I Never Like To Admit That I Was Wrong

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Are you good at admitting you’re wrong? It’s a skill. When I’m working, toiling at my desk and blogging, shooting, styling, I have no problem admitting something’s wrong. “Look at that intersection” or “Oh god why did I think that went together” or whatever it is I’ve done wrong, I am ok with admitting it. I’m good with accepting it and moving on.

Personally I’m terrible at it.  I hate realizing I’m wrong about someone. I hate being wrong about who they are, or their intentions. 

I hate it so much that I can be known to ignore it – … Read more at the source.

Got My Hucci On

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So I had some time to myself after feeding my kitties and doing the usual housework and I thought SELF! You need to go out! So I dug in my closet and found some perfect clubbing clothes from House of Hucci.

It was Fetish Night and I guess my fetish is….cute clothes.

I opted for cute flat shoes even though maybe those aren’t the most SL DANCE-Y sort of shoes. They’re more cute beach day/pool day shoes but you know what, I can do what I want.

I took my kitty with me to the club, she was a huge … Read more at the source.

The Right Girl and the Girl Who Waited

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There is the Girl Who Waited who is Amelia Pond. She waited for his return, and when he did great adventures and wonder happened throughout her life. But she was spun along through her own adventures, like a rudderless boat sometimes. She wasn’t the captain, yet she was a willing participant in the chaos of adventure she was able to experience. (I won’t embrace the spoilers of the end of her adventures, as we know it’s against the rules – SPOILERS!)

But there’s another kind of girl and she’s the kind who won’t wait for anybody.

F. Scott Fitzgerald nailed it … Read more at the source.

A Headache Away

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So many things are just a headache away from solving. Right now my head hurts. Decisions are hard, and I’m not a girl who makes them when I don’t have to.  Yet here I am making decisions, shedding my skin and becoming a new girl.

It’s rather liberating. Sort of a “dance in the cold ass snow” sort of liberating.

The snow, however, is cold as shit.

I need to go back inside.

Liberation and happiness have many faces. This is one of them.

Gidge is Wearing:
Rings: (Yummy) Birthstone Ring – October – Opal (Blogger Copy)
(Yummy) True Fate … Read more at the source.

If You’re Ready Come And Get It

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Cheeky Pea has a new bed out at UBER and I really like it. It’s a swirling mess of blowing silks around a lively arbor theme. She’s calling it the Woodland Tent Bed and it’s aptly named. I’d like to try it out but alas, I’m all alone over here and can’t give most of these animations a go. I’ll trust that they are lovely.

I do like the feature she’s built in of covering you up if you’re sleeping. I’m a big fan of snuggling under the blankets so yay for that.

Speaking of other things I like, I … Read more at the source.

What’s Wrong With Being ?

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It’s a Sunday that’s been rife with things to do and me being confused about events that aren’t open yet or are already closed. I’m 15 kinds of cranky so I decided something comfortable was in order for today.

My new dress is a shirt dress from Fission and it’s got the right amount of “put together” to go with just hanging around. 

My shoes are also from Fission which were for the Carvers End event but I’m hoping she still has them in her store for you, they’re so cute.

As for me, I’m having a struggling Sunday, I … Read more at the source.

What’s Your Runway Like?

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Everyone has a different runway of emotions. It’s how long it takes you to break, to change course, to stop whatever it is you’re investing in. That friend whom you question “how long is she going to put up with that?” is still on her runway. She isn’t out of space yet. I think all emotions have them in some way or another, and how we react when we get to the end of that runway is another thing all together.

Some people crash and the fireball is amazing. We’ve all been there, seen the smoke, the flames, the rage … Read more at the source.