Meanwhile it’s tough settling down

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In SecondLife you can be anything you want to be, look like anything you want and live whereever you want, and thats great, and often what you want changes several times a day, but sometimes you need to settle on 1 thing, at least for a little bit.  So I have rezzed and decorated about 5 houses in the space of 2 weeks and it’s just got to stop! So I am sticking with this one, the Dragonfly cottage from Culprit for at least 6 months.


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Darkley AeonMeanwhile it’s tough settling down

Meanwhile light and shadow

Darkley Aeon Events, Fashion

I am a HUGE fan of windlight, I have 100′s of settings (usually end up using about 5 though) and I like to use shadows in my pictures.


FaMESHed has opened for another round and you can get the dress (Cracked Mirror) in fitted mesh and also the hair from Wasabi pills

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Darkley AeonMeanwhile light and shadow

Meanwhile look at my non-cleavage!

Darkley Aeon Events, Fashion

Fitted mesh seems to be slowly making its mark in SL now, and this new jumpsuit thingy from Cracked Mirror shows exactly what I have been waiting for.  Deep neckline that doesn’t have a massive gape around my non-boobs.  I did have to increase my boob size slightly to get it to fit perfect, but that’s the kind of concession I have no problem with.


Also, if you missed the KoiKoi shoes are this months 21 Shoe Eku has now released the whole line, loads of colours to choose from.

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Darkley AeonMeanwhile look at my non-cleavage!

Meanwhile on the move again

Darkley Aeon Events, Fashion

So I moved in SL again…. I know with mesh you can get more bang for your buck prim wise but it’s never enough right?



Also spent an obscene amount of money on house stuff once I’ve finished decorating I will take pics.

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Darkley AeonMeanwhile on the move again

Meanwhile at the dock

Darkley Aeon Events, Fashion

In SL terms anyway.  Mesh has been around since about August 2011, and I now own no sculpts, no flexi stuff, my house and furniture are mesh, my clothes/hair and eyes are mesh.  So I wanted to do a post where I blog brand new stuff, and older mesh stuff because most of my mesh stuff hasn’t dated, it still looks amazing.


So my ‘old’ stuff I am wearing today is the hair from Wasabi Pills, the shoes from Gos and the jeans from Maitreya.


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Darkley AeonMeanwhile at the dock

Meanwhile I am unisexy

Darkley Aeon Events, Fashion

The Men’s Department  opened for another round a few weeks ago, and don’t let the whole ‘MENS’ part put you off if you are not a male avatar, because it’s not just mens stuff, there’s loads of decor/furniture and unisex items.  Plus it’s all original, no templates.


Part of what’s on offer at the Men’s department this month is this chair, rug, mirrors and cactus from Mudhoney, which is very manly but I can make  it work.


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Darkley AeonMeanwhile I am unisexy

Meanwhile I am on fire

Darkley Aeon Events, Fashion

Not literally of course but I bought this hair, played with the HUD and remembered when I ombre’d my hair a few years ago, I am a ginge and I lightened the ends and the people at work said it looked like it was on fire, so I was chuffed about that.




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Darkley AeonMeanwhile I am on fire

Meanwhile standing in the sun

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It’s that time of year, when the sun is on you, its lovely, but as soon as you hit the shade its freezing.


So I’ve been gardening RL today, and logged in when it started to hail (again)

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Darkley AeonMeanwhile standing in the sun