A Night In A Haunted House

In Events, Fashion by Cryssie Carver

Would you spend a whole night in a haunted house? You know the old abandoned houses that every town has and every one of those houses has an equally creepy story to go with it.

A ghost who creeps around in the talk and terrifies anyone brave (or stupid) enough to go inside!

Spend The Night In The Abandoned House

Would you go inside?

I don’t feel too good about this.

I Don't Feel Good About This

I don’t think I’d be able to spend the whole night in one. I don’t think I’d cope with 5 minutes. Maybe just take a change of clothes and try and sneak out without being caught … Read more at the source.

Celebrating My 7th Rez Day, In Style of Course!

In Events, Fashion by Evion Ember

Celebrating My Seventh Rez Day, In Style of Course! (1)

Celebrating My Seventh Rez Day, In Style of Course! (2)

Celebrating My Seventh Rez Day, In Style of Course! (3)

It’s October 25th and that means I have been in Second Life for exactly 7 years today. I’m either a full-fledged fashionista rpg’er or I just might have gone a touch ’round the bend. I will leave that up to whom ever reads my blog to decide that yes?! ;)

In seven years I’ve not only learned how to open a box……..however I still wear them on occasion lol………….Move a house on the ground………hmmm which I have been known to delete a few times, but I have also met some really wonderful people. I have laughed and cried here, lost some … Read more at the source.

Through Glass

In Events, Fashion by gregstella

Hey guys! So I picked up another new skin this week. I was going to get the new Hermony skin, but the lips didn’t really work for my shape. I know I could have changed my shape, but I liked one of their older skins instead, so I bought the one I was supposed to buy last week lol. I also made my avie a bit taller cause Grace thought I needed to be a bit taller than her lol. Also, I got some not so scary clothes on today. I love winter on second life because you can get … Read more at the source.

Oh Deer, She’s So Cute!

In Events, Fashion by Ember Adored ♥

Hello everyone & Happy Weekend!
I LOVE the look I put together today. I sure hope you do too.
* Hugs herself *

*Ember’s Notes.
  • Fashion’s Story Fair is open and running until October 29.
  • Sneak Peek is a new monthly event from Penumbra. Giving us a sneak peek of the newest trends. This monthly event begins on the 25 of each month.
  • Apple May Designs has these adorable shoes out for the Slink flat feet. Right now you can get the orange polka dot pair for 25L! Also if you are a member of the Applisious group you can find these giraffe
Read more at the source.

New! Dirty Little Secret 5 – [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS Gift Preview

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Sophie Southpaw

******* New Gift from [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS *******

Dirty Little Secret 5 – Hunt

October 25th – November 25th

[PC] Secret Love – Cabinet and Decor


Set includes:

▪ Cabinet in retro style with love birds and picture frame (customizable-simply drop your own picture into center).
▪ 4-pieces wall art.
▪ LI 7 in total.


Taxi to [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS Mainstore.

Hunt hints are right by the store entrance.

(This is a L$1 hunt).

Happy hunting & enjoy!!! :-)

Read more at the source.

Myths & Legends Challenge for MVW 2015

In Events, Fashion by jameesandalwood

Now it’s time to return to the north of Sweden with Jamee Sandalwood and enter the beautiful, lush forests. It is here that we find one of the most beautiful yet dangerous of all Urban Legends, the forest spirits called Skogsra. These beautiful female spirits, each with her own locale, are best known for leading men astray. All who have seen one report that she has the appearance of a beautiful woman when seen from in front; from behind she looks like a hollow tree trunk. As long as in her good graces by bringing her gifts, she bestows luck … Read more at the source.

New Releases! Autumn/Harvest Garden Decor – 50% Discount for [PC] group members!

In Events, Fashion, Home and Garden by Sophie Southpaw

******* NEW RELEASES *******


Beautiful addition to your autumn, harvest and/or halloween decor.

[PC] Harvest – Tree w/decor


▪ Fall tree in coral with grass and different pumpkins.
▪ Low land impact – Li 4 in total.
▪Mostly mesh.

Copiable and modifiable.

[PC] Harvest – Wheelbarrow


▪ Overturned wheelbarrow with hay, pumpkins,
pitchfork and autumn bush.
▪ Li 6 in total.
▪ 100% mesh.

Copiable and modifiable.


[PC] group members save 50% for limited time!!! (Inworld store only).
Please have the group tag active when you purchase, you will get refunded automaticaly.
NO later refundsRead more at the source.