1001 nights at 25L Tuesday

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A new week brings a new deal for 25L Tuesday! This time an old time favourite of mine! Welcome to 1001 night😉


These shoes are made for SLink flat feet, BUT with a little repositioning and resizing I was easily able to make them fit Maitreya and Belleza sizes. So if you wear either of them, you can still use them😀

The single colours are available for 25L each, the fatpack is more but still heavily discounted to before! Take your chance!

Taxi to *~*HopScotch*~*

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Lost & Found is open

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Lost & Found is a monthly event inspired by vintage flea markets. This is my first time participating and I’m really excited.

I created a bunch of things that you can find on Real Life flea markets and hope you like them:

Trunk for my Junk
The Trunks come in brown and black and with an opening animation, so you can put your own stuff inside.

Lend a hand
This mesh hand holds a couple of rings and a leather band, random things to find at your flea market table. It comes in black and white.

By my side
This round table comes in three different woods. Dark, light and … Read more →

25L Tuesday brings you magic

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It’s my first time participating in 25L Tuesday and I’m rather excited.:) I have two items out for you.

These nosechain piercings come in three metals, available separately.

Power of the Moon
This staff comes in 4 separate colours/elements. Each colour comes with gold and silver version and with a back and hand version.
The staff is not a scripted weapon. The big gem is animated to hover up and down slowly, the stars on the staff move.

Both items are available at 25L just today. Tomorrow they’ll be up to regular price again!

Hope you enjoy!

Taxi to HopScotch

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Fantasy Gacha Carnival and the rings of Moira

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This round of FGC is Freestyle and I got something special for you. It has been a while since I made small things like this: The Moira Rings.

Moira Rings

10 commons and 1 Rare. Both come with rings for right and left hand. The Commons come with 3 metals and the gemmed rings have a HUD to change between 4 gem textures (Red, Green, Blue, Pink).
The Rare item comes with a HUD to change between 3 metals and 4 gems.

I have pre-adjusted the rings and the rare to fit SLINK Casual hands BUT every ring is individually linked in … Read more →

Gacha Garden brings you Soapbox Derbies!

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Gacha Garden opened and will last all month. You can find more information about the event here: http://www.thegachagarden.com

I have for you a fun gacha to let out your inner child! The “Hillside Derby” contains everything you need for your very own soapbox car races, from Soapbox cars to flags and a winner podium with trophies!

Hillside Derby Action

Hillside Derby Gacha Key

With every 20th play you’ll get the “Seed of Inspiration” which is a super special “car”

Hillside Derby Pirate Ship SOI

This is also the Birthday round so players receive a gift. These waymarkers (Traffic cones) can be used to mark your own race track, but of course can … Read more →

Gacha Guardians goes Cardboard Knight

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After almost 2 months of silence and a well-deserved break, I am back with fun stuff! The Gacha Guardians is open and has awesome stuff for you!

You can be a knight! With these cardboard horses and lances, you can joust your friends for the heart of your prince or princess!😉 The Rare is a majestic Unicorn, of course with a rainbow lance.

Cardboard Knights

The Gift of the Guardians is an almighty dragon! You can turn his flame on and off, and the wings flap too! When you click the Dragon it rawrs at your opponents!

Cardboard Dragon (Gift of the Guardians)

How does this work?
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