Rumpelstiltskin Was a Douche

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The Tale of Rumpelstiltskin was always one that troubled me as a child. Really this poor girl has been kidnapped against her will because her FATHER is an ass and you can’t be nice to her and help her out? You have to make a bargain for her FIRST CHILD?

And what’s he going to do with the child anyway? I can’t even remember what the story says. In my mind, he’s going to eat it.  WHAT A JERKWAD. 

That’s why I decided that when faced when Rumpelstiltskin for ENCHANTMENT, I’d just weave straw into gold and make a dress. … Read more at the source.

I Left The Window Open

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Leaves blowing in are just one danger of leaving open your windows around here. Another would be that you might get burglars, or noobs.  I chanced it and only wound up with a shower of leaves as the fall colors are suddenly everywhere.

Cheeky Pea released this fall themed bed for n21 event and it even covers you up when you lay down. I love little touches like that.

The covers peal back when you have a seat, which I love.

I was asked to try out the AMPLE AVI shape THROE with clothes on, as there’s been problems by … Read more at the source.

Ample AVI ? Hmmm Maybe…

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I saw on NWN that AMPLE AVI is having a promotion on a curvier shape called THROE for HALLOWEEN and decided to see how it works with my mesh body. I’ve been toying with being a bit curvier for a few weeks so I thought I’d just give this one a spin since it was only 100L to try.

I think overall I do like the shape, I would have to wear the BOOBS option of some hairs, as you can see, in the shape on the right, the big old boobs are cutting into my hair.

I think it … Read more at the source.

It’s YOUR Second Life

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Is there anything sweeter than the joy of a new computer that is awesomer than anticipated? Nope. Awesomer IS a word.  I’m currently in the sweet spot of NEW COMPUTER JOY and it’s hard not to be super happy. I’m not a big badass gaming machine but it’s mine and it works and that’s all I needed from it, frankly.

I spent my Saturday night in both lives, with a book. 

That might not seem like a fantasy life, but the option of curling up in silence and peace with a good book, or hell even a TRASHY book isn’t … Read more at the source.

And Then WoW Killed My Computer

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WoW dropped the prepatch to their next expansion and all hell broke loose in Azeroth. Everyone experienced challenges and problems. I personally experience a problem I didn’t see anyone else have. In the middle of the patch………


What does one do when one’s computer won’t play a game? Obviously, one gets on the phone and orders a new one.

My new machine needs a better vid card but I took it on a stroll through SL regardless. It PLAYS SL flawlessly. In fact, it’s the best experience I’ve had BEING in SL in … Read more at the source.

To Snuggle

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Well I got a new nightgown at DON’T PANIC but, it seems to be a used item. It’s kind of, dirty. But I’m really tired, so i’m going to just let it go and wash it tomorrow.  I’m tired, and I’ve got a new little snuggly OOPSIE to cuddle at bed time. I have to admit it’s really cute and goes well with the bunny headband and hair from PLOOM.

I’m going to hit the hay early, I’m looking forward to a really restful night. Goodnight to you lovelies.… Read more at the source.

Overbite – Or Don’t Interrupt Me While I’m Primping

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Oh I do get very bad tempered if you interrupt me while I’m doing my hair face.  Very.

“Becoming a vampire means changing your identity completely.”

                                          ~ Park Chang-Wook

gidge is wearing:

Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Betsy
Skin: theSkinnery] Gemma 6 (champagne) TAG GACHA
Eyes: IKON Eternal Eyes – Iris (S)
Nails: Twisted Peach… Read more at the source.

I Better Take A Selfie

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I am in the middle of decorating for HALLOWEEN and I’m so excited. I LOVE Halloween in both lives, and I confess I probably enjoy decorating for it as much in both places. Halloween is awesome. I may have a party, I should probably schedule that if I am, eh?

I did the stores in the TAG gacha that I liked – it’s too big for me, I can’t go to 50 stores so eh, I just went to a few and got some awesome things – SUCH AS the awesome cameos from Second Spaces. Those are hilarious.

I am … Read more at the source.

Morning Are Complicated

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Pixel Gidge has luxurious, beautiful mornings every day. I think this is because my own RL mornings are the opposite of hers.  As I stumble through the chaotic, wrinkled messy world that is RL I juxtapose SL Gidge’s morning when I blog – sitting it opposite my own.

The more peaceful and lovely her morning, make that the opposite for me.

Time for a slow, lovely breakfast that she savors? The opposite for RL Gidge.

MY SLINK OBSESSION comes to a close on Oct 22 – and there is still time to pick up this skin from Deluxe Body Factory … Read more at the source.

I Am Not Made To Be A Supermodel

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Some of us just don’t do sultry well. I can try all I like to pose and pout but really the girl inside me is doing this…

For no better reason than “I can”.

SLINK released new bikinis and thongs for us island dwellers in SL and I was happy to spend my day in the m yesterday, enjoying the surf and sand.

I’m also here to remind you that MY SLINK OBSESSION is open STILL and everything at that event is 50% off of retail price. For instance my skin today which has VISAGE appliers. I took some snaps … Read more at the source.