2018 0920 Lootbox opens Sep 20th 10PM SLT

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--- Lootbox (Sep 20th 10PM SLT ~ )

 - NAMINOKE - *N*Flower Pipe Gacha

  *N*Sakura_Pipe #2 Rare
  *N*SakuraPetals on face #1 (lootbox)
  *N*SakuraPetals on face #2 (lootbox)


  ANATOMY - Tiered Eyes - Albino Light RARE OMEGA

 - [Cubic Cherry] - Bewitched gacha

  00A[Cubic Cherry] {Bewitched} Hat starry pink
  01[Cubic Cherry] {Bewitched} Hair RARE
  17[Cubic Cherry] {Bewitched} Collar black

  - Original mesh/materials enabled
  - 1 rares 16 commons
  - (until at the event, the rare contain 3 additional exclusive limited items)

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I Need Some Me Time

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All things being equal
I always put you first
You know that I've been down for you
Through better and through worse
All things being equal
Boy, I've been more than cool
So it seems only natural
To expect the same of you
Now, I'm not trying to start nothing
I like things drama free
But there won't be nothing to stop
If you keep sweatin' me
Sometimes a girl just needs her space
No different than her man
If I don't care that you do you
Why can't you deal with this?Read more at the source.

The Workshop

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 From The Workshop Gacha set by Never Totally Dead

The Workshop- Rare

The Workshop- The Workbench

The Workshop- Shelve

The Workshop- Cabinet

The Workshop- The Cart

The Workshop- Tools Display

The Workshop- Old Desk

The Workshop- Old Chair

The Workshop- Armchair

The Workshop- Coffee Table

From [Since 1975]’s Mannequin Lamps Gacha available @ Gimmie Gacha Productions– Imaginarium

[Since1975]-Mannequin Lamp-Pose2 Leather

[Since1975]-Mannequin Lamp-Pose1 Paper RARE

[Since1975]-Mannequin Lamp-Pose3 Leather


Harper Ave Bar Cabinet- Available @ Blueprint Event starting on the 18th

Fourth Wall

My Personality Board (INTJ)- Available @ Blueprint Event starting on the 18th


[Kres] Gearheads Garage – 1 RARE

[Kres] Gearheads Garage – 17

[Kres] Gearheads Garage – 7

[Kres] Gearheads Garage – 11

[Kres] Gearheads Garage – 14

[Kres] Gearheads Garage – 6

[Kres] Gearheads Garage – 12

[Kres] Cheeky Neons – 03 RARE – Ass Stare


..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Bike Fuel Tank

..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Spray Cans

..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Gas Blow Torch

..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Helmet Shelf

..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Hanged Jacket

..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Trash Can

..::THOR::..Old’s Cool Metal Fire Extinguisher

..::THOR::..… Read more at the source.


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I cant stay still
with hand into hand
I should do so many things
before tomorrow comes
and if she is already asleep
I cant rest
I think of the way when she wakes up
she doesnt forget me ever
And then we come to the sky
and take a star
because Margherita is good
because Margherita is beatuful
because Margherita is sweet
Because Margherita is real
because Margerita loves
and the whole night does it
Margherita, Margherita
Margherita is mine now


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Evening plans

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IMAGINARIUM has opened its friendly doors at the NEW round for every true gacha lover with amazing Autumn gachas and non gacha sets with great discouts! Visit and Enjoy! See More at Her Sketchbook Blog


Maitreya Mesh Body Lara

Lelutka  Bento Head – May

Tableau Vivant \\ Champagne Hair ~ Collabor88, Dec 2015

Tres Blah – Fitted Tee ~Group Gift

 Look At Me – Unicorn PJs : Leggins – Hearts  ~ Imaginarium


POSE: Lil’Bug – Books 1 with pose Imaginarium


hive // simple skybox ~ Kustom9, Aug 2018

ChiMia:: Electro-Boho Rug ~ TLC

+Half-Deer+ Shiba Inu – Just Chillin ~ ARCADE, Sept 2015

ChiMia:: Reading Chair TLC

ChiMia:: Reading Lamp TLC

CHIYO GACHA – green laptop  ~ Imaginarium

Kuro [A book epiphany 2.0] – A book a day ~ Imaginarium

Kuro [A book epiphany 2.0] – Vines words  ~ Imaginarium

CHIYO GACHA – flamingo lamp pink  ~ Imaginarium

ChiMia:: Book Basket TLC

ChiMia:: Marble Side Table TLC

The Half Moon Market – Tea Time – Rose Teapot  ~ Imaginarium

CHIYO GACHA – calendar (click to change month)  ~ Imaginarium

The Half Moon Market – Tea Time – Golden Danishes  ~ Imaginarium

The Half Moon Market – Tea Time – Rose Tea Cup with Tea  ~ Imaginarium

NACH Always Frame Light  ~ Imaginarium

CHIYO GACHA – bunny lamp pink  ~ Imaginarium

[V/W] Cottage Seating Chest (C)  ~ Imaginarium

Kuro [A book epiphany 2.0] – Boxed memories  ~ Imaginarium

*AF* Craft Room SOI – Thread Heart  ~ Imaginarium


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Kiyomizu Autumn Treats

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Hiya everyone! Tonight we will explore more of the Kiyomizu Autumn 2018 Hunt, since there are so many wonderful prizes hiding with the ninja cats. As I mentioned in my last couple of posts, your best bet is to explore the Kiyomizu Mall stores for their kitties (the signs are at each participating store) and then click one of the ghosts floating above the walkways outside of the stores.Read more at the source.

Every room has its character

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Hello everyone! Indulge me as I do some serious catching up from now to months end.  This post is showcasing some of the amazing stuff at the Arcade, so take a peek below for everything.


*Jones Collection Gacha by Fancy Decor @  The Arcade
01 Fancy Decor: Jones Sofa RARE
02 Fancy Decor: Jones Armchair RARE
03 Fancy Decor: Jones Coffee Table
04 Fancy Decor: Jones Side Table
05 Fancy Decor: Jones Ottoman
06 Fancy Decor: Jones Lamp
07 Fancy Decor: Jones Tapestry
09 Fancy Decor: Jones Rug
10 Fancy Decor: Jones Tray
11 Fancy Decor: Jones Stacked Books A
12 Fancy Decor: Jones Stacked Books B
13 Fancy Decor: Jones Candle
14 Fancy Decor: Jones Pillow B
15 Fancy Decor: Jones Pillow A
16 Fancy Decor: Jones Round Box
17 Fancy Decor: Jones Aloe Plant

*Falling for Desserts Gacha by DISORDERLY.Read more at the source.