Fantasy Gacha Carnival goes medieval

Chandni KhondjiDesigners, Events, Fashion

I’m excited to be in another round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival.

I have a set of headpieces / Headbands / tiara – whatever you may call them – for you!

Medieval Headbands

The singles come with one metal color each, three metals each that makes 9 commons. The Rare comes with a color change HUD for 3 metals and 10 gems!

Come on over and get yours!

Taxi to Fantasy Gacha Carnival

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Nature calls to Gacha Garden

Chandni KhondjiDesigners, Events, Fashion

This round’s items for the Gacha Garden will make the fairy inside you happy! Nature backpacks are a set of 5 flower backpacks and 5 mushroom backpacks for you to carry around and even be save from the rain with! The flowers and mushrooms grow out of little pots that can be carried around with a strap running around them and the wearers shoulders.

Nature Backpacks

Every 20th play you will receive a Seed of Inspiration. This time it is a lovely flowery hat, which comes with 6 colors, changeable via the included HUD.

Flower Hat SOI

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“The Gacha Guardians” has started

Chandni KhondjiDesigners, Events, Fashion

A brand new event “The Gacha Guardians” is starting tomorrow! This event is from the same people who make “Gacha Garden”. The difference to most other Gacha Events is, that the events happens at the participating main stores. You will find a set up at each store, that gives participants a HUD.

Each location in this event has this set up that also has a rune stone to click. Once a rune stone is clicked that gets marked down in the HUD. So in the end when the participants collected all the rune stones, they will receive a location (the … Read more →