Topping 1000

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Can You Hear the Silence –  2013

I seldom (well maybe never) post my videos on this blog. I mean, really, you are all adults and if you want to see them you can find them easily enough.

But today cleaning up my YouTube back end I noted that I had a video that had made it over 1000 views.  I am not a mainstream videographer by any means and so my public is of the niche variety and that is OK with me.

I watched this film again and was pleased. So I choose to share it and the … Read more at the source.

Soft Rains

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The Bradbury version of A Tattered Page will be ending in a week. If you haven’t visited the library, I urge you not to miss the lovely setting.

Each designer was asked to cite the passage from the book (The Martian Chronicles) that inspired their creation.

Here is the selection that accompanies this outfit (coat, boots, gas mask and shadow) from ImmateriA:

Ten o’clock. The sun came out from behind the rain. The house stood alone in a city of rubble and ashes. This was the one house left standing. At night the ruined city gave off a

Read more at the source.

Making Your Own Characters

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Many machinimatographers play all roles in a film, and that includes actors. If getting together and managing a cast isn’t on the top of your personal fun list — here’s a little story.

I have been a busy gal over on the frontier of OpenSim, and “no” this is not a bid to lure you away from the beauties of SL (but hopefully I will have a video soon that might have you rethinking that “OpenSim has no art” rumor). That’s another day and another story.

This is about NPCs. Maybe we should simply call them clones because that is … Read more at the source.

Tick Tock

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Time marches on.

We can’t catch it.

It is always just out of reach.

From ArisAris, the Feelingly dress with six texture options by hud. It really was difficult to choose. Choose from a black and white version to cover all your basic needs. Or pink and deep red for romance. Add two textures in earthy colors and you have plenty of choices.

The Isabelle clock with selves and books from {what next) comes in many choices of finishes and includes with and without chime versions. Texture-changing parts for the clock face, books decor and inside shelving. Find it … Read more at the source.

Day Dreams

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From Cheeky Pea for Project Limited, the Remoli Daybed and ladder bookshelf. Feminine and classic the bed comes in both A and PG versions and features a HUGE number of animations.  The bed weighs in at 10 li and the go with any decor bookshelf at a mere 1. There are two texture options; natural (shown) and bright.

Only  a limited number of these items will be sold so get over there lickety split. … Read more at the source.


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Kitchens. Those of us that cook are very picky about that room.

Now I have to admit this is a super fast post, one done on the fly as this new kitchen island from Second Spaces just came in and I am way past “quiting time”. I noted in the background of this lead photo other items out on my building pad in the background. If you are a blogger, you likely know how that goes. You can see the great island; that is really all that matters. We do what we can do and in a time crunch this … Read more at the source.

The Agent

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Wanna buy this house? Of course you do. And this gal definitely plans to be the one to earn the commission.

From SLX, the Pilot outfit which includes lovely and ladylike sheath skirt, texture tank, tied sweater (four color choices) necklace, glasses and fashionable SLink high pumps. Oh my! 

And here is your new home, the petit chateau from Barnesworth Anubis for COLLABOR88.  


Pose by: the clipboard… Read more at the source.

Simple Things

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I am a believer in simple things. Clean lines, reminders of the past — both work for me. I don’t like icing on my cake; I do love my cake however.  Out from flowey for COLLABOR88, unico chairs. An educated guess tells me the name refers to the leg shape *wink*. Nicely done with simply lines and some very nice poses, it is a multipurpose chair fit for home or photo shoots. A variety of pastel colors are available.

From Second Spaces for TLC, a great little shabby chic daybed with poses and subtle animations for girls and … Read more at the source.