449 -a little less conversation, and a little more touch my body

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Bra White / Boudoir maitreya – Birdy *coming soon to Arcade
Panties White/ Boudoir maitreya – Birdy *coming soon to Arcade
Belt White/ Boudoir maitreya – Birdy *coming soon to Arcade
Hair: Go Easy / Ombre – Lamb *coming soon to Arcade
Pose: Imeka
Pup: Pom Snow Cuddle Rare/ Boudoir – Birdy *coming soon to Arcade

Boudoir/Skybox – Sky & Privacy Box RARE- Birdy *coming soon to Arcade
Closet Rare/Boudoir – Birdy *coming soon to Arcade
Divider Screen/Boudoir – Birdy *coming soon to Arcade
Fireplace/Boudoir – Birdy *coming soon to Arcade
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448 -and how you held me in your arms that September night

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The Old Shed /Rare – hive * coming soon for Arcade
The Old Barn/Rare – hive *coming soon for Arcade
Entrance gate/welcome sign – hive *coming soon for Arcade
Main fence section – hive *coming soon to Arcade
Corner section – hive * coming soon to Arcade
Forgotten clothesline – hive *coming soon to Arcade
Dinner bed/rusty red – hive *coming soon to Arcade
Forgotten basketball hoop – hive *coming soon to Arcade
Wash tub/rusted – hive *coming soon to Arcade
Spare bins – hive * coming soon to Arcade
Barn lamp – hive *coming soon to … Read more →


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Dress: Sonia TShirt Dress / Lines – The Secret Store *new @ N21
Rings: The Atara Rings – Amala *new @ Kustom 9
Necklaces: The Pia Ball Necklace/Gold – Amala
Necklaces: The Pia Diamond Necklace/Gold – Amala
Necklaces: The Heart Nose Stud – Amala
Necklaecs: Tiny Heart Necklace/Group Gift – Amala
Bracelets: The Pride Bracelets – Amala
Shoes: Dottie. Sneaks/Cats – fri *new @ Kustom 9
Hair: Madison – Oleander *new @ C88
Eyes: Lens Eyes Honey – buzzeri *Bon Voyage
Skin: Scarlett 2 – Lara Hurley
Nails: Double Agent Gloss Nails Gloss – Veechi
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Dress: Slip Dress – tres blah *new @ Luxe Box August
Heels: Ribbon Heels – Reign *new @ Luxe Box August
Hair: Only You – Lamb *new @ Luxe Box August
Lil Tiger Companion – MishMish *new @ Luxe Box August
Rings: Spring Midi Rings – Izzie’s
Gold Septum Ring/Heart – Yummy
Headband: Taffy Cat Headband Gold – Oleander
Body: Lara by Maitreya

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444 – save your first and last dance for me

AriaEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden



Home: Wimberley 2 – Scarlet Creative
Bed: Raleigh bed – tarte *new for Luxe Box August
Unfinished wallpaper/floral – brocante
Beige floral rug – The Loft
Twinkle stringlights – Half-Deer
Retro hanging lamp/yellow – brocante
Shiba/just chillin – Half Deer
Poster mural/wanderlust – floorplan
Painted log Slice /artist – Half Deer
Hanging diamond light – floorplan
Milkglass light/type b – Soy
Hanging paperbirds – vespertine
Wooden fireplace -vespertine
Hanging candle v2/silver – floorplan *new
Hexa Succulent Planters – The Loft & Aria
Holborn Hanging Ivy – YS&YS
Wire Crystal Candle – Fancy Decor *new for Luxe Box August
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443 – new from Oleander @ C88

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Check out these lovely styles from my faves at Oleander !❤ If you’re unable to get into  demo – there are currently demos at Oleander mainstore. Happy wig shopping and details are below!

Hair: Madison – Oleander *new for C88
Hair: Brooke – Oleander *new for C88
Kimono : Ken Kimono / Luxe Box – tres blah
Necklaces: The Pia Necklaces- Amala
Skin: Scarlett – Lara Hurley
Eyeshadows: Blossom Smoke Shadows- Veechi
Septum: Gold Septum Ring/Heart – Yummy
Eyes: Lens Eyes /Honey – Buzz *new @ Bon Voyage




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442 – I crept up in you and I wouldn’t let go

AriaEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden



Dress: Ambrosia Dress Mini/Cream – Pixicat
Basket: Willow Picnic Basket/Milk – Zenith
Heart Nose Stud – Amala
Hair: True Love Waits/ Ombre – Lamb.
Glasses: Vintage Frames/Print – Epoque
Ring: Spring Midi Rings – Izzie’s
Earrings: Little flower earrings – Izzie’s
Eyeshadow: Blossom Smoke Shadows/classic – Veechi
Sandals: Boho Laced Sandals /camel – Reign
Pose: Imeka

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441 – my little greenhouse

AriaEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden




Greenhouse: Lily greenhouse 1 – dust bunny
Gate: Lattice Fence w/Gate – Botanical
Flower arch: Pink roses/ secret garden – anc*new @ Collabor88
Our Little Garden Sign – Sari-Sari
Tree: Garden Tree 09 with Lights – HPMD *
Tile skipping path/garden – vespertine
Grass field lush – we’re closed
Flower fields: Tobias Novi

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440 – once you met someone. you never really forget them.

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Skybox: Pink Lady go to Tokyo rare – Toiz *new @ Bon Voyage
Throw rug/stars – brocante
Curtains: Soiree Curtains – White Lace/Tied R&L – Half Deer *new @ C88
Fairylight Balloons – Garden Party – Group – Half Deer *new @ C88
String of Pearls – White – Large Chain – Half Deer
Twinkle Stringlights – Vertical – Long – Half Deer
Fluffy Macarons – Stacked Macarons RARE – Atomic
Desk/workspace – tres blah
Alma chair/plastic -vespertine
Cat Face Pillow/ Eclectic Collection – tres blah
Leslie’s Beads Lamp – Silver – Kalopsia
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439 – it smelled like sweet cake batter

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Hair: Queen – Due *new @ Bon Voyage
Neko tail/black – Akiba Cafe – Cureless & Disorderly *new @ Bon Voyage
Eyes: Lens Eyes Lavender – Buzz *new @ Bon Voyage
Pose: Kitten 2 – Glamrus Pose
Neko Ears Dark – Akiba Cafe – CUreless & Disorderly *new @ Bon Voyage
Yukata – Mini Yukata RARE – BCC * new @ Bon Voyage
Neko Choker pink – BCC * new @ Bon Voyage
Cat popsicle – Ninety *new @ Bon Voyage
Nose: The Heart Nose Stud – Amala
Knee wounds – Izzie’s *new
Takoyaki Stall (gacha) – CLAW … Read more →