And I Say It’s All Right

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Hello, bunnies! Don’t be sad, but this is my last post! Welllll… okay, my last post until probably after August 10th. :) I am heading to the beach in RL!! This will be my first non-family, non-funeral type vacation in many many years! Naturally I’m super stressed out about it, but I’m sure all that will melt away the moment I sink my toes in the sand. I’ve read that trips to the ocean have a lot of health benefits, so I’m excited to see if that’s true. I won’t have SL access while I’m there, so I couldn’t leave … Read more at the source.

You Could Be Magnificent

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Hi, bunnies! Have you made it to Uber yet? I know, it’s hard to get in sometimes in the first few days that it opens, but you gotta go!

Style - You Could Be Magnificent has these awesome Pandora sandals at Uber this round! I’ve never really been a huge fan of gladiator sandals in the past, but I think I’m coming around to them. These also have optional kneepads, which I am not wearing in this photo.

Happy shopping!

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Skin: Elsie by Pink Fuel
Physique body, hand, feet by Slink
Nail Polish: Diamonds R 4ever by Stellar
Top: Falls by coldLogicRead more at the source.

Everything Feels Right Just Like It’s Meant To Be

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Hi, bunnies! I’m up late because it was just a really good day and sometimes you just don’t want them to end! My family had a dance in the rainforest and just being together felt so good. We all just love love love music and laughing about the silliest things, so it was just perfect.

Style - Everything Feels Right Just Like It's Meant To Be

I’m definitely more of a boho girl, so the Boho Headchain, Boho Bracelet, and Boho Earrings I got from The Forge for The Epiphany just were everything I wanted to wear for tonight’s dance! I just LOVED that the headpiece was unrigged and modifiable because … Read more at the source.

Daughter Of The Forest

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So have you been to The Epiphany yet? If not – you gotta go!! There is only a week left!

Style - Daughter Of The Forest

Got Those Elizabeth Taylor Eyes

Today I’m frolicking in nature wearing some of my awesome new finds from The Epiphany. My outfit is from the Forest Druid set by Fawny! The Staff is a rare item, but I didn’t have any trouble getting it. My fabulous Mahi Gladiator sandals by Reign for The Epiphany are also rares, but again, I didn’t have any problems getting them from the machine. In fact, I think I got them on my first pull. I think that might … Read more at the source.

Chillin’ With The ‘Mingoes

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Hey, bunnies! So I’ll admit that I’m not a super fashionista or anything on a daily basis. I’m just not. But when we’re on vacation, it gets worse because I just want to wear things that are cute and comfy! And, you know, things that I can wear when hanging out with people – or ‘mingoes!

Style - Chillin' With The Mingoes

Pixicat has the cutest item for Fifty Linden Friday this week! The Vibrant Vest in the Aztec print is awesome! This is not something that I’d usually wear [vests kind of remind me of middle school], but the moment I saw it, I fell … Read more at the source.

Covered Up Just Enough

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Hi, bunnies! We have made it to the rainforest! I have been threatening to go pantsless while on vacation. This starts day one. :)

Style - Covered Up Just Enough

Blueberry is one of my favorite stores these days, and they are at N21 this round with the Tyrkinis! These bikinis are fabulous. They fit amazingly and the cut is perfect. Good booty coverage in the back, but still showing just enough skin. Love!

Have you been out to Hair Fair yet? I kinda hovered on the next sim over on opening day and cammed in so I could get the Catellena hair from OleanderRead more at the source.

It’s A Long Way Down The Holiday Road

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Hello, bunnies! Well, I’m off on another adventure! The family is heading back to the rainforest for some much needed post-camp relaxation! Luckily, Abby and I are still pretty packed from camp, so I just needed to throw some things together for Birdy and Aldwyn so we can head out tomorrow! Sooo ready to go!

Style - It's A Long Way Down The Holiday Road

Paper Arrow Co. is in N21 this round with the Cozy.Tee. I am just in love with these tops because as you all know, I like to dress comfy whenever I can and sometimes it’s super hard to find just plain tees to wear with … Read more at the source.