VR Madness

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VR Madness

There’s so many things happening in virtual reality and gaming lately, that I absolutely have to blog my opinion about it! Everything from Facebook Horizon, to the Oculus Quest headset, to the brand-new SL Blogger Network. Are you ready? Grab some tea and let’s have a chat!… Read more at the source.

Lock me in, or keep you out?

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This photoshoot was fun to do, even though it took me a while to blog. It’s been a while where I completely “transformed” to do a certain look. But since it’s the month of October, why not?

This blog post is kinda long – keep reading for my part 2!Read more at the source.

A Bit of Light Exercise

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A Bit of Light Exercise

Nothing like a bit of light exercise to round out Friday.  Or  you know, a bit of light posing on a tennis court is just as good, right???


This tank top that says “undead glamour” on it is just what the doctor ordered for the season of creepiness. … Read more at the source.

Lovely Dango

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Lovely Dango

my sweet little dango CLOSE.png

Today’s post is back to the lovely pink aesthetic. I’m bubbling with delight. Even though it is Halloween I figure it is still perfectly okay to roll around in lots of pink things. There are even still little touches of Halloween all around.… Read more at the source.

No Crows Allowed

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It is October.  In fact it is the 5th of October and I have left it that long to do my first Halloween-styled post.  That is unheard of for me.  If you have been reading this blog for a while (thank you if you have) then you will know that I am a fan of the macabre and so October is my chance to go creepy.  I do try and balance it out with some 'normal' posts so don't run off screaming just yet. 

Outfit:  Meva -  Fumi Jacket Set (Neo-Japan September 19)
Makeup: JANUS - Titans Black Smudge Eyeshadow (Boo Bunny Hunt)
Eyes:  JANUS - Titans Demon Jet black eyes (BBH)
Hair:  Wasabi // Tulip Mesh Hair
Shoes and Socks:  friday - Niki Janes (Brick)
Pumpkins:  DISORDERLY.Read more at the source.


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WICHHHHAAAAAA Fabulouses! If you can’t tell what that kind of greeting that was,  it was my best attempt at cracking a whip in text. You won’t find puppies or kitties or flowers in my blog post tonight!  Just whips, attitude, and news about this very naughty outfit including the dress and garter boots in a whole fatpack of colours for …  50L!… Read more at the source.

I stole your heart

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I stole your heart

Thank goodness it’s Friday. I don’t know about anyone else but this week has felt like it dragged. I’ve woken up tired and gone to sleep tired. I think it’s the cold coming back. It makes beds far too tempting because they are warm and snug.… Read more at the source.

Fashion colLecker 2019-09-25 04:06:36

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So, I’m moving back to the Land of Enchantment aka Albuquerque “Yes New Mexico is a state” on Friday. I’ve been in Las Vegas, Nevada for approximately 6 years. My husband and I always planned on moving back home. In the beginning it was hard to imagine Las Vegas was home material, yet here I am missing it already.… Read more at the source.

the sense of waiting

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click small picture to enlarge
Yes a sense of waiting in her sexy outfit from *SK*, available at SENSE. The top is transparent. Walking through sl Nic is wearing a applier bra under it. A bra from Tetra you can use for example (gift).… Read more at the source.

Less Is More…

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Less Is More....

Featured Items:

  • Top: .::Crystal ::. Karen Top // [Black], Maitreya size, FlyBuy Friday original mesh item♥

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  • Skin&Body Applier: DS’ELLES-LILIA- CATWA HEAD [email protected]DUBAI September (opens Sept 20th), available in the known 6 tones (LUNE/LUMIERE/NUIT/PERLE/SATIN/SOLEIL) plus 4 brand new ones (AMBRE/CARAMEL/CHIFFON/MUSCADE-here AMBRE), includes shape (uneditted in ths picture)/body appliers/brow-browless option♥
  • Lipstick:  DS’ELLESDS’ELLES-LILIA- CATWA HEAD [email protected]DUBAI September (opens Sept 20th), available in 4 tones -here tone 2, sold separately from the skin♥

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