Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

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FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL


Hey there Fabulous Readers! As I mentioned in my last post [HERE], the Paying It Forward Event offers tons of free group gifts set to the free to join Paying It Forward Event group!  I showed you a couple of them in my last post and today I am wearing a couple more!

Paying It Forward FREE Group Gifts:

  1. NYU Mary Jane w/ Socks Brown:  One piece brown leather shoes w/ black socks (Lara, Physique, Hourglass, Freya, Isis & Venus)
  2. The Oak Nina Handbag: This bag comes in three different
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Paying It Forward

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FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL

Hello there Fabulouses! Have you heard about the Paying It Forward Event in Second Life? This event has a ton of generous and talented designers participating and… you can get FREE SWAG!

At the Paying It Forward Event

All of the exclusive items are No Copy/Transfer so that you can pay it forward to someone and purchase something to send as a gift.  Most of the designers participating have  already paid it forward to you with free group gifts set to the Paying It Forward inworld group which is free to join

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Naughty Nonna

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FabFree – Fabulously Free in SL

Hey there Fabulous Readers!  Nerido has a hot little number specifically made for wearers of the Maitreya Mesh Lara Body hidden in their Women Only Hunt icon (which is a snowflake!) that is almost too risque to blog here on FabFree due to the frisky little reindeer print!  All of the WOH prizes are FREE, and this one is included!

To dress or not to dress…

The Nonna Dress by Nerido includes the red and white knit sweater dress as well as the white leather buckled straps and a pair of sexy little

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Good Brew

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And yet another combo post.  A relaxed setting for a casual look.  Good place to snuggle up with a book and hot cup of tea.

This set is also from Serenity Style and is the Jojo Cozy Set that was in this month’s Deco(c)rate.

My outfit is from MOoH and is the Sigrid outfit.  The great thing about this outfit is the ease of putting on as the sweater and leggings are one item.  Simple is good.  Great style for mooching around the house.  Another fab thing about this outfit is that it is a FREE gift for the … Read more →

Free and Fabulous

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Hiya everyone! Tonight I am having fun showing off some gifts for the FabFree group, which is short for Fabulously Free in SL. The group is the inworld representation of their amazing blog which I have been following for as long as I can recall, a terrific resource for new and more seasoned residents alike to find gifts, sales, new stores, events, and more. With your group tag (free to join, of course) you can visit many designers to pick up special group gifts such as the ones I am sharing tonight. You can probably tell that it makes me Read more →

Evening Variety

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Hiya everyone! Tonight I have an assortment of treats to share, including free gifts (various groups) and special offers, and I do believe in variety being the spice of Second Life as well as first life. So the first stop at Bliss involves 3 groups that are all free to join, and another stop is an event where you can purchase some truly lovely outfits, especially the look from Entice I am sharing. The final destination brings a gift for the Third Life group, just $10L to join with many enjoyable benefits including information on sales and new releases in Read more →

[ west end ] Gifts, Deals and News!

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Originally posted on [ west end ]:
FREE GIFT FOR FABFREE GROUP MEMBERS, [ WEST END ] V.I.P. GROUP GIFT, 50L$ DEAL FOR 48 HOURS AND MORE! [ west end ] Poses – Angles – Pose Collection Free Gift for FabFree Group Members [ west end ] Shapes – Savannah (Lelutka Simone Bento) Gift for [ west…Read more →