Fade to Grey, a temp exhibition at Nitroglobus gallery by Mr. B. (Burke Bode)

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

poster for the temp exhibit made by Mr. B.
When Burke Bode (Mr. B.) saw that our gallery was empty he contacted me and said ‘lets meet coz I can help and place some work on your walls’. And so it happened. Within 1,5 hour the art works were installed on the walls and I announced. Wow, never ever was this fast :-)

Come and see Mr. B.’s temp exhibit ‘Fade to Grey‘ 
Very B., daring, sexy, hot … need I say more, worth your visit for sure!
Every day one of the now COLORED WORKS will turn Read more at the source.

Exploring Metamorfaces

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

This afternoon I visited Metamorfaces, an installaton at LEA10 by the creative Art(istik) Oluja. 

The notecard one receives at entrance point explains the installation, which is RL based and tells Art’s impressive story:   
One morning, I woke up to troubled dreams, and realized, I was in a state  of metamorphosis. Like a spider trapped under skin, paralysis slowly crawled across my face, suffocating the sensation in my lips, then taking away my ability to taste, swallow, or speak normally. For the following months the distortion continued; I couldn’t smile, frown, laugh or cry, and had become hyper-sensitive to Read more at the source.

Nitroglobus gallery worth a visit

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

back from my RL holiday and posing in our gallery (Nitroglobus)

Two pics I made before I went on RL holiday to Majorca. Saying goodbye to Nitro, my dear partner and co-owner of Nitroglobus gallery in his workshop, which is situated in the outer part of our gallery.

In the main hall of Nitroglobus gallery we still have the work of famous machinima artist Tutsy NAvArAthnA and the awesome mesh sculptures my partner Nitro, made especially for this exhibition ‘Serie Noire’. 
In case you didn’t have time to visit yet, here’s your taxi to Nitroglobus gallery.

Some impressions and Read more at the source.