Resonant Dreams by Yadleen @ the Sunday Cafe

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Proudly announcing Yadleen @ the Sunday Cafe of Nitroglobus Roof Gallery.

When : Sunday 11 December
Time  : 21 hrs Amsterdam time (=12 pm SLT)  

Theme: ‘Resonant Dreams’ (text by Yadleen)

Everyone has dreams. Dreams are combined with feelings and emotions. I transfer my dreams into music. If you listen – you may get in resonance with my feelings. Our thoughts will get in resonance. Maybe we even have the same dreams. Sometimes we can feel it physically too. If it happens it’s beyond words. “If all words have been spoken, only music remains.”

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Finally a Mesh head

Dido HaasEvents, Fashion

What a lovely place this is: the winterlandscape of Rosemoor, created by Krys Vita & Arol Lightfoot. Great quality and details & lovely poses everywhere. 
Here’s your taxi: Rosemoor winterland
Yeah, finally I did it, I bought a mesh head. Pfff, it took me a long long long time to decide and it wasn’t easy, coz most of the mesh heads are lookalikes, have too pounty lips, etc etc.
Until last weekend when I got inspired by a blog post of League about their Ella Catwa appliers created for Catwa Annie (although League mentioned Ella will also fit other Catwa Read more →

‘Always Closer’ by Elo @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery

Dido HaasEvents, Fashion

Sharing some info about the NEW exhibition @ Nitroglobus Roof Gallery with you, coz I am very happy and proud to have Elo’s works on the walls of my gallery!


‘Always Closer’

When Elo started to make photos in Second Life, she liked to make portraits. However, with the years, and the people she met, she wanted to explore the BDSM side of SL, that is by way of making photos, because from what she learned, to submit
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