Love Hurts

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Yes, sometimes laughter turns to pain in the romance arena.

But we shouldn’t give up on love.

Even if at times it feels like we are walking off a cliff.

On9 opens today at noon.  It is a somewhat romantic event, probably because the upcoming holiday is on our minds. With plenty of great releases including many for the guys, you WILL want to journey over.  Here are a few.

AMITIE ::: Die4Love poses with arrows
NIGHT DESIGN  [AR] Night Women Hoodie (also for guys with a variety of colors available). The tank is part of the one … Read more at the source.

After the Fall

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If the world is going to end, it is best to be dressed for it *wink*.   I SO appreciate Mea Carnell keeping my personal sense of self in exploration mode!

From MEVA for the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, a big set of Desert fantasy gear — many pieces (unrigged and resizable) that could work for the guys as well.  This month’s theme is Starwars Vs. Game of Thrones.

Items in the big set come in brown and gold as well as black and silver. A very pretty necklace and a stunning scorpion ring complete the set.  Add your own skirt … Read more at the source.

Looking Towards Spring

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larger photo here

Even though the calendar says it is still winter for me, I am looking towards Spring. Evening walks at twilight with no need for jackets or sweaters is one thing on my wish list.

On9 opens tomorrow at noon. The venue is packed full of beautiful things for your shopping pleasure. Featured here is one style of the  Breyanna dress from Wicca’s Wardrobe. Iced coffee is the color; Rose Quartz and Summer the other two offerings.

My HAYSURIZA Eyewear Cat Compound glasses are adorable. They really make me smile! Both small and medium versions come … Read more at the source.

Blogging from MOSP

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Last week was spent remaking some items into mesh and retrieving prims from the dreaded “objects remaining” counter. With that accomplished I added some newness to the just rebuilt city  — including a photo studio of sorts.

It is sparse and I plan on digging through my inventory or finding some new low prim chairs to add to the area, but even in its minimalist mode it useful. Check out the  fun curtain backdrop with poses (includes male and couples). The curtains are color change but I haven’t tested to see it that works for everyone. They are currently … Read more at the source.


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These are actually Sami’s legs, a little more “statuesque” than mine. That was actually a size of nylons (some of you might remember those) in the olden days.

Sami hasn’t been around much, but there was no way she was going to miss a pull on the new Group Gift Gacha at Pure Poison. As it turns out her gacha luck was again perfect as the pair she won matches her Lelutka fur coat and other items she was wearing.  You’ll have to take my word for that. This post is all about the shoes.

Be sure and get … Read more at the source.

Home and Garden Expo 2016

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The RFL Home and Garden Expo is coming soon. I have featured that event the last few years and will be doing so unofficially again.   The official blogger list is here so pick your favorites and watch for news on their sites.
I am excited about the plan this year. The small plots which I always opt for as I really don’t need more with such low prim mesh are a whopping 20 x 20 and with 100 land impact allotted. I did a little happy dance when I saw that on the signup sheet.

This is only a … Read more at the source.

Strike a Pose

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Most of us like to show off now and then and with such a spectacular outfit AND a new pose prop — well, I did just that.

From SLC,  Unforgettable Lingerie with Appliers. This is the black version but be sure and check out the other colors including the RED version (my personal fav)!  This is not Safe For Work attire *wink*.

This could be Egypt or it could simply be Runway, but the Amya collection for the Gatcha Garden from MEVA is superb. Both gold and iron are represented and along with rings and bracelets for both hands … Read more at the source.

Back To The Land

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Sadly there is a story behind this post. It was in the queue for the 1st. I saw it happily scheduled — I did I did.

Then, ON the first at noon I noted that there was NO post appearing. I scrambled and put another one up.  It wasn’t until evening that I remember WHICH post has disappeared. Now, remembering is a good thing and I still had my photos — but, I am NEVER as good with the prose that second time around. So apologies there.

Here is the main theme  — as I remember it *wink and a … Read more at the source.

Outdoor Gettaways

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Full Sized Photo Here

Summer sunsets, warm waters, friendly companions. All good.

This is the bound to be a BIG hit; the Beloeil Rustic Hot Tub from Trompe Loeil for Fameshed.  I remember my first Trompe Loeil hot tub; also rustic. I had it out on a deck outside my Taos house in the snow.  This one is spiffier — with stairs and a barrel stove to keep those waters warm. Perfect if you are off the grid *wink* and there are many times I would like to be.

This fits easily on a 512 or in a corner … Read more at the source.