Always Just A Little More

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I was trying on some of my Arcade goodies tonight and I thought, “You know…what’s wrong with wearing a little more than necessary?” Not just clothing, but jewelry, too. Why not take a casual outfit and wear some huge jewelry? So that’s what I did!

Style - Always Just A Little More

FaMESHed opened up on Sunday and I’m loving the new Retro Fit Jeans and the Breeze Tunic that are by Coquet! I love love love jeans that are big and hit the floor and it’s been almost impossible to find that style in SL since everyone seems to be stuck in the skinny jeans … Read more at the source.

I Believe In Many Things

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Wow, what a start to March! The Arcade opened last night at midnight and my family and I were ready to shop shop shop! Of course, I mostly do yard sales because that’s the best budget friendly way to get what I want. But it’s okay because that helps people who enjoy playing the machines go and play more!

Style - I Believe In Many Things

I’m not really into mesh heads but oh gosh, how adorable are the sweet little faces on the Fairy Mesh Heads by VCO out at The Arcade? I just had to get the little Pixie head with the tiny butterfly … Read more at the source.

Powering Up!

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It’s the last day of the month and tonight is the night my family gears up for The Arcade! Squee! Gotta stay hydrated, gotta keep the blood sugar steady, because it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon! But it’s not the only event in town, because there are other things going on and coming up! Woo!

Style - Powering Up!

Tee*fy is at Uber and how adorable is the Lana v-neck romper? The belt is color change with a HUD and there are so many pretty colors of the romper to choose from.

FaMESHed starts tomorrow and Cae is there with the SinuousRead more at the source.

Lookin’ For Fun and Feelin’ Groovy!

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I finally got into Uber! Woo! The Bohemian theme made me soooo happy!

Style - Lookin' For Fun and Feelin' Groovy

I love the Ripped Denim Shorts from Blueberry! They have belted and non-belted options. And the Bohemian top from Pixicat is just adorable! I also fell right in love with the Boho Bags from Reign for Uber. You can change the color of the metal coins, too!

And no boho babe is complete without a great pair of boots to kick around in! The Layla boots from for Uber are perfect! You can’t tell in the pic, but they dip down in the … Read more at the source.

You Can See The World You Brought To Life

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If it hasn’t been obvious by what I blog, I enjoy being comfortable. Sure, fancy dresses and corsets and heels are gorgeous but my style definitely leans towards comfort!

Style - You Can See The World You Brought To Life

Coldlogic released some great new tops and pants! I’m wearing the top from the Connor outfit with a pair of the Jennings jeans from their Pants 151 collection. The Connor outfit does include pants along with the top. I love the little half tuck in the front because it’s just cute and casual!

If you have a comfy outfit, you need some comfy shoes, and the new Darcy flats from Fri.dayRead more at the source.