‘BODY’ by Paola Mills at Nitroglobus gallery

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

photo by Paola Mills

It’s soo cool and Nitro and I are truly proud to have Paola Mills showing her work at Nitroglobus again.
Her exhibition ‘BODY‘ will be on the walls of our gallery during the months of February & March 2015.

Here’s Paola’s interpretation of this exhibition:

The body, the shell of our soul
Is not just a wrap, without emotions
You can treat your body, be aesthetically perfect
But the eyes that look at you
Full of love and compassion
Will only see an empty container
Devoided of any charm
Begin your journey of
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Barock Doll

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

Wearing the Livid Barock Doll Dress fitted mesh & the Livid Barock Accessoires: the Heavy Vanity collar and the Sir Alexander Clutch Baroque black.
What a cool outfit and accessoires! 
I am wearing the Stardust version, but there are 2 other versions of the dress available in the folder: the Elissabat & the Marie-Antoinette.  

Furthermore wearing: 
Maitreya Lara mesh body 
Elyssium skin on my face
MINA mesh hair Linda materials, which I didn’t take off ever since I put this wig on. Thanks so much Mina for this awesome bloggers review item.

Photos made at my home sim (Read more at the source.

SyS Coquine belted (see through) shirt

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

Photos made at The Rose Theater and at my home sim in front of my partner Nitro his impressive artwork ‘Sisyphus’.

Wearing the NEW super gorgeous mesh SYs Coquine belted shirt (fitted mesh) which can be worn as no, mid and high transparent and comes in shades of grey-black-white-brown. I bought at my Attic the grey one and am wearing the high transparent :-)
Luv this top a LOT!!!

Combined the Coquine belted shirt with my Coco jeans (a former Group Gift)
MINA’s Linda mesh hair materials
The gorgeous collar necklace is MG’s ‘Vallari Neck collar and Read more at the source.

PD Wide Awake

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

Wow cool outfit of Precious Designs (PD) this Wide Awake jacket coat, which comes with a color HUD that will give you 6 warm dark colours. I choose the blue/purple one.
Super texture and cool fit and sooooooo classy :-)

Furthermore I wear the Maitreya Lara mesh avi and the Maitreya Lara Lingerie bra in blue as well as the MINA hair Linda Busty, materials and the SMS pearl necklage purple.

dikke kus
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Linda in a Plaid dress

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

Lovely details on this cool mesh plaid dress of Lunasea Fashion (LF). Look at the back and admire the strings.
Plaid dress comes in various fresh colors. I picked the red one with the black belt/ribbon; after all my fav colors.

New is also MINA Linda hair. I opted to be a blond for a change. Although on the bottom right picture I am wearing an older Diva hair.

Furthermore wearing Maitreya Lara mesh body, including hands and feet, but I bet you noticed coz half the grid is walking around in Lara. 

That’s it for this evening. It’s Read more at the source.

Exploring SL: Mistero Hifeng at LEA29

In Events, Fashion by Dido Haas

Exploring Second life: LEA29 is exhibiting the work of the Italian artist Mistero HifengNitro and I, we both love Mistero’s work muchly. 
Mistero was an exhibitor at our gallery (Nitroglobus gallery) a while ago. He and Nitro did the exhibition ‘Hidden Faces’ together. 

A truly awesome place to explore. I loved the atmosphere of LEA29, blue water, great lighting and awesome artworks.
I bet you will make as many photos as I did ^-^

Here’s your taxi to LEA29 

MINA hair Roos, Maitreya Lara body, Maitreya Vixen fitting dress (luv it) and my
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