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Smile.. an everlasting smile..
TALKING ABOUT ACCESSORIES it is all IT! (INDULGE TEMPTATION). Nothing beats the quality of work by IT!. You see its shadows even on its smallest details of jewelry, it looks as if real when you put it on, just as if like in real life. That is what I feel when my avatar wears all of IT! accessories every time. Showing the HELLENIC SEPTUM PIERCING by IT!, Exclusive at SWANK – July Event, and the awesome BAHIJA EAR RINGS made by IT!, Exclusive at TWE12VE – July Round. Each of this jewelry contains lots of colors to choose from,
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Piano in waterfalls
SPEND TIME AT YOUR BEST LOOK, that is what you feel when you are wearing the TOP SIMI from LIMPID. It is a cool top and perfect for any day wear. It shows your back and fresh feeling with this top on. It is all Mesh, and exclusive for July only at Suicide Dollz Event.
Teleport at..
or after the event, you can check it out at..
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AsteroidBox. Velcro Patch Sneakers @ Shiny Shabby(Fatpack…

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AsteroidBox. Velcro Patch Sneakers @ Shiny Shabby

(Fatpack includes all colors: pink, black, blue, & white & includes stickers that you can show or hide! HUD includes sock texture change! By them separate for 150L however this blogger recommends you purchased the fatpack for 550L for ultimate customization! @ Shiny Shabby Event July 20th!)

Thank you so much Tiramiisuu for joining me in this picture. I love how adorable your avatar is and we complement each other so well <3

Tiramiisuu is using WRONG Pose Set

Other Worn Mika:

Hazy. UsagiNyan S. Sky Usagi

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Well suited for all occasions

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Hethwen of Heth Haute Couture has been turning out menswear this July like nobodies business,  his graphics program must be on fire by now!  So I thought I’d better do a post featuring everything so far before my Apparel folder explodes 🙂

First up is Dom Pedro and his favourite rare breeds bull.  Don’t ask, I think I’ve had way too much sun this July.  Anyways, Dom Pedro the 1st was the founder and first emperor of Brazil and Heth originally made this fabulous outfit for Rodrigo Colt-Stable – Mr. Virtual World Brazil as his National Costume. Dom Pedro was a … Read more →


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The pictures for this post were taken @ Highwood Antlers National Park a perfect wooded forest and trails await you.


-Sorumin- “Druid girl” – Choker – Gifts of the Guardians 2
-Sorumin- “Druid girl” – Lantern – Gifts of the Guardians 1
01 -Sorumin- “Druid girl” – Magic Staff – RARE
04 -Sorumin- “Druid girl” – Top – Dark wood
07 -Sorumin- “Druid girl” – Bottom – Dark wood
10 -Sorumin- “Druid girl” –  Bracelets – Dark wood
13 -Sorumin- “Druid girl” – Horns – … Read more →

Fading dreams

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Hiya Dolls.
Today I’m gonna babble atcha a bit. A LOT. 

 So about 2 years ago I started up the website called Hair SL.
I love hair both in SL &RL & I am actually a licensed hairstylist by trade.  If only I had the patience to master a good cut here!  But, mesh is beyond me. 

See, all off track already!

So, Hair SL
I put a lot of thought into this site. What I wanted it to be, how I wanted it to operate & since the site’s humble beginnings it’s grown in leaps and Read more →

Ninja Bang Bang

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So obviously this look was what I plopped together while listening to Kyary PamyuPamyu’s song with a similar title. Most of the attire is from Cubic Cherry’s gacha release at Epiphany with a ton of colors and combinations to do together, with some geta from them at Kagami. Luckily the colors matched up pretty good with Ayashi’s new release for Kawaii Project’s bow and hairstyle. I felt very kawaii ninja like in this. XD The other pieces were some fun things I put together too. Hope you like the look! ^ ^

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Summertime Bliss

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Summertime Bliss 2048.png



Chez Moi Double Adirondack Chair with Watermelon tray and  Windshield Malibu Linen @ Limit 8 

Chez Moi Timber Outdoor Shower @ Tres Chic 

Jian Playful Pibble White Wanderer

Hextraordinary Sandpipers @ Summerfest ’17

22769 Beach Cool Box, Pool Floaty Sunshine, Beach Bag (Pink Blossoms) @ Gacha Guardians 

[V/W] Cocktails Tray II @ Gacha Guardians 

TLC Seagulls

Little Branch Palmettos, Double Quad Palms, and Wild Grass Dry

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Pray for…

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Click the image to see full size on Flickr! * Hiii<3 I have been to the Japanese summer horrar event Kagami!! I still have only a little shopping… :D Every year I’m impressed with the scenery at this event. I love the mysterious and fantastic landscape of Japan! From 29th July, game events will also… Continue reading Pray for…Read more →