I Promised You Pumpkin Pie

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And I’m delivering. Pumpkin Pie it is thanks to WHAT NEXT.

Storms are rolling in here on Juicy Island and I’m enjoying the cool breezes as I wind down my day. MY ATTIC starts tomorrow with amazing new things, all of which are only 95L and an amazing bargain.

The gorgeous windblown hair from MINA will be at MY ATTIC, as will the shoes from Bushu and the adorable dress from STELLAR. STELLAR has even released nail polishes to coordinate with the dress – perfect!

The stampede into MY ATTIC at the DECK starts at Midnight so I’d suggest either … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaI Promised You Pumpkin Pie


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Cajsa’s impeccable taste and Second Life’s lack of effective inventory searching lead to me getting this dress. There is nothing about that which I find to be a problem. In fact, I feel like I’ve totally scored.

She’s been taunting me with my birthday gift, I have to admit I thought this was it, it’s THIS gorgeous it’s worthy of being a gift on it’s own.

She picked it up from KELINI at Penumbra Fashion Week (I think) and it’s so slinky and gorgeous I have to admit feeling very 20s Hollywood glam right now.

Truth’s throwback style TULIP was … Read more at the source.


I Love Fall More Than Alicia Chenaux

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Don’t you hate it when someone shows you a satire site and you don’t get it? Alicia showed me this site yesterday and I was bufuddled. Who is Courtney? Why don’t I know who she is? I mean, I get it now, but at first I thought I had missed some whole internet phenom until she pointed out it was satire.

That being said. All I can think about now is fall.  I had to drag out my pumpkin pie makings set from ARCADE which btw is STILL open AND I bet you can get in, I really do. … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaI Love Fall More Than Alicia Chenaux


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Yellow is underrated on blondes. I think striking yellows just accentuate beautiful blondes though.  SLINK released a one shoulder dress in many colors, of which yellow is one, which is really an understatement.

A one shoulder dress doesn’t really express how necessary this dress is. It should be called NECESSARY ONE SHOULDER DRESS.

Necessary. Yes, THIS is necessary. As are the oxfords from L.Warwick.

I had to slip back into Pink Fuel a bit. Hard to resist those lips.

That’s all for me :)

Happy Thursday!
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Gloss: [Pink Fuel] Doll V2 – Thin Gloss (Pink)
Blush: [Pink Fuel] … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaLemonface

Clothes Are, In Fact, Allowed

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You might begin to think that we aren’t allowed to wear proper clothes with our Belleza Venus bodies but this just isn’t true. I think, though, that when we get a reason to be naked of half naked on the feeds, we just run with it.

I know I do. :)

It’s a quickie today as the RL is pressing upon me. This adorable dress in chocolate + other colors is from Sacha’s designs – perfect for summer into fall looks.

I’m also showing off a preview of shoes that are on your MUST HAVE LIST, you might not know it … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaClothes Are, In Fact, Allowed

I Mean Sheer

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Lacuna released a mesh body stocking for MY SLINK OBSESSION and she says it’s sheer and she mentions it again in the NC but my my she does mean sheer doesn’t she? WOO.

In other news PINK FUEL released their DOLL V2 Skin and I ran over to grab it. I love Pink Fuel. Here are a couple looks at makeups.

I can never resist crying makeup. But I don’t always have to cry.

My SLINK Obsession is open for another week, so don’t miss out on this round before it’s over!

Gidge Is Wearing:
Gloss[PF] Doll V2 – Thin … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaI Mean Sheer

Discussions of Daryl Hannah

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Daryl Hannah and Neil Young are apparently an item. This is RL gossip. We were discussing this at work, and were talking about our favorite Daryl Hanna movies. I kept thinking there was something I LOVED her in, something unlike her other work and I couldn’t place it.

Until Wicked Peach released her Extraterrestrial makeups for The Liaison Collaborative or whatever the hell the name is. TLC. That thing. Anyway, my favorite role Daryl Hannah ever played was PRISS.

Priss was a pleasure unit. And she had badass makeup. I chose this golden version of the makeup, it’s lovely.

My … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaDiscussions of Daryl Hannah

Deja Brew

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After a long day of unpacking and sweating like a peasant I decided to treat myself to a nice cup and a sweet treat. I saw a new spot featured on PLURK the other day and had to go check it out. I wasn’t disappointed.

So many lovely treats and beautiful things to see here, I know I’ll be back. It’s just lovely.

I deserve a cookie. I totally do.

Lipstick: [PXL] MIA NAT Lips 03 {tattoo layer} UBER
Brows: [PXL] MIA NAT Blue Eyebrows {tattoo} UBER
Beauty Mark: [PXL] Beauty Mark POS10 Dark SX
Lashes: Amacci – Eyelash … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaDeja Brew

And Then I Cursed Barnesworth Anubis

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Of course the moment I got my house finished, I got it done and settled the way I wanted it, Barnesworth Anubis had to release a NEW house at Collabor88 that I could not resist.

So that was that. I’ve moved. And now I must live with the aftermath of moving.

Moving in either life is always such a chore, I always make sure to unpack my bed and my coffee pot both places, so that I can be functional.

The problem is, the house is perfect, it’s already got me thinking of fall and Thanksgiving and where I’m going … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaAnd Then I Cursed Barnesworth Anubis

Shooz Nooz #2

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Events are bringing the love of shoes for all of us SLINK wearing girls and I thought I’d share some of my recent favorites.

First up is INGENUE at COLLABOR88. Available in a 12 beautiful colors these shoes compliment fun summer looks in dresses or slacks.  They would look great with cocktail wear as well.

Also at COLLABOR88 this month from Fri.Day more heels for your SLINK HIGH feet.  These are available in 11 colors.

More awesome in the HIGH style from L & P at MY SLINK OBSESSION this round. These are texture change so you can vary up … Read more at the source.

Gidge UrizaShooz Nooz #2