Just My Luck

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For those of you who feel like you have your own personal raincloud following you around, Atomic has made one that you can have in Second Life! This little guy is adorable beyond belief, with changing facial expressions, particle rain, and occasional fits of lightning. 

My beachy outfit is courtesy Paper Moon, and should be showing up very very soon at We <3 Roleplay. The top is actually a cute one-piece bathing suit; the hip scarf can be worn over it, or separately. Both come with lovely color options and patterns that don’t quite match, which is something that, in … Read more at the source.

Spirit Hunter – Fantasy Faire 2015

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Spirit Hunter - Fantasy Faire 2015
Hello! I am one of the Spirit Hunters of the Forest. It is quite rare that a mortal human can see us. As you can see we hide our appearance behind these masks. We live dual lives since we are immortal. We walk amongst you during the daytime and you will never notice us. Unless you are an individual who can feel our spirit energy. Which is the only reason you can see me now in my mask. You are one of the few gifted humans who has this ability. But with this gift comes a great price.

Spirit Hunter - Fantasy Faire 2015
This spirit … Read more at the source.

Sunday Squee: Tadeus

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The Sunday Squee is when I can talk about things that make me happy and excited. The main focus will be on different things people created, from books to movies to television shows to podcasts, and my effort will be to highlight less commonly known things as a way to share what I love. If you want to join in the Sunday Squee, please link back to me so I can enjoy what you love!
Favorite Blanket
I’m going very personal this week, so this means for one of the first times I’m sharing something in the abstract which I can’t share … Read more at the source.

Fantasy Faire: Odyssey sponsored by Fallen Gods

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Odyssey is sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc, and was created by Alia Baroque. It contains 19 stores.

“As you set out on your journey to Ithaca, pray that your journey be a long one, filled with adventure, filled with discovery.” Barry B. Powell, Classical Myth Konstantinos Kavafis
Odyssey 14

A reader named Loretta String contacted me about the quote describing Odyssey, and it’s from a longer poem called Ithaka from a famous Greek poet named Konstantinos Kavafis; I’m quoting below from the full poem I was linked to.

As you set out for Ithaka
hope the voyage is a long one,
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Fantasy Faire 2015 – A Final Fairwell

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Today is officially the last day of the Fantasy Faire 2015 and the Fairelands will soon be reclaimed by the mists. However, mystical as these things are, we don’t know for sure when the lands will disappear for good so there may still be time for you to view the masterpiece worlds and purchase pretties to support Relay For Life before LL swallow them up.
As I write this post, the total amount of Linden Dollars raised during the event stands just short of 7.5 million. This is HUGE and it’s wonderful to see as it can really help to Read more at the source.

Color Me Sultry

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Color Me Sultry
See it bigger and better on my Flickr stream~

If you are in the market for a sultry lounging space… and really, who isn’t?? … you can’t go wrong with this set from [CIRCA] Living. You can find it at a substantial discount right now at the Color Me Project. But hurry — this collection changes any minute now! If you miss it, you can still find this at the main store after the event.

Jaqua Low Lounger Set: Seats, Table, Rug, Plants, Wall Light, Magazines — from [CIRCA] Living at Color Me Project
Champagne Glasses: Kunst
Skybox: Abiss… Read more at the source.


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Fantasy Faire is winding down – the auction is over, the closing party will even be concluded by the time this post goes up. But the sims will still be up through the evening – and perhaps into tomorrow and the next day – so I wanted to take a moment to highlight one last piece from the fair. Of all the items – decor, clothing, piercings and weapons and crowns and antlers – this one is far and away my favorite.


It’s called “Immersion Sculpture,” and it’s a new piece by Garvie Garzo, for meadowWorks. I’ve blogged meadowWorks before, … Read more at the source.

~Night Watch~

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Loves & Kisses

  Hair:  Moon. Hair. // Amsterdam – NEW @ N21
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Mouse
.ARISE. Vega Facetattoo (tinatble) HARD – NEW @ The Dark Style Fair
.ARISE. Vida Facetattoo HARD (tintable) – NEW @ The Dark Style Fair

FATEplay – Tina Belt – Alt – NEW @ The End
FATEplay – Tina Jacket – Alt – NEW @ The End
FATEplay – Tina Mask – Alt – NEW @ The End
FATEplay – Tina Pants – Alt – NEW @ The End
FATEstep – Turner Boots – NEW @ The End

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