Snowflakes Are Us.

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It’s true – one size fits all.  Well … I am not sure this would fit the neighbour across the way … but it fits me and I have made good use of it.


I like to put a tutu on and head over to the theatre when the ballet is in town.  You know if you put your hair in a tight bun and throw some water across your face and down your front and stand around in ballet pose eating lettuce outside the back stage door … you can pretty much convince anyone that you are a ballerina.… Read more at the source.

Mother Day Pictures.

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I was out trying to strut my stuff at the local park. It is not as easy as you think it might be.  I think some of those painters from years ago should be sued for feeding people false expectations.


Like where exactly are those parks where people stroll all dressed up and children skip alongside them in matching manners, behaving like little dream boats?????

First of all I had to shoo all the freaking peacocks out of the way, like anyone wants to see their sorry ass feathers on Mother’s Day … borrrrrring … been there, done that.  Besides … Read more at the source.

Paradigm Shifting.

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I love little birdies.  I have always wanted to be able to fly like a bird but I was never one of those kids who tried to leap off the top of the barn with fake wings attached to my arms, flapping madly and screaming for my mommy on the way down to an intimate meeting with the ground.


I convinced my brother to do it.

Actually I tied a 4 chickens to each of his arms, thinking it was a bit much to expect 1 or two to be able to carry his weight.

I pushed them all off … Read more at the source.

It Ain’t At All Like It Used To Be.

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So thankful to have an open jacket like this one to blog, otherwise I would have probably had to spend an hour finding a connection to this story.  Maybe not … I am pretty capable of making impossible leaps without too much effort.

Interesting going to a lab where they do all kinds of testing.  It used to be so respectful.  You were called into the back, through doors that closed, taken to a private area, the technician spoke in low tones telling you to remove your clothes, including underwear – or not, and how to put the gown on … Read more at the source.

Butterfly Drive-In.

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I went to a wedding once where the bride released a whole bunch of butterflies.  Once all those places started saying “no confetti” because it was so hard to clean up, people had to come up with new and exciting ways to enter the world as husband and wife.  Rice was big for a time until all those women were scarred by the new in laws throwing it much harder than they should have … at the brides face …

It kind of ruins the wedding photos when the bride is bleeding ….


The wedding I attended was all going … Read more at the source.

Bless Your Little Cotton Socks.

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Love the look of heels with socks.  There is something very fresh and playful about adding them to any outfit.


I remember the white socks and gloves that were a must for church, and more especially for the new Easter outfit – which always included a little white hat with lots of lace and bows and ribbons and an elastic that practically cut your neck in half by the time they got around to the intermediate hymn.

As soon as you began to fidget or complain, inevitably one of the grandparental units would snap it against your ear to shush … Read more at the source.

Nailed It!

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I used to got shooting on the farm with my brother.  Not that I wanted to shoot or anything, I just liked to be anywhere that my brother did not want me to be.  I took my role as little sister, very seriously.


I don’t know what the big whoop is in regard to shooting or what skill is required.  My brother used to get so bent out of shape because he would try to shoot something and miss.  He was never happy until he could repeat whatever over and over again.  I think that was so he could go … Read more at the source.

It’s a Theme.

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Have you noticed a theme going here? Spring is like in with the pink and out with the black.  I love all things pink but by the time we get through this love affair I will be  protesting amongst the fields of flowers in complete black, doing my best to imitate a goth or a witch or my great great aunt at the Sunday dinner table. Sometimes I channel all three at once and end up with just a depressed crabby bitch doing a monochromatic corn dance.


For this look I had some problem getting the deer to stay put … Read more at the source.

Hello My Name is Bliss And I Am A Skipper.

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I know that technically it is heading towards fall here in Australia and I should be looking for cardigans and darker colours.


I know there are lots of people out there with rule cards and I am not behaving but I don’t do behaving well. I never have.  I frankly suck at it.

I am the kid who was always being kicked out of class or being made to write lines, or stay in at recess.  I spent a lot of time “thinking about my actions” and then coming up with the words that I knew people wanted to hear … Read more at the source.

Then and Now, We Had A Moment.

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 This is a true story.

 I attended a party some years ago where many of the women were wearing halter top style maxi dresses, which are lovely, keeping in mind that two triangles of cloth with little strings attached that tie around the back of your neck are not much of a substitute for the sturdy white Maiden Form rivet enforced bra you usually wear.

I am just saying.

While some men might be thrilled to hear that “Linda’s” triangle failed to lift or support but it did manage to shift and cover her ribs down the … Read more at the source.