Coming Your Way

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Soon at Uber, from BAIASTICE a wickedly ladylike outfit in the best vein of “multi-purpose”. As I was trying this on I was thinking back to bridesmaid’s dresses (the pink probably had something to do with that but there are many dark and mysterious colors to choose from). It was such a thrill when you realized you could actually wear your bridal attire AFTER the event had passed.  

This set has lots of coordinating pieces. There is the lovely low backed and long gown that would be appropriate for most any elegant affair. There is the hat which boasts … Read more at the source.

Winding Down in October

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I haven’t disappeared!  Not many changes at MOSP this last week or so. Prims are in that “rare” area as I always like to leave enough for you guys to rez reasonable amounts of props and such. This little guy (and he IS tiny) will be greeting you at the entry point for awhile. He is animated and so very cute.

The only other newness is a very nice hammock in the gardener’s shelter down by the raised bed garden at ground level.

My very vague plans as we move into winter are a revamp of the snow area. There … Read more at the source.

Dia De Los Muertos

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The three day holiday begins as the month ends.  A mixture of celebration and remembrance, skeletons mix with sugar skulls and marigolds.

Vanity Hair presents a creative and nontraditional Dia De Los Muertos hair with hat.  A little pirate, a little showgirl, it may be just the finishing touch for your All Hallows Eve attire.

The 31st is a special time for many people. Enjoy yours!

Earrings: Risq ~ Desclos Skull n Bones – Sax Shepherd Designs

Pose by: Vista Animations… Read more at the source.

Dreaming of Summer

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Summer isn’t far behind for those of us in the Northern climes, but already I am remembering those warm breezes wistfully. The good news is that we can have any weather we want in our virtual world!

Just out from Diesel Works a hammock packed full of goodness. Animations for guys, gals and couples as well as a texture change menu for both blanket and pillows. The hammock rocks gently of course — by menu. The netting is individual strands. Well of course it would be, but as I typed this I flashed back to the days before wondrous mesh … Read more at the source.

Don’t Panic at Pulse

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Weekend fun includes a romp over at Pulse where “Don’t Panic” has been going on for awhile. If you have played the previous Halloween games, you know the drill  — well sort of.

This version is a bit more high tech with voiceovers “from the van” along the way. There are also hints that appear in the chat bar and even a HELP button (so far not used) on your PKE meter.

The rules are pretty simple really. Mesh viewer (well duh!), low or no scripts (check), no huds or facelights (check). Sounds up, music down or off (the parcel … Read more at the source.

A Vintage Gal

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Vintage — classic and lovely.
Going back in time is one of my favorite pastimes.

Venues abound these days and while gray is the rule at their opening, the shopping experience is much nicer after the crowds have cleared.

From BAIASITCE for The Liaison Coorperative, the Tori dress, a delicately lace trimmed slip dress with plenty of detailing and a rainbow of colors to choose from.

From Vanity Hair for the Vintage & Cool Fair LA Confidential, inspired by the movie of the same name.

From 22769 for L’accessories, Groove in the Heart for Slink Medium and … Read more at the source.


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From Eclectica, a gorgeous fantasy set that speaks of forest glades and filtered light. The pebbles shine wondrously with material highlights.

This is Enchantment – river pebbles. Stones, leaves and metal cord are all texture change by menu giving you a huge selection of combonations to fit any outfit.

Find it and its companion style Enchantment mountain rocks at the Mystic Realms Faire.

Cami by BAIASTICE, kirsty

Hair: Syra by eXxEsS

Poses by: Diesel Works… Read more at the source.

New in the Valley

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Long, long overdue, Peaceful Valley has new outdoor facilities. The old outhouse was made in my Bayou days – so three years or so ago. This is SO much nicer!  What would have been 40 plus in prims weighs in at 4 and a few land impact points were even saved.  Materials and animation make it photo and film worthy *wink*.

Fun!… Read more at the source.