New in the City

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A bit of newness in the city includes this scrumptious bed. Can’t you just feel the softness of the comforter?  What makes this bed special is that while it is all rumpled in its off state, hop on and the covers move completely off and the decor pillows disappear. So — you could have one scene with folks talking and the next with them in an embrace or whatever with the SAME bed. The continuity gal would be thrilled.

Find it upstairs in the new new Pied a Terre brownstone. There house boasts a full ceiling skylight with city view. … Read more at the source.

Hammering Away

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OK. Let’s be honest; I am just being hammy here with my hammer. BUT there is a story. I have been uploading my OpenSim Pied de Terre brownstone to SL. This is the first building I have ever ported in the SL direction — mostly because physics can be a pain. But miraculously I got both doorway and stairs on the first try.  Yep surprised.

As I moved from the beta grid to my building pad I noted that I was a tad overdressed to be hammering, and that made me smile. Smiling is good, so I am sharing. The … Read more at the source.

Black and White

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You can’t go wrong with neutrals and mixing neutral patterns is even more fun!

From ArisAris the Declaration Outfit with three tops and three skirts via hud.

From Bliensen + MaiTai for We Love Roleplay the Taranis ring in silver. Gold versions are available sized for both men and women. There are armbands, bracelets and earrings available too.  HURRY ON THIS RELEASE – LAST DAY! 

From lassitude & ennui, the Lucy heels which come for Slink and Maitreya (woot). Several colors are available and the hud lets you change the metal tone on the zipper in front.… Read more at the source.

From Cheeky Pea

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New from Cheeky Pea, the Nile Bench for Shiny Shabby . With three colors to choose from and both A and PG versions, you can’t go wrong. The string light photo hangers are super detailed with lots of places for your favorite pics. Both rug (also in tan) and String Light Hangers are sold separately.

I love the Dreamer Lights! The fit in very nicely with the Nile offerings. The Dreamer Lights come in gold, silver, copper and dark versions and include twelve textures. Find them at The Serephim Social.

Read more at the source.


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Some great stuff can be found over at Futurewave.  Here are two more fun releases.

From Senzafine, the Eclipse Jacket (also available for men). As you can see, it is long enough to wear as a short coat, so extra options.

These Bliensen + MaiTai – Orbital – Space Boots are certainly showstoppers!  Fitted mesh, they work with lots of mesh bodies as well as the legacy avatar.

My hair is LESHENKA from eXxEsS. So very many colors to choose from (two full screen height huds with many colors in each one). 

Poses by: aDORKable, Helamiyo, … Read more at the source.

An Aqua and Silver Future

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Sleek and shiny — and did I mention seductive?


From [ SAKIDE ], the Leyana Dress with color change hud for the curvy areas. Tons (TONS) of colors to choose from.

From !!Chaos, Panic, & Disorder! the Transmission Headpiece with color change hud. Mix and match colors on both for a favorite look.

In my case I went with silver and aqua to coordinate with the 22769 ~ [bauwerk] USB2 Tree. Lots of fun!

Get over there and get in some shopping!

My hair is a new release from MINA who has been a very busy gal. … Read more at the source.

You Do That Voodoo

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Now we have all probably had someone that we wanted to stick pins into :D.  But even if that isn’t your typical mode, this new voodoo doll from Bliensen + MaiTai for Genre (really need to get over there!) is SO CUTE. Well maybe cute isn’t exactly the correct term. Engaging?  I do love it.

Three versions, hold – rez – wear (I switched arm placement on this for the pose) give you lots of options.

Bra and panties by BAIASTICE for TLC – Pigalle Lingerie-Leather-Brown

deviousMind VoodooDoll – featherFetish headDress and  VoodooDoll – leopardSkirt

Poses by: aDORKable… Read more at the source.

Have You Ever

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From Berry’s Monday Meme since it is fast and easy and I am lazy these days — well maybe not so much, just busy.  Here goes.

  1. Have you ever owned a sim in Second Life? – Well technically I “own” LEA7 but since I actually am just the curator I think the correct answer is NO.
  2. Have you ever created content in Second Life? – Yes, lots for many years, mostly eclectic stuff that I make for myself and then sell mostly on the Marketplace. 
  3. Have you ever driven a vehicle in Second Life? – Yes, but I am a
Read more at the source.