My Checkered Past.

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I broke into our country church one night when we were out … running around …   Don’t judge me, you try finally getting away from the grandparental units and being free and driving around and realizing there is absolutely nothing to do, nothing to see, and even the cows are sleeping.


You can only whoot and holler for so long before you get hoarse.  And burning donuts in the field is like no big whoop.

We didn’t actually “break in” but sometimes when you have a literary license, you need to take the puppy out and use it, which … Read more at the source.

1, 2 Cha Cha Cha.

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LOVE Dancing.  It was/is/will always be one of my favourite dates.  Thank heavens my hubby loves dancing too.


I always like the “politics” of dancing.  Everyone waits for someone else to start it , which is usually either two women, or some couple who met on the internet and they both lied and said they loved dancing and because they lied about a whole bunch of other things that are going to be obvious as the night progresses they decide to  try and fake the easier stuff.

They usually dance holding one another far enough apart that some of the … Read more at the source.

Thank Heavens I Can Wear Draped Pants Again.

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Thank heavens we do have the trend going back towards loose fitting pants, draped, feminine …. I mean sometimes it is just nice to be able to move in your clothes, to breathe, to bend .. those small things that make life so meaningful.


One of my kids passed gas at the table once and when questioned, denied it completely.  We tried everything to get them to admit it, wanting to move to the “inappropriate bodily functions to share at the dinner table” and “learning to apologize” portions of the evening’s festivities, but they refused.

Finally in desperation we asked … Read more at the source.