Join me in my postcard dream

Bambi FoxdaleEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

Landscaping And Plants: 
Trees at the Back and Table with Chairs: Aphrodite Fall tea table set Tres Chic (seen on Listening to the Wind)
Tree at the Front: JIAN Squirrel Oak Tree
Gress 1: {anc} Garden by anc slight wildgrass {pink mix}
Grass 2:  The Little Branch WildGrass*1Li{Autumn}
Cherry Tree: The Little Branch CherryTree{4Seasons}
Maple Trees Group: The Little Branch FlamesMapleCluster{AllSeasons}
Leaves on the Ground: Action Autumn Leaves Set
Ground: Botanical Seasonal Dirt Road

Front Left
Wooden Windmill:  Chez Moi Wooden Windmill @ SaNaRae

Fence and Horse

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out there

Nana EvilcherryEvents, Fashion

to all the readers out there – it is hard in some times to blog. Not that I do not have enough creativity or fun with the creations. Mostly it is time… sad but true. And I am doing that long time now, so I learned one thing – never blog under pressure or just cause you have to! So Designers – keep cool if it is not blogged YET! People can buy stuff in SL forever we are there – and they will! If they did not see it till now and it just popped up in my blog … Read more →

How About Them Apples?

Arya BraveheartEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

Today I have a mix of fashion and home and garden items for you to enjoy.  I have been waiting for an outfit to go with this fab hair/hat combo from No.Match and when I saw this one they all just meshed.  No pun intended.

The home and garden items are awesome too and I wanted to showcase them and the fashion items at the same time since both were equally great, so here they are.

That was a lot of preamble for:  Here are some fashion and home and garden items.  Have at it.

Hair/Hat:  NO.MATCH_NO.JOKE.(On9)… Read more →

Leave a Little Sparkle

Cassie SEvents, Fashion, Home and Garden

She Who Leaves A Trail Of Glitter is Never Forgotten.

Leave a Little Sparkle


Pose w/ Vanity:
Glasses: Fall Glasses by ERSCH @ Tres Chic *New*
Necklace: Kawaii Kassette Necklace! Bats.White by Epic @ Retro Rewind
Choker: Slut Collar by Wimey @ Whore Couture Fair *New*
Septum: Chic Pearl Gold Septum Ring by Swallow @ The Arcade *New*
Hair: Blowpop #2 RARE by BesomxReign @ The Arcade *New*
Bodysuit: Betty’s 50’s Denim by CandyDoll @
Retro Rewind *New*
Tattoo: Verse Tattoo by Speakeasy @
Retro Rewind *New*

Sparkle Inspo – Sparkle Wherever by Snaphappy @ oneword *New*
Suculenta & Mandragora Pot S

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LOTD 432

yururi kazeEvents, Fashion

hat: [Deadwool] – Fedora – black
hair: *Drot* – Winston-Naturals ( link edited)
tank: NOCHE. – Classic TankTop.Dream
jacket: ::GB:: – Offshoulder leather jacket 
pants: [Pumpkin] – Spiked jeans- White
boots: GizzA – Worker Boots
glasses: * S O R G O – FLINT Shades / SILVER
chains: * SORGO – Misbaha Necklace / BLACK
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