Bring Them Applier Lovers on Because anyBody is Now Open!

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anyBody poster

It’s summer time which means it’s time to show off those sexy bodies and show the world what you are made of. anyBody is packed with some amazing goodies for you to enjoy with your eye candy or maybe something for just some me, myself and I time. Whatever the reason may be we all want to feel a little sexy here and there. This round has everything from makeup, lipsticks, bikinis and more. This event runs from July 7th – July 31st. TP over to a sassy event that is all about those appliers.

.♥.Alice Bates.♥.

Teleport to anybody

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Charlotte Country House

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The Charlotte is the second home from my Country House Series.

It’s an L-shaped house with 2 bedrooms and 3 attached bathrooms and separate living, dining and kitchen area.

Above is the vendor picture.

The living area with attached ‘powder-room’.

Another view of the living-area.


The kitchen is large enough to have a breakfast table.

The dining area with the side entrance.

Another view of the dining area, entrance and living area.

The bedroom with the attached bathroom on the left.

Another bedroom with the attached bathroom on the right.

The bathroom.

Upstairs landing.

House spec:
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In Events, Fashion by Gabriella Marshdevil

Hi girls!
Just to let you know, I have rented a small space in Gacha Crazy where I’m selling some old gacha items (they are really cheap). If you feel interested, you can check the place. It’s under the name of Flor Siamendes, my alt (just to keep things better organized).
I also want to tell that I want to buy these VCO mesh heads: Perry 03 and Puka 02, if you have any left, please contact me :D (but please, make a fair price, the original gacha price is ok for me). If you have one of these heads … Read more at the source.

“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.”

In Events, Fashion by MayaBlue

“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.”

*Waves around*

So a lot’s been going on. I’m sorry for the lack of posting. Been through a few things (sorry again!). Also, if someone wants to take some ¨heat¨from here and take it somewhere please do!. It’s sooo HOT. I guess the summer is finally here!!

Ok, now to the pic. I love this pretty ¨purple¨dress from Wimey that i couldn’t help blend it with all the colors :P. You should have seen this picture at one point. It was like rainbow party!, but I decided it to turn it off a bit.

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Pixicat Rustic.Shirt and Skirt

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-Pixicat- Rustic.Shirt
Shirt…. –Pixicat– Rustic.Shirt (uber)
Skirt…… –Pixicat– Rustic.Skirt(uber)
Bag….. FLite. – Travelers Bag (uber)
Hair …. pr!tty – Amanda (TDR)
Shoes…. Wertina – Shimmering Heels


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You Had Me At ‘Lo

In Events, Fashion by BraydenThirdborn

You Had Me At 'Lo


Hello everyone.  How cheesy is it to say the words “You Had Me At Hello!”?

But there could not be anymore truth in that statement.  Meeting ourselves and then proceeding to develop something as amazing as we both have found it to be, has inspired us in so many different ways. To become better versions of our alternate selves here in SL as well as becoming the best versions of who we are in our daily lives.

The feelings that we share, are one’s that we feel that everyone should share in a loving relationship, and what better way … Read more at the source.

Now I can Work Like this Everyday

In Events, Fashion by jameesandalwood


Summer….all you want to do is frolic outside all day long. Well, I’ve found a way to do that and still get my work done that needs to be done. So while it looks like I’m just lounging around, really I’m preparing this blog for you all today combining items from several of the current events around the grid. Let’s start with this beautiful bikini and shoulder wrap from Prism for the Event@1st. This is the “Linea” bikini set in Royal Red featuring a classic bikini bottom and strapless bandeau top covered with a gorgeous shall in bright colors … Read more at the source.

Hot Hot Summer !!!

In Events, Fashion by Mui Mukerji

Hot Summer !!! Summer Time ... Hot Summer

This summer really hot !!! Day time always over 30C … omg melting ^^
Bikini from Baiastice in Summerfest’15 – Fringe
Hat from Baiastice in Summerfest’15 – Delilah Big Hat
Sandals from Glamistry – Columbine
Hair from Tukinowaguma – Casilda
Phone and Case from Since 1975 in On9 (Open at 9th July)- Pink (Left) 
Necklace from Kotolier in On9 (Open at 9th July) – Heureux (Gold) 
Mesh Body, Hands and Feet from The Shops – Deluxe

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