Spring Picnics

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It’s looking a lot like Spring out there. Time to dig out the shorts and outdoor gear. I am ready!

The Wayward Hunt is going on.  I haven’t been hunting in ages and this looks like a good one with lots of top stores in the list.  From {what next} this cookie plate and cookie jar (I LI each) that dispense a CHOICE of wearable cookies to your guests. I am very impressed with the cookies!  AND hungry!

When your tummy gets full of those delicious cookies, you can take a rest in the new Marta Spring Pergola from … Read more at the source.

The End Is Here

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If you love to hang out in the wastelands, then the new event that started yesterday is just for you.   The End is a quarterly, post apocalyptic themed sales event.  All items created for and sold at The End are exclusive to the event.

This is one of two fall out shelters from Second Spaces. The other is the door sans cement walls.   I had the PERFECT spot for it. Maybe you do too!… Read more at the source.

The "M" Gals

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Two new superb releases by the M Gals, MEVA and MINA. Put them together and you have a steamy midnight photo op.

From MINA – Special color packs are out for Kayla (shown here) and Peggy (you see it almost daily; definitely my favorite) styles at KUSTOM9.  This is one of the new gray pack colors; the darkest.  

And some fantastic new ethnic jewelry from MEVA.   I am wearing the complete set (both bracelets and bangles on arms) which I would likely not do, but I wanted you to see all the goodness. I think the bracelets and … Read more at the source.

Take Me Dancing

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I haven’t been dancing in ages. My “Chicbot” has, but that’s a whole ‘nother story *wink*. She looked like she was having a fun time in a friend’s video, but it isn’t QUITE the same.

If you are luckier than I and enjoy a romp especially to vintage music, I have two new releases to tell you about.

From ArisAris the Nostalgically set of top and skirt. These come with texture change hud and three choices of patterns.

From 22769 ~ [bauwerk], the music set for the Xiasumi School FestivalThe set includes earphones to wear on … Read more at the source.

Everyone Has a Story

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New in the full sim city

A budding machinimatographer mentioned the other day that while he could most likely learn the filming and editing part of the craft, he was unsure if he had the creative skills to tell the story.

While there are many kinds of machinimatography (event filming, documentaries, work for hire) that don’t need an imagination to complete, I do believe that we EACH have at least one story to tell — likely more than that.

It doesn’t need to be lofty or arty or even that complicated. Here is an example that came to me as … Read more at the source.

Digits Meme 2015

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Happily Berry’s Digits 2015 meme coincided with a really cute release from BAIASTICE for The Liaison Collaborative (opens the 15th).  The three piece set comes in both tartan and lacy varieties — and of course many colors!   Look for FLING lingerie.
Now I didn’t type out all my digits for this year but I did check for changes. Here are my digit numbers from 2012.

alas some favorite lingerie that no longer works for me.

Do you currently own a mesh body? If so, do you wear it all the time or just once in a while?

YESSSSS. ALWAAAAYS.… Read more at the source.


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I was planning on featuring this new dress and hair amidst sunny skies and peach blossoms. But then serendipity had a hand.  I had been filming and when this Windlight setting appeared on my screen I simply said “oh my”.

So here is the scoop on the newness.

Dress by SLC — the Mesh Summer Double Layered Dress. Mine is the nature style but there are many others available. There are two pieces to this dress and one fits over the other in a lovely draped manner. Materials are evident if you see those.  

Hair: eXxEsS : ILYA –  a … Read more at the source.

Trailer Trash – Upscale

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I grew up in trailer parks. They might have had that new moniker of mobile home estate, but they were trailer parks. We moved a lot; sometimes more than once a school year. I learned to adapt. There was really no other choice.

Trailer parks are VERY nosy places — or at least they were in the 20th century. Everyone new everyone’s business; somewhat like a small town or a online group *wink*.

There are plenty of good reasons to make your way over to COLLABOR88.  My BAIASTICE Mile vest and Sava skirt for two.  The skirt comes … Read more at the source.

Toolbelt Time

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A few of you out there might be interested in the new beginning building tutorials that I have been making.  Now and then it is good to know how to build some simple stuff!

These are for PRIM building and Windlight Videos.

The channel is here: http://www.slartist.com/browse-the-tutorial-chic-videos-1-date.html

And there are also tutorials for Blender, both beginning and more advanced.  The grand tutorial list is up on my Google+ page here:


Outfit details on this post: http://chicatphilsplace.blogspot.com/2015/04/cant-go-back.htmlRead more at the source.