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There’s nothing quite as lovely as a field in Spring.  The magic of new beginnings and fresh air are just what the doctor ordered.  I’m soaking all the magic in over at Luane’s World, where you can freely bask in the glory of the renewal that Spring brings.… Read more at the source.

Out on the doorstep

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checking on the neighbourhood


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Sleeping Field

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The field is sleeping
And rooted to the ground
he is howling

Shivering will be stopped
Bodies will be saved in the field,
in the ground,
in the ground,

You must be reborn
and destroy

The enemy, destroys me
and bring me back again

Destroys, destroys, destroys...
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Lyrium.Read more at the source.


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RumoursStealthic LogoDiversion Logo

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[^.^Ayashi^.^] Yukiko hair
mask:*N*OU-KO black
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The no good, bad day

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The no good, bad day


I’m running a bit late in getting my blog done today and a part of the reason for that is that I spent some time on the phone with my friend, Doris.

She’s not actually called Doris, but I feel the need to protect her identity as I want to tell you what she told me – about her no good, bad day.… Read more at the source.

A Vintage Spring

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A Vintage Spring 4K

Featuring Refuge and Luc. Boutique

Days Of Spring

Awakened by the innocence
of a warm gentle breeze,
Daisies and tulips become my favorite companions.

The scent of Spring’s
morning dew, freshly
laundered clothes hanging
outdoors, and a child’s giggle
echoing through the flower
fields are all my mind occupies.Read more at the source.