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Skin: Tir na n’Og Tina skin Milk tone
Eyes: IKON Hope Eyes – Denim
Earrings: GFD Tentacle Friend {Gummy} @ Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt (Starts Feb 1st)
Nails: Glaze Bubbly Slink Nail Applier Huds
Rings: FORMANAILS Accessoires – SLINK Elegant – OPALIS-Silver Designer Circle
Outfit: Hudson’s Topless Wool Dress Set With HUD
Pose: Del May How about that?
Lamp: Cleo Design Floor Lamp Domus Fair
House: Scarlet Creative Country Keep Prefab @ Collabor88
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Chapter 623

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MudHoney has this fabulous new bookcase currently available at FaMESHed. The Amy Bookcase includes 3 pieces, a large case and two smaller cases, which includes 21 texture options on the backing of the bookcase, and that means you can mix and max the texture of the bookcases, there are 5 different wood shades. The accessories are sold separately, from that set I am especially loving all the gorgeous books!

House: Scarlet Creative - Foundry Prefab MC
Projector: flowey. projector
Chair: Zigana . winter chair. neutral
Bookcart: {vespertine - bookcart for wizard}
Books: AF Reading Pile
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Sometimes a loss is the best thing that can happen.
It teaches you what you should have done next time.
Snoop Dogg

One more quick post Lovelies to show you this cute outfit I put together with the new

Ashley tunic from Gizza.
gizza ashley tunic_001
I paired it with the No Freedom hair from the new hair store called No Match.
This color is called Milky.
gizza ashley tunic_002
These cool eyes are the new Deadshine Eyes from Ikon.
They come in many colors and each color has different shades in it you can wear.
My laptop doesn’t give great pictures so believe me they … Read more at the source.

In a State of Oblivion

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In a State of Oblivion

She had awakened with sharp pains around her temples. “Where am I?” She had asked herself that about five times within the 3 minute span she had been awake. She was surrounded by abandoned houses, the gas station she sat in front of, a train that seemed out of order, and some run down motel. She felt she was the only person alive at that point. Were zombies about to pop out of the wood works? Was some crazy man going to come abduct her? Or perhaps she was the only person remaining on the Earth. “Stop being silly”she said … Read more at the source.

Dragon Hunter

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世界観がなんとなくGame of Thronesを髣髴とさせるのもポイントかも。物語が斬首刑から始まるのもそうですし、ストームクロークをスターク家、帝国をラニスター家、ノルドを北部人と思って見るとなんだか並行世界を見ているような気分です。ストームクローク、どっちも雪国だし狼の紋章だし。エダード・スタークなんてもう見た目まさに真のノルドだし。


着用しているのはSoedaraのSinister Bond。厚手の毛皮とファーのついた、その割にがっつり開いた、防寒したいのかしたくないのかわからない衣装ですが、重みのある革の質感がかなり良い衣装です。サークレットと、写真では別のものを使ったのですが、ブーツも付属しています。

Outfit/Circlet/Chest Chain:Soedara-Sinister Bond Fur
Boots:SwaGGa-Casual RP Boot(We Love Role-Play)
Hair:Damselfly-Livley(We Love Role-Play)
Bow:Primus-Rustica Bow and Quiver


We Love Role-Play

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Wise sayings often fall on barren ground,

but a kind word is never thrown away.

Arthur Helps


Hello Lovelies! Today, I am going to show you some fun sexy looks from Vero Modero!

First up is the sexy Pam mesh dress by Vero Modero. It comes in a ton of colors

and there is a fitted mesh option as well in the dress.

vm pam dress samba, de boutique valentina heels_001

I paired it with the long American Woman hair from Exile.vm pam dress samba, de boutique valentina heels_002

And these awesome boots are called Valentina from DE Boutique.

Deb even added a hud so you can change the colors easily.

vm pam dress samba, de boutique valentina heels_003

Next up is

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Monday Meme: Movie Character

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I love Berry’s ideas, even when she steals my absolute favorite movie. Her Monday Meme this week is to dress up as a movie character and take some pictures – and she chose Sarah in my adored Sarah dress to do so. She also convinced Winter to dress up as Jareth, which almost makes up for it. My twelfth and thirteenth years, I watched Labyrinth obsessively; so obsessively that I can still say the lines along with the characters as the movie goes on, and I don’t think I’ve seen it in a year or two. It takes up vast … Read more at the source.