25L$ Tuesday & We ♥ RP

Anke HatchukDesigners, Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

All-new for We ♥ RP: May round, 25% off at the event location only!
The event opens at 3pm SLT on the 4th.
Includes 3 altar center options, and has full norm/spec map enabled. 
Only 7 land impact at a 7m x 7m size, version on display at event slightly shrunken.

For this weeks 25L$ Tuesday, we also had out the Stone Ruin Pillars, a complimentary set of single-sit-animated pieces to decorate the area around the Stone Altar, or any aged space!
Each is just 1 land impact,
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Paths Magic!

Anke HatchukDesigners, Events, Fashion, Home and Garden

For this week of Lazy Sunday, we have the Moorside Paths out!
These all new, physics-enabled, bump/spec mapped paths are 1-2 land impact each (most 1 land impact, 16 LI as shown with all 12 pieces) and include 7 wood options, as well as 7 snowy wood options. 
The script allows you to set access for the texture change menu as well to GROUP, ANYONE, or OWNER, or to delete the scripts in all of the walkways at once to reduce lag. 
Additionally, we have a new group gift of Rainbow Paths! These come also in Pastel, and are an
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