The Good Old Days When Chimps Were Cute.

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I have been a bit under the weather, sick in bed, crying, wanting my mommy  . . . and icecream.
I got lots of time alone and a stuffed monkey.
Oh . . . . and lots of yucky medicine.   We can do all kinds of anything but putting cough medicine into some form that does not taste like paint thinner … peach paint thinner that burns your throat, your chest, your nostrils  and holes in your pillow case … completely out of our reach.

The monkeys and heroes  of my childhood were a much kinder group.   Tarzan never “accidentally”
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Balancing the Scales of Life.

In Community, Events, Fashion by Aria E Appleford

with all your heart 1
I showed up at the local swap meet with my hubby and kids and asked where I could set up my booth.
I had good spot, it would get lots of traffic and with the right visual aids, I was thinking, we could really cash in and make some of our long overdue dreams come true.  I think it is so important for families to have projects that they work on together.
Hubby helped me get everything set up and when we were done we had the kids line up, each with their own unique sign.  We urged them to … Read more at the source.

A Disciplined Life.

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I was talking to my children one day about punishment and they asked me how come only children have the naughty chair and are made to sit over in a corner.  They pointed out that grandma misbehaves sometimes.  I told them that it was because you have to sit one minute for every year of their age so a 4 year old sits 4  minutes – a 7 year old 7 minutes.  I suggested that if they made grandma sit in the corner for her age she could be gone for days and then I said that some older people … Read more at the source.