Winter pleasures at The Seasons Story

Chandni KhondjiDesigners, Events, Fashion

I’m excited to be part of “The Seasons Story” for the first time. The winter round has just started and you’ll find my ‘Winter Pleasures’ Gacha there. Everything you need for your own magical winter scene.

Winter Pleasures Gacha

Hope you enjoy!

Taxi to The Seasons Story

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The Gacha Guardians return

Chandni KhondjiDesigners, Events, Fashion

The Gacha Guardians are back and this time bring a few changes. For one it is not a main store event anymore, you will now find all participants in one location. The other change is that now you can win two gifts of the guardians. Every 15 plays you win one of the two at random.

This time around I have a monogram gacha for you, inspired by the big cities’ skyscrapers!
Say it with Skyscrapers Scene
Say it with Skyscrapers
Say it with Skyscrapers GOTG

Taxi to the Gacha Guardians

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