Boho and Pup

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I tend to love the end of events, those last days when I don’t have to fight the throngs of people to get in. I don’t have to fight to see the vendor or deal with the crashy nature of too many avatars pulling around too many other avatars on leashes.

Collabor88 is winding up for may but you’ve still got a few days left to get in there and grab the goods that are available at the great low prices of this event. I’m still decorating my new home, and these cozy pieces from Ariskea seemed like a likely … Read more at the source.

We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home: For Bubbles

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There are so many realizations that come along as you are part of the end of someone’s journey. You realize that there really is a time to die. You suddenly realize someone NEEDS to die. Then you hate yourself for that thought. You don’t want that. The conflict is human and it’s desperately inescapable. It’s a terrible place, the last steps to home. It’s also a sacred place, and if you can be there for someone, it’s the last and most precious gift you can give them.

Bubble’s mom is struggling with ALS and that burden is heavy. It is … Read more at the source.

Don’t Judge My Food Intake

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Yes this is all for me, but the caloric intake required to support keeping this mesh body rendered is outrageous. We fashion bloggers we have to eat a lot. It’s like the opposite of real life. If we don’t eat tons of food we melt back to Ruth.

No one wants that.

It’s a tough life, but I’m willing to consume mass quantities to maintain my beauty. It’s a sacrifice I JUST have to make.

Gidge is Wearing:
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Ambrosia”(Fatpack) COLLABOR88
Necklace: (Yummy) Layered Chain Choker – All Colors COLLABOR88
Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-ARIA v1.3
Skin: Lelutka – Milla… Read more at the source.

So Much Back

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Sometimes even land that isn’t perfected landscaped can make me happy. Our islets are just in their natural state, rolling hills and sea, simple and lovely. I’ll probably do some decorating at some point but for now, I’m just relaxing and enjoying the expanse of sky.

I’m excited about the new releases at Collabor88 this month, they’re fitting RIGHT IN with my new relaxed outlook. The swimsuit, pareo, rings, necklace and shoes (next pic) are ALL available at Collabor88 and they’re all necessary items for your summer.

I’m still chilling out at my new pool from Trompe Loeil. It’s my … Read more at the source.

And With That I Moved House

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I knew what I wanted before I found it. I wanted windows. I wanted sleek and square and modern. Luckily Barnesworth Anubis had already created it so it was there for the rezzing. I can’t decide how to decorate and I’m partially considering not putting out anything old in it. Well, I’m considering it.

I probably won’t. In fact even as I was decorating this morning I did already yet – I kind of love the thought. Fresh clean start for the summer is appealing, you know?

I started with the bedroom. I chose the room with no windows as … Read more at the source.

Logging Some Pool Time

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You know you’re missing something. You think – my SL is really great except I need…THIS THING…..what is it?

I called Raynee over and insisted she spend her day soaking up the sun and doing nothing with me in a very intentional manner. We watched the sky warm up and soaked up the rays.

Now this has me questioning should I change my house. What is life?

Maybe I won’t think about that today. Maybe I will just think about how great it is for everything to be optional and NOTHING to be HAVE TO. That seems like a good … Read more at the source.

Almost Homeless

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Cajsa and I were almost homeless this week. There was a snafu, an oooops, one of those timing issues where something goes wrong and now you don’t have a place to live. Sometimes those are easily corrected. We got lucky – the land was ours again, we are once again neighbors on our tiny islets of joy.

But it put me into reflection about where I am in this place between second and first life. There is no doubt that my Second Life doesn’t hold the sway over me it once did. I’d no longer call it an addiction. I … Read more at the source.

MIX IT UP With a New System Skin

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I don’t let the old Gidge face out that often these days, but BELLEZA has a new skin out for MIX that’s for you if you’re a system skin girl. Paige comes in 7 skin tones with the following options: 5 brows, freckles, cleavage, hair bases, matte and gloss lip layers.

She’s a very pretty face – almost makes me miss seeing THIS face every day. ALMOST. SO CLOSE.

Not quite.

I’ve realized I desperately would like to have my beauty mark back though, on my Lelutka head, after looking at these. Hart Larsson needs to GET ON THAT.   :)

Happy … Read more at the source.

Wandering Around Cajsa’s House

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The best part about living across the water from Cajsa is that from time to time I can come over and stalk around her house. She has impeccable taste, and I have to admit I love to see how she’s decorated when a new house goes up.

Living next door to your best friend in SL, even if you don’t see each other all the time, is pretty awesome, I have to admit. Especially when her taste is THIS good.

I think I need her to invite me over for breakfast some time – check out this view….wait, I have … Read more at the source.

Purple Skies At Tea Time

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I took a break from a busy SL day to have some Cheeky Tea. I’m telling you I giggled pretty hard at the new release from Cheeky Pea. I felt like I want to eat tons of sweets once I had this set out – it’s dangerous to have so much pretty food nearby I think.

You’ve still got a few days to hit up COLLABOR88 – and since the crowds have probably slowed, I’m going to highly recommend you stop in. The awesome is still there are great prices. My hair and bodysuit today are both from there. I … Read more at the source.