The Aviator

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Fly me to the moon
Let me play among the stars
Let me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars

Frank Sinatra – Fly me to the moon

I learned to fly once…ya’ll were lucky not to have been in the air at the same time.  I was taking a graduate class at OU in Norman and we had to log 6 hours in the air to get the credit.  Learning how to fly in a classroom is a piece of cake…almost the easiest A I ever made.  Then we had to get in the plane, a little … Read more at the source.


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geeks 'n' nerds

I was over at the Geeks ‘n’ Nerds event checking out the sim. The rezzing point is in a cool underground subway. As I came up I walked around and checked out the Back to the Future area. I stopped to get my picture taken next to the Delorean while pretending I was shocked. Scripts are off so it was a little hard to make a surprised face. IKR! Then I strolled over to this newspaper stand. These nerdy little guys kept telling me to buy the paper or get out of there. The one even gave me the hand. … Read more at the source.

How the chaos in our lives could pass as sane

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Sophia Harlow

:V.e. We Are All Made Of Stars Gown – Silver – NEW @ Fantasy Collective
:V.e. We Are All Made Of Stars Over Gown –  Noir & Silver – NEW @ Fantasy Collective
DeeTaleZ Makeup BLACK Eyeliner  
(Yummy) Dianity Tiara Ring – Silver 
(Yummy) Guardian Charms  – Silver
*ARGRACE* Saki – Ash Black
*League* Volta 
.Loud Mouth. – Alli  
Dudley Necklace for Sophia <3 
DeeTaleZ Smilla (Brows1) black Eastern 
[Buzz] Bewitched Eyes – Pitch {S}
Pose: . Infiniti . – Keeper of the Light – 5  
7 – Chair Pile! – DU – no Read more at the source.

.A n . O r p h a n . o f . l o v e . A . S e r v a n t . f o r . L u s t .

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Around your neck and on the breasts;
Be a girl; be shy; be womanish bold;
Be a wife; be a cook; be spiritually good;
Adore men, especially your husband; 
Be submissive; be polite; be loyal;
Be the servant of goddess lotus!
Dwell in clay; live under the water;
Show light to sun; moon and stars!
Be soft; embrace in love; fade into water!

WILLIAMSJI MAVELI (The servant of Lotus)

Luminary has come out with a simple little gown, Miranda, for the Geeks’N’nerds Event (Opening tomorrow Nov.24th). It can be worn for medieval RP, Gor RP, or if you just

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What to look for when buying applier clothing

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ViVi Amanda rolled sleeves shirt & Julie Hair

With the introduction of mesh bodies into the grid, there was bound to be a virtual smorgasbord of opinions, likes, dislikes and comments floating around Second Life – and indeed there is. Which body is best? Are they worth the money? Is applier clothing really just low quality system clothing shoved in an applier?

Well for my two cents – there is a body to suit everyone, it depends on your preference, and absolutely I think they are worth the money. The biggest question I’m tackling in today’s blog however is the question of the quality of applier clothing.

The … Read more at the source.


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Oops, looks like you encountered an unexpected error and need to shut down!

I’ve decided to start doing these little blurbs before posts again. Why? Because I can, I feel like it, and I enjoy it! Plus it gives me chance to talk about all the amazing things I show you instead of just shoving them into your faces.

Geeks N Nerds is starting tomorrow and running to the 10th of December and I seriously suggest you go and check it out, if only to grab this suhweet dress from Katatonik which made me smile so much I just … Read more at the source.

Genre: Apocalyptic Sunday

In Events, Fashion by Deoridhe Grimsdottir

Image Description: Figure in a tan duster with gold wings looking down into a town.

I have become, by way of accident, a tertiary fan of various works. I couldn’t read more than the first half of A Game of Thrones, and have little to no interest in the television show, but I adore retellings of it – mostly about the quirky women who run the world – and the items inspired by it. Likewise, my love for apocalyptic matters is largely second or third removed, and often in the form of something I can wear.

Enter Genre.

The apocalypse is an often dark and gritty place, but sartorial glory can be found even … Read more at the source.

“How to marry a millionaire”

In Events, Fashion by JC Davi

How to marry a millionaire“How to marry a millionaire” is an oldie but goldie when it comes to movies, inspired by it is this month’s round of My Attic and Kiddo Oh, the designer behind Dead Dollz was inspired enough to create the beautiful gown shown in the picture.

It is called “Pola” named after Marilyn Monroe’s character in the movie, it comes in 5 standart sizes, 5 colors and is available for only 95L$ for as long as the event lasts.

Taxi to My Attic


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In Events, Fashion by Neva Seljan

skin: glam affair – angelica v2 jamaica (01/nb) {love her! available @ kustom9!}
moles: glam affair – romy jamaica freckles & moles (08 & 09)
eyebrows: glam affair – rose universal eyebrows (05/white/tintable)
eyes: poetic colors – opal eyes (rose wood)
eyelashes: amacci – eyelash tattoo (4)
hair: tableau vivant – wicca funky (colour change) {available @ collabor88!}
top 1: whippet & buck – cole boatneck top (coral)
top 2: shai – jumpsuit top (colour change fatpack) {available @ the liaison collaborative!}
skirt: shai – peplum skirt (colour change fatpack) {available @ kustom9!}
tights: izzie’s – sheer tights colors (magenta)
shoes: hucci – jesolo sandals Read more at the source.