought it looked kinda lonely with just me so I sent out a message looking for people to come join me. I had NO idea who would come or what their style … Read more at the source.



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There’s a new event that has started called Rhapsody which runs from June 28th until July 12th and fri.day has another set of awesome shoes exclusively for the event! The Jezebel.Heels are made for SLink Mid feet and come in a bunch of stylish colours. Check out the Rhapsody event for a bunch of other great music themed items!

drunkonyouWhat I Got On//
/Wasabi Pills/ Melissa Mesh Hair – Chocolate
The Secret Store – Sailor Blouse – Red Stripes
Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans_Belt
Maitreya * Dirty * BF Jeans Shorts
fri. – Jezebel.Heels (Ruby)

What He’s Got On//
Truth – Joey… Read more at the source.



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Have you seen my lost shaker of salt?! Since it’s summer, Jimmy Buffet has been playing nonstop on my iPod and Collabor88 has the perfect theme to match: The Lighthouse!  You can get your nautical fix for the entire month with a bunch of great designers and lighthouse/sailor/beach/nautical themed items like the Captain accessories (hat & aviators) from (Yummy). I love the lingerie from Baiastice so it’s no surprise that I adore the Luli Bikini! It’s available in a variety of patterns that will make it hard to get just one!

Remember Maitreya‘s Boyfriend Jeans? WELL, … Read more at the source.



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Just a quick little post before I’m off for the weekend to show you some cute shoes! fri.day has a special two pack of “never released / possibly pre-release” Joan.Heels (shown on right) made for SLink’s High feet. The two pack includes Sailor (blue) and Rosebud (red) for 50L as part of Fifty Linden Friday! CandyDoll has a new group gift since this amazing store has reach 1000 “Likes” on Facebook. Made for Slink’s Medium feet, Raviosa (shown on left) is only available to group members. Currently, the group is free to join, but there will be a fee … Read more at the source.



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If you are like me and have NO idea how to get water to look good/amazing in SL, well have I got the thing for you! Actually, Strawberry Singh has the thing for you. I’m starting to look at Berry’s website more and more lately because it really is full of amazing finds and tips/tricks, like Flaming Pear’s Flood Photoshop Plug-In. This little plug-in creates amazing water with even more amazing reflections. When I saw it, I had to try it out because I always wanted a cool picture with water. Not sure if I achieved that but … Read more at the source.



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I think I’ve only ever done one of Strawberry Singh’s Monday Memes. Clearly I’m not a big “blogger challenge” type blogger but for this week’s Second Life Friends List Meme I thought it would be fun to grab someone, a certain friend who I greatly admire and who showed me a whole other side of SecondLife, whether she knows it or not.

mishaMisha’s answers:
What is the number of contacts on your Second Life Friends List?
197 – This is down significantly since I stopped working like 4 jobs at a time in SL. It would even be much … Read more at the source.



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I am LOVING the new round of Collabor88! The whole vintage 1950′s / rockabilly look is something I wish I could pull off! Sadly, I can’t in RL but I try in SL (and usually fail but I fail fabulously!) fri.day‘s new Moxie.Heels are super adorable and come in a variety of colours, as well as a polka dot pattern. They are add-ons for SLink‘s High Feet.

I’m like 99.999999999999% sure that Tee*fy is my new favourite shirt stores. I don’t know what it is (besides the amazing quality) that I love but I find … Read more at the source.



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Cynful has released the full line for the Cropped Denim Jackets just in time for spring! Layering with mesh can be sometimes difficult but I tired this jacket with a few different mesh tops and it actually works out pretty well, even if you have to go up one size bigger it still looks normal. Or if you don’t want to layer, the jacket looks great without a shirt on underneath *wink wink nudge nudge*

cynful_What I Got On//
_CD_ BFF Bracelet Pink
[Cynful] Cropped Denim Jacket
~CandyMetal~ Nautic Tube top mesh Sailor Blue     *not fully rezzed Read more at the source.



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Did you guys know that The Mens Dept has been open for 2 years! Time goes by so quick, right?! As always, there are a bunch of items out for you boys (and girls, because come on….we know that girls always have to take over events). One of my favourites that is out for men and women is the Dozer Hoodie from Razor. For a low price, you get this super cute dino hoodie with a HUD that has over 100 buttons to change texture combinations (outer hoodie, inner hood, and drawstrings). So head over to The Mens Dept today … Read more at the source.



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Monochrome, if you didn’t know, usually applies to a photograph or picture that is developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color. Black and White is one of my favourite things so naturally, a whole Monochrome Fair is clearly right up my alley including Cynful‘s Spring Hoodie available in 5 colours that are HUD controlled to change the shade of colour on the hoodie and top. There is also a ‘hoodie only’ version included.


What I Got On //
*ARGRACE* Equestrian Cap/Fiona – Sandy Blonde
+Half-Deer+ Antler and Ring Necklace (Natural)
[MANDALA] … Read more at the source.