My Inner Peace Is In Here Somewhere

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Collabor88 is inspiring us all to find our inner peace and get the lead out this month with their theme of GYM CHIC. I suppose the feeds are going to be full of folks working out, thus count me among them. Yet, it’s not a bad idea after all. Keeping yourself centered and focused and healthy should be a priority. Perhaps if we focus on it for our avatars, some will bleed over to our typists?

Did you make SL resolutions ? I didn’t, but maybe now when pulling myself into multiple poses meant to stretch my body and mind … Read more →

PMSL 2017

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The best part of a Friday night in and being single is I can do whatever the eff I want. Eat candy and pizza at the same time? HELL YEAH. I can and do. There’s nothing bad happening, I’m not gaining weight.

I’m at peace on a perfect Friday night, hanging out and doing nothing. 

I can lay in bed and eat pizza while unicorn horns pierce my flesh. I can do ANYTHING. Your world, your imagination. That’s the slogan, right?

The food coma is strong with this one.

Hope your Friday is as awesome as mine!
Gidge is … Read more →

Build Your Wings On The Way Down

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Sometimes you just have to say what the fuck, as Ferris told us, and so I am setting up an all new house just about the time I got my old one sorted perfect. I’m redecorating, trying to embrace only putting out new things because old things are old, but I’m struggling a bit.

I’m trying to be different, even if it’s a familiar version of myself.

I can say that so far into the new year I feel different. I know what I want, but not how the future will really play out so that’s ok too. The future … Read more →

Where There Is Great Love, There Are Always Wishes

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I’m one of the lucky ones, loved, beloved and full of love in return for the one in my life who keeps me going. I had a friend once, when I was a single girl, who used to say “I don’t know why you girls don’t just find one person to love and stop dating all these boys.”

As though it were that simple, to find the one. 

As though it were simply a choice, to meet that one and love them for the rest of one’s life. Yes, let me do that instead of this pesky dating business, I’d … Read more →

Why So Sad

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I confess I’m not sad. I’m playing with the fun tear filled skins from Pink Fuel. Perhaps apropos were I filled with soul rending drama but ALAS I’m not.  I’ve set up my new home studio and new file folders for my SL photos for 2017 and well, I’m rather excited to see what the new year will bring around.

The beautiful coat is from Mutresse and it’s still available at COLLABOR88 this month. You’ve got a few more days available to so I say GO FOR IT if you haven’t popped by yet. This is perfect for days when … Read more →

Closing out 2016

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It’s fitting to start my new year in my new place, and so I’m headed to bed after I get this planner set up for my 2017 life. New year, new life. I wonder what it will bring?

I’ve slipped into a new body from SLINK – the NEW HOURGLASS with an awesome new HUD – I’m loving it so far just playing. If you like a curvy girl look which you always get from Hourglass you’re going to love this new HUD set up. I’ll share more soon on it. I’m late to the party, but sue me.

I’ve … Read more →

NYE and Staying In

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It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m still getting settled in my new house. I’m not up to a big shindig and I don’t have a date, so that’s a perfect excuse to curl up with a book and some online shopping and just relax this evening don’t you think?

I’ve got some take out and i’m settled. It was a pretty good year, but I’m not caught up too much in reflection. I’m looking forward to a long night’s sleep – I should get out a bed probably soon.

Eventually bed, not now. Maybe I’ll wait until someone releases an … Read more →

The World Is Yours

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I had a brief bout with homelessness yesterday. Funny, in my early days of SL – suddenly not having my own space would have made me feel panicked – even unsafe. But yesterday I thought “Eh, this’ll sort” and went wandering. I found my way over to Amatorum and I hadn’t visited it’s new incarnation, I’m rather delighted at how lovely it is again. It’s a little bloggers dream in terms of vignettes for shooting pictures.

I’ve been thinking a lot about 2017 and if I’ll make changes or just be at peace with what I’ve got. Both things may … Read more →

Juicy Shapes Are Back

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The advent of the amazing world of BENTO and the release of Lelutka’s SIMONE Bento head has brought one of my favorite shape makers out of semi-retirement. The world has changed and now we can all be ourselves again, with a little help from our friends in my case.

By now you should’ve read all about all the adjusting and fine tuning you can do to SIMONE – and if you didn’t head here.  Gogo nailed all tlhe amazing features with crisp clean pics. You do need this head. I’m positive of it.

As for me, I’ve got some shopping … Read more →

Sir, I Found Your Badger

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He’s a cheeky cuss. Yes, he is.
Dress: #2 Blueberry / Show Time / Maitreya – Dress Queen / RARE THE ARCADE
Coat: #4 Blueberry / Show Time / Maitreya – Coat Queen / RARE THE ARCADE
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.6
Skin: League – Milla
Eyes: Banana Banshee – Memories – Seasons Pack HUD
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Badger: Schadenfreude Cuddle Sir Badger! RARE THE ARCADE
Hair: Tableau Vivant \ My Holiday chinchilla [rare]
Tableau Vivant \ My Holiday Evening THE ARCADE… Read more →