Pose Fair is OPEN! WEEEEEE

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POSE FAIR IS FINALLY OPEN WEEE Yes I am yelling because i’m excited! A ton of awesome pose designers have poses, animations, pose props and more for your pleasure. AND WEE I AM ONE OF THEM. Check out the following to know what you can find from *~*HopScotch*~*

Single Poses:
Peyton, Daytona and Brooklyn are packs of 5 poses each:
Coming Soon- Peyton
Coming Soon- Daytona
Coming Soon- Brooklyn

Single Poses with Wearable Props:
The SLavatars is inspired by the beloved game ‘The Sims’ as you will see. It is a set of 4 poses with included Bubbles
Coming Soon - TheSLavatars

With the Wind is a set that is one of my … Read more at the source.

Chandni KhondjiPose Fair is OPEN! WEEEEEE

Become a Princess!

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“Fit for a Princess” is a new event that has its first round right now! It features fantastic designers who are doing everything to make you feel like the princess you are.

My items are the following:

*~* Dorothy *~*
These are shoe-addons for SLink’s medium feet. They are glittery and fabulous with a tiny little crown on top. They come in 8 different colours!

*~* Amira Tiaras *~*
This set of Tiaras is a GACHA. They come in 5 gems, each gold and silver seperately. AND in addition two rares one gold one silver with rainbow gems.
Amira Tiara Gacha

Taxi to Read more at the source.

Chandni KhondjiBecome a Princess!

Genre’s Merfolk Round is open

Chandni Khondji Designers, Events, Fashion

Genre started its new round, this time with the theme “Merfolk”. I’m happy to be part of it! This is what you’ll find from *~*HopScotch*~*

This is a pose set, or rather two. One works with mermaid tails and another without for leg swimmers :) The Tridents for the poses are included.
Mer-Warrior Tail
Mer-Warrior Legs

Scales Nails
These are applier nailpolish for feet and hands and nails from SLink.
Scale Nails

Hope you all enjoy!

Taxi to Genre

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Chandni KhondjiGenre’s Merfolk Round is open