The Painter’s Workshop

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This month’s theme for The Challenge is Workshop – Studio – Atelier.  There are plenty of creative builds for this round. One of my favorites is this tiny cobbled together studio. So fun!   I love the mismatched window wall. The official name is  the Garden Atelier.  

Some painterly accessories are available too. The painter table is VERY clever and makes me smile.

Find all these pieces at 22769 ~ [bauwerk].

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New Windlight Videos

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The last week has been spent making and remaking Windlight video tutorials.  The first is VERY basic and meant for first time users but the second and third might be of interest. These use the Firestorm Viewer but much of the information relates to other viewers.

Below that are a couple of my favorite Windlight settings that you can download and install in your skies folder (a little bit of techiness needed for that :D).  

*** Videos ***

First steps in understanding how to change your Windlight skies and see the world as YOU choose.

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Mean Comments Meme of the week

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LEA29 – Mistero Hifeng

Berry’s theme for the week is on cyber bullying.  It has been a difficult month (well year) for many of us and that has lead me back to typing in that literary sense. So here is my input and answers to her questions.

Have you ever been subjected to mean comments online by strangers?

Long ago and far away in a land called the Newly Burgeoning Internet, I was kind of a super star. The web was young then and SMALL you understand. So it wasn’t all that difficult to be noticed. What I found … Read more at the source.

Beachside Bar

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I think I’ll just stay here forever. Well maybe not.   

HERE of course is down by the beach.  It is still Autumn here and may remain so as the colors are lovely. But even if you need a shot with surf and sand in mind, there are closeups!  

These topical drink givers will add some props to your shoot. Venture into the water, the raft, the life buoy — lots of choices.

Come film!… Read more at the source.

Ready for Spring

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I am really REALLY ready for Spring. And today my corporeal self got to enjoy some nice sunshine while planting sees for June salads. 

If you have an outdoor area, or a patio or a sunroom — well lots of places really — this Lanai Wicker set from Cheeky Pea for Uber is perfect.  The cushions and pillows are texture change in themes. Both PG and A versions are available. It is a big set with not all pieces shown here so zip on over and see everything.

Some new cute as a button hair can be found at eXxEsSRead more at the source.

Viva Vega

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Vega City opens today with shopping and housing options amidst a lovely mountain and lake terrain.

Somewhat tropical, white and pastel buildings blend with vast water for a peaceful feel.

Upscale homes are available for rent: zip around to the BACK of each to find the rental info.  Fully furnished highrise apartments can also be found.

There are plenty of entertainment and lounging areas in the sim. 

My posh attire is from BAIASTICE for Uber.  The Draped Mini Dress comes in Spring tones, jewel tones and basics and can of course be worn without the Venus Leggings Boots. … Read more at the source.

In the News – Techie Stuff

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2010 seems a LONG time ago!      Hovering in pose from  Diesel Works

I hate posts without photos and I am still on “enforced vacation” until tomorrow. Yes, it WAS hard but yes I DID take most of a week off.  My house is much cleaner, I did lots of sleeping and some gardening and even a time out with a friend at the French PASTRY shop (yum).

*  I am anxious to return though and I do have some plans including a remake (well let’s call it a whole overhaul as I am much smarter now) of my … Read more at the source.

Me, Myself and I Meme

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Sceenshot from my film “Elusive”

I too am on vacation this week but Berry’s meme theme is definitely something I want (and need) to do. It has been an extremely wild and bumpy 2015. I don’t expect it to calm down any time soon even though I wish it so.  

Just not in the stars.

Anyway, here are my quick as a bunny hopping across the waiting room at the psychiatrist’s answers.

I am… strong, smart and talented
I want… a rest period from the drama now and then
I have… friends that I cherish
I wish… for peace in … Read more at the source.