Spell helpers

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While this is about magic the funny thing that made me feel this scene is how to put animals in a photo, at least for me, it makes emotions intensify because it makes me feel like when I sit down on my computer to take photos and post and I have my little demons around me, I want to make it positive by saying that they are always trying to help me, but the truth is that they only want attention and pampering; nevertheless that more beautiful company that to have two loving cats that are always making me company in my sleeplessness with my crazy things of SL. 
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Welcome Back, Fall

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FabFree: Welcome Back, Fall!

Hello there Fabulouses!  I have three really awesome gifts / almost gifts to tell you about today and I am really sorry…  but I am sending you all over the grid to get them so put on some comfy teleporting shoes.… Read more at the source.

To Trick or To Treat

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To Trick or To Treat

Yup, at this time of year, To Trick or To Treat, that is definitely the question.  And every time you dress, it’s throwing on just a little something extra that’s in the spirit of the season (if not dressing entirely Halloween-style, at least in SL). … Read more at the source.

Sweet Halloween Dreams

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There is no better way to get sweet Halloween dreams than to sleep in a specially themed Halloween bed.  This gorgeous Into The Dark bed is by Bee Designs which can be found at the current round of Redeux that runs until the 21st.  I paired it with the new Borlon Drapes from Raindale that can be found at the Sense Event.  The curtains come in ten different colors. 

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