Accentuate The Positive

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Hi bunnies! Guess what day it is? It’s UBER day! The theme for this round is “Military.” I am loving it! So many cool, military inspired items!

Style - Accentuate The Positive

I’m wearing the Military Coat and the Halterneck Bodysuit by COCO that you can get at Uber for this round. The coat is awesome and comes with the garrison cap. It also has optional medals and an armband.

N-Core‘s Survivor boots are wonderful! No one is going to mess with me in these babies! Especially since I have my gun, grenades, AND a knife easily accessible on my boots!

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Always Gonna Be You

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Happy Monday, bunnies! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We have had such beautiful fall weather here lately! It just makes me want to be outside all of the time.

Style - Always Gonna Be You

N21 is open! The Secret Store has this gorgeous Freya Kimono dress at the event. It comes in a bunch of pretty prints and colors. Honestly, I almost *never* wear yellow, but this color is just so rich! And I think that the Haramita bangles and Miyabi necklace, both by Mandala for N21, just go perfectly with my fall look today!

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Don’t Worry, Baby. I Got This.

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hey bunnies! We are definitely getting into the Halloween season around here, aren’t we? And also, it must be event season, because good grief, there are a lot of them! Not that I’m really complaining.

Style - Don't Worry, Baby. I Got This.

If you haven’t been out to The Liaison Collaborative yet, you NEED to go. Izzie’s has the coolest Insomnia tattoos! My messy eye makeup and smudgy lipstick are from this set. I was just thrilled that she included a LOGO applier for this! Most people never do.😦 There are appliers for Catwa and Maitreya heads, as well as regular system tattoos for those not in … Read more →

You’ve Gone To Save Your Tired Soul

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hello bunnies! So earlier this week, Memento Mori closed early. It was really kind of a bummer, because the event wasn’t a long one anyway, and closing half a week early wasn’t awesome for anyone. But unfortunately, it was a necessary move on behalf of the organizers. People were going to Memento Mori and then camming in to The Epiphany sim to play the machines that were being set up. Guys. Seriously. Don’t do that.

But now that The Epiphany is officially open, they’ve decided to re-open Memento Mori! Now PLEASE keep in mind that the sim Memento MoriRead more →

Luxe Box Unboxing for October!

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hello again, bunnies! I know, 2 videos in one day? Crazy! But it’s a Luxe Box day!! I really loved this month’s box. I think there were only 2 items this month that I was a little iffy about, but that means that 10 items, I really loved. When people ask me if it’s worth paying $1500L every month for Luxe Box, my answer is always a very loud YES! I honestly don’t think I’ve had a bad box yet, so I never mind when I fork over that cash!

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Treasure Chest Unboxing!

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hey bunnies! I was delighted to be invited to be one of the “official unboxers” for the first round of Treasure Chest! Treasure Chest is a new subscription box that is geared more towards roleplayers, or anyone who likes fantasy type items! It is $1500L a month and there were 15 designers for this month. If you got in on it, let me know what you liked!

Click through to the video page if you want to just get to jumpcuts so you can skip to a specific store’s offering!

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I Can Say The Sun Will Rise Again

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hey bunnies! There’s something about mornings. I can’t say I’m really a morning person. In fact, you probably [absolutely] shouldn’t speak to me for about an hour or so after I’ve woken up. But I love mornings anyway. Knowing that I have a fresh new day ahead of me. Knowing that I am going to have my coffee and two scrambled eggs [my preferred breakfast!] And just knowing that no matter what happens during the day, the sun will indeed come up again the very next day and I’ll have a whole new fresh day all over again.

Style - I Can Say The Sun Will Rise Again

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I’d Rather See The World From Another Angle

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hey bunnies! I have been a bit under the weather the past few days, so I’ll keep this short. I hope all of you have a wonderful weekend! ♥

Style - I'd Rather See The World From Another Angle

In This Post:

Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body and Feet: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Hair: No.Darkness by No.Match [The Liaison Collaborative]
Top: Anisha Ruffle Blouse by Zaara [Collabor88]
Skirt: Ziya Tiered Skirt by Zaara [Collabor88]
Pose made by me with AnyPose

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I Guess Visiting Hours Are Over?

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hello, spooky bunnies! It’s October, it’s time for all the spooky fun! Memento Mori just opened up and oh gosh. There are some downright scary things! Scary in the best way, I mean!

Style - I Guess Visiting Hours Are Over?

Caboodle is at Memento Mori with the Yandere gacha set. If you don’t know, “yandere” is a Japanese term for a character who is normally sweet and loving, but then can just go totally off the rails and be crazypants deranged! And this set fits the bill just perfectly! I am wearing the Rare schoolgirl outfit that has the option to be clean or bloody. And yes, … Read more →

It’s A Long Way Home

Alicia ChenauxEvents, Fashion

Hello bunnies! Can you believe that it is the LAST day of September?? This month seemed to just fly by, don’t you think? I know it sure did for me!

Style - It's A Long Way Home

So Uber, right? How fantastic is this round? Today I’m wearing the Lace Up Front Bodysuit, Zipped Leggings, and Over Shoulder Blazer by Villena that is out at Uber. I’m just in love with this whole outfit! The bodysuit has a HUD so that you can adjust the bottom of it to fit almost any pants/skirts, or you can wear it as just a full bodysuit. Love it!… Read more →