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I love things —

that surprise me

From Trompe Loeil as part of a big living room release, my favorite lamp in ages; the Xandra Floor Lamp. It may be my favorite lamp EVER!   It’s companion piece shown here is the Xandra Coffee Table.  Find them at Uber where the theme is Street Style.

And from %Percent Furniture & Lighting, a Bingo Board! Exclamation marks abound in this post.  The board numbers change periodically. The board  comes with cord length options and is a release for The Challenge; this round’s theme is … Read more at the source.

What is YOUR Impossible – UWA machinima challenge

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It’s time for UWA’s themed machinma challenge!

This season the theme is PURSUE IMPOSSIBLE.

Both 3D art and machinima are part of this event and as a filmmaker you can enter as many times as you like.

You have until the witching hour on All Hallows Eve — so three months.

Now in some ways I have left you a little high and dry with my exit from LEA7; I do realize that and it weighed heavily on my decision to leave. But there are times when you really DO need to take care of yourself and this was … Read more at the source.

Paleoquest – A Beginner’s Guide

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Paleoquest , the new Linden Game opened yesterday. Emails are going out and I seemed to get one of the first ones, even though I am not a premium member. Press, perhaps has it advantages OR serendipity was in play — or perhaps simply that my last name starts with “A”. However that invite came my way, I of course wanted to see what was up.

Lani, being the primo Realms gal, was the obvious choice to check out the new theme park. Part Jurassic, part Linden Realms, there are quests to complete and then artifacts to find. This is … Read more at the source.

Challenge 30 – Electronics

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Hard to believe but this is the 30th round for The Challenge. How time flies!  I have been along for the ride and it has been great fun seeing how the designers (sometime me too) use the theme to create new works each month.

This month’s theme is Electronics.

Long ago and far away we had “regular” cameras. A few folks still use film and developing, but most of us are now in the digital age. From ::NEWCHURCH:: a great set of cameras with lots of detail.

Now these spiffy cameras are a bit primmy (7-10) but they are also … Read more at the source.

He – She Beds

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From Cheeky Pea (just a tad late) for No21, a palette bed; the :CP: Pallet Storage Bed Blush to be exact which comes in both PG and A versions at a surprising 11 land impact. The covers and pillows roll back to leave an afghan (we don’t want to get cold) for you lounging pleasures. 

This is the girlie version. There is also a “manly” neutrals style available at the event. 

Yummy textures!  Well no surprise there.

Read more at the source.

Dreamy Days Aloha Fair

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Summer sun, hot days; the hope of cool breazes.

From ArisAris  a fun set for your beach-combing adventures. My Little Bouquet comes in fitted mesh for both legacy avatars and Maitreya.

And there are SHUZ!   My favorite flat sandals of the summer in a lovely pattern that coordinates with the dress as well as any of your white seasonal garments.

I a guessing that you noted my new hair. Very girlie and summer and beachy (well I did the dark blonde thing for that California Girl look *wink*. Waimea is a fitting name for this Vanity Hair carefree style. … Read more at the source.


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Happily the end of the month brings us UberTime!  The East Side Style grouping is filled with great accessory pieces.  Happily I have lots and lots of prims left for decorating my new abode (yes, moved again).  This record player will be perfect in the bedroom corner along with the “You Had Me At Hello” photo frame decor.

Along with these fun items in the “I don’t have much money but I sure as hell have style” theme (to me anyway) there is a great couch and some other fun pieces. So be sure and drop by the Cheeky Pea Read more at the source.