The pirate lass

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A new round of The Fantasy Collective opens tomorrow, and the theme is Pirates, so think Black Sails, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blackbeard, Anne Bonny and Grace O'Malley! Arrrghhh me hearties!

The very eerie rocks I'm standing on – including wrecked ship and skeleton floating in the waters below – are from Kalopsia. The Lost Pirate Island at original size is only 25 LI. I enlarged the scene though, naturally pushing the LI upwards.

The main outfit I'm wearing is The White Armory's Cabin Girl mesh bloomers set, which includes mesh boots, lace choker, and pirate hat. However, for these … Read more at the source.

Adora WhitesongThe pirate lass

Future nymph

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One of Junbug's latest releases is available at The Seraphim Social. It's a 'space dress' named for Trillian from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The gown has materials turned up to the max – part of the skirt is super shiny, perfect for a futuristic look. It's also available in a black and gold colourway.

The tiara -  currently at We Love Role-Play – is one of the Dominion of the Deep tiaras from Paper Moon. There are another two aquatically-inspired coronets available and they're all 25% off for the duration of the event. The skin – a … Read more at the source.

Adora WhitesongFuture nymph


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Quick look at the April outfit from Junbug, now discounted at  We Love Role-Play. Tops and skirts are sold separately, so you can pick exactly the colour combination(s) you want.

The plunging lace top is perfect for wenches – but of course you can cover up with a clothing layer underneath if you need something more modest.
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Adora WhitesongGretchen

More from We Love Role-Play

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Another We Love Role-Play post! In these pictures, I'm wearing lots from We<3RP, such as the Gertrude gown in pink from Luminary. I love the folds and gathers on the sleeve, and the style looks authentically medieval (to my uneducated eye at least).

I'm wearing TheSkinnery's special fairy tone of the Quiana skin again (50% off! do not miss!). This time out, I'm wearing the skin with its own eyebrows. (Last time, I added tattoo layers to the no-brow skin.) It would be great if more designers offered no-brow skins as standard, it seems to be becoming more … Read more at the source.

Adora WhitesongMore from We Love Role-Play

Silver apples of the moon

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More from We Love Role-Play. This time, this pics feature a stunning gown called Aluaya from The.Plastik. The outfit includes four separate mesh components; the basic gown, the sleeves, the corset, and a corset-and-overskirt combination.  Lots to play with an mix in with your existing wardrobe.

Also at W<3RP – the staff from May's Soul, new hair from Calico, filigree mask and ear cuff from Kahli Designs, and eyes from Musa.
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Adora WhitesongSilver apples of the moon

That never more true love can sever

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We Love Role-Play is now open! Well, strictly speaking, it's been open since some time yesterday, but ssshhh.

I'm wearing several items from the Round 11 collection in these pictures. First of these is the Quiana fantasy skin from The Skinnery. Uma has reworked the skin in five beautiful fantasy tones to suit a variety of characters, including Mermaid, Witch, Drow and Demon. I'm wearing the Fairy tone, which is the most 'human'.

The skin includes a dark brow and no-brow option. To match my fiery red hair – I feel like Tori Amos -  I'm wearing the no-brow skin … Read more at the source.

Adora WhitesongThat never more true love can sever

30L Anniversary Fair (featuring May’s Soul)

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The 30L Anniversary Fair opened yesterday (I couldn't get in then!), celebrating 4 years of 30L events. It runs until Sunday, so don't leave it too late before visiting.

You'll find some amazing 30L bargains, like this armour bodice from May's Soul, which comes in three different metallic colours, and three different finishes (plain, embellished, and bloody).

There are also 30L gachas, and my nosering / facechain is a special rare prize, again from May's Soul.

Even if you're completely broke and haven't a single Linden dollar to your display name, you should still go and have a look around … Read more at the source.

Adora Whitesong30L Anniversary Fair (featuring May’s Soul)

Soedara at We Love Role-Play

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Round 11 of  We <3 RP opens on Friday. Soedara have put out two new outfits, each at 30% off. The Scurvy Wench is a pirate-inspired ensemble, featuring a corseted dress, shrug, armwarmers and jewelry. Meanwhile, Berhawa-nafsu is a skimpy mesh camisk.

Both outfits have lots of options for you to play with; some are hud controlled, and some are additional options included in the pack. For instance, with scurvy wench, the hud lets you change the colours of the corset and the flowers. There are also two colours of the shrug, and an alternative dress has different colours in … Read more at the source.

Adora WhitesongSoedara at We Love Role-Play


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Some recently released shoes from Pure Poison inspired me to try something just a little different for this post. We all know Gorean slaves can't wear high heel wedge shoes – but a courtesan from another world certainly could.

Also new are the Zaia hand jewels from Earthstones for Slink hands (note – these are fitted to the Slink Casual and Elegant1 hands, so check you have these hands, and that you buy from the correct vendor).

The clothes are from Soedara – the top is a sexy new mesh camisk, while the skirt is from a set of good … Read more at the source.

Adora WhitesongCourtesan