Chop Zuey Brings a New Design For 2015 Annual Animal Tribute and World Wildlife Foundation Campaign; Lyrical Bizarre Templates News

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Words cannot express well the excitement felt when I learned Chop Zuey was carrying on it’s tradition of supporting the World Wildlife Fund. As in the past, 100% of the funds go directly to the WWF.

Last year over 600 US were raised and this year, Chop Zuey hopes to raise even more. 2015 Animal Tribute and WWF Campaign begins TODAY! and goes through December 31. When you invest in this beautiful Pure Of Heart Dolphin set, you’re doing your part in helping to protect and preserve the animals with which we share this great planet. Chop Zuey presents this … Read more at the source.

I’ll Have a Blue Christmas — [[Masoom]] and October’s 4Seasons Plus the Incredible Gifts at Chop Zuey

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I’ve been blessed more than words can say. For each designer who’s given me time and a chance to work with you, to share your creative work, your art, all that you do, thank you. I truly embrace each and every time to work with and for the best of my best, and to grow a little more daily. Happy holidays.

A special thanks to Chop Zuey. If the setting in these photos isn’t recognizable, maybe you haven’t yet visited the North Pole… ermmm no no… Chop Zuey. Abundance and gracious giving define this store year round but at this … Read more at the source.

Let It Snow – Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7) Items from ALB and Luziefee; Also NEW From Lyrical Bizarre Templates and Chop Zuey

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A compilation – a puzzle – it’s one of those stylings and I loved it. I put together pieces from several outfits. I’ve wanted to do a Lyrical B!zarre Templates post for a while even though she’s off gallavanting around the world, I thought she might like to have a few of her things shared. She makes original mesh, which makes her work different from many things I see other places and makes it fun to figure out how to present it to you.

I don’t always have full perms in the blogger’s copy but I do have options, and … Read more at the source.

The Dark Angel On My Shoulder — Baboom Couture and October’s 4Seasons New Releases

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I begin the day with a captivating gown created by Kyra at Baboom Couture. This Dark Angel gown replete with the most unique skirt and beautiful wings struck me on a personal level and I found myself feeling ethereal, as if for a moment or two, I had an angel on my shoulder as I worked with the photos.

Each year the sophistication of the program on which we play or live or however you define your Second Life grows more realistic, offers more options and in essence becomes more… more beautiful, more dynamic, offering more options to the creative … Read more at the source.

Oh So Naughty, Sexxxy and Fun – Paisley Daisy’s Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7) and Carrie’s Lingerie

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My latest look comes from two exceptionally sexy designs put together; also shown separate from one another.

Paisley Daisy has a shear Snowflake Gown as it’s contribution to the Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7). There’s absolutely nothing hidden when wearing the lacy frock. Depending on your tastes and style, you could really make a special someone very happy to see you. Is it formal? I don’t know. You tell me. It’s about the naughtiest full length gown I’ve ever worn!

Carrie’s Lingerie created a world of holiday magic for it’s customers and pulled out the best of the … Read more at the source.

Peace On Earth Hunt 7 – Still Time! Chic and Sweet Tea At (POE 7) ; Plus New Lybra!, Unrepentant, and Wicca’s Wardrobe; October’s 4Seasons Keiko

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More holiday fantasy this morning with The Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7). But first, the element of holly and holiday red… I took the fun little hat that Wicca added to her Red/Green gown and I kept doubling it in size until it took on the size of a playful winter’s napping spot.

Also, my little shoulder friend, I’m pretty sure it’s my very first wearable pet I’ve ever owned though I have had friends who owned all sorts of critters over the years. This one comes from a long lost friend who’s come back to Second Life … Read more at the source.

Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7) Is Still In Progress – Find This Belladonna Couture Item If You Know Where To Look, Also New Truth and Maxi Gossamer

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You may notice that I didn’t change much from my #HandsUpDontShoot photo and this set. These photos actually came earlier in the evening but then I got focused on the PEACE campaign and put this aside for a few hours. This morning, I share with you.

Belladonna Couture created this Reindeer Mini for Peace On Earth Hunt 7 (POE 7). You can see that without the jacket, the reindeer is right at the heart of the sweetheart neckline and perfect for a fun holiday festivity. Truth hair still has its 50% off sale in progress through 15 December, and every … Read more at the source.

Get Involved In the Miss SL Organization – Be a Sponsor for Miss SL 2015

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Every time I get involved in something new in Second Life, I do my homework. I look at the business or the person, I look at the projects and products already completed and I look at the public notes shared by more than just one or a few. I know there are many people, many places, many projects and products that seek sponsorship each week.

I believe in this person. He already manages reputable businesses in our shared virtual world. He created the world around him and invited only the best people to work with and for him. Each new Read more at the source.

A Happy Yule To You — Featuring Wicca’s Wardrobe

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YULE (circa December 21)

(Winter Solstice, December 20-23 (varies according to the particular date on the standard calendar according to when the Solstice will occur astronomically)). Longest night of the year, the turning point when the days shall afterwards grow longer as winter begins its passage into the coming spring. It is, in the Goddess worship, the time when she gives forth again to the birth of the Divine Sun child who shall be both child and eventually lover and father of the next child in the cycle. Winter Solstice for pagans is a time of feasting and the exchanging … Read more at the source.

Happy Dancing Into 2015 With One On One Tutelage & Modeling Academy

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I’ve been waiting (ermmm not so patiently) searching the horizon for the next big step I would take as the new year approached. I could just feel the sizzle in the air and smell the feeling of wonder. Tonight, I know where that step leads. I could not imagine this even one month ago, but now I know it and it’s a part of the whole me that continues to soak up fashion and blossom. Just as a rose begins with small buds and eventually becomes something stupendous, so also do each of us walk through life, beginning with small … Read more at the source.