Filming – Overlays – Happy Accidents

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I spent a few hours filming today over at Cafe Society. I have a lot (a LOT) of footage to sift through. In the middle of the shot list (well honestly there is NEVER a shot list for me except a vague plan in my head) a friend arrived in corporeal form and I needed to pause for a couple of hours.

In the real world of course we can’t do that. I remember way too many times when shots were taken at sunset with fingers crossed. They almost always worked out.  Still, I did not want to lose my … Read more at the source.

Night Dreams

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Busy gals need time to relax. That whirlwind social calendar can be draining at times.

The Cheeky Pea  Leafy Bench will be available at The Seasons Story so make yourself a sticky note. It comes with and without pillows, Adult or PG and in various finishes.

Out from MEVA for Cosmopolitan, the Boho Sept Set which comes in both silver and gold with two styles of necklaces. 

This saucy 20.FIVE  Bombari Dress comes in a choice of two packs each with five color hud. Both standard sizes and fitmesh are in the pack. The Maitreya version … Read more at the source.

Styles of the Northern Climes

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It really is a great round over at The Challenge. Plenty of clean lines, subtle textures and personal touches.

This set is from Cleo Design.   A very popular USA look in the later decades of the 20th century it would work well in a retro home in that locale.  The textures are subtle and classic.

I love the light from Shabby Tabby! 

Which coordinates nicely with the Frode desk from Enchant3D.

AND the Uppsala Lounger from [ht:home]Choose from leather or fabric versions, each with a large collection of possible textures.

And for the young or young … Read more at the source.

Filming Day One

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I started filming today.

I have a plan for the most part. I even made voiceover files for the central part of the film. As usual my original plan grew and morphed into something else. It will undoubtedly do that a few more times before I am finished.

I shot footage a Cafe Society LEA28 and The Gray Child (photo above) at LEA15. I encourage you to take a spin around the art sims as there are some really beautiful builds this round.  

And don’t forget you have until the end of the month if you want to submit a Read more at the source.

Girl Time

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Sami and I met over at Ironwood Hills again, both in new duds. Here’s the scoop.

 20.FIVE has added fitmesh to its new releases. More fitting choices and five color huds. I typically have no issues wearing standard sizing mesh, but there are times …..

Not skirt with slit. Note pose with attitude. Note tight fit.   Yep, there are times!

This is the Smikkers Skirt and Stoop Tank.  The tank comes with two choices of hud packs.

Eclectica ‘Antique Hearts’ Jewellery
Vanity Hair:September Song

This new skin was recently on the MM board at .::WoW Skins::. (fee but periodic … Read more at the source.

Do It Yourselfing

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This month’s theme for The Challenge for Builders is “Scandinavian”.  With all sorts of stylish new releases in this round, another post is on the way. But I couldn’t resist showing you this super fun pose prop from 22769 ~ [bauwerk], the Swedish Shelf.

My outfit includes two wonder gifts thanks to Sami.

Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Top which includes fitmesh for Maitreya as well as other mesh bodies. And OMG I just found a HUD with a myriad of colors. This is a must have! (in store gift)

[White~Widow] Wild tattoo for standard and many … Read more at the source.

October Gifts

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I am letting Sami have the lead today to show off some great finds. One, I told her about; the others she found by paying intention to chat logs – LOL.  What a job!

Anyway, here is her info. You can find this post repeated along with some extra shots of non-wearables on HER page.

Her dress is from ArisAris, an instore gift for a LIMITED time so get over there.

Her purse, tattoo and ring are just a FEW of the many gifts at the Cosmopolitan Birthday Event. You won’t miss the boxes and balloons as … Read more at the source.

Cafe Society – Come Create

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Cafe Society is open!  It was fun deciding what to include. I tried to make many areas to spur your creative ideas.

From the notecard which you can pick up from the poster at the entrance.

Cafe Society runs Fall Session 1: September 26 – November 8 at the Art Farm Coop LEA28

Read more about this term here:

Make a film
Tell a Story
Produce a Play

The set is made and already folks have added their touches. You can add yours too.

30 minute rez  or join VB Friends group for a longer time. If your set … Read more at the source.

Happy Rez Day

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It’s Sami’s rez day tomorrow and she is looking pretty smashing. Hard to beat mesh bodies; Lara was a present to herself.  I am going to get her some shoes as that part of her wardrobe must be lacking — mine certainly was when I got rid of all the things that no longer worked.

Photo taken at LEA15 which I definitely plan to film as soon as my new computer gets here. Hopefully Sami and I can do some adventuring in October when I am able to roam a bit more without almost crashing. Fingers crossed for sure.

Don’t … Read more at the source.