Choices of the Day.

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knock knock 2
We have dead bunnies all over our yard.
Well … technically … parts of dead bunnies.
None of them were boiled so I am satisfied the hubby has not been having an affair with some psycho woman.  (yes yes, I know, he married one … go sit down at the back of the room.)

knock knock 1
Someone let their pet bunnies out of their cage, or, when they got out, they made little effort to find them.  So we ended up with 3 little baby bunnies hopping around our yard and while it made for idyllic, picture postcard, summer days . .
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Our Own Little World

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relax 3
We went through the stage in school where it was cool to wear something that was your boy friends.  One girl had her boyfriend’s school jacket, one wore his sweater.   Of course people wore rings and hats and things like that … my brother settled on wearing  his girlfriends underwear but I am not sure she gave it to him or even knew he wore it.
My sister in law wore my brother’s jeans when she was pregnant.  He was a skinny stick.  We all hated her.  She looked like she had a bit of a bloat … Read more at the source.

The Merry-Go-Round.

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dancing pony 1
We are buying an off roading caravan/trailer/thingy.
I am quite excited about it, but this morning we had the discussion about where it will be parked in the yard.  The extra garage we built is not tall enough sp we have to look at at a parking pad with a cover.  Driving it onto the land from the street we have to be able to turn the thing around – added that we have fruit trees and flower beds to dodge AND the trailer has got dual wheels which makes it a bit more tricky to park.
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The Final Frontier.

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market day 2
We didn’t have any big prizes for talent shows when I was growing up.  We didn’t even get 5 seconds of fame. 
Basically your mother sold your soul to the devil and promised someone you would sing for the show and she announced it to you with reinforcements by way of your grandfather fingering his belt.  It went something like, “There is a talent show for the school/church/United Farmers Association of Combined Wheat Fields and I signed you up to play your guitar and sing.  I thought you could do a lovely job of “What a Friend We Have In … Read more at the source.

Wrapped Up In A Clam Shell.

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under the sea 2
I have some grave concerns regarding timing and combining when it comes to the lessons of childhood.   Mixing fairy tales, body discovery, and the evening news, can actually be quite a lethal combination.    I know people often complain about the unrealistic expectations fairy tales dump on our children but mix them with news and body talk,  and it is like taking prescription medicine with alcohol.   Lethal and confusing.  Probably more for the adults than the children.   There are no warnings on the labels of fairy tale books to suggest this could be dangerous.

under the sea 1
Our grand daughter decided, after a steady
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Lazy Hazy Days of Summer.

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wanderlust 4
One summer I told my brother the story of how budda’s head was covered with snails.
We got one of my baby dolls and decided we would make a budda out of her.  Only we don’t have a lot of snails in Alberta. 
The next best thing we had as a substitute was marbles.  

wanderlust 3
Except neither glue guns nor crazy glue had been invented at that time and we were limited as to the types of glue we could use, the strongest appearing to be airplane glue.
It was not entirely successful due to the nature of marbles and
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Fashion Entry.

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jumpsuit 3
I am not sure what the people who brought us jumpsuits were thinking.
Presumably they called them that because they resembled the suits that people wear when they jump out of planes.  One piece pant suits probably made sense to them because who wants a blouse or shirt coming untucked on the way down and flapping in your eyes?  Also there are less things to accidentally hook on to a plane that flies to close or maybe even a bird.  Not to mention UFO’s.

jumpsuit 2
No-one jumping out of a plane is going to have time to go into a bathroom … Read more at the source.