531- and I’ll be dreamin’ of the next time

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hi everyone!
Epiphany is coming TONIGHT! So get your lindens saved up for a seriously great event with tons of decor and fashion to choose from. I feel so excited & grateful to be on staff for such a amazing event this year! So keep following for more beautiful items on my blog. If you’ve never shopped Epiphany it is a gatcha event operating on a credit system. You can exchange your unwanted duplicates for credits to redeem exclusive items! Here is a taxi for later up tonight! The Epiphany is here. Credits are below!

Xo<3 Aria
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530 – your love was handmade for somebody like me

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{ aria }

Hair: Cat Rider – Lamb *new @ C88
Sweatsuit/Yeesha – Candydoll*new @ C88
Legwarmers/Mara – Candydoll *new @ C88
Necklace: Boxing Gloves Charm/Silver – Yummy *new @ C88
Pose: F*ck Yoga – Del May
{ decor }

NYC Sign: Feature Pres Signage/nyc – Con*new @ C88
Bag: Kali’s Bag – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Weights: Kali’s Weights – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Yoga Mat: Kali’s Yoga Mat – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Yoga Ball: Kali’s Yoga Ball – Kalopsia *new @ C88
Shelf: Kali’s Shelf – Kalopsia *new @ C88



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528 – dreamers. they never learn.beyond the point of no return

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Build: the Trilby Dacha – Scarlet Creative
Bed: Lace Bed – Cheeky Pea *new
Lace Bench: Cheeky Pea *new
Lace Lamp: Cheeky Pea *new
Lace Night Table: Cheeky Pea *new
Parlor Chandelier: Fancy Decor
Easton Wingback Chair – Trompe Loeil *new
Flying Curtains: KnickKnacks
Garden vines/snowy – HPMD
Rug: Beige Floral Rug – The Loft
Cailpers & papers – junk
Herringbone Storage Boxes – PILOT
Monogram Luggage bag – Apple Fall
Violin Case- GMSf
Milkbottles/leche en botellas – ionic
Hanging candle/bronze – floorplan
Confetti ground cover -vespertine
Blanket stool – dust bunny
Stool/ Papasan stool/brown – dust bunny
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523 -there’s nothing we cannot ever fix I said

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{ aria }

Henley: Elisa Henley – Blueberry *new
Leggings: Cake – Blueberry *new
Hair: Weekend Warrior – Besom *new @ N21
Septum: Selene Septum/Diamond – Yummy
Heart Nose Ring: Amala
Makeup: Veechi
Nailpolish: Foxy
Winter blush – Izzie’s

{ sylvia }

Henley: Elisa Henley – Blueberry *new
Leggings: Cake – Blueberry *new
Hair: HF05 Blonde – lelutka
Necklace: Kyle choker- Amala

{ decor }

Build: Recycled Window Cabin RARE – tarte
Heritage Christmas Tree/Flocked – Apple Fall
Stringlights: Twinkle Strinlights – Half Deer
Deer: red nosed holiday decor – hive
Snowflake sign/wayward gift – hive
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522 – I woke up from a dream only to find.. that I still hadn’t woke up

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Winter sweater with bag/snow- Zenith *new
Winter Leather fur Boots /beige – Zenith *new
Leggings: Nordic leggings – Izzie’s *new for FLF
Earmuffs: Bow Earmuffs/Rare – Zenith *new
Hair: Skye Ombre Rare – Oleander
Appliers: Velvet Creme Lipstick – Veechi
Appliers: Metalllic Winged Liner- Veechi
The Heart Nose Stud – Amala
Sim: The Trace/Winter

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