Fame and FaMESHed

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It’s Anniversary time at FaMESHed! And if your feeling the need for a little more “fame” in your life, the new releases from Baiastice will definitely have you ready for the paparazzi.

Monday morning note:  If you have been trying to get to FaMESHed and haven’t been able to — the best intel I could find is that there are some “special issues” and that opening may be delayed until noon today.  So keep trying — and beware that it will be especially crowded with the anniversary :D. 

I have to admit I put this styling together with a … Read more at the source.

Music in Me

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I am a bit tardy telling you about this fun pose prop from WetCat. It burrowed WAY down in my objects folder and hid under some old newspapers. Well, “no” that’s not the real story.

Anyway, much fun and a great item to add to your props collection. There is a couples version also! Find it at a brand new event, Epicene — which Google tells me means, “having characteristics of both sexes or no characteristics of either sex; of indeterminate sex.”   A new word for me. I love that!

The prop is eleven land impact and includes floating … Read more at the source.

Fantasy Fair Delights – Gems

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With such a wide variety of item available at Fantasy Faire it is pretty much impossible for bloggers (even the 50 or so official ones) to cover all you could see — this assuming eating and sleeping was somewhere in the todo list.  In that vein I am going to show you my pick of the “hidden gems” that you might have missed on your travels.

I seem to pretty much love everything that comes out of Empyrean Forge Artisan Mesh, so it isn’t surprising that this is towards the top of my very long list of items to … Read more at the source.

Weekend Picks

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It’s the weekend! And that means more time for many of us to explore and shop.

It’s the last weekend for Fantasy Faire, so if you haven’t ventured over — now’s the time.  My very pretty, feminine and SATINY Dellhaven Sprite Dress is from **Bee Dumpling**-The White Armory. You can have this dress if you win the silent auction HERE.  It includes matching leggings with appliers.  There are other items to bid on of course so take your time and peruse.

If you are looking for a bargain this weekend, here it is. The Amelie … Read more at the source.

Fantasy Faire Delight 7 – Crossovers

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There are plenty of crossover items available at Fantasy Faire. Here are three of my favorites.

From Wasabi Pills, Cleo Mesh Hair with a hud for the metallic accents (four metals as well as invisible).

From Stix ~ Bo :Believe: (W) Rosefire RFL skin with a full line of appliers and many, many choices for customizing your favorite version. This is a pink tinted skin with face appliers that include many eyebrow color choices (some fantasy, some natural).

Storybook’s – Harlequin – Splatter is a backless futuristic one piece garment for mesh bodies; a fun way to show … Read more at the source.

Fantacy Faire Delight 6 – Woodland Romance

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Whether or not you love romance novels, whether or not the “damsel in distress” idea works for you —  these Fantasy Faire releases are impressive!

From Beyond Persuasion Design some fittingly foresty attire for both males and females. Lots and lots of extras such as boots for the guys and jewelry for the gals, make these superb sets. Slink sandals are included in the womens version.

The  Deep Woods Forest Sojourn [Fantasy Faire 2016 Exclusive] is from Roawenwood and includes trees, pond with single and couple animations as well as fourteen bathing and massage movements. There are even butterflies! A … Read more at the source.

Country Spring

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It’s cozy and contrified over at Uber this month and the Hannah Cottage from Trompe Loeil fits right in.

Rustic mixes with some girlish touches to present a backdrop for many styles of decorating.

The house measures a bit under 15 x 10 with three porches perfect for Spring and summer living.

A large table (see photo above) and this wagon wheel loveseat bench can be purchased as decor for the Hannah cottage OR for your current or future home.… Read more at the source.

City Lights

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large photo here

Home after a long day. Streetlights poor through windows as a peaceful calm welcomes.

ChiC buildings Wired Shelves SaNaRae (three tones of wood; filled as shown and empty)

Book stacks – ChiC buildings. Plant – Roawenwood

Ducknipple minidress for 100 block (taupe) – many single colors available

large photo here

I close my eyes and let the night enter; mystery and energy reviving my soul.

MEVA at Cosmopolitan Elephant Necklace (brown, black and silver are available)

Love – Forget Me Not hair at SaNaRae.

CURELESS [+] Healed Cherry Blooms at SaNaRae body and head appliers for … Read more at the source.

Rail Walking

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There is something about style. For me, it merges attention getting with simplicity. It lets you pause to appreciate the details.

New releases shown here:

From MEVA for Shiny Shabby, the  Indrya set which includes bangles, hoop earrings and a very pretty collar for lower cut garments.  The set is available in silver, gold and rose (shown here).

Wasabi Pills Kai hair is both stylish and perky, a girlish “do” with some sophistication that is perfect for many occasions.  Find it at Fantasy Faire in the Golden Delta sim.

I am a big fan of basic black, but never … Read more at the source.

Shadows – A Love Story

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My first film in oh so many months, it was made in part so that I didn’t forget all my capture and editing skills.  Happily the smooth cams were as smooth as they could be (new computer probably helped some there) and editing came easy.

Filmed at Fantasy Faire before it opened and grayness became queen, it is a fitting tale for the environment.

See it at SLARTIST here.

Or YouTube here.Read more at the source.