Hair Fair 2017 – Bliensen + MaiTai

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HF17 - Bliensen + Maitai

One of those things that I know how to spell without even thinking about it because of Second Life, Bliensen + MaiTai, the other thanks to Whimsy is Apothecary. It is actually a very long list, of things that Second Life brings into your real life, with learning software, spelling things you never knew you would use so often, and the many other hundreds of SL quirks that just rule our lives now.

So Bliensen + MaiTai always have such imaginative hairstyles at Hair Fair, and this year they interspersed some roleplay looks with some of their known for vintage … Read more →

Emma FrostWhen demoing this awesome new anime-style lingerie set…

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Emma Frost

When demoing this awesome new anime-style lingerie set from Voluptas Virtualis (available at the Crystal Heart Festival!), my partner said, “That looks like something Emma Frost” would wear. This is a little more White Queen and a little less X-Man, but Emma Frost is definitely a magical, magical girl. 


Head: CATWA HEAD – Catya.

Body/Hands: Maitreya – Mesh Body – Lara – 4.1.

HairenVOGUE – HAIR Beyonce – GIFT (FREE! @ Hair Fair). Yes, it’s that time of year again. Shop for charity, discover awesome new brands, and buy ALL … Read more →

Workin’ Out To the 80’s!

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Come on, everyone, look 80’s fierce with me, while we do Workin’ Out To The 80’s on our trampolines! We’re going to jump and tone to our favorite 80’s songs. So Let’s Get Physical while we Jump!
Did you pick up your Hair Fair GIFT from Exile? Go get it, just a few more days until the event is over. It’s a very cute style!
My jogging outfit, I Love the 80’s, is a new release by RYL (Rose Your Life). The clothing pieces are great for mix-n-match colors, and can be worn with other items from your
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hi guys! Today’s jsut a small lil hair montage of…

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hi guys! Today’s jsut a small lil hair montage of everything I got at hair fair! This event still goes on for a few more weeks, so go check it out!

my shopping tour video of hair fair

This event has proceeds that goes to Wigs for Kids, a wonderful Charity event, that I fully support. If you’d like more information on it all, check out the links here:

Wigs for Kids
Noirette SLURL

The stores featured were:

wasabi pills
Little bones
Lovey Dovey
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HERE IS ONE FOR THE CLOSET! You catch a glimpse of all your best, and DARKFIRE is always all out to give you the best. ANNIE TOP COTTON – GREY looks truly wonderful as it fits right to your Mesh body. No glitches, no mess! Whatever is your pose. Really worth every cent of Linden.

created only on BELLEZA, MAITREYA, SLINK, and TMP Mesh Bodies
avatar looks full
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Road Trip: Day 4

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Road Trip: Day 4

Well, it’s day four of our trip and this morning started off uneventful! But, that soon changed when we went to load up the car and found it with a flat tire! A flat tire doesn’t bother me in the least, I’ve changed a few in the past and I’m actually almost as fast as a Nascar pit crew! Once I got that done and got cleaned up we were on our way! We’ll have to find a place to fix the spare, now that it’s a flat spare, but that’s not a big deal! So, we got the car … Read more →

I Want You Back

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Hi Lovelies,

Today’s feature is a lovely dress from QE Designs.  This comes with either a light or dark (shown) hud to change textures.  This was at the MidSummer Enchantment event, which ended July 9.  I wasn’t able to blog it in time but it should be available on MP shortly.

Also new: Glint jewelry for Fashion Dazzle, Bens shoes, Dark Passion Koffin Nails polish for MBA, and a new, No Match hair now at The Liaison Collaborative.

Hair No Match “No Pressure” Essentials/Ombres @ The Liaison Collaborative

Dress  QE Designs ” Serenity

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LOTD 790

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Mello. Beauty Queen @Hair Fair 2017

.•.Clothes & Props.•.
{vincue} & [CX] – Airie+Set ~ Things @The Crystal Heart Festival
Essenz – Albany
{vincue} & [CX] – Airie+Bindi – Gift @The Crystal Heart Festival

.•.Deco & Pet.•.
CMYK// 6. pastel magical studio @The Crystal Heart Festival
E.V.E Flowers of the Mist {White}
E.V.E KOI {M/C FATPACK} Square Confetti Path and Ring
{anc} crystal cluster {IRON / gold}

A Tropical Getaway!

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I’ve never been to the tropics but I’ve always wanted to, so this is probably closest I’ll ever be to the tropics…hehe! Anyways this little cabana can be found at The Home Show by Wimey. It comes in several colors and all named for delicious summer treats, I chose to use the Minty Fresh one because I thought it matched well with the decor. Which is all from this month’s Deco(C)rate. Also my outfit is by Sweet Little Things and can be found at FitMesh Event. So go get all these items.

P.S. the shower on the cabana really works … Read more →

Spanish Lady…

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Wearing this ensemble that [LIZ] came up with called Cadence that is of course at *Designer Showcase has I feel a very Spanish lady look to it, with its long floor length skirt and off the shoulder top specially in this black and white combination although it does come in other colors, think this one is stunning and has made me feel like exploring the culture and city of some part of Spain, I found myself a little corner here at a place called Villa de Madrid where after standing at a Spanish bar taking a drink, I managed … Read more →