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I did a little hunting the other day; the current Dirty Turkey Hunt was my target. I didn’t hit all that many places, but of the items found the REALLY BIG SET of goodies from Plastik were the standouts.

I love these heels!  (Slink medium)

There are several styles of heels and two patterns of dresses. As you might imagine, modest gals need not apply *wink*. 

A better pairing could not have been found than this new release necklace from 22769 for  [L’accessories] The Aida Necklace comes in various finishes. The swirls of the dress are echoed in the wraps … Read more at the source.

A Place in Time

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A dusky early eve in a fantasy world. Is it? It could just as well be current times. Whatever your pleasure there are some new releases that work well in many times and places.

A fun new rigged mesh wrapped pony was released from Vanity Hair. Look for Guns and Pearls. The hair base is not included, but I am guessing you already have a favorite pony hair base. I am wearing one from EMO-tions.  Many color huds are available of course.

My Luna top from Ducknipple can be any of twelve colors with a simple hud click.

I … Read more at the source.

Sweater Sets

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Many decades ago there was a popular mode of dress called “the sweater set”. The ArisAris ~Sinuous Outfit reminded me of those days. This is NOT your 1950s sweater set however  *wink*.

Roomy slouchy sweater, beautifully textured bandeau and saucy little skirt that moves VERY well  — all combine to make this the “new” sweater set style.


Even better news?  There are nine different garments via hud. As I was trying this on I was thinking how nice it would be to choose between sweaters and skirts and such and not just by color. You know what? You can. … Read more at the source.

Snow Days

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The changes have begun in SNOW! It’s that time of year when many of us are wishing for white holiday weather — virtual is best; no shoveling.

The Christmas tree lot will be in the pale outdoor landscape this year.  This homey outdoor picnic table makes great scene.

An outdoor snowy bench now greets visitors at the SNOW landing point.

And there are even some new critters wandering the hills.

Come visit. … Read more at the source.

Secret Fantasies

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It’s getting sexy over at The Secret Affair.  This is deviousMind’s “Ianna” Arcane Dress which comes in 23 colors. Add in some rare drapes and ornaments and you have a cornucopia of silky fantasy.

This is a fitted mesh garment that happily hugged all my minimal curves. OK, I needed a little breast tweaking (oh so flat even though the skin shading suggests otherwise).   Colors range from pastels to vibrant hues as well as jewel tones. Lots to try for at the gacha!

Pose by: Orc Inc.… Read more at the source.


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The theme today is “rustic” which of course comes in all flavors. Out from  Roawenwood for the Gorean Gatcha event, a big set for your tubbing pleasure. There are two (rare) tubs with the other being in a copper finished. The tubs have naughty animations and the flowered rug is a gift at the event. The accessories can be used in various genres with ease. I plan to add mine to the gypsy camp.

Over at The The Liaison Collaborative, Atelier Visconti is thinking in a different  rustic terms.

I love this weathered fountain. It speaks of the … Read more at the source.


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This is the time of year when thoughts turn to family, history and traditions — for some of us anyway.  Two new releases are inspired by the past.

This November’s collaboration at Atelier Kreslo is from Trace Osterham  of Theosophy and Flutter Memel of Flowey. The Lysgard Chair weighs in at an amazing 2 land impact. Six original sitting poses are included. All eight colors of the Lysgard Chair will be exclusively available at Atelier Kreslo until December 12th 2014.

view from front entrance

Just out for COLLABOR88 (yes tardy – that darn real life) from Barnesworth Anubis, the … Read more at the source.