Fighting The Elements…

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I awoke depressed, certain that my future as a blogger was at an end due to the recurrence of a recent tropical depression that is a fashion icon and a MAN MAGNET. That’s right, the undefinable and incomparable Swirly Cyclone has RETURNED.

We old timers existed in her shadow, hoping to one day be as glamorous and fantastic as the amazing Swirly. When she left we all breathed a sigh of relief, we no longer had to feel second best. AT LAST we could just accept ourselves and not desperately try to be as lovely and witty as Swirly.

Peace … Read more at the source.

Feeling Beusy

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I’ll admit I don’t stray from my tried and true stylists that often, I’m a creature of habit I am. But this month’s Collabor88 introduced me to a new to me stylist that I do like quite a bit – Beusy.

They passed my first test of fitting my mesh head – so many new to me folks don’t.

Then the second – they make a nice blonde.

I’m wandering around Amatorum in my comfy sandals from FRI.DAY and this great summer Maxi Dress from Aphorism – both can still be found at Collabor88 for this month.

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The Hair Fair 2016 Photo Contest Is Here…Did You Enter?

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It’s HERE it’s HERE! Hair Fair Photo Contest IS HERE! Do you like FREE HAIR? Do you like shopping events early so you don’t have to try to get in 60000 times with some hud you bought off of Marketplace? THEN THIS CONTEST IS FOR YOU!  I’m challenging everyone who reads this to enter this contest – it’s SO rich with great prizes, you’d be silly not to! This is my entry. Well, my first entry. I might do more than one. We shall see!

The theme this year is  Whatever the Weather and that’s great because you can capture … Read more at the source.

Things That Go TOK In the Night

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I was so wound up from my exciting and happy Friday that I just couldn’t sleep properly. I decided to read for a while to see if that calmed me down but you know then my mind got going with all the beautiful things I was seeing and I was even MORE awake.

I tried reading a book and listening to some calming music but nothing seemed to quite help me relax. In fact, the book was a bit scary.

I began to feel kind of frustrated when I suddenly heard a TOK and a clatter and it sounded like … Read more at the source.

Every Little Thing…Is Gonna Be Alright

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Sometimes, just sometimes, you get a perfect Friday. For me that’s today and I am celebrating the best way  I know how – watching the sun set in my pixel world and relaxing poolside.

I’m at such a different place than where I was when I woke up. When I woke up I was full of stress and worry and now? Well now I am calm, I have a strong sense that things are falling together the way they should.

My friend suggested that I sit and write down this thing I needed to happen. That I write it over … Read more at the source.

Tales from the Wandering Camp

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VINTAGE FAIR is happening and I’m lounging in a new release from FISSION, who is still a mainstay of classic couture in my wardrobe. There aren’t a lot of retro fashion designers of consistent quality, Ingenue and Fission area always at the top of my list.

This new lounger from Mudhoney that you can pick up at THE ARCADE is probably going to end up as a staple on my deck. She always makes such lovely items, and this one is no exception. It’s loaded up with great poses to keep the narrative of your SL going creatively and comfortably.… Read more at the source.


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Escape was in order and sometimes there is nothing for it but the water. This new barge from Trompe Loeil that you can pick up at COLLABOR88 this month is nothing short of perfect for listening to the lapping water and just forgetting the world for a while.

Cool separates from The Secret Store are perfect boatware for this hot summer day. I couldn’t even be bothered to dig up some shoes today it’s so hot. I may be headed for a nap until the heat of the day has passed.

The barge comes with a hammock which is perfect … Read more at the source.

A Lady of Varied Interests

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I think it’s important to have various interests and activities in one’s life.  Thanks to the Arcade and Collabor88 I am able to embrace lots of mine, and try new things like this hoverboard. It’s SO much fun, I may use it for travelling everywhere from now on! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about SPACE lately, especially some weird object that hovers in the atmosphere of Phobos, lately. It’s scaring me, so I’m embracing my fears of aliens with hard and fast knowledge of space, and some lovely decor from Floorplan is helping calm my mind for sure.

My new … Read more at the source.

Like a Peasant? Not Hardly!

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Let’s face it, I’m not one for work of any sort. Housework? Oh good grief. But you see Cajsa has gone off on an adventure leaving me alone here on the isles for a few days and I confess I must get some work done. If i don’t it will all pile up and the entire place will be a disaster when she returns from her trip and well, that’s just no good.

I’m not keen on laundry. In fact I’m more of a wear it once and throw it away sort of girl, I confess. However, sheets and things … Read more at the source.

Visiting Cajsa

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I am visiting Cajsa but she’s not home. So I’m touching all her stuff while she isn’t here. No one tell her.

We live on islets facing one another, and it reminds me of a fond time in SL from my ancient past. A friend had a swath of land with little islets all together and it was a lovely, idyllic little place to live for a long time. It’s like living with one’s friends yet living alone with freedom and privacy too. I rather like it.

How other people in in SL is always a wonder to me. Cajsa … Read more at the source.