FantasyCouture: !dM deviousMind “Gretel” ApronDress

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“Knusper, Knusper, Knäuschen…
Wer knuspert an meinem Häuschen?”


Apron Dress

by !dM deviousMind

“Gretel” is our Enchantment release for November 2016 “Hänsel & Gretel” round. It’s a little bit cute, a little bit traditional and most definitely sweet! Of course after the event the dress will be found at our mainstore and on marketplace.

“Gretel” is a fitted mesh mini dress with bow and apron for Maitreya “Lara” as well as Slink “Physique” or “Hourglass”. The apron is unlinked from the base dress so you can mix and match colors if you have multiple … Read more →

FantasyCouture: !dM deviousMind “Shiva” Ice Queen **GACHA**

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“Diamond Dust!”


“Shiva” IceQueen
by !dM deviousMind

!dM “Shiva” is our contribution to Fantasy Gacha Carnival’s “Final Fantasy” round in November 2016 As winter is coming close, we created this free interpretation of the Saga’s Ice Queen ‘Shiva’ – we hope you’ll enjoy it. :)

Each round of gameplay rewards you with one random set. “Shiva” consists of 3 different sets (Bracers Set A, Body Set B, and Silks Set C) in 5 different colors each, for a total of 15 commons.

Available colors are:
**LILAC SNOW**, **WHITE**, **MINT**, **SKY**, and **BLUE**.

On top come … Read more →