Gacha Garden, The Coven & Play Room

In Designers, Events, Fashion by Chandni Khondji

SO MANY EVENTS! Yes that warranted screaming, so excite!

Gacha Garden
I have something super sweet and special for you for this event. You can catch your own fairies in a pretty jar, fairylights and all! You can collect 9 commons, 1 rare and for every 20 times you play you will receive the Seed of Inspiration (SOI)

Catch a Fairy Catch a Fairy - keyCatch a Fairy SOI HopScotch - Catch a Fairy - Gacha DEMO1

Taxi to Gacha Garden

The Coven
A witchy event full of magical things. This time we have the theme of love potions, love spells, love curses and so on. I have a friendly little helper holding your love potions. It comes with … Read more →