Dance Dance Revolution – Vintage Style

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Adam & Eve have released some lovely new pretties for VINTAGE FAIR and I had to hit the town in this beautiful dress made JUST for dancing. The swirl of the skirt and lovely fabrics have my swooshing around the grid in glee.

Truly, only of my favorite creatures is the party dress and this one is extraordinary.

I wore some comfy flats from Ingenue so I wouldn’t get tired feet while out dancing my heart out in this beauty. They didn’t disappoint me at all.

It was a pretty wonderful Saturday night. I hope yours was beautiful as well.… Read more →

Shut Up and Drive

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I had to have the PINK Convertible from Consignment at THE ARCADE this month and as a result, my friends got cars. YAY for my friends right? But I DID end up with the pink eventually which is really all that matters.

I should get a garage for it, don’t you think?

I am a ridiculous addict of ice cream in both worlds, which is probably no surprise. I find I prefer PIXEL ice cream though because of it’s complete lack of calories.

You might ask why I have pears in my hair.

I think the appropriate question is, why … Read more →