You Had Me at Free Pig

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Free Gifts at SaNaRae do not disappoint

Well I wasn’t up to fighting the crowds for Black Friday craziness but I will tell you this, free pig from Schadenfreude at SaNaRae got me dressed.

In fact, I rolled around and picked up all of the gifts – there were some good ones!… Read more at the source.

Anything For You

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Hey! Yes, I am still alive no less, it’s been a very long while, rl is kicking my damn ass, and then I get so excited to get on SL, I mainly pass out in my chair. My SO gave me a nice comfy chair we shoved into our bedroom, as it’s easier for him to pour me into bed when he wakes up at 4 am and I’m sitting up completely out cold lol.… Read more at the source.

VR Madness

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VR Madness

There’s so many things happening in virtual reality and gaming lately, that I absolutely have to blog my opinion about it! Everything from Facebook Horizon, to the Oculus Quest headset, to the brand-new SL Blogger Network. Are you ready? Grab some tea and let’s have a chat!… Read more at the source.

Hey There Delilah 🎶

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[7DS] – BODY 2020 DELIAH bom skin FUDGE
DELIAH-darks also available in lights. Shape available as well.
Shiny Shabby -> May 20th – June 15th

[7DS] also has BRAND new 2020 BODY appliers for Legacy BODY!!



:::ChicChica::: Glamour Ellixir – Cosmo 8th Anniversary Gift
N-core PAULA “Leo FatPack” Belleza High Feet in the Sale Room
:::ChicChica::: MyPhone ( PAST GIFT ) COSMO EDITION
Stealthic – Chiffon (Rigged) @ Main Store
Rosary.… Read more at the source.

Stop waiting for….

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Stop waiting for Friday,
for summer,
for someone to fall in love with you,
for life.

Happiness is achieved
when you stop waiting for it
and make the most
of the moment
you are in now.

                     ~~ Quote originally by Lucy Sutcliffe


Read more at the source.

Happy Anniversary eBENTO

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Hiya everyone! Tonight we are headed to eBENTO and their 3rd anniversary round, where they are celebrating with group gifts from just about all of the designers. The eBENTO group is free to join, and with that tag active you will want to look for decorated 3-tier cakes at each display which you can click for a gift.Read more at the source.

The Forest Warrior!

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Some newness here for you! Was kind of hard styling this outfit so I had a friend help me with this and I think we came up with a good outfit…the only really new thing here is the outfit which can be found at We ❤ Rp!… Read more at the source.

Goodbye Pt. 2

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Hey Lovelies,

well well… the time has come… the fog is lifting and yeah… this will be the last post I´m writing as an unmarried woman. I´d lie if I said we´re getting the wedding we want and deserve but everybody´s gonna be there!… Read more at the source.

Happy Anniversary FaMESHed

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Hiya everyone! Tonight we get to help FaMESHed celebrate their 8th anniversary, which is an impressive accomplishment for any event in SL. Their designers are known for creating original mesh products, whether clothing or jewelry or home decor to name just a few categories.Read more at the source.

POST *866

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•POST 866

Kah Blaisdale wears:

hair: FIFTY LINDEN FRIDAY! Wasabi // Peyton Mesh Hair – FLF Exclusive pack // by missallsunday lemon

head: FREE LIMITED!  CATWA HEAD Freya [GIFT] // by catwa clip

eye effets: NEW! *Birth* ‘Spring’ Eye Effects [4Glimmer Eyes] // by silent alchemi

skin and shape: Insol: Angie applier, tone ‘Honey’ (CATWA) // by almercury

top: HAPPY WEEKEND!Read more at the source.