436 – and I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be

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Skybox: Classical White- Rageworks
Fireplace/magical christmas – zerkalo
Eclectic standing mirror.cream- llorisen
Harpsichord/&stool – Fancy Decor
Music Book- Fancy Decor
Handle Portrait – Fancy Decor
Marlowe’s Cloche/Copper – Kalopsia
French Bulldog – Hannah Kozlowski (on mp)
Hat boxes /mademoiselle – zerkalo
Silver armchairs/modded blue – Bazar
Perfume collection/jolie – tres blah
Heart box/mademoiselle – zerkalo
Parlor rug – Fancy Decor
Birdcage with flowers – Zenith
Madeleine’s Daybead – Kalopsia *new
Floor Candelabra (gold) – Fancy Decor
Lace glove/mademoiselle – zerkalo
Madeleine’s Trolley – White – Kalopsia *new
Madeleine’s Croquembouche – Kalopsia *new
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434- vintage market days with you

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Build: Carnaval – Scarlet Creative * July Luxe Box
Bed: Boho princess bed – Cheeky Pea * new @ uber
Canopy: Boho princess canopy – Cheeky Pea *new @ uber
Boho Princess Rug – Cheeky Pea *new @ uber
Buncha Cups – Standby Inc
Baskets – Cheeky Pea
Clock radio/yellow – tres blah
Vintage camera – tres blah
Vintage sewing machine – Kuro
A pile of antique windows – ionic
Vintage dress mannequin – ionic
Vintage market sign – ionic
Perfume collection – tres blah
Decorative plates – dutchie
Hangers Pile /rare – kalopsia
Idle /stacked plates – … Read more →


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Top: Dana Shirt Nude – CandyDoll *new
Shorts: Brooklyn Leather Shorts Black – Emery
Long tshirt/waist – AMITOMO
Necklaces: The Pia Necklaces – Amala *new
Beary Yummy ice cream – Cosmic Dust
Shopping bag – Tentacio
Collie/Companion pup – JIAN
Dusty Sandals /coal – fri.
Hair: Elsie /dark browns – DeLa
Skin: Scarlett doll – lara hurley
Pose: Imeka
Sim: Strokerz Toyz *thanks Jade!

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432 – cause I am one step heavy and two steps high

AriaEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden


Home: Wimberley – Scarlet Creative *new @ C88
Door decoration/crete – Bazar
Canopy lace/white – anc
Bed: Adelaide bed – ARIA
& Pillow/gacha – Fancy Decor
Charlotte Cabinet – Apple Fall
Love you Madly Plank – floorplan
Antique mirror white – Picnic
Classic Chandelier/gold – Fancy Decor
Throw rug – brocante
Basket 03/basket set – Crete
Curtains/Lace curtains le secret – ariskea
Hammock chair/crete – Bazar
Boxes – Tartessos Arts
Spring sideboard – Brixley
White chair/moderno chair – Fancy Decor
Traveling typewriter / cream- floorplan
Propped shutters – Brixley
Good vibes/sadie’s art – kalopsia
Deer/sadie’s art – kalopsia
Be kind/brionys … Read more →


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Dress: Misti Shackleton – Blueberry *new for Luxe Box July
Tumbler slushie: Retro Rare – brocante *new for Epiphany
Purse: Basic purse/pink – Imeka
Necklaces: Layered Necklaces – Izzies *new for Epiphany
Glasses: Retro Glasses – Izzie’s
Rings: Spring Midi Rings – izzie’s
Nose stud: Heart Nose Stud – Amala *new
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Skin: Scarlett – Lara Hurley
Pose: Imeka
Location: Legacy Ridge

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430 – you are a white light stepping out of the dark

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Home: Carnaval – Scarlet Creative * new for Luxe Box July
Couch: Briony’s couch – Kalopsia
Coffee table/white (anna) – LISP
Basket/Amy’s basket – Mudhoney
Rug/winter green – Fancy Decor
Plant/ Joy plant – Glam Affair
Success Turntable – Tartessos Arts
Curtain/plain curtain – Ink
Hanging lamps / Joy – Glam Affair
Vertical Candles – Fancy Decor
String party lights – floorplan
Tv tray / white – Mudhoney
Stacked Magazine /hodgepodge – tres blah
White Armchair – Fancy Decor
Countryside Collies :: Family Rug – JIAN *new for Epiphany
Classic guitar/floral – Standby Inc
White stool/Sadie’s Stools – … Read more →


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Hair: King – Lamb *new for Luxe box July
Kimono shrug & tank: Ken Kimono – tres blah *new for Luxe box July
Shorts: Cossy/ Denim Ripped Shorts/ Midnight – Blueberry
Shoes: Laced Gladiators / Tan #5 – REIGN
Rings: Spring Midi Rings/Gold – Izzie’s
Necklaces: Layered Necklace Gacha – Izzie’s *coming soon for Epiphany
Earrings: Little Flower Earrings – Izzie’s *coming soon for Epiphany
Tattoo: Izzie’s
Build: Carnava – Scarlet Creative *new for Luxe box July
Skin: Scarlett – Lara Hurley
Body by Maitreya
Pose: Imeka

*edit – Heart nose stud – Amala for FLF ***

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hi all!  I’ve been a slacker when it comes to actually writing a little info on my blogs. Sorry about that but I feel like general info could be looked up! ha. I just wanna say how much I love these charm necklaces from Izzie’s and the adorable hair from honeycomb. These items will be at the newest Epiphany so make sure you check it out. I think what I love about the Michelle bun hair is that it’s my hair in real life (haha). So obviously I was in love at first site. Izzie’s charm necklaces give you … Read more →


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Book Nook Fort Set Gacha- Cheeky Pea * new & coming soon to The Epiphany starting on July 15th.

Overalls&shirt – Casual Set Lightblue nr2 – Pixicat *new for C88
Hair: Summer 03 – Magika
Sandals: Sophie Sandals in Sierra – fri.
Skin: Lara Hurley
Tattoos: Clematis Sleeves – Nylon Outfitters *new for C88
Pose: Imeka


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