The Witches Warn — Something Wicked This Way Comes — Featuring Chop Zuey and !Lybra!

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The scene opens, and a fearsome group of witches chant and prophecy, whispering words in an Olde English tongue, and MacBeth enters. One of the great stories of William Shakespeare, and fraught with all the excitement of earthly gasp and second-worldly wisdom, inspires this new set of jewelry from Chop Zuey. Thank you Belle for making more than jewelry. You always have a story to share, a tale to tell, and an adventure for us to take with you when we wear your ingenious pieces.

Second Witch:
“By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.
Open, locks,… Read more at the source.

Wrapping Up the Charity Event DEbRA – Featuring !Lyrical B!zarre Templates, ~ghee, Sabra Style, DE Boutique, October’s 4Seasons and Dulce Secrets

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I was sure I was done with Halloween but with this terrific hat from Kylie Sabra at Sabra Style sharing her version of a Good Witch Galinda’s hat, I had to don it for my photos last night. I’ve really just had a blast with all of your fun little things, all that you’ve created from cyborg eyes to creepy spiders to good witch’s hats. Fun!

I have the second to the last item on today that I want to share from the week long DEbRA event. This dress from Lyrical B!zarre Templates supports the ongoing research and needs of … Read more at the source.

Jewelry Expo Press Release

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It’s time for another incredible event put together by the team at Siren Productions. The Jewelry Expo last year was phenomenal and I can only imagine it’s going to be even more crazy awesome this year. Mark your calendar. I’ll be sharing items from this event, and it’s just around the corner. Read below for all the information. Thank you to Lexie Jansma and Alianna Logan, both incredibly well organized leaders who make each of these events possible (along with a team).

“Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014
Dec. 5th-13th, 2014

Release the Beast Inside You…

AIM, Cultured the Magazine, DesigningSL, … Read more at the source.

Sharing Halloween With One of Carrie’s Lingerie Model/Assistants — Featuring Carrie’s Lingerie, Chop Zuey and Truth

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I dropped by Carrie’s Lingerie, late last night in my world. Every now and then I have an insomniac’s night. Thank heavens it never got as bad as “The Narrator” in Fight Club or Trevor Resnik from The Machinist. When I have those odd hours, I’m grateful for the people who live in other time zones around the world. I get a brief but fun chance to catch up in their worlds while mine is a bit topsy turvy. When I visited, I asked the Model/Assistant on duty if she’d pose in one of the photos I took. She looked … Read more at the source.

Scaryn All Of You, Even Scaryn Me! — Featuring Tresor Couture, October’s 4Seasons and blackLiquid

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Another Scaryn styling comes straight out of the mind of KarenSunshine, creator, designer and owner of Tresor Couture. I took this awesomely fun outfit over to the best Haunted House on the grid up at Carrie’s Lingerie VIP, and took some photographs. Oh how fun.

I love playing dress up. Elvira, but suddenly the Country Song began playing in my head. Oh make it stop. Make it stop! LOL blackLiquid made some great blood red nails for appliers and October’s 4Seasons has a Seduction Gloss out called Red Vines. All worked well together to make this spooktacular look for today’s … Read more at the source.

Designer Showcase Begins Once More – November — Featuring 1 Hundred and Loordes of London, Both Designers at Designer Showcase

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1 Hundred and Loordes of London both have new items out for Designer Showcase November. The new really sexy pale lilac lingerie I’m wearing comes from 1 Hundred.

Called a Diva Bodysuit, it’s alluring for all the right reasons and there are many color choices so you’re sure to find the one that suits you best. Paired with it, a pair of wedges from Loordes of London, the pairs are # (Numbered) and this pair is #7.

I’ve got one of the new Lily Skin Tone (Angelina) skins on and because the Lily tone can be Spring or Autumn, it … Read more at the source.

Moody Days and Perfect Makeup — Featuring October’s 4Seasons, Chop Zuey, Boudoir and Tresor Couture

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It’s been a long time since something or someone made me cry ‘online’. I forgot how it felt. We share our hearts with various people for many different reasons. We extend trust slowly, and then we hope that we’re going to survive that moment, and the next. Of course we do survive, and maybe as models, with pixelated mascara and eyeliner, our makeup never runs, but I think the tears fall down somewhere in our hearts. I question myself, my ability to relate to others, and my connections here in this virtual world after days like today. And I’m so … Read more at the source.

To Help A Child — Featuring Dane Mark Z (DMZ) from the DEbRA Event, Truth, Sabra Style, KaTink and Maxi Gossamer

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Another outfit blends items from the DEbRA event, going on now. The Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Associate of America is the place that will receive all donations, and many of the designers have put out items that sell so the profits may reach those special children in need.

Boots by Dane Mark Z (DMZ) – the Nena Boot in Gold Maple, are just one such item that’s part of this charity drive. For more information or to donate directly visit Also new in this photo Sabra Style Tawny in Red & Black, the new dress with a layered … Read more at the source.

Bright, Beautiful — Featuring Chop Zuey, Loovus Dzevavor, and ~ghee

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In my excitement to share news from Chop Zuey and Ms. Belle Roussel, I sent out a note here on Thursday and then felt so badly because it was supposed to wait til today. I learn as I grow and I’m so grateful for Belle, the staff and friends who were all there as I panicked, and then tugged the notes down before they’d leaked too many secrets.

Now I can show you with a glowing admiration for this new collection, a set that includes two dress packs with 6 color options on each HUD, all of the colors working … Read more at the source.

Touching the World Via Charity — Focusing on DEbRA — Featuring Asili Ya Uzuri from the Event and Also Featuring Exile

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As you know, I’m passionate about charities and find the ability to touch the world via a Second Life, virtual world, where I can make a difference means a lot to me, makes me feel healthier than otherwise I would, and appeals to me on so many levels emotionally.

This late fall, a very passionate woman, Cerise Emory, a woman who’s name off line is Karen and a name recognized by many in the off world application of how, when, where, one might get involved with the disease she’s elevating notice of and sharing understanding. This late October, DEbRA comes … Read more at the source.