Random and Fashiony

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Sometimes while searching for props I run into things I used to love and had forgotten. This was one of those days. I’d pulled out several marquee items as props to shoot and there was my big G.

I have to put that out!

I’m celebrating more Collabor88 goodness today. Moon Amore makes dreamy, whimsical dresses that are always lovely and fun. This soleil dress from Collabor88 this month is a perfect pickup for warming days in our SL. Bring some sun! 

I’m also wearing the hair released from Exile – yay I needed something new to show off earrings. … Read more at the source.

A Bump In The Night

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I heard a noise in the night and had to come downstairs to investigate. Sometimes my cats are so quiet I forget I have them, and I have to assume that it was them. Where Cajsa and I live is private, it would take a lot of doing to GET down here to us, yet – the noise was such a crash, I was certain I was going to find some cretin offering to to make-f*ck with me wandering around my house.

I was looking forward to an early AM eject and ban, if you must know.

Of course it … Read more at the source.

The Things You Learn

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I was out for a stroll when I discovered a little problem with my rings. IEQED made these gorgeous rings for mesh hands and she was thoughtful enough to include a little note so you knew which hands depending on your body etc. I read the card, saw that for SLINK it required ELEGANT hands and so hey I already had those on – huzzah!

Except, they didn’t fit. In fact, one ring was floating in space and the rest weren’t centered on my fingers. I’ve worn IEQED rings many times, I’ve never had this problem. I read the notecard … Read more at the source.

Days End Days Begin

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My days begin and end the same way, in my bedroom shucking off my clothes or putting on my clothes, looking for comfort or fashion or something in between.

Chocolat Atelier had some adorable lingerie appliers at Epiphany so I had to go get them this past weekend. I always like their machine because they include top or bottom together so hey, adorable lingerie – WIN. I got the pink and white so even better. I don’t care if it’s not the rare.

I’m in for the night and wondering if I’ll put on something and go out to find … Read more at the source.

I Am Ridiculous

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My wants and needs are simple. A unicorn and some friends to walk along with me while I shop at events. Sure, I’ll bitch about the lag, but I’ll also be a huge part of the problem and pretend like it isn’t my fault.


Ok not really. I do need the unicorn, for sure. But I didn’t ride it around events. The lag was getting to me but I think it was the other people wearing PETS and other crap that were causing me issues. So you know, thanks for being thoughtful.

I did manage to … Read more at the source.

If I Could Change The World

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I would be the sunlinght in your universe
You would think my love was really something good
Baby If I could change the world…

The power of angelic inspiration would probably hook me up with that ability, the influence others as I saw fit. I’m giving it a try in Second Life with my new angelic outfit from Blueberry that’s been released for EPIPHANY as a gacha. 

You can change the wings a bit via hud but there are also several color options if you get the wings, so yay for that.

The complete set includes a body chain, arm … Read more at the source.