Light up your Heart

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Each day we have life is a new opportunity to learn to appreciate what we have:
Each day we have our loved ones with us is a blessing.
Each day we have food on our table, is a blessing
Every day we work, is a blessing.
Every day we have a place to live, is a blessing.
Every day we have a bed to sleep, is a blessing.
Each day we have water to bathe, is a blessing.
Every day you bring clean clothes, is a blessing.
Every day you can see around you
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Ian CatronisLight up your Heart

Walk through Summer

In Events, Fashion by Moon Falconer

It’s funny how I planned to do something but something else turned out like these flexi dresses. I guess it’s because I have always been partial to loose fitting floral summer dresses.

dress: FOREVER SUMMER Red Geranium Partial Mesh Dress

hair: TRUTH HAIR Malibu –  variety @ UBER

dress: FOREVER SUMMER White Hibiscus Partial Mesh Dress

hair: Eaters Coma – HAIR 55 / NOIR @ UBER

dress: FOREVER SUMMER Red Floral Cotton Partial Mesh Dress
hair: (Chemistry) Hair – Sirena – HUD.2

dress: FOREVER SUMMER Pink Tropical Flowers Partial Mesh Dress
hair: AD – 42 – dark browns

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Moon FalconerWalk through Summer

Finding Beauty A Little Bit Of Everywhere — Featuring Truth, ~ghee, *GLITTER*, blackLiquid from The Instruments and [Liv-Glam] at Designer Showcase

In Events, Fashion by caryn Ashe

Where do you find beauty? I love traveling around Second Life looking for places that make me think of peaceful real locations around the world. I also like fantasy worlds that make no sense whatsoever but look fantastically creative. It’s just that the beautiful locations that remind me of real world spots offer a calmness that I don’t quite understand but I soak it up as if I were getting one of those real world tans (or burns!?)

I went to a location a friend had given me as a landmark for some store some long while ago and ended … Read more at the source.

caryn AsheFinding Beauty A Little Bit Of Everywhere — Featuring Truth, ~ghee, *GLITTER*, blackLiquid from The Instruments and [Liv-Glam] at Designer Showcase

Love In An Elevator….

In by Maci Jane

Oh hey there my lovelies!  I’m back for a little bit of late night bloggage….
When I saw this Elevator prop at FaMESHed,  I immediately stared singing Areosmith’s “Love in an Elevator”.  I’m not even gonna lie – I am still singing it hours after taking the pics.
Oh and did I mention “The Elevator” is from exposeur full of singles and cute couples poses?  It can only be found right now at FaMESHed.  What are you waiting for…. go shopping!
With Love and Cupcakes,
Maci JaneLove In An Elevator….

fi*Friday A-New!

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Friday has come around the block one again meaning a brand new round for fi*Friday! From clothing to accessories galore there’s multiple things to shop for men and women. But remember you only have until the end of this week and beginning of next a.k.a til next Friday! Hope to see you there.

Choi & Nikki

Teleport to fi*Friday


1992 - dresses
A C - tops/leggings
ADORED - nails
ARISE - lingerie
ARISE - jewelry
ATOMS TOKYO - tees/coat
AUSHKA & CO - leggings
AUSHKA & CO - poses
AVISAGE - jacket
BAAAH - See Description
BENS BOUTIQUE - heels/jewelry
BODY FACTORY - swimming trunks
BOMBSHIE - See Description
BOMSHIE - heels
COLD AMBITIONZ - platforms
DIRTYMIND - dresses/appliers
EAW - stilettos
FABOO - shirt
FABOO - sandals
FACEPAINT - makeup
FADDISM - tops/short
FE STYLE - shirts
GO DIVA - heels
HIGHRIZE - tops/leggings
HOLLYHOOD - tops/shorts
INSIGHT - shorts/bodysuit
LE FORME - boleros
LE FORME - heels
LOORDES OF LONDON - vests/pants
LUXE - cuffs
MODAN MESH - outfits
MODAN MESH - accessories
OBSCURE - accessories
PANSEXUAL - shirts
PINK ACID - lip gloss
POSH NAILS - nails
POSH NAILS - nails
POSH NAILS - nails
RAZOR - jacket
RENEGADE - shorts/bra/dress/appliers
RENEGADE - septum rings
REVANCHE - swimsuits
REVANCHE - watch
REVANCHE - nails
REVERIE - heels
STATIC - dresses
STORAXTREE - See Description
TATTOO MANIA - tattoos
UNBOTHERED - tops/shorts
VESTIGE - poses
WAYNE - dresses
WAYNE - bandanasRead more at the source.

Dulce Vianmefi*Friday A-New!

Rather Be

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♫ We’re a thousand miles from comfort, we have traveled land and sea
But as long as you are with me, there’s no place I’d rather be
I would wait forever, exalted in the scene
As long as I am with you, my heart continues to beat 

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel Skin
LeLutka – Jerry Hair (S) Marilyn
Monso – My Leather Romper (Red)
JD – Mochi (for SLink)
Shi – Evra Pendant (Femme) resized
Art Dummy – On the Coast (outdoor daybed)

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GogoRather Be


In Events, Fashion by Isabelle Requiem


Well lovelies, we have yet another monthly event in SL. Uber opened yesterday with a vacation themed round. Happy Shopping :3

Hair: Truth – Malibu | Uber
Skin: Pink Fuel – Renee (peach)
Top: Zaara – Lila crop top (group gift)
Bag: Ison – Maleese Striped Bag (mustard) | Uber
Pants: Mon Tissu
Shoes: Reign – Cape Wedges (white)
Pose: Le Poppycock

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Isabelle RequiemMalibu

Sculpted Hair Retirement Sale at Magika!

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Magika is retiring all of their sculpted hairs! What does that mean for you? Insanely low priced hair, that’s what! You’ll find all sculpted hairs in their mainstore marked down to just 35L for individual packs, and 100L for fatpacks. Snatch up that teleport below and get over there, because once the sale is over, these hairs will be gone forever!


Teleport to Magika

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TaraSculpted Hair Retirement Sale at Magika!