Go Wilde

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The theme of The Feeling this round is WORDS. Frogstar has some  great warm weather wall graphics on driftwood; three colors in all. I love word art and these are perfect for beachy or shabby chic abodes.

My outfit of the eve (very happy with my experimental Windlight setting) is from Ducknipple. While the top is a previous release, the ohsodetailed shorts are brand new.

A hud lets you choose between twelve (yes TWELVE) colors. Both summery pastels and neutrals are only a click away. Look for Devil Shorts. And yes, the back is even cuter than the front. … Read more at the source.

Chic AeonGo Wilde

Clockwork Rewind

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Steam, Victorian, Roaring 20s — come together for a fun post.

This Flapper dress will be available starting tomorrow at The Feeling. Brought to you in three colors (violet and red are also available) by **BN** designs.

Out for The Home Show from 22769, a really big collection of vintage furniture and accessories.

They would of course look lovely in any Victorian or traditional home, but I had  a little Steampunk cottage that was calling for furniture. I think it fits in quite nicely.

There are some interesting accessories in this release including a beautifully detailed sextant (on … Read more at the source.

Chic AeonClockwork Rewind

Let’s Talk Materials

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The list of improvements this last week is long; exploration is called for *wink*. I will be highlighting some of them in upcoming posts so be sure and check back, but let’s talk about ground level — where most wander when they first find MOSP.

Among the new changes are the disappearance of the gray beach house. Don’t be sad, it had a good run and was indeed one of my favorites. In its place — or lack thereof — is a new navigable water area. So when you need a boat, windsurfer or another type of watery scene, help … Read more at the source.

Chic AeonLet’s Talk Materials

Leather and Denim

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OK, it is late and I admit that after almost 3500 posts I sometimes get writer’s block *wink*. And I should add “wool” to that title!

This is a great casual look — especially for those of you going into Fall instead of Spring. We can of course have any season any time here and that is a glorious thing.

New long jacket packed full of details including studs and laces. It comes with color change hud for the vest and trim parts. Look for the Lora Jacket at Ducknipple.  I added black texture jeans and my thigh high … Read more at the source.

Chic AeonLeather and Denim

Changing Lives

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We each
have a tale to tell. We might not be aware of that.

Heartbreak, longing, disappointment — joy; all are obvious.
But what of the quiet moments in life?

A gentle touch, a warm embrace, a child’s first steps; they are all part of our story.

Great shots, beautiful windlight settings and amazing locales can only take us so far.

There are newcomers in the machinima world. An ever-changing roll of directors venturing into the spotlight. They wonder about capturing software and how to get those pesky Read more at the source.

Chic AeonChanging Lives

Neatly Geeky

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This was a fun post to do although I was multitasking big time through all the photo taking LOL.

New releases from Ayiki’s Creations include this fun undies set. I had to smile when I saw what this said. And basic white definitely worked in this shot.   Hand and leg warmers come with.

Also new is  ANOPIA from eXxEsS. Long and high pony pulled to the side, it’s not JUST for Geeky gals.

Glasses, gotta have ‘em. These are new from {theosophy}. The Monmouth glasses come for both gals and guys and in several colors. Find them at … Read more at the source.

Chic AeonNeatly Geeky

Tuscan Sun

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I never made it to Tuscany. There were plans a time or two but life sometimes twists and turns.

I am declaring a personal new favorite Trompe Loeil house; well, er – ah — villa. It looks almost like a modern style village. My previous and long time attachment was the Newport Beach Cottage. My still second pick is the Kumotori Bath House.

Now I am a small house gal. This is NOT small. It does however  have what I need. Tiny spaces — many with interesting shapes and vistas — plus lots of personal outside area make it a … Read more at the source.

Chic AeonTuscan Sun

Newbie Advice Meme

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1. The best place to meet folks is at a venue that hosts activities you enjoy. If you love Jazz, find a favorite spot and visit often. The Destination Guide is a good starting place. If you love playing at playing, then check out some role play sims. Find one where there are actually folks there most of the time; those little green dots on the map will give you a hint.

2. The best place to learn is at one of the schools set up for new folks. New Citizen’s Incorporated and Caledon Oxbridge are both long established places. … Read more at the source.

Chic AeonNewbie Advice Meme