Fantasy Gacha Carnival throws Pillows at you!

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Fantasy Gacha Carnival has opened and I’m happy to be in this for the first time. The Theme this round is Star Wars vs Game of Thrones. And among all the light sabers, androids and dragons, I have something different for you. Cross stitched pillows to hug or decorate!

X-Stitch Huggable Pillows

There are 10 commons (5 GoT and 5 SW Pillows) and 2 rare each one of SW and GoT. Each pillow is 1 Land impact so it’s perfect for decorating. The hug anim is included and triggers on attach, they are material ready and are unrigged so you can resize them … Read more at the source.

Objets D’Amour teaches you BDSM

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Objets D’Amour is a new adult Gacha event from the organizers of ROMP. I’m happy to be part of it and I have some naughtiness for your. Because of its adult nature you’ll see the picture after the cut!

From me you’ll get a “BDSM Starter Kit” Gacha, check out the picture to see what you can find inside. Be naughty, have fun and share the sexiness ;)

This event runs from Feb. 4th to 15th

BDSM Starter Kit

Taxi to Objets D’Amour


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Gacha Garden turns you into a butterfly!

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Gacha Garden is now open!

This round I have super cute and lovely Butterfly wings for you! ALL the wings flap in two speeds, standing/Walking is one speed, flying is a little faster. And each pull comes with a regular size and a smaller size. The small size is adjusted and sized to Toodledoo BABY. The regular size might not be possible to be made smaller, so if you want smaller wings, rather take the small ones and size them up. :)

Butterfly Gacha

Gacha Garden is special in the way that every 20th play gives you a special prize. The Seed … Read more at the source.