Think I’ll Write A Tale Of My Own

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Hey bunnies, happy Friday! I am sooo looking forward to this weekend. It feels like it’s been an exceptionally long week. All I really want to do this weekend is enjoy some solitude, maybe do some writing or play a game, and recharge my batteries. Well…and shop, of course!

Style - Think I'll Write A Tale Of My Own

If you haven’t been to Uber yet, you need to go go go!! This current round is ending in a few days, so you know you need things. I am wearing the fabulous Manitowoc vest and Huntington jeans, both by Emery for Uber. Unless I missed something, there is … Read more →

September Luxe Box!

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Hello bunnies! It’s Luxe Box day!! If you didn’t get this month’s box and you’re just dyyyying to have it, you don’t have to wait until next month! You can get in on it for $3000L now. Trust me, just a couple of fatpacks in here would MORE than cover that price. Like usual, I have an unboxing video, picture, and credits! If you go to the video’s actual page, I do have jumpcuts in the comments, just so you can skip ahead to an individual store if you want.

September Luxe Box!

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Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara … Read more →

The Very Thought Of You

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Hello bunnies! It’s a new round of The Liaison Collaborative! The theme for this month is “Le Cinema,” and it’s just so wonderful! As I was setting up for this photo, I just felt so vintage, movie star glamorous!

Style - The Very Thought Of You

The Annex is at TLC with the Marlene peignoirs. This is just truly lovely. There is something just so sexy about actually being covered up, am I right?

D!va is also at TLC this month with the Scarlett hair. They just do the best messy styles! It is not rigged, so you are able to move it around as … Read more →

OMG Shoebox!

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Hey bunnies! There is a brand new SHOES event called Shoebox that opens today [at 8pm SLT, actually!] and I just had to tell you all about it! I was invited to come video, too! And..of course I had to shop. Woo! I hope you guys love it!

Style - OMG Shoebox!

Oh! You should know that these shoes, the High Heeled Loafers from Glam Affair, are not rigged for any foot. So you will have to move them into place but as you can see, they worked just fine for my Maitreya medium feet!

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Feet: Lara by Maitreya
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Everything’s Better With Two People

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Hiya bunnies! So I’m not sure if a lot of you who have been reading my blog for a while would remember this, but Aldwyn first appeared in my blog more than a year before we got together. It’s not a great photo, and we’re both… well, look, man. It was 2009. It was a different time. The world was different. It’s not our fault. We didn’t know any better!


But in that photo, we were using a laundry set. And now I have a new laundry set! So, time for a new laundry photo!

Style - Everything's Better With Two People

Second Spaces has the … Read more →

New To Me Thursday! Boild Egg!

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Hey bunnies! It’s time for another New To Me Thursday! This one almost didn’t happen because I’m exhausted from staying up super late last night because of The Arcade! But, I found the store Boild Egg by going to the Creators Collection Box event. It’s a neat event, so you should check it out! As usual, video, pic, and credits!

Happy September!

New To Me Thursday! Boild Egg!

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Mesh Head: Chloe by LOGO
Body: Lara by Maitreya
Hands by Slink
Nail Polish: Danger Floss by Hello Dave
Hair: Vienna by Truth
Shirt: Fitted Tee – Chamel by Tres Blah [The ArcadeRead more →

Summer Is Coming To A Close

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Hello bunnies! Can you believe it’s the last day of August? I don’t know about you guys, but no matter the weather, I feel like the start of September is fall! So I’m taking advantage of the end of summer with a picnic by the water!

Style - Summer Is Coming To A Close

What Next just released the Provence picnic set in the main store and I love it! It’s such a casually pretty set, and of course all of the props give you things to eat and drink, which I LOVE. The entire set [table, props, lantern, tray] comes to a mere 12 land impact! Wonderful!… Read more →

The 100L Challenge!

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Hi bunnies! So I did a “Can I dress myself for 5L” thing on YouTube last week and some people commented that they wanted it to be a real challenge, but not for $5L. *laughs* I’m always up for a challenge so today we’re doing the $100L Challenge!! For the challenge, we are dressing for a first date, and you have to buy the following:

1. Hair
2. Outfit
3. Shoes
4. Some kind of accessory.

I was doing it all on marketplace but seriously, go out into the world and find stuff, too! It’s fun! I can’t wait … Read more →

It Had To Be You

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Hi bunnies! Oh gosh, y’all. I am just LOVING this current round of Uber. Have you been yet?? I swear, I just want to wear everything at once. But that would be silly, wouldn’t it?

Style - It Had To Be You

Although I wear the same mesh head most of the time, once in a while I do like to try on another just to see how I like it. The Keily head by Genesis Lab for Uber is fantastic! I mean, I think we can all see that it’s based of Kylie Jenner’s face, but as I think she’s pretty [and looks like my … Read more →


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Hello bunnies! Yep, it’s time for another New To Me Thursday! This week I showed the store KiiKO, which was really cute! But Uber also opened! So I combined, because… yes! Uber’s theme this round is “Famous,” so everything’s pretty dang awesome. As usual on a Thursday, video, pic, and credits!

OH! Also. I found this song a while back and it’s one of my favorites for when I want to relax. I thought it went well with this post, so give it a listen. I’ll put it after the credits! ♥

Style - Qi

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