Oh The Pretties!

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Hatpins - Rhosyn Hair Wreath - Purple and White

Hello there! Excuse me a moment if you would, while I do a little happy dance. The weekend is upon us, and with it there are sale items to feast our eyes upon. I’m certainly feasting with delight, as Miss Reghan has supplied us with some serious pretties for the bargain shopping! I promise I won’t keep you long, so let’s take a look! First we have the Rhosyn wreath in delectable purple with white. I could happily wear it everywhere, how about you? Also you will find the pretty Gracie available for the sale price in pink. Springy and … Read more at the source.

Jenica LandarOh The Pretties!

~Hatpins~ 2014-03-28 14:37:40

Jenica Landar Designers, Events, Fashion

Hatpins - Freya Flora Band Ad - Violet and Blue

It’s a beautiful and breezy spring day where I am, which puts me in a mood to look at pretty flowers. Or better still, to wear them! Now, while first life self doesn’t do so well with actually wearing the plant life, second life self LOVES doing so. So this weekend’s bargain item is perfect. The Freya Flora band is featured this weekend in delectable shades of violet and blue. I think I shall plant her atop my head and find a pretty dress to match, something flowy as I wish to dance in a meadow and scrunch my bare … Read more at the source.

Jenica Landar~Hatpins~ 2014-03-28 14:37:40

I’ve Got A Secret, Or Two

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Hatpins - Floraleigh Straw Hat - Violet Bouquet

I am guessing it’s truly no secret that I’m about to show you lovely bargains on pretty hats, so let’s get to it, shall we? *smiles big* Miss Reghan is participating in My 60L Secret this weekend and there are a couple of beauties waiting to make your acquaintance. Please, allow me to introduce Floraleigh, a delight in straw and color. I suspect she would love to protect your head from the sun, she’s helpful like that you see. Imagine the joy of gardening in style with this pretty hat!

Hatpins - Ariesse Cloche Hat - Magenta

And if you happen to like a lass who loves … Read more at the source.

Jenica LandarI’ve Got A Secret, Or Two