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Hey Lovelies,

Oh my I wanted to spend  the afternoon  on the  balcony, but DAMN I need to show you this:



Oh hello there…


Who came up with that Jedi-Scum Quote?!!!


Just kidding though! Let´s get to business…




This is [Marquesse]´s Queenie.

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Celestial Fairy Life

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Swanks April round  is still running and now I would like to show you another premiere of Swank & co. This time a home&garden release by Adonis Lubomir. They are really amazing and they blinking and their lights in the frames let me think about  fairy magic and my inner child came out.… Read more at the source.

take me home…

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Hair ~ Didi (Details) ~ Tableau Vivant
Dress *NEW ~ Isabella (Details) ~ Belle Epoque @ Fantasy Faire
Maitreya Mesh Body 
Model & Photographer Lori Novo

LOTD #296

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Hair: DOUX - Leon [FATPACK]


Jacket: // tiller // Tiller's Anime Pack - Ninja Yellow  The Epiphany new! Apr/2019

Pants: REPRESENT x SEMLLER - Track Pants 


2019 0418 Fantasy Fair 2019 Starts April 18th 12PM SLT

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New Shinny

--- Fantasy Fair 2019 Starts April 18th 12PM SLT

 - .AiShA.

  .AiShA. Kraken Bracelet Ring Silver

 - The Looking Glass

  TLG -  The Shrine Tree Fire Shrine RFL
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Be The Sunshine
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Butterfly Daisies
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Grass Clumps
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Moonstone Granite
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Moonstone Meteor
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Moonstone Moss Rock
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Reach For The Stars
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Tapestry Trees
  TLG - The Shrine Tree To The Moon And Back
  TLG - The Shrine Tree Twinkle Trees

 - [Charming Forge]

  [CF] Forest Faery- Summer-Sit (Animesh)
  [CF] ForestFaery- AutumnFly (Animesh)
  [CF] ForestFaery- Spring-Sit (Animesh)

 - The Olde Attic

  The Olde Attic - In Our Darkest Hour, Search For The Light

--- Glam Affair@KUSTOM9

  [Glam Affair] Ariel Applier [ Lelutka ] Gacha 006 - 24 Rare

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Gypsy in My Soul

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It's just the gypsy in my soul
Make me pack up my things and go
It may seem like I'm on a roll
But it's just the gypsy in my soul

Listening to Van Morrison today and then this song came on and it inspired me to build this picture.Read more at the source.

In Your Eyes

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Pose: Meli-Melo for :LW: – In Your Eyes by Luane Meo (@The Liaison Collaborative)

Cart: Jinx : Cart for Centaur by Julala Demina (@The Liaison Collaborative)


Hair: TRUTH / Daphne by Truth Hawks

Sweater: neve top – afraid by coldLogic

Pants: neve pant biscuit by coldlogic (@Uber)


Hair:Wasabi // Tyler Mesh Hair by MissAllSundayLemon

Shirt: CHUCK’S MARTIN SHIRT POLO WINE – JAKE by Chuck Cavalieri (@The Men’s Dept)

Pants: ColdAsh  RILEY JEANS – Boot-Style by ColdAsh

Shoes: amias – JANUS shoes – by Nany Jun (@The Men’s Dept)

Location: Studland Bay… Read more at the source.

The greenhouse is a mess

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“The balance between chaos and excessive order is difficult.” Albert Jacquard – French geneticist and writer (1925-2013) “Everything must have equilibrium, so that something can exist, without equilibrium there is no action and reaction because the balance exists between two forces, driving one and repulsing the other.” Emanuel Swedenborg – Swedish scientist, theologian and philosopher (1688-1772)

The greenhouse is a mess

Apple Fall

West Village Spring Tulips
West Village Magnolia Arrangement


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The freebees @ Redeux Event.

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And an awesome huntgift from Queenz.

I decided to follow my own advice (in my former blogpost,LOL), took my freebee Queen out of the closet and went freebee hunting.
First I stopped at Queenz shop, hunted the two bunnies down and got these awesome boots among other stuff.… Read more at the source.


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“Wherever we go in the midst of movement and activity, let us take the stillness with us, in this way, the chaotic movement that surrounds us will never hide us from the access to the spring of creativity, to the field of pure potentiality.”


Body Maitreya Lara V4.0

Head Lelutka Head.Greer 3.0 Bento

Skin Head Glam Affair Mona for LELUTKA 

Skin Body Glam Affair Maitreya Body Applier Jamaica

Nails LIVIA Myla Bento Nails + Rings MKP @Zodiac Event New!!!Read more at the source.

Defender of the Fae

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FabFree: Defender of the Fae
Hey Fabulouses!  One of the many things I love about Second Life is that you can be who ever you want, whenever you want!  Right now I’m having some roleplay fun at the Elvion Sim defending the Fae (who are actually probably more capable of defending me, but I look cool with the sword right?) wearing a couple of pieces from the Azuchi Merida Gacha Set that has just been released at Epiphany.… Read more at the source.

Rule N° 94

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HAIR: Shi - Reva-Yah w/hud color change
EYES: Avi-Glam - Luminous Ink
EYEBROWS: Lisa Walker - Veluxe Brow V0.1 x Brow 0.5 (sale -50%)
EYESHADOW: LePunk - Issy @Commotion Event
SKIN: Raon Body - Yuna Milk @Commotion Event
LI¨PSTICK: Avada - Sahar @Commotion Event
TATTOO: Vain - Dragged Under @Commotion Event
PIERCING: Blaxium - Nera Piercings + Catwa - Bento Face Piercing w/hud color&style change
COLLAR: Conviction - Nameplate Choker RARE2 w/hud name [email protected]epiphanyRead more at the source.

Couldn’t Resist

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DeuxLooks - couldnt resist

I couldn’t resist this springy top, pixie hairstyle (which is actually a new hairbase and add-on), and yes, even this LV-inspired pochette. Give me all the spring things! OK maybe not ALL of them – considering half or more of every event is the same micro mini and boob shirt combo 😉 No, that’s not salt.… Read more at the source.

Easter Bunny

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Hey Lovelies,


Easter Bunny

Without further ado I´ll take you to Feather, the home sim of MI.CO today. I´m wearing the Rabbit Overall which comes in 20 colours…

Easter Bunny1_001

…and as a little surprise you get this cute plush bunneh, too *-* (It´s SOOOOOOOOOOOO soft^^)

Now… Minchen says hi and  told me to tell you that tomorrow will start a hunt on her Sim. … Read more at the source.